Asurion Employee Files Lawsuit Against Life Insurance Company Of North America For Wrongful Termination Of Long-Term Disability Benefits

A lawyer from Colorado just filed a federal lawsuit in Federal Court of Colorado against the Life Insurance Company of North America (LINA). The Plaintiff, Carl E., was employed by Asurion. This made the Plaintiff eligible and covered by a group disability insurance plan provided by Asurion and administered and funded by LINA.

In Carl E. v. Life Insurance Company of North America, Plaintiff filed this disability lawsuit in order to regain the long-term disability benefits that were wrongfully terminated by LINA.

Case Facts Against LINA

Plaintiff was employed by Asurion from December 1, 2006 until July 3, 2009. On this date, Plaintiff became unable to work due to coronary artery disease, HIV, depression, paroxysmal atrial fibrillation, and the side effects of medication taken to combat these illnesses. Plaintiff filed a timely application for disability benefits.

Termination of Long-Term Disability Benefits by LINA

On or about November 10, 2009, LINA contacted Plaintiff to inform him he would no longer receive disability benefits and that his ERISA claim had been denied. Plaintiff filed for a review of the denial on or about December 14, 2009. However, on or about April 6, 2010, LINA upheld its original denial. Due to exhausting all administrative remedies, Plaintiff has filed this ERISA lawsuit against LINA.

Long-Term Disability Benefit Termination Lawsuit Filed By Plaintiff

According to the terms of the lawsuit, Plaintiff claims that LINA committed the following wrongful actions against the Plaintiff:

Following Relief Sought By The Plaintiff In This Lawsuit

Due to the wrongful actions committed by LINA, the Plaintiff seeks the following compensation from the Court:

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