• Will the Disability Insurance Company Pay My Doctor to Complete an Attending Physician Statement?

Will the disability insurance company pay my doctor to complete an Attending Physician Statement?

Disability attorney Cesar Gavidia discusses whether your disability insurance company will pay your doctor to fill out the attending physicians statement requested by your disability insurance company.

Clients ask me if the insurance company will pay for their doctor to fill out the Attending Physician Statement. The long and short of it is no, the insurance company won’t pay for your doctor to complete the Attending Physician Forms. The obligation is on the insured under most policies to provide proof of loss, meaning the Attending Physician Forms at his own expense. You could certainly ask your insurance company if they’ll reduce the frequency of the Attending Physician Forms just to make it a little bit less of a burden and bother on your doctor, and, of course, to make it a little more financially feasible for you if your doctor’s requiring payment to fill out the forms.

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  • Hi, thanks for responding to my email so quickly, update, my operation date for my left tendon elbow scheduled for October 1st 2015, and when it heals, they will do my right elbow. Yes I have both chronic tendinitis with tears, and a bursitis with a tear, day after surgery with stitches and pain, will they still look for {any} lol… Frank.

    Frank V.Aug 25, 2015  #3

  • Frank,

    It would appear that your carrier is conducting a review of your continued eligibility for benefits under an “any occupation” definition of disability.

    Stephen JessupAug 22, 2015  #2

  • Hi, my insurance carrier for long term dissability, its been 24 months, and I was called today from hospital to have a pre op, for my elbow tendenitis, and today I recieved 2 cortizone shots on both my elbows, and my insurance gave them 110 dollars to complete the Request for medical information.

    FrankAug 21, 2015  #1

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