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Reliance Standard

Our disability lawyers are well known to Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company as we have handled numerous ERISA Appeals and Lawsuits due to Reliance Standard’s denial of long-term disability benefits.

Reliance Standard has been in business since 1906 and they are a subsidiary of a multi-billion dollar publicly traded company, Delphi Financial Group. Despite their large size and financial resources our law firm has been able to level the playing field and help numerous claimants to receive disability insurance benefits from Reliance Standard.

We offer claimants a contingency fee agreement in which they are not responsible for either our attorney fees or costs unless we recover benefits.

Reliance Standard Is No Stranger To Disability Denial Lawsuits

Reliance Standard takes their disability claim denials seriously and they will defend their position aggressively in courts throughout the country.

In 2010, Reliance Standard appealed a long term disability denial case to the United States Supreme Court as they did not want to pay prevailing party attorney fees to the claimant’s attorney following a remand by the lower court. As result of the US Supreme Court case of Hardt v. Reliance Standard , it is now easier for claimant’s to recover attorney fees if they win their case following the filing of an ERISA disability lawsuit.

Every year there are numerous court decisions issued both for and against Reliance Standard. Our lawyers have the experience, skill and resources to handle your Reliance Standard disability Appeal or Lawsuit. Call us a for a free phone consultation to discuss your claim options.

Free Reliance Standard Information, Lawsuits And Court Decisions Nationwide

As a disability claimant, it is important for you to have a good understanding of the disability claim handling techniques used by Reliance and the manner in which they are interpreted by courts nationwide.

On our site you can read short articles in which we have drafted claim handling tips, and short articles about our resolved cases, court decisions and lawsuits filed against Reliance. We routinely update this page with the latest court decisions which may be important to you.

Tell Us What You Think About Reliance Standard

You can help other claimants nationwide by posting your comments, questions or complaints about your experience with Reliance Standard. Our lawyers regularly respond to comments posted on our site.

Please contact us privately if you are seeking assistance with your Reliance Standard claim.

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  • Carlene, it would be different in every state. According to most policies they can recoup whenever they realize the overpayment amount was made.

    Rachel Alters Sep 26, 2022  #197

  • Is there a statue of limitations that Reliance Standard has to reclaim an overpayment in regards to the clients original social security back pay? Reliance was mailed the requested documents and signed release of information for social security. Although consent to overturn the back pay to Reliance Standard was never signed by client.

    Carlene Sep 25, 2022  #196

  • Lisa, we will handle them if you will also be going on to long term disability.

    Rachel Alters Jun 28, 2021  #195

  • Do you handle short term disability claims? I have been out of work since may 17. Rsli company keeps dragging there feet on my claim …

    Lisa S. Jun 28, 2021  #194

  • ARH, I am happy to hear of your LTD approval, though I am sorry to hear of your medical conditions. The LTD policy will govern what can be offset from your LTD benefit. Typically, soft income like income from rental properties are not offsetable. However, pension benefits can be, but more often than not it has to be a pension benefit from the employer that is the policyholder of the LTD policy governing your claim. So, if it a pension benefit from a previous employer, such benefits would typically not be an offset. But to truly answer your claim, we would need to review your governing policy. Please never hesitate to reach out to us for a free consultation.

    Alex Palamara May 19, 2021  #193

  • I am currently receiving LTD from Reliance due to a rather massive stroke. I am now filling out their questionnaire for the “reevaluation” after the initial 24 months and they want information on my other income – specifically my pension and payments from a rental property. Are they going to try and offset those against my LTD payment like SSDI?

    ARH May 19, 2021  #192

  • Ken, it’s important to ensure that if your claim is denied your Appeal be exhaustive, comprehensive, and contain not only all of your relevant medical records, but that your treating providers, particularly the ones who are in charge of your care for the condition(s) you are claiming disability from, address the limitations and restrictions produced by your conditions. Also, it may be important to consult additional experts and examiners who may be able to conduct testing that could show the extent of your functional limitations. This Appeal may be the only opportunity you will have to include additional support and evidence.

    Cesar Gavidia Feb 12, 2021  #191

  • Hello,

    I have a LTD policy with Reliance Standard and it has been paid (considered disabled) for 14 plus years. However, due to limited doctors visits / records this past year ( because of both finances and Covid-19) I have been suddenly denied even though my conditions are incurable. 14 years of proven, multi doctor validated, and documented conditions ignored because “I failed to provide proof of continued disability with the records provided.”. The examiner says I can provide an “updated records” for a review prior to an appeal. So I am scrambling to get updated medical reports and hope the tsunami of evidence will correct their error in judgement.

    If it does not, I will need professional legal help in my corner. Without my benefit check I will quickly fall into economic ruin.

    Ken S. Feb 12, 2021  #190

  • James, I am sorry to hear about your issues with Reliance Standard and how they have treated you. We have a long history of suing them for denials of disability claims. Please contact us for a free consultation to assess whether we can sue them for you.

    Alex Palamara Aug 28, 2020  #189

  • Who is a good lawyer to sue Reliance Standard? I’ve been arguing with them for 15 years about my LTD. They told me to “F” off. Literally in those words.

    James C. Aug 28, 2020  #188

  • Alan, Reliance Standard should have sent you a letter explaining the reasons that your claim has been denied and the steps you should take if you wish to appeal the decision. It is important to ensure that your Appeal is submitted by the deadline in their letter.

    Cesar Gavidia Aug 14, 2020  #187

  • I have been on disability leave for four months, it was difficult to get approved but it was approved by Reliance Standard with help from a former employee. Upon the initial claim expiring my doctor sent in more paperwork for an extension and they quickly denied it. A lady there was particularly rude at the initial filing of my claim. I only have two more months left that I can claim for short term. Advice?

    Alan L. Aug 14, 2020  #186

  • Dani, your disability plan may contain a provision which allows Reliance to claim and recover an overpayment of benefits if you receive SSDI benefits. You should review your policy to determine whether they are entitled to claim an overpayment.

    Cesar Gavidia Aug 6, 2020  #185

  • Reliance stop paying me long term disability in December 2019 and wouldn’t even answer my questions. They referred me to Allsup for help with my disability claim. Once my claim was awarded I get a bill from Reliance thru Allsup basically saying I owe them every penny I was awarded. I’m still confused. How can this happen?

    Dani Aug 5, 2020  #184

  • Fred, I am sorry to hear all that you have been through medically and in dealing with Reliance Standard. Unfortunately, it is likely best to provide the headache logs that they are requesting. Whether they have enough information is subjective and you always want to keep the insurance company well fed with as much proof of your claim as possible. I believe ignoring their request might be detrimental to your claim. Please keep in mind that they may use the headache log in conjunction with surveillance of you to ensure that your reported headache and activity of that day matches. We are always available for a free consultation should you wish to discuss this further.

    Alex Palamara Jul 11, 2020  #183

  • I’ve been on LTD with Reliance Standard for over 10 years. I have chronic migraines and see a pain management specialist, a neurologist, and a primary care doc. I have see no less than 20 physicians and specialists including going to a headache specialist and multiple neurologists. All of them, including a IME conclude my diagnosis and inability to work. I received SSD without an appeal because of all the evidence and medical records.

    Reliance has harassed me constantly and now wants “headache logs.” I’ve used headache logs many times in the past with my physicians but I’m so far past that in terms of pain management that they are pointless. Am I required to give Reliance headache logs? They have enough info with just my massive amounts of medical logs, treatments, meds. Headache logs are a pain in the ass to say the least. They are subjective and unnecessary to prove my disability. What’s next I wear a GPS tether so they can track my day to day moves?

    Fred F. Jul 11, 2020  #182

  • Jeff, in my opinion Reliance Standard is one of the more difficult insurance companies to deal with. What you are experiencing they do day in, day out. You can certainly reach out to our office prior to receiving your denial letter to discuss your situation further.

    Stephen Jessup Jul 8, 2020  #181

  • It should be criminal that this company treats sick people like this who just want PTO be left alone! I received a call from Reliance on 7/6/20 cutting me off after 1 year on LTD despite the fact that I’m sicker than ever. The policy has a 3 year “own occupation” clause & I’m 1 year on LTD. They said I’m well enough to do a sedentary job. I was an accountant, so you can’t get much more sedentary. I’m planning to contact Dell & Schaefer once the notice arrives in the mail.

    Jeff S. Jul 8, 2020  #180

  • Deborah, I am sorry to hear of the denial of your claim and how you were provided no notice of an immediate end of your income. Please contact us at once for a free consultation and review of your denial letter. We will gladly assist you any way that we can to get your benefits reinstated.

    Alex Palamara Jun 6, 2020  #179

  • Horrible company! Phoned me on June 4th to let me know that I would no longer be receiving benefits as of June 3rd. Just like that! No questions asked and no info given!

    Deborah S. Jun 6, 2020  #178

  • Mary Anne, your recourse would be to go through the administrative appeal process and if that is denied to file lawsuit. Please contact our office to discuss the denial of your benefits, the appeal process and your rights going forward.

    Stephen Jessup Mar 4, 2020  #177

  • I was diagnosed stage 2 breast cancer June 2015 and went out on std with Reliance. Within 4 months following my status changed to stage 4 with Mets to my spine. STD converted to Ltd with Reliance. I turned 65 this past January. Normally the Ltd would have paid till my social security retirement age of 66 and 2 months. Last month they sent me a letter denying further payments. In short said I was NEAD, ambulatory, overweight, and “tolerating” the meds I am on. Also stated I have been on disability a long time. I was shocked. Not sure what recourse I have. They said I am allowed only one appeal. I do receive social security disability.

    Mary Anne B. Mar 4, 2020  #176

  • Vicki, I am sorry to hear the trouble you are having with the Standard. It seems they are certainly make things more difficult for you. Typically HR at your former employer should be able to email you a copy of the LTD policy in PDF Format. If they don’t or wont, simply ask them why not and that they should since you were a covered person under the policy. As your claim is so new, I wouldn’t be overly concerned with the “own” occupation versus the “any” occupation standard. On most LTD policies, for the first 24 months of benefits to be approved, you must prove to the Standard that you are unable to perform the duties of your own occupation.

    After the initial 24 months (sometimes 12 months, sometimes 18 months, sometimes longer), in order to continue to receive benefits, you will need to prove that you are unable to perform the duties of any occupation for which you are qualified based on your training, education and experience. It is typically more difficult to qualify after this “change in definition.” However, typically in the beginning you only need to merely prove youre unable to perform your own occupation.

    I am curious to review your policy to see why your employer thinks its not governed by ERISA.

    Please contact me so that we can discuss your claim. I will gladly review the policy and the forms they wish for you to complete and we can discuss potential representation. -Alex

    Alex Palamara Mar 26, 2019  #175

  • I have Standard through my employer as a benefit. I have been on short term disability since 4/23/2018, it is has been a very traumatic experience to fight these people I could write 100 plus pages about how horrible the claims administrator Matrix/Tokio Marine has been, difficult does not even come close. But, I persevered and provided the medical records, but they always delayed sending the “ticket” to my employer so my paychecks we’re always late. My BIG concern now is the “expiration or max benefit under STD, they sent a letter regarding long term disability and included language pointing out “own occupation” versus “any occupation and tel me to refer to group policy regarding specifics, but I am not working haven’t been working who is responsible for providing me a copy of which they refer to? My employer or standard? The also included forms one called employment and education information and employment history going back 15 years.

    My H.R. dept. says policy is not governed by ERISA, do I should I have an attorney help me fill these forms out, from here on out turn it over and stop stressing over this, it makes a bad situation worse.
    Medical conditions are disc herniation spinal stenosis joint narrowing, degenerative disc neck back, plus.

    So what are we to do? I’m already living on 60% of my usual income, plus medical bills a $3,000.00 deductible facing surgery but can’t afford it due to deductible I’m scared. Of course toss in with the “physical” stuff, you have all the mental stuff it almost makes one want to give up and say the heck with it. I tired of these people and now here is round two.

    Vicki R. Mar 26, 2019  #174

  • Gosabgo, pre-existing condition limitations are common in group long term disability policies and they are difficult to get around. If you intend on appealing the decision you should contact one of our attorneys as soon as possible to discuss your options.

    Victor Peña Jan 26, 2019  #173

  • My former employer requested that I apply for STD benefits after they highly recognize that the position I was in was so stressful. Co-workers working on the job for years have been degrading new hire that will make the working environment so hostile and discomfort. As being a new hire myself, felt the stress almost immediately.

    By being there for a short while, I start not feeling like myself, calling in sick and going to the doctor. That’s not normal for me as I normally don’t get sick. The doctor notice that something was wrong – you are stressed out? I explain about the new job how co-workers degrade you, having the customer think you are not doing your job; and putting themselves up high on the ladder like they are the only one know what they are doing and the only one doing the job, and talking and use profane language at you. Then my blood pressure started elevate and my doctor got alarmed and say if it does not go back down, you will be put on medication.

    So when my STD benefits ran out, the representative put me in for LTD benefits and this made me more stressful and my blood pressure starts to climb and now taking medicine for it. The male representatives we handling my claim continue to asked for information that he already had as it is delaying my claim, giving me the run around as he continue to delay my claim and at the same time was very unprofessional and rude. He repeatedly asking for something that he already had as it delays my claim and then that raised my blood pressure. I had to ask for his manager and she explains what was going on.

    So the manager assigned another male representative that was worse than the first one, so unprofessional, kept repeating requesting doctors’ records that they already had as they prolong this claim for from November 2018 until present.

    So today, I got deny LTD because they stated that my condition is pre-existing. I was not stressful nor did I have high blood prior to this new stressful job.

    Gosabgo Jan 25, 2019  #172

  • Bill, it depends on terms and conditions relating to “other income benefits” and “offset” under your friend’s long-term disability plan. Most group long-term disability plans reduce your monthly disability benefit by SSDI benefits received by your dependents whether you have custody of them or not.

    Cesar Gavidia Jul 11, 2018  #171

  • A friend receives SSDI and short term disability through Reliance. When filling out the disability forms 1.5 years ago, he said SSDI pays $1600/mo Social Security Disability for the children. He does not receive the 1600 but his ex-wife who has custody and claims them as dependents does. Should he have been getting more disability each month since his ex-wife has been receiving that money?

    Bill Jul 10, 2018  #170

  • Jerry, you will need to review your RSL policy to determine what it deems to be a source of “Other Income” subject to offset under its policy. If your second plan falls into an enumerated category RSL could offset what they pay by that amount.

    Stephen Jessup Dec 13, 2017  #169

  • I have two group LTD disability plans in CA. One is paid for through my union health trust (insured Reliance Standard Ins. Co – 66.67% of wages) and I understand all the benefits are taxable. I have a second LTD Plan (Non-profit association plan at 80% of wages) that I pay with after tax dollars so my benefits are tax free. Here is my question. Rel. Standard is telling me the will not coordinate with my 2nd policy and will fully offset or deduct their benefits if I receive any benefits from my Plan 2. How can Rel. Stnd. deny coordination so both plans pay an similar amount not to exceed the maximum of either plan? Isn’t coordination a requirement under the law similar to what we see in dual health plan coordination?

    Jerry Dec 12, 2017  #168

  • Margaret, did you file an appeal of the denial? If so, it sounds like your claim may have been reinstated. You may want to contact your claims person to find out what exactly is going on.

    Stephen Jessup Aug 22, 2017  #167

  • My LTD by reliance was terminated 7/5/17. I sent the proofs they had” misfiled” certified mail. I received a letter today 8/18/17 asking if I want direct deposit. My check is due the 24th. Am I not terminated or is this a delaying tactic?

    Margaret Aug 19, 2017  #166

  • Chrystall, please feel free to contact our office to discuss your claim. Needless to say, the carrier is well beyond the typical timeframe to render a decision on a STD application.

    Stephen Jessup Jul 7, 2017  #165

  • I have been on STDI since April 28th, 2017 and I have only received what they say is a “courtesy payment” because they know the hardship which I am facing. I call multiple times a day to see what is going on, and if there is anything else I need to do… But nobody returns calls and if they do, they tell me they never received the paperwork they requested from my doctors. I know that is a false statement, because I have spoken to all my doctors. they have faxed paperwork for me multiple times to try and help me receive my payments. I am losing everything, including my mind… I have no money and no way to put gas in my car to get to the doctor appointments, to pay the doctors trying to heal me so that I may return to work.

    I Email the company, I have asked to speak to my claim examiners manager and have never received a call back from that woman. I have nerve damage and muscle damage in both arms and CTS, PTS… They won’t pay me and I don’t honestly know what to do… I can’t feel 8 out of 10 fingers and I am unable to work at all. I’m an OTR driver that has monthly bills just as anyone else and I payed for this insurance, they owe me!

    I am not the only one in my company that is experiencing this, with this type of claim. I have a friend that was out of work for 6 weeks and received $0 from them… It’s unbelievable and stops your life completely! There has to be something we can do!

    Chrystall Jul 6, 2017  #164

  • Ej, typically RSL will only withhold funds if SSDI has not been applied for. My recommendation at this point would be to start with a letter to them (1) advising them of the basis of denial and providing the denial, (2) reminding them that he is working (3) that you have fulfilled the obligation under the policy to apply for the SSDI, and (4) demanding the withheld SSDI be paid. You can file a complaint with your state insurance commissioner.

    Stephen Jessup Apr 25, 2017  #163

  • My husband is on LTD through Reliance Standard. He does work part time and they do subtract 1/2 that amount from his check. They forced him to apply for SSDI which has been denied. It was denied because he is able to work part time, which they were aware of the entire time. They began withholding the estimated SSDI amount 6 months ago and are still withholding this amount after the denial. How can we get them to pay the full amount of his benefits again? Can we ask them for interest on the withheld money? Is it even legal for them to withhold at all? They now are slamming us with paperwork again (their usual mode of operation) with no acknowledgement of the denial. Is there an insurance board we can contact?

    Ej Apr 23, 2017  #162

  • Wendy, please contact our office to discuss the claim further. Decisions on long term disability claim applications should only take about 45-60 days. If the claim is denied RSL only allows one appeal, so it is crucial to file as complete an appeal as possible.

    Stephen Jessup Apr 5, 2017  #161

  • In August 2016 my boyfriend was placed on disability by his family physician. A short background, he is a type I Diabetic since age 4 and had to have multiple lumbar back surgeries between 2011-2012 for some disc issues. Due to the back pain and difficulties, his doctor decided to finally place him on disability from his employer, “The Basement Doctor” in Columbus, Ohio. He had STD which began through Reliance and he was receiving payments by September/October 2016 every week. There was 1 missed payment that we were aware of during the entire STD time period. In November he received his last STD payment and it was supposed to be switched over to the LTD side so his disability would continue. Never having had to deal with any disability in the past, my boyfriend just assumed it would be seamless from STD to LTD with maybe the usual medical review for update, but were we extremely wrong! It is now going on almost 5 months later and we still have yet to know if his claim is going to be accepted or denied and he has had no income for these past 5 months now. This week we were supposed to find out formally whether or not they were going to approve his claim, (after several months of medical record requests, faxing, emailing back and forth, and waiting) and as of right now his claims examiner that he was in constant contact with is now not returning messages. The general customer service gentleman that answered our phone call yesterday stated that the examiner had not updated any notes on the account since March, so he was unsure of what to tell us as to the status of the claim. This is ridiculous! He cannot work currently, and before long we are going to be really feeling the effects of him having no income coming in to cover all his medical expenses for the last 5 months. How is this even legal for this company to continue to still operate with all these complaints against them and issues?? We were holding onto faith that everything was going to work out, that all they needed was all these massive amounts of medical records they requested months ago and we would see a favorable end to all the madness….that was until yesterday when we researched a little more about them and saw all these issues and complaints from others. We need to obtain legal help NOW to get this settled ASAP, so if anyone has any direction to offer us, we would gladly accept any advice! We have been way too patient with this company and they have dragged his LTD claim out for the last 5 months….NO MORE!!!!! Help is very much needed right now!! (Going to fill out the consultation form)

    Wendy Apr 5, 2017  #160

  • You do not want to invest with this company.

    Veronica F. Dec 31, 2016  #159

  • Cyndi, RSL would have a right to recoup the DSSDI amounts. How long ago was your LTD claim closed? Did you go through the administrative appeal process?

    Stephen Jessup Nov 21, 2016  #158

  • I received benefits from Reliance Standard for 2 years on a closed SS Disability case. They are now claiming that I owe the overpayment. I did sign the document stating that I do, but part of the repayment claim was to my kids. For one of my children that over-payment went directly to her as she was now over 18. I had no ability to participate or receive the funds. I don’t understand how Reliance Standard can claim those funds. She has already spent them on college, so I have no ability to repay them. I need assistance to determine if I have to pay them.

    Cyndi H Nov 19, 2016  #157

  • Rachel, if your claim was denied and your appeal already submitted there may be little that can be done until such time that RSL renders a decision on your appeal, which can take anywhere from 45-90 days. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your claim further.

    Stephen Jessup Oct 27, 2016  #156

  • I started with Reliance Standard when i had surgery 4/13, complications in surgery caused my recover last longer and brought my Lupus out of remission. I stayed on STD with them until 9/14 they then switched me to LTD.
    They made me apply for SSD and assigned me a person from the Advocator Group. I had to appeal my SSD and had my court hearing a few weeks ago. still waiting for an answer from them. In the mean time LTD ended my approval with them, made me appeal their decision. I asked them if I needed to get a lawyer for them.They said no, you dont need to do that. Now they are sending me to another doctor. I have 3 very qualified professional doctors. I am mentally losing my mind because of them alone. In this entire waiting process they have kept reminding that I need to contact them as soon as I get a response from SSDI, and if I get approved they want their money back. I just dont know what to do….. They have literally caused a delay in any progress my doctors
    are trying to help me achieve.

    Rachel Oct 24, 2016  #155

  • Shanta, when was your claim denied? Have you already gone through the administrative appeal process? Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your claim in greater detail to best advise you of the next steps available.

    Stephen Jessup Sep 13, 2016  #154

  • I don’t like Reliance they’re yhr poster child for shady practices. I am 43 my body is giving out on me i get a letter from Reliance u r no longer disabled due to guidelines. What guidelines are these i am on 4 pain medications 2 medication to keep me from throwing up and i have to have my throat widened every so often just to eat not to mention degenerative bone disease and arthritis all over my body…. im confused at their guidelines for disability.. can we start a class action lawsuit.

    Shanta H. Sep 12, 2016  #153

  • Tea Lady, please feel free to contact our office to discuss your claim. Under an employer provided policy the carrier typically has 45 days to render a decision.

    Stephen Jessup Jun 21, 2016  #152

  • When I want on long term disability they told me they sent me a paper with them didn’t I wasn’t going to argue with the girl. I look through my papers and then I was told I need to fill them out so they sent me the paper so I filled them out. I gave all the documentation that you needed. I’ve been going back and forth for a month-and-a-half and still nothing has been done. Now they tell me they want some more paperwork and I have no idea what they’re talking about. I’ve got to drop this one is a specialist when is my Prime Care they said all the documentation they had I don’t know what else I want this to be driving up so I will drop the long term disability. Is there anyway I can have them investigated all someone to find out why they dragging this out. I have not got paid for almost a month and a half. I have cancer on top of everything else but that’s not why I’m out but I need to pay my bills. Please please for god sakes please help me. Thank you.

    tea_lady_50 Jun 16, 2016  #151

  • Drake, please feel free to contact our office to discuss. Have they sent any correspondence regarding same?

    Stephen Jessup May 30, 2016  #150

  • I have had LTD with Reliance Standard since 2006. I had to jump through all the required social security applications until I was lucky approved after 2 denials by an Admin judge. Of course they took everything that was paid by ssi and reduced their monthly payments immediately. Then I would still get at least yearly inquisitions for medical records for conditions that will not improve. During this time I fought to at least stay semi productive and stay in my military reserve unit. That one weekend a month means the world to me. I listed it an the small pay each year for this whole time now, Now! They want all these details and want to cut their check by half of what ever I get from drill pay! Plus they are thinking about going back to charge me. Help! I was holding on to one last area of feeling useful and now that is going to cost me.

    Drake May 24, 2016  #149

  • Mary, please contact our office to discuss your claim. Typically a claim for LTD benefits is to be made in 60-90 days, which depending on when the review process began following STD, they may still be within their timeframe though it seems that they should have all the required information to process the claim by now.

    Stephen Jessup Apr 5, 2016  #148

  • On Oct. 12, 2015, I submitted a dual STD/LTD claim with Reliance Standard due to the continuing decline of my congenital spinal stenosis compounded by spinal DJD and psoriatic arthritis which has a spinal component. Over the last eight years, I have experienced herniation’s of every lumbar disc, the S-1 disc, some of them more than once. Until 2014, I was SVP of hospital operations for a national hospital chain. I took a downgrade of positions due to my inability to continue to travel once i became wheelchair bound (had no feelings in left leg and right leg buckled). I took a downgrade to VP, Revenue Cycle Management in a position the company created for me to allow me to continue working and even telecommuted half time. My spine has continued to deteriorate to the point that I can no longer sit for extended enough periods of time to work full-time and even have difficulties part-time. This has been well documented over the course of eight years, through multiple pain specialists (driven by my insurance), more epidurals than I can count, extended periods on steroids. All of this has also made me diabetic, etc. Long story short, I am limited on sitting to about an hour and a half (with pain), walking to about 30 yards, with walker before back seizes up and leg buckles, standing to under five minutes. Reliance Standard paid the short-term disability with no issue but after 5 1/2 months, still has not approved LTD even though they have my records demonstrating all of these issues as well as statements from my rheumatologist who manages most of these issues. I cannot get them to return my calls. Have spoken to my rep a total of two times now, both when I managed to get him to answer his phone. Spoke with him on 3/31 and he told me that he was meeting with medical team that day on my case and would call me back on either Thursday afternoon or on Friday. Again, nothing. I can’t get a denial to appeal so can’t go that route. All i get is nothing. Is it time to obtain counsel?

    Mary T. Apr 2, 2016  #147

  • Brian, you are unfortunately not alone in your experience. Due to the fact that disability benefits are determined on a month to month basis, Reliance Standard (and all carriers) are able to request updates monthly- though most will lessen requests. It may be possible to negotiate a lump sum buyout of your policy so you do not have to deal with RSL’s incessant requests. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your options.

    Stephen Jessup Feb 17, 2016  #146

  • I have been approved for social security disability also reliance standard approved me for long term disability went from short term with them at a rate of $1200 a month to a measly $191 a month but every month they put you through the ringer with doctors records, filling out a daily log on how feel, they have a advocate call you to see if they can help you with your needs but not once did they ask you what you need they just asked questions to see if they can drop you, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. The doctor is even getting tired of the constant paper work ordeal, now its been 2 months since processed a check and they send me more paper work to fill out. Checked out all the reviews on reliance standard there horrible. This practice should be illegal. Its bad enough on the policy, it says you get 60% of your gross income on the front page, then a few pages back it shows you how they calculate that which total contradicts what your gross income is. Thank you for your time.

    Brian H. Feb 17, 2016  #145

  • Steve, as it appears that your claim is for Worker’s Compensation and not for benefits under a disability insurance policy, you will need to consult with an attorney that handles Worker’s Compensation.

    Stephen Jessup Jan 22, 2016  #144

  • I was bitten by a black legged tick (ixodes pacificus) while working on the job at the Nevada Test Site in 2004. Only after I tested positive for Lyme disease and 2 co-infections in July of 2008 (had to force a doctor to accept a test kit to send blood off to a CDC and New York state qualified lab), did the workers comp insurance company stipulate that I had Lyme and co-infections. I am in Nevada District Court (Southern District) because after 7 years (I had to resign in 2009) They have not paid for either workers comp or any medicine to fight the diseases! I have been receiving ttd from Reliance since 2009, and I have to go see their chosen IME doctor today. I have three other doctors (2 infectious disease specialists, one of which is a world renowned Lyme literate doctor) who have maintained the continuous clinical diagnosis of Lyme and co-infections. The doctor they are sending me to is an old ex-military doctor who is NOT an infectious disease doctor (he is neurologist and psychiatrist) who’s specialties just happen to be the diseases that Lyme disease is assigned by uninformed doctors. His listed specialties are MS, alzhiemers, parkinson’s, etc. This is a clear case of doctor shopping. Do I have to go to this? Well, I probably will before you get a chance to read this, so I will probably be talking to you soon. Thank you for the opportunity to express my disgust with Reliance.

    Steve Jan 21, 2016  #143

  • Brian,

    I don’t quite follow your comment with respect to current payment status, but it appears that there has been none pending receipt of information. If there is an approval they will have to pay all retroactive benefits owed less offsets (SSDI).

    Stephen Jessup Dec 9, 2015  #142

  • Have been out of work sick for 11 months, social security put me out on disability, was collecting short term disability through reliance till june 30th, then was told to file for ltd with reliance in sept social security put approved me, let reliance know this they requested records from my doctor which they did so, reliance now sends me a letter saying my records good till jan 16th 2016 need more records on my limitations. Started this whole process with them beginning of july still have not given me a decision. First letter said you have 45 days to send records did that now I get another letter saying the same thing but im good till jan 16th 2016. Good for what still have not been approved and do they have to pay retroactive from the date you filed for ltd. Thank you for time and consideration. Brian

    Brian H. Dec 8, 2015  #141

  • Drew,

    Please feel free to contact our office if you have questions regarding your issue. If you have been on claim 2.5 years Reliance may be reviewing your claim for a change in definition from own to any occupation which could explain the inconsistency in payment you are experiencing.

    Stephen Jessup Dec 5, 2015  #140

  • It’s been 2 1/2 yrs since I lost my right leg. Seems Reliance does not pay on a regular schedule. I’m so upset dealing with their bull. Why don’t we all file a major lawsuit against them. MAYBE AS A GROUP, WE CAN CHANGE THEIR WAYS!!!!

    Drew S. Dec 4, 2015  #139

  • Mik,

    I am sorry but I do not follow your question in its entirety. I am assuming that Reliance is reducing your disability benefit by the amount you are receiving from Worker’s Compensation, which is something that they would be able to do under the terms of the policy for offsets due to sources of other income. If your questions is as to something else please feel free to contact our office.

    Stephen Jessup Dec 1, 2015  #138

  • I was approved from reliance and they paid my benefit until my worker comp case was approved and they start pay PDA check every 2 weeks by rate of my injury before the case is done. Why I do not know? They will not pay my salary only PD rating ($400). Now the reliance company stopped my check, said we do not your benefit because you get paid from another source. Funny because this is only for permanent disability arm, back, neck injury. My question how they can do that. My case is not approved and salary only my injury, lost and continue my medical. Please let me know what should I do?

    Mik Nov 30, 2015  #137

  • Darlene,

    If (1) your disability is related to injuries sustained in the car accident and (2) the policy indicates that settlement proceeds stemming from an accident or injury caused by a third party are a source of Other Income subject to offset then Reliance may be allowed to offset. However, in some policies it is not so clear cut- we would need to see the policy to be able to advise you properly. Please feel free to call our office to discuss.

    Stephen Jessup Nov 20, 2015  #136

  • I received a small settlement due to injuries I suffered from a car accident. Reliance Standard immediately deducted this money from my disability payments.

    Is this legal???

    Darlene M Nov 19, 2015  #135

  • DM,

    Reliance can request updated information to continue its review of your claim- that being said, it is really a matter if you do want to deal with that for $100.00. You can certainly walk away, but only you can decide to do that.

    Stephen Jessup Nov 15, 2015  #134

  • I have been determine totally disabled by my doctors in 2010 and approved SSI I even gave Reliance the back pay money SSI sent me. I have been receiving 100.00 from Reliance for LTD and today I get a letter in the mail from Reliance that they are continuing to review my LTD claim and sent me all this paper work as if I am starting back and square one to file for LTD. Can I just tell them to keep there 100.00 a month? it is not worth the hassell of going through all this again for the 100.00 a month. I did it once for them and I refuse to go through all again.

    DM Nov 14, 2015  #133

  • T Kelly,

    I am not quite sure what the context of your questions are based on the above. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your claim in detail to determine what rights you have.

    Stephen Jessup Nov 1, 2015  #132

  • Reliance waited to render a denial decision until after the benefit period had passed (at my age 65). Does their right to continue to deny my claim f they failed to render a decision prior to that event. Also I did not apply for social security immediaely because of their initial denial of my claim but I was awarded SS benefits later for a short period until age 65 nevertheless Reliance is offsettinfrom the beginning of my claim period even though the actual award came several years later. Can they do this?

    T Kelly Oct 31, 2015  #131

  • Toni,

    Unfortunately, pre-existing condition limitations in long term disability policies are quite common and often very difficult to get around. Most policies require you be covered under the policy for at least 12 months before they will waive a pre-existing condition provision. Please note that the vast majority of STD policies do not contain comparable provisions, or if they do the time frame to wait before filing is very short. We wish you the best in securing your SSDI.

    Stephen Jessup Sep 2, 2015  #130

  • Reliance Standard denied me LTD due to a pre-existing condition. I did appeal this decision and they still denied me. When I appealed, it was not just one diagnosis but it was several the main diagnosis as Severe Depression and anxiety. I was not only denied but shortly after my job fired me and said well if you not ready to return to work then we have no choice but to let you go. I was devastated, I have filed for SSID and now am waiting on that decision, I do have attorneys handling this case. It looks like the Social Security Office will be approving my claim. I did not realize a company could fire you while you are still under doctor’s care, especially for a mental illness. I called almost every lawyer around and they told me nothing could be done, the preexisting condition pretty much crushed it. I think that is ridiculous because I was suffering this preexisting condition while I was on STD. When STD ran out, the preexisting condition was not bothering me anymore; the depression kicked in then, but they still said even with the mental illness they still had to deny my claim. Im sure just as every Lawyer I have contacted has told me there is nothing that can be done, I just wanted to vent about this company. I think it is totally unfair that they do people like this.
    Thank you

    Toni Sep 1, 2015  #129

  • Struggling,

    You do not have a legal duty to disclose sources of passive income unless the policy indicates it is some offset to your benefit (which I would find incredibly difficult to believe it would). The benefits you receive from RS to invest and do whatever you chose to- they cannot dictate same. Lastly, there may be a chance that they would offer you a lump sum buyout on your claim- please feel free to contact our office to discuss same.

    Stephen Jessup Aug 30, 2015  #128

  • I have been disabled and unable to work due to a very rare mitochondrial DNA genetic disorder which is incurable and has no treatment. I have RS LTD and have been receiving benefits since 2010. Last year I had my five year review where they asked personal questions such as do I recieve rent, am I an executed to a living trust, and so on. I have spoken with several LTD attorneys that all have stated that any passive income need not be reported. Yes I recieve SSDI which offsets my benefit. What I decide to do with my income and how I choose to invest it to make it work for me is my business and not a concern of RS. My treatments are not covered by insurance such as stem cell transplants and are very costly as are my medications therefore I needed to find a way to diversify and make my money work for me. Everything I own is in trust which technically means it does not belong to me but rather the trustees and I as executed am the Steward of the contents of said trust. I was informed after my 5 year review I would then not need review for another three years but now I am being told I need to go through the in depth review again a year later. I advocate being a former RN in ensuring that RS recieved all medical documentation. I was quite successful prior to my illness and I am sure RS would like nothing better then to get rid of these monthly payments.

    Do I need to disclose private information such as a living trust as I understand this is a protected document under HIPPA and the law?

    My investment properties that I aquire prior to my illness are reported to the IRS but I take a loss so these are not claimed as income.

    My benefit package from my former employer is clear that RS will replace 60 percent of my base salary as long as I am disabled therefore why are they asking about passive income?

    Is it in fact true that I do not need to report passive income? Do I not have the right to do with the monies recieved as I please to benefit me? Using a financial planner I place max in both my 401 and 403.

    I am selling one of my investment properties which is in trust, therefore not belonging to myself but rather the trustees, does this need to be reported to RS? As it will roll into the trust which is a separate entity. Note: I have been ordered by my specialists, five MD’s that to gain a better quality of life and extend my life, that I must move to the beach area for health reasons as I live in the desert and this exacerbates my illness that greatly decreases any quality of life so can this be treated as a prescription and the cost not reported?

    Thanking you in advance.


    Lastly, as my disease in incurable and dejenerative , is there a possibility to settle for one lump sum payment?

    I thank you in advance.

    Struggling Aug 29, 2015  #127

  • Mary,

    The SSA always determines and pays the fee to be paid to an attorney or advocator group. You will not have to pay for their services out of pocket. Furthermore, you do have the right to work with any Social Security attorney you wish – you do not have to use the advocator group.

    Stephen Jessup Aug 27, 2015  #126

  • I had a really bad accident and got short and longterm disability from Reliance without many problems. Maybe because I work for a real big company.

    When I got read to sign up for Soc Secuirty disability, Reliance recommended Advocators. Advocators promised me in their signup letter they’d get their 25% fee from Matrix and I wouldn’t have to pay. A friend later looked at my fees **agreements** with Matrix and Advocator that I actually signed.

    She said there was no agreement from Matrix it would pay Advocator. And documents I signed said that Advocator was going to get the money from Social Security and not Matrix anyway. So I might end up paying advocator out of my own pocket.

    My friend thinks maybe if social security disability is rejected then Reliance will have a better reason to stop pay me what they are paying now. Is my friend just being paranoid? I don’t see anyone above having these problems. But reading all the other problems I’m starting to have bad feelings about how long it is taking to get my Soc security disability application finished by Advocator.

    Do I have a problem? If I do, are their any options now that I’ve signed up with advocator? Thanks a lot.

    Mary X. Aug 26, 2015  #125

  • Sick and Tired,

    If your policy is governed be ERISA then your state law actions could be pre-empted. Additionally, if this policy was through your employer the named policyholder would more than likely be your employer.

    Stephen Jessup Aug 25, 2015  #124

  • Reliance Standard pays my long term disability claim. Every month I have to battle with Matrix, the policy administrator, and fight to get my monthly income, but neither the Matrix claims person or her supervisor respond to voicemail messages, and rarely follow up on emails. They are aware of their responsibility, yet fail to communicate regarding the claim or monthly payments. I send them medical updates and assure that my physicians provide them with all documentation timely and completely. I have filed one formal complaint with the Office of the Insurance Commissioner this year. In the State of Washington, the Insurance Fair Conduct Act provides that an insurance company may not unreasonably deny a claim for coverage or payment of benefits to its policyholder. An insurance company that engages in unfair conduct can be forced to pay significant damages to its policyholder over and above the amount of the original claim. Has anyone else out there filed a claim against Matrix or Reliance Standard for relief through the Insurance Fair Conduct Act?

    Sick and Tired in Seattle Aug 24, 2015  #123

  • Choyce,

    Attorney’s fees are only applicable if you prevail at trial, and even then it is only upon motion for same and at the discretion of the judge. Unfortunately, winning the appeal does not trigger the right to seek attorney fees. What is the status of your claim following the most recent denial? Have you appealed already?

    Stephen Jessup Aug 18, 2015  #122

  • Well here we go again….In April of 2015, Reliance denied my benefits again. This is the second time that they have done this to me. I was disabled in January of 2010. I have been going through this with them for five years now. The first time they wrongfully denied my benefits, I filed and appeal and won. Unfortunately the appeal process was not completed in time to save my home. I lost everything as it took 9 months.

    This time, I did not have a home to lose but I did have to relocate to a place that was cheaper. I am very lucky to have found this place. Anyway, as I stated earlier, they stopped my payments in April of 2015. Their reasons were due to my not taking medications for my knee. The confusing part of this is that my disability was filed because I have major back problems. My knee was just a second complication but not the main reason for the disability. Also, I do take medication for my knee it is just over the counter meds which is not documented by the pharmacy.

    I have suffered financial hardship again because of this companies ruthless attacks on the disabled. Because of ERISA however, we cannot sue for damages. It just doesn’t seem fair.

    I did see a comment somewhere that stated that if we win the appeal, the Supreme court ruled that we can sue them for attorney’s fees. Is this true?

    Choyce7 Aug 17, 2015  #121

  • G,

    Prior to the filing of any lawsuit he will have to satisfy the administrative appeal process required by ERISA. Unfortunately, your partner will have no legal recourse for any extra-contractual damages (such as pain and suffering) and would only be legally entitled to unpaid past benefits. Our website is full of information on the importance of filing a full and complete appeal – as the appeal will essentially be the information to be argued in the event of a trial. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss how we can assist with the appeal process.

    Stephen Jessup Aug 14, 2015  #120

  • My partner was diagnosed with late stage AIDS in Sept 2009, he received SSDI within 6 weeks of applying for it. He was also on LTD with Reliance Standard.

    The plan his employer had set up stated he would have benefits until he reaches his 65th birthday; he has just now passed his 49th.

    As previous people have said, he kept getting harassed every 3 to 6 mos for more paperwork, we send it 3 – 4 times and they finally say they have it, by that time we are passed the date he was to receive his check.

    Due to the stress caused by their representative he suffered a Heart Attack in Feb 2011 and has had to have 3 stints placed in his arteries around his heart.

    And now after 5 years on LTD with RSLI they have decided he can function and go back to work.

    My partner has lost over 100 lbs since his diagnosis, his viral load is non existent due to the meds but his T-Cell count is still less than 350 and he gets sick very easily when around other people.

    Due to his weight loss, he looks like a walking skeleton, and there is no employer out there that will hire him for any position as he has no stamina. He has really bad insomnia due to the multitude of medications he is on.

    His PCP has stated time and time again that he is never going to be going back to work, he is permanently disabled.

    What kind of recourse does he have? He wants to sue for a lump sum to cover him for the remainder of his life along with compensation for the undue stress he has been placed under by their representative.

    G in AZ Aug 13, 2015  #119

  • My wife is dealing with Reliance Standard and its awful and she escalated to her Corp Office to address. She signed up for STD during open enrollment in November, we find out after the fact we are pregnant. STD doesn’t start drawing until January and now they tell her she has a pre-existing condition. They talk about post-partum depression, but the stress my wife is having to go through with this, my wife is devastated knowing Reliance is going to deny her, she wont get paid and will have to return to work earlier and not have the proper time to bond with our first child. Thanks a lot Reliance for the headaches and stress you have caused during an important time for us!

    Brad Aug 6, 2015  #118

  • LJ,

    I recommend you send a letter (that can be tracked and requires a signature) demanding information as to the amount of the underpayment and when you will expect to receive same.

    Stephen Jessup Jul 11, 2015  #117

  • I’ll get straight to the point: After pointing our their miscalculations in my benefit amount, Reliance Standard agrees that they owe me money and a corrected W2 for my taxes. I have received neither. Their representative just says it will be sent. They’ve been saying it for months.

    LJ Jul 10, 2015  #116

  • Feeling Cheated,

    Unfortunately the application of the offset provision for DSSDI is applicable regardless of the situation. Your situation is akin to a dependent child living with a divorced spouse away from the home – the insured doesn’t receive the actual funds into the household, rather it goes to the ex’s household. Regardless, the application of the offset applies.

    Stephen Jessup Jun 16, 2015  #115

  • Feeling Cheated,

    Unfortunately the application of the offset provision for DSSDI is applicable regardless of the situation. Your situation is akin to a dependent child living with a divorced spouse away from the home – the insured doesn’t receive the actual funds into the household, rather it goes to the ex’s household. Regardless, the application of the offset applies.

    Stephen Jessup Jun 12, 2015  #114

  • My husband has been disabled for years and approved for LTD & SSDI. Which is great! We dont have the horror stories above however we have our own offset dillema. I understand (not agree with the offsets.. But it is what it is) My husband was approved for SSDI on 10/1 and we were instructed ny Advocator Group to file for SSDI for our children now that my husband was approved. We made an appointment as instructed and both children were obviously approved. Here is my issue..our son turned 18 on 10/7; 6 days after SSDIs approval. Our appointment to apply was a few days later. SO because he was considered an adult all back payments went directly to him about 2 years worth! Even tho the back benefits were for the time he was a minor and in our care. How can an offset be legitimate if it wasnt received by us? SSDI wouldnt fund us or offer another option because he is an adult. We now have to repay funds we never received? My son kept it and is the one that had to claim it on his taxes because it was HIS income, he also continued to receive payments himself bc he was in high school after turning 18. We have to repay that also. It just seems wrong; if we got the funds that is one thing but WE didnt! I havent seen this scenario here yet. Any information would be appreciated.

    Feeling Cheated Jun 11, 2015  #113

  • Connie,

    Please feel free to have your husband contact our office to discuss his Reliance claim. Carriers often make the process of LTD much more difficult due to the fact that the benefits for LTD are paid out of the assets of the insurance company (as opposed to STD – which are often paid for out of the assets of the employer). With respect to the Advocator group, we recommend hiring your own representation as it relates to SSDI.

    Stephen Jessup May 21, 2015  #112

  • Connie,

    Please feel free to have your husband contact our office to discuss his Reliance claim. Carriers often make the process of LTD much more difficult due to the fact that the benefits for LTD are paid out of the assets of the insurance company (as opposed to STD – which are often paid for out of the assets of the employer). With respect to the Advocator group, we recommend hiring your own representation as it relates to SSDI.

    Stephen Jessup May 13, 2015  #111

  • Is anybody ever successful collecting benefits from Reliance? My husband drew STD for 6 months no problem. LTD is a different story. Received two checks but now they are requesting identical paperwork to what we’ve already sent in. More medical records or claim will be closed. Also we have a packet from Advocator. From what I’m reading we should stay away from Advocator? Really need some advice.

    Connie L. May 12, 2015  #110

  • Robert,

    A beneficiary of the policy will need to communicate with the employer. The new insurance company would certainly not be liable under the policy as your aunt was never covered under same.

    Stephen Jessup Apr 13, 2015  #109

  • My aunt worked for a company that had Reliance Standard Life as their long term disability insurance and life insurance carrier. In 2008 my Aunt became disabled and was unable to continue working. Reliance paid her long term disability benefits. Then in September of 2014 her employer changed life insurance carriers.

    On March 2, 2015 my aunt passed away. Even though we all knew it was coming it still made no less painful. We made the attempt to file for her life insurance, now we are being told by the current insurance carrier due to the fact that she never worked a day under their policy they are not responsible and that we should go back to the previous carrier. I filed the claim papers and just got told by Reliance that they are not responsible either. Every month her employer would deduct her premium, but no one wants to pay.

    It’s horrible that we have to relive her passing when we have to deal with these insurance companies. Insurance is the biggest rip off in the history or the world.

    Robert Apr 12, 2015  #108

  • Choyce7,

    How late is your check each month? Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your claim in detail.

    Stephen Jessup Apr 6, 2015  #107

  • I have been disabled since Jan of 2010. In December of 2014, Reliance Standard began a medical review. To date, they have not denied me but they file an extension each month to pay my benefits for that month. It is very difficult living with pain and wondering if you are going to receive a benefit. Each time I visit my doctor which is now approximately every three months they start the evaluation over. How long before this is considered harassment? The last time they denied my benefits, I was out of a check for almost a year. I filed my appeal and won. This was in 2012. Now two years later, they are just holding up my checks and making them late due to this new evaluation. I think four months is long enough to determine that my condition has not gotten any better.

    Choyce7 Apr 5, 2015  #106

  • Thanks Stephen,

    I thought that was the case, but that’s the only angle that I can see that they feel that my husband would only be allowed 5 years instead of when he turns 65, 12 years from now. Thanks again, we are in the process of working with your company to resolve this issue.

    Vicki Mar 25, 2015  #105

  • Mrs. C,

    I do not see a legal ground for them to withhold the amount they have set aside for estimated SSDI in light of your denial. Did you sign any documents regarding having the benefit offset now versus waiting?

    Stephen Jessup Mar 21, 2015  #104

  • I have LTD with First Reliance of Hawthorne New York. They are refusing to give me the offset SSDI monies. I have been on Workers Comp for since 2013 and applied for SSDI in 2014, but was denied: currently waiting for a hearing. Okay, the issue is this, when I received my first check from First Reliance, I noticed offsets for Workers Compensation, SSDI (which I don’t receive), so I called the examiner and questioned the deductions. She said that was the process and she could request that I receive payments for the SSDI, but I would have to reimburse them if SSDI is approved. At that time, I told her to hold off on the SSDI, because I didn’t want to pay them back. However, a few months later after receiving a denial letter from SSDI, I called the examiner and requestied SSDI payments. I later received a later from First Reliance stating that they needed proof that I was denied and also proof of the hearing request, which I later sent to them. Now they are telling me that they cannot give me the offset amount because I refused initially. I want to find out if that is legal, and if I will receive retroactive SSDI offsets if I am denied at the pending hearing. Oh yeah, they are always asking for updates regarding the pending hearing.

    Mrs. C Mar 20, 2015  #103

  • DRW,

    I hope your claim is approved on appeal. If you do continue to experience difficulty or a denial of your appeal, please feel free to contact our office to discuss how we may be able to assist you in filing a lawsuit.

    Stephen Jessup Mar 17, 2015  #102

  • Vicki,

    I would be hard pressed to see how they could determine it was an injury short of blunt force trauma somehow inducing the stroke.

    Stephen Jessup Mar 17, 2015  #101

  • They are roguish low life thieves who should not be allowed to sell insurance in America! I am currently in appeal for my LTD with very serious spine issues, four surgeries and more to come. I hope they all rot in hell for what they are doing to innocent hard working Americans.

    DRW Mar 16, 2015  #100

  • My husband suffered from a stroke in 2011. He received STD and LTD. In our policy, it had stated if he had an injury, he would be covered for 5 years and if he had an illness, he would be covered until he was 65. He was 49 years old at the time of the stroke and that’s a difference between 5 years and 16 years. It’s been 4 years now and we received a letter stating that he is considered to be totally disabled and will continue benefits until 2016. My major question is, is stroke considered an injury or an illness?

    Vicki Mar 16, 2015  #99

  • Ben,

    If you are not physically able to work then only you can make the decision about attempting to return to work. STD and LTD policies contain recurrent disability provisions that would allow you to effectively re-open your claim if you attempt to return to work but cannot due to your condition. I would suggest you obtain copies of your policies to see how they define recurrent disabilities. Additionally, there is no guarantee that Matrix/Reliance won’t try to deny the claim under either circumstances. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your claim in further detail.

    Stephen Jessup Sep 27, 2014  #98

  • I’m 48 and work as a warehouse manager. The job requires heavy lifting 30-40% of the time. I had low back surgery and have been on “Matrix/Reliance” employer paid short term disability for about five months now. I’m still not 100% and should be able to receive long term disability benefits when the STD runs out. My question is: Should I try to return to work with restrictions from my doctor? (no lifting, bending etc.) If I do try and find that I’m still in pain, will I need to reapply for ST/LT disability benefits, reopen my existing claim or can Matrix/Reliance deny me all together? Will I need representation?

    Ben Sep 26, 2014  #97

  • JB,

    I would suggest you contact human resources to verify if what Reliance Standard is saying is in fact correct under the policy. That being said, many policies require that an insured work a certain number of hours a week in order to be eligible under the plan. I am not sure if that is the issue, but reviewing the policy language for such a requirement is a good place to start.

    Stephen Jessup Sep 17, 2014  #96

  • My husband obtained STD and LTD from his employer in March 2014. He filed a claim on Aug 27, 2014. Everything was going good. He received a letter stating they needed 12 weeks of payroll records from 8/1/14 and back to determine his weekly benefits amount. Then on 9/14/14 upon checking on the website of the statues of the claim it said to call customer service for further assistance. I did so and was told claim was denied because he didn’t meet the financial eligibility of the policy. Tell me how this is, when a employer offered it and didn’t say anything about a minimum annul salary that had to be met. I feel someone ripped us off. I need some help finding if there is any legal action we can take against the broker, employer and Reliance.

    JB Sep 16, 2014  #95

  • MJ,

    I would suggest you provide them with the records from the ER visit as soon as possible. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss how we can assist you in handling your claim on a monthly basis to lessen the stress caused by Reliance Standard.

    Stephen Jessup Aug 27, 2014  #94

  • I’m a 62yr old who became disabled in 2012. I was given SSDI without any problem. I also receive money from Standard Reliance. However they request updates to verify if I’m still unable to work which my doctor has sent. They keep hedging around about terminating my benefits, saying it doesn’t look like I’m unable to work. But they say they will wait another month to see what happens with my next doctor visit and have insurance. Of course no big miracle change is going to occur and I’m left getting more and more stressed about possibly losing half of my income.

    So an unexpected change occurs I had acute pain for about 10 days. I wasn’t going to receive medicare in about 15 more days so I tried to hold out until then but I was unable to handle the pain and went to the ER. I was informed my gallbladder needed to be removed and that I also had congestive heart failure which was causing my shortness of breath.

    Bottom line I’m not ready to return to work. Should I asked for my records and let them know I plan to seek legal assistance if they terminate my disability.

    Any comments would be appreciated, thank you MJ.

    MJ Aug 26, 2014  #93

  • My experiences with this company have just begun, but they’re identical to the many complaints posted here. I had cancer (Rickter’s Symdrome) 2012-2013, currently in remission. I’ve been approved by social security, but this company always needs more information, or loses what you send them. Same ol’ song and dance.

    It all reminds me of the insurance company in Pixar movie “The Incredibles”. At the time I thought they were simply lampooning these companies. Little did I realize just how accurate they were being portrayed.

    Bob Lewis Aug 8, 2014  #92

  • Christina,

    Please feel free to contact our office to discuss how we may be able to assist you in getting your benefit started. In the meantime I would suggest that you personally obtain and mail (certified or some other form of tracking) your records to Reliance.

    Stephen Jessup Aug 1, 2014  #91

  • I was taken off work at 22 weeks because of complications of pregnancy. My claim submitted on 6/30/14 to Reliance. My doctors office spent two weeks trying to submit medical records via fax and both fax numbers will not pick up, they just ring and ring, no answer. So on 7/23/14 my doctors office printed them and sent them via snail mail. Eight days later, Reliance is still claiming that they have not received any records. I am beyond frustrated. I’ve had no income for almost a month. What can I do to try and get these records to them?? My bills are late, my credit is suffering and I can’t do anything about it. Please give me some advice, it would be much appreciated.

    Christina Riley Jul 31, 2014  #90

  • Just to recap, my LTD was apparently denied since the website now states I can contact them if I have questions, although I have yet to receive the letter but certain I will this week. My doctor never sent me back to work, and I will be out for 8 weeks from c-section. So, 12 weeks no pay with a newborn and no income.

    Ms. G Jul 13, 2014  #89

  • I was taken out of work for preterm labor and pregnancy complications at 23 weeks. I filled out the proper claim form with my physicians signature and correct address( they moved into a hospital). Reliance standard began setting up their intent to deny my claim by mailing the paperwork to the wrong location. I was approved for the 12 week STD and at the end of STD coverage, was Doctor was again mailed a form at the wrong address. By this time I had the email information for the ROI office located in the hospital and sent them a letter. When I spoke to the claims representative she stated they had roughly a month to receive proper medical records, this was on June 9th and the original LTD letter was dated the same day. The ROI office faxed this information on June 23rd, ten days after my email since it was sent after business hours. On June 24th a letter was mailed out again stating it had been over 30 days since they requested the information, and the doctors office had 15 days to omit records or my claim would be denied. I called the ROI office, they have records as sent. I called reliance, they claim their fax is not working and give me another number. ROI refaced, and still reliance claims not to have received them even though the ROI office has a digital time sent and confirmed it went through. I will be sending them again for the third time via certified mail tomorrow, and my surgery is scheduled for this Friday. The 9th is the last day according to the letter that I have to get this information to them. I know they are purposely disposing of my records to deny claim because my company has switched LTD carriers. Also, the claims representative has a voicemail stating she is out from the 23rd to the 7th. Yes, that’s rights, she is out the date of the 30. Day letter, that was actually 15. My policy is supposed to cover pregnancy complications up to and after 6 months of delivery.

    Ms. G Jun 30, 2014  #88

  • Steve,

    I am confused as to what exactly happened. Was Hartford reducing your benefit by an estimated amount that you would receive from SSDI prior to actual receipt or was Hartford paying your full benefit amount then after the award of SSDI notified you of the overpayment? As I am sure you aware if you have looked around our website, offsets and overpayment on account of SSDI are common to everyone with an ERISA disability insurance policy.

    Stephen Jessup Jun 22, 2014  #87

  • Anyone here doing business with “The Hartford” or “The Advocator group” be very careful. They completely ripped me off. After numerous (and I mean numerous) reassurances that after my social security case was settled favorably in my favor If I forwarded all checks I got for “Back payment” to “The Hartford” I would owe nothing more. I was assured many times of this. And they agreed I sent all the checks to them as they asked. Then I was told months later after my favorable agreement That I now owe thousands (and I mean thousands over ten) back to them. You can imagine how upset I was. I asked them repeatedly so who made a mistake someone must have made a mistake? They said no one made a mistake you just owe us this money. Maybe we can work out a payment plan to take it from your monthly disability claim. So I said no one made a mistake but I owe you thousands? I believe what happened is they miscalculated what social security would pay them back for the payments they where making to me in my long term disability coverage with them. And again they assured me at least a dozen times this would not happen! Be careful, people.

    Steve Jun 21, 2014  #86

  • Darla,

    You will need to review the “Other Income” benefits section of your policy. Retirement benefits, regardless of source or funding, are often considered sources of other income susceptible to being offset against your LTD benefit. If your retirement funds are considered other income then there may be little you can do with respect to the overpayment due Standard.

    Stephen Jessup May 21, 2014  #85

  • I was a state of SC employee. I became unable physically todo my job. As required by the State of SC I filed disability claims with The Standard Long Term Disability, The South Carolina retitrement company and social sercurity disability.

    I was first disapproved be the South Carolina Retirement System. I was approved for long term disability benefits by the Standatd. My first application for Social Security Diability. At that point I filed for a review by the Social Security and after a few months I was approved by Social Security Disability. I let Standard know. And provided the $1370 monthly award from Social security.

    To tell the truth I lost faith prior to being approved ny Social Security. So after being rejected be th South Carolina Retirement System. I felt I had any choice but withdraw my contributions so me and my family could pay our bills.

    Here is my problem; the Standard wants approximately $8000 back from me. Their reason is that I am receiving a monthly benefit from the South Carolina Retitement System. I am not. I was disapproved for disability by the South Carolina Retirement system… so, I feel the fact I withdrew my contributions after being denied, I have every right to withdraw my own funds.

    What can I do to avoid having to pay the Standard? I feel I did everything required of me… so I don’t owe them any of my South Carolina Retirement funds… please help me understand. I just do not have that amount of money to senc o the Standard, especially since I feel I should not owe it.

    Darla Norton Ellison May 20, 2014  #84

  • Kathy,

    My only suggestion is again to reiterate your position and question why the SSDI offset works differently, as you indicated. If that does not yield any success, please feel free to contact our office to discuss how we may be able to assist you.

    Stephen Jessup May 13, 2014  #83

  • No. They refer to it their letter as “other income”. My breakdown from workmans comp settlement clearly shows I only received $8100. So, I don’t see how they expect me to pay back 15k when I only received $8100.

    The breakdown is as follows:

    Benefits to be withheld from 4/9/14 $636.26
    Benefits to be withheld from 5//9/14 to 11/9/14 (6 months) $635.00 monthly
    Benefits to be withheld for 11/9/14 to 12/9/14 $630.00

    Also, included in the above is an addtitional $161.29 that is deducted. There verbage used was:

    Please be advised that your LTD monthly benefit will be reduced by $161.29. This amount represents the monthly offset for yur Worker’s Compensation award.

    They are deducting both amounts right now and then in after the last $630 payment made at the end of the year, they will continue as stated above to reduce my benefits in the amount of $161.29.

    So right now both deductions are being taken out. Again. Income should be money I received, not what the award amount was. They are really pushing the envelope on this one.

    I was told when I asked why when I used their attorneys to apply for SSID I only paid them 20k and the amout was 24k which 4k went to the attorneys. I asked why I was expected to 15k vs 8100. They told me that’s the agreement that had with SS, which sounds like BS.

    Income is income and there is no overpayment to me of 15k. So not only am I paying back 15k but I’m losing money for filing a workmans comp claim by paying the attorneys fees to them and Reliance.

    This should be illegal.

    Kathy May 12, 2014  #82

  • Kathy,

    First and foremost, did they provide you with a detailed explanation of the overpayment? Without that, there is really no way to determine how they came to the conclusion you owe them more than what you received.

    Stephen Jessup May 12, 2014  #81

  • I finally received a copy of the LTD from Reliance. They are now deducting the 15k workmans comp settlement I received. I also got a letter from them regarding the reduction. I have not sent in an appeal yet but I did speak with a supervisor about having to pay them the whole 15k when I received only 8100 dollars. She was rude and just said you have 180 days to appeal. My examiner is also rude and I asked for a different one and she said she has never had a complaint about her before and I don’t have a choice.

    They are now causing a financial hardship.

    I have the policy now and can’t figure out the workmans’ comp issue. Should I use an attorney? I’m afraid that they will start denying me benefits even though I have been approved until 2019 which they have not sent that to me in writing and still keep asking for health records from time to time.

    After seeing all these complaints, I just don’t trust them.

    Kathy May 11, 2014  #80

  • Derek,

    Cost of living increases are COLA increases paid by the SSA. An award of dependent Social Security would be an offset under the policy if it is an indicated source of other income, regardless of when it was awarded.

    Stephen Jessup May 9, 2014  #79

  • I have been receiving ltd benefits from reliance standard since 2007. I was pretty much forced to file for social security which offset their payment, I quickly paid back the overpayment. They tried to offset my VA benefits but after 6 months of non payment and hiring a lawyer they conceded and continued paying. Then in 2010 my son was born. I was not aware I was due any additional social security benefits until reliance standard told me to file for them. They used my sons benefits as yet another offset. Can they do this after the initial offset has been made? My policy states that after the initial social security offset they can not offset any more due to any cost of living increase. Having a child definatly increased my cost of living expenses. He was born 3 years after the initial offset.

    Derek May 8, 2014  #78

  • Kathy,

    Without the policy language regarding the offset we would not be able to determine if they appropriately offset your benefit.

    Stephen Jessup Apr 23, 2014  #77

  • I went on short term disability in 2006 due to a fall in the parking lot and then eventually due to other health issues, not related to the fall I am on long term. They required me to pay back 20k of the 24k that was issued to me from SSID. The 4k went to the attorneys that they recommended to me.

    I did file a workmans’ comp suit but after a few years and some bad testimony by one of my docs and them crying pre-existing condition. I was advised if we went to trial a probably wouldn’t win.

    Their attorneys offered 15k as a token acknowledgement that I did fall and get hurt but that’s not why I am disabled. Of that 15k I got 8100 and because I never had copy’s of the policy I didn’t know that Reliance has to entitlement to what I received, even the lawyers and doctors fees. This does not seem fair or legal.

    I was told I didn’t have to pay the 4k to the attorneys’ I used for SSID because that’s an agreement they have with SS.

    Why should I have to pay them something I didn’t get. It was an award but the whole 15 didn’t become income, just 8100k

    Plus I was in Chapter 7 while I was paying them back a $1000 a month out of my check, which helped contribute to our BK. Should they have still gotten that repayment?

    Kathy Revelas Apr 22, 2014  #76

  • This is the worst insurance carrier I have ever had to work with. I will never have any thing to do with them ever again. I have a long term claim pending. I should just throw in the hat. Every week they have something new that they need. Something they could have asked for 3 months ago, now they delay the process even longer. They do not return calls promptly. I asked to speak to a supervisor, was put on hold for 45 minutes and still to this day haven’t spoken to one yet.

    Cajun Country Apr 1, 2014  #75

  • Deb,

    First and foremost, I am sorry for your loss. If SSA pays a survivor benefit then Reliance may be able to try to offset it. I would strongly suggest you inquire of them in writing why the survivor benefit is not three months equal to the full amount. That way they are forced to put their position in writing and allow for a better analysis of your rights.

    Stephen Jessup Mar 28, 2014  #74

  • My husband was on LTD with Reliance for two years following a stroke. Every thing I’ve read here was true in our case. Played the game and after four months received checks. Filed for SSD and received it. Paid back what we owed to Reliance and received a check from them for $300 a month which was the difference between what SSD paid vs what Reliance owed. Husband died last month and informed Reliance. Told there is a survivor benefit. Sent them a copy of death certificate and received a check in the mail for $916. The check stub said $69 of it was for the one day he lived after the last payment. Letter we received from Reliance telling us he was approved said his monthly benefit was $2098.56. I understand survivor payment in three months lump sum. Am I entitled to more money? Have not cashed the check.

    Deb Mar 27, 2014  #73

  • A.M.,

    It is not at all uncommon for an insurance company to enter a denial without warning. Are they paying the benefit while they review the information you provided, or are they forcing you to go through a formal administrative appeal process?

    Stephen Jessup Mar 10, 2014  #72

  • I have two Workers’ Comp claims filed against my employer, my Work Comp files were denied from the beginning and now four years later we are still litigating them. My Dr. Took me off work right away and I have been off work for four ears now. I applied for STD through Matrix/Reliance Standard, I received my benefits no problem, then at I think the one year mark my file was sent over to a LTD adjuster. I was receiving LTD no problem. (other than when they issued it late or it got lost) The LTD adjuster wanted me to be seen by an IME, I was seen by the IME who issued a report stating I am unable to return to work. In March of 2013 I received a letter from my examiner that stated the IME concluded I was unable to return to any job I had training for or education for, therefore my disability is certified through April 16, 2041. (which would be when SS would kick in) When I received the letter I called the adjuster to ask about the date. I asked him if they meant to put April of 2014 in stead of 2041. My adjuster told me, no the date is correct. Now my file has been transferred to yet another adjuster who sent me a letter dated January 22, 2014 requesting all medical from July 2013 to present along with a Physician Statement and an activities of daily livinig questionnaire. The letter stated that she needed these documents no later than February 24, 2014. I sent in the activities of daily living questionnaire on February 4, 2014. When I went to my doctor appointment on February 20, 2014 I obtained the medical records my adjuster was requesting and had him fill out the Physician Statement. I mailed all to the adjuster which was received on February 25, 2014. I then recieved a letter from my adjuster dated FebruRy 24, 2014 stating my LTD is ending because they didn’t get all the documentation they requested. What is interesting is… The initial letter I received dated January 22, 2014 requesting the documentation didn’t say anything about my benefits ending if they don’t receive the information by February 24, 2014. Plus my checks normally issue on the 1st of the month so she would of only had five working days to review the information. I called the adjuster as soon as I received the termination letter took several tries an e-mail and a call to her supervisor to receive a call back. She now tells me that the medical deprtment has to review the medical information and they are behind by a month. What???? Aren’t they bound by some insurance code or some rules and regs that state you have to be properly notified that your benefits will end, and isn’t there a time frame they Re bound by once they get the information that they have to make a decision???? I need to pay my mortgage and she doesn’t seem to care. The ironic thing is I was a work comp adjuster for 14 year when I got injured on the job.

    A.M. Mar 10, 2014  #71

  • Beth,

    If there was no prior disability plan in place before Reliance Standard provided coverage, then it is quite possible you would be excluded under the policy’s pre-existing condition provision. Based on their denial I am sure you are more than familiar with the exact language of same. Often, if there is a prior plan in place from another carrier that you would have been eligible for benefits under then you would essentially be “grandfathered” into the new policy. I would suggest you contact the employer to determine whether there was prior coverage, and if so, check the language in the Reliance Standard policy to see if there are provisions pertaining being covered under your employer’s prior policy.

    Stephen Jessup Feb 18, 2014  #70

  • I have a general comment. My company signed a long term disability contract with Reliance Standard 9/1/2011. I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in March of 2011. I was denied by Reliance with the reason that I had the LTD version of a pre-existing condition. I worked for this employer for 25 years. I find it amazing that I can be legally excluded not because there is any question about my medical disability but because I got sick 6 months prior to the policy signing.

    Beth Feb 17, 2014  #69

  • Sharon,

    If you have spent time on our website you will understand the importance of filing a complete and proper administrative appeal. Please feel free to contact our office if you would like to discuss how we may be able to assist you.

    Stephen Jessup Dec 17, 2013  #68

  • My LTD is being terminated with only one month notice. My job qualifications require more exertion than what they are claiming. I am an Emergency Medical Technician which requires lifting and/or carrying “a minimum of 125 pounds up to 200 pounds.” Reliance wrote saying that my job only requires the “ability to lift/carry and push/pull 20-50 pounds occasionally, 10-25 lbs frequently or up to 10 lbs. constantly.” That is a significant difference.

    They say that “given these facts” they have “determined you do not meet… Total Disability and your claim must be closed.”

    Their “facts” are wrong. As a EMT, I have to be able to lift “125 pounds up to 200 pounds”, not just 50 lb. occasionally.

    I only get one shot at another review. Will I be wasting it by simply stating the obvious difference in job qualifications or should I do more?

    Sharon Clyde Dec 16, 2013  #67

  • MGW,

    I would recommend filing a complaint with your state insurance commissioner for the delay and non-responsiveness from Reliance.

    Stephen Jessup Dec 4, 2013  #66

  • I had both shoulders replaced in 2012. Reliance paid my STD and have been paying LTD for a year. Once I was approved for SSDI I sent them my reward letter and payment amount. I did not receive back pay due to the fact it took them 3 months to approve me the first attempt. They did not make a payment adjustment once they received the information from SSDI, now they want me to pay them for over payment. I have tried and tried and tried, get the picture, to get my case worker to call me back but she will not. I have not heard anything from her except I am waiting on your Dr., I call the Dr. send her everything she needs. and still no contact. In Sept. 2013 I again sent them my SSDI info and now i have not received any money and was told by Customer Care Services that my continued Disability has not yet been approved. I thought it was harder to get SSDI than LTD…

    MGW Dec 3, 2013  #65

  • DPC,

    Without the policy I would not be able to advise you as to when your own to any occupation review begins. Typically, most policies are only written with a 2 year own occupation period. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss how we may be able to assist you with the handling of your claim.

    Stephen Jessup Nov 14, 2013  #64

  • I have a chronic genetic autoimmune neuromuscular disease. I am currently on Reliance Standard LTD and have been for four years. November 2014 is my five year review. I have been reading on your website about “own” vs “any” occupation. I am a registered nurse and held very high positions in research and development. Does Own turn into Any at that five year point? What can I do to prevent being denied? I am keeping a daily diary with simple entries of pain levels, could I get out of be, etc. RS has sent out spy tactics in the past and found nothing except my struggles to walk in and out of dr.’s office. I am on SSDI. My pain is controlled by a specialist and due to the nature of my disease I can be up one day and find myself in bed fatigued for weeks at a time. I understand that perhaps I shouldn’t Facebook, but I do with simple words of encouragement. I am concerned about the five year review. I have had no problems thus far as RS has over. 7000 pages documenting my disease, increasing pain levels, decreasing coordination, myoclonus , etc.

    Can you pls give me ways to prepare besides my pictorial diary of body changes, written diary, and 3 month visits to my specialists?

    Thank you in advance. I don’t wish to worry for the next 12 months on top of dealing with my condition as stress is dangerous and causes exacerbations making my life more difficult.

    DPC Nov 13, 2013  #63

  • I don’t have a workers’ comp. case. This case is about Occupational Accident Insurance only which is A Trucking Insurance Policy.

    I need someone to help me on this kind of case. Now there is two Insurance Company [1] 1st Guard Corporation Policy & the other one is [2] Zurich Occupational Insurance. Now neither one won’t to do anything for me. I have been denial from July 28, 2009 up till now. Now this is over 4 years.

    See, the thing is I got this company I look up which is CIW, which stand for Center For Injured Workers. I got they help in Jan. of 2012 just in time before my 4 years “Statute Of Limitations” would run out. I was denied back in Sept. of 2009. So they did this to keep me from getting anything.

    Well, this company CIW had work on this case for over a year with Zurich but they tried to give her the run around but it didn’t work. Well the next thing she call me up and said they going to give you 60 days to come up with “Proof” I was on the job,because the job told te insurance company I didn’t work that day of my injury /illness on the job.

    So I sent the insurance company my proof I was on the job and the copy of my insurance policy from Dec. 1, 2008 – Dec. 1, 2009 the AMENDATORY ENDORSEMENT say I do get pay cause I’m cover. And I was under a dispatcher which I had just call in to. Just to let them know I was unloaded and to see if you can fine a back load.

    Now with CIW I was told by them they have went as for as they could on my case now I need to get a lawyer. Because they not a lawyer just a non-profit company. And I never did hear back from the insurance company after he 60 days were up and that was in Aug. this year.

    So can you understand I really need lawyer on this case who know about this kind of case. My contract say it’s an “Occupational Accident Insurance With a Over-Ride of Workers’ Comp.” Well thank you…

    Daniel Nov 7, 2013  #62

  • James,

    Thank you for sharing your experience.

    Stephen Jessup Nov 7, 2013  #61

  • I just went through the denial process with Reliance. The very day I got my denial I found this website and was referred to one of their affiliates. Reliance folded before we got to court. The last tactic before going to court is to send you to get an IME independent medical evaluation, which is a Dr. paid by them to see if they can prove in court that you can return to work. Within 6 weeks of my exam I received my settlement from Reliance through my attorney’s office minus their fees and costs but even though it cost me money it was well worth it since half of something is better than nothing and now the monthly checks are coming again. Also Reliance now has Direct Deposit available (that may be only for those like me who have locked horns with them) but if you go direct deposit they have no excuse for delay. Note that each January they look at your file to see if they can deny you by running you through their medical review board. Also FYI if you are a veteran getting VA treatment it requires a special release form that is only used by the VA. If they send a standard release to the VA the VA will not even acknowledge it. It will go in the trash. The best way is to go to the VA and go to the (ROI) Release of Information office, get all your records and send them to Reliance, it will save you a lot of headaches.

    James Scarlott Nov 6, 2013  #60

  • They denied my benefits. After 5 years. Was told they would take care of me to 2022, got it in writing.

    Letty Gamez Sep 12, 2013  #59

  • Amanda,

    I am sorry to hear about your situation. Please feel free to contact our office for a free consultation to determine how we may be able to assist you.

    Stephen Jessup Aug 17, 2013  #58

  • Javier,

    If you haven’t received any benefits, you may want to consider getting an attorney involved considering how many months have passed.

    Stephen Jessup Aug 17, 2013  #57

  • I have 3 doctors and a lot health issues with my back and arm issue, I have been off work for 30 days. I owe everyone. I can’t go to the doctor because I have no money to heal or get help, I’m a divorced mother of 4 small children. Cigna Insurance treats you like garbage. I need help. I am trying to get the media involved. I also have doctor work for my internal issues. And I was still denied.

    Amanda Bryant Aug 16, 2013  #56

  • I applied for STD in April and I have just been getting the runaround from Reliance. I give them everything they require but it seems to never end. They always require more and more medical records. This is getting old. What should I do to resolve this matter?

    Javier Buenrostro Aug 16, 2013  #55

  • John,

    Rental income is normally considered passive income and not earned income (unless you are performing work duties that result in earned income for purposes of your taxes). Most policies only offset for specific enumerated “Other Income Benefits.” Anything outside the scope of those should be off limits to them.

    Stephen Jessup Aug 9, 2013  #54

  • My question regards LTD “income”. I have owned a rental house prior to my disability. The cost of the rent barely covers the mortgage and upkeep of the house and I take a loss every month. Is this considered “extra income” when I am in the hole rent check is to my living trust, which the house is deeded, where the beneficiaries are the actual holders of the trust? Does RSLI have the right to pull my tax returns? This shows as a loss annually. Does this need to be reported? I understand if I receive money from an outside source such as part time work that is a profit to me I need to report that, but what about the rent with no profit? Please advise.

    John Aug 8, 2013  #53

  • Lazzariti,

    Reliance Standard looks at each case individually to determine whether they feel it meets the criteria for a buy-out. It is definitely worth exploring, and something that our firm helps to negotiate.

    Stephen Jessup Jul 11, 2013  #52

  • I’m wondering if you know if Reliance ever considers a lump sum settlement for Own oOccupation claims? I’ve been disabled since 1997 and need to supplement my income. I’m sort of looking for a way out however, I make more money not working than I would if I returned to work. A lump sum settlement would enable me to take a lesser paying, lesser hour job.

    Lazzariti Jul 10, 2013  #51

  • How can they, when you are NOT approved for SSD, withhold money that they THINK you might or might not get? I am so stressed out with them, have already contacted the Attorney General and I am NOT going to stop there. How is a person to survive?

    After working for 25 years at the same place this is what I get when I became disabled.

    Cindy Apr 1, 2013  #50

  • I have experienced almost all that has been posted here, I can’t believe what they are getting away with, and all the run around they make you do.

    Come on people. let’s help one another here and stop this BS with Reliance.

    Cindy Apr 1, 2013  #49

  • Jackie,

    I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis and situation with Reliance. Unfortunately the policy allows them to seek an overpayment. It is unlikely they will sue you for the money, and if they do they may not be able to win due to the laws of equity.

    Gregory Dell Mar 15, 2013  #48

  • I was diagnosed with breast cancer last March and went through hell getting approved for LTD from Reliance. Apparently, they don’t think cancer is a disability. The amount of records I had to provide along with their demands for a response within a small time frame (or they threatened to close the claim) led me to having to wait 3 months for approval and my 1st check.

    I was out of work approximately 6 months and always had to wait a minimum of 6 weeks for each check. I returned to work in September on a reduced schedule (5 hours a day) so they are paying me partial disability for my unworked hours.

    I never collected LTD before, and noted that the amounts seemed high but figured that these payments were unlike my usual pay checks and did not have the deductions I pay when I am working. And considering the money was for over a period of 6-8 weeks, the amount would be more.

    I received a check 2 weeks ago and they called me and said to void it because it was the wrong amount and they would be issuing me a new check. After waiting the 2 weeks for the replacement check, I called and they informed me that when they processed my initial claim they miscalculated my salary and have overpaid me. They said I would receive a letter offering me the option to pay a lump sum or they will just discontinue paying me to cover their losses.

    So, what I am faced with is paying back approximately $17,000 (which I don’t have) or continue to work my 5 hours a day and try to survive on that. I expect to return to work on a fulltime basis around August when I am done with cancer treatment. So for the next 5 months, I will struggle to pay my expenses, without the supplement from LTD.

    I realise now that I was over paid, but why do I have to pay for their mistake?

    If I had a choice to make them wait for their money, believe me I would after all the grief they put me through. When you are fighting cancer, the last thing you need is more stress and Reliance made my life hell, trying to get the benefits I deserved.

    Jackie Ciarlelli Mar 14, 2013  #47

  • La Trice,

    Your situation is one that we have not come across. It sounds horrible what you went through. It may be possible that you have a claim against your insurance company for intentional infliction of emotional distress if you can prove that they intentionally and wrongfully targeted you. Since your claim is governed by ERISA is also possible that a court may not allow you to bring such a claim. Your situation is not a claim that our law firm would handle. Hopefully through your post on our site there may be other claimants that have undergone the same treatment. If there are numerous people that have been victims of the same treatment, then it may be worth looking into a class action against Reliance.

    Gregory Dell Dec 21, 2012  #46

  • I am currently receiving SSDI, but was receiving LTD, WC and STD from unbeknownst to me the insurers of my employer were related. I was continually harassed during my claim, but still maintained my eligiblity for benefits, until the insurers sought to have me falsely arrested for participating in vocational rehabiliitation through SSA and the local state rehabilitation dept. Although my attempts at vocational rehabilitation were lawful they were unsuccessful and allowed me to continue to receive my SSDI benefits. The insurer knew it could not offset my earning in this program, but still sought to do so illegally. Yet the insurer repeated solicited my participation in their “vocational rehabilitation plan” which was not part of the alleged policy the employer provided me with. Moreover I well documented our communications including stating I had not found any such provision in the policy going thru it line by line, paragragh by paragraph and page by page. Theinsurer disguised by long-term disability case as workers’ compensation case (please note I have related workers’ compensation claim and long-term disaiblity claim with the same insurer parent). The insurers made repeated referrals to the State Dept Insurance -Fraud unit until I was ultimately and falsely arrested, I was forced to go through 40 months before the case was dismissed without probable cause. I have later found the “insurer” similiarly targeting other innocent disabled claimants with the criminal system without any protection to the innocent claimant. Is there any one out there that has gone through the same thing I have. What is really interesting the criminal court judges refused to provide an ERISA and or long disability attorney and although both the State Insurance Department knew of the problem because of well document successful complaint I had filed, the Insurance Dept informed they did not have jurisdiction over my unique claim, but allowed and participated in this wrongful action. What resource to I have?
    La Trice

    La Trice Holley Dec 18, 2012  #45

  • Regina,

    Reliance Standard will be able to recover an overpayment for any period of time that Reliance paid which matched the period of time that SSDI pays benefits for. Take a look at the FAQ section of our website discussing overpayments and SSDI.

    Gregory Dell Dec 8, 2012  #44

  • I have idiopathic transverse myelitis, narrowing of the spine, lesions on the spine and migraines all the time. I am taking 7 different kinds of medicine cause there is no cure for this spinal condition and I am in pain constantly. I now have a hearing scheduled with Reliance Standard. The problem is no one can tell me what % of the back-pay they will get if approved for SSDI. I am going through all my letters from them and it doesn’t show how much in any of them. Is the Advocator Group or Reliance Standard not supposed to give me this? Other lawyers do. They also told me that it will take 3 days for the claims department to figure this and that they will pay the difference from what SSDI approves for so I will make the same amount that Reliance Standard check is paying me now. Please help!

    Regina Moore Dec 7, 2012  #43

  • Reliance Standard is a very b… company to try to get your paid policy to work for you
    all they want is this and that and this and that… weeks before they respond back to you. Going on for months and the will screw you every time. I hope a good law firm will set them by the law and by the persons rights to get what they PAID for… the benefits and the money they deserve and paid for. Reviews don’t always tell the truth… but the lies from Reliance Standard are all bureaucratic bull, and the truth will always come out.

    Mario Oct 19, 2012  #42

  • Reliance Standard and Advactor Group have given me much grief. I am still not well and I suffer from the workplace bullying, hostile work environment etc, etc, etc. Advactor Group now wants this award check given to me by the state of NJ. I feel they exploit the state of NJ. I am giving it to workers compensation, this is the place it belongs. They sound nice on the phone the receptionist but they place words in your mouth. They have no remorse, empathy or conscious, Just like my former employer.

    Gail Staub Oct 16, 2012  #41

  • Thank you Greg, letters sent, copy of award notice sent. Preparing to file complaint. Will keep ya’ll in the loop.

    Gary Oct 4, 2012  #40

  • Gary,

    You should send them a letter advising they have blown the deadline to respond. You should send them your SSDI approval letter. You should also file a complaint with your State Department of Insurance.

    Gregory Dell Oct 2, 2012  #39

  • I filed a claim for STD/LTD with Reliance Standard in late June, at my SSA attorney’s advice I filed for SSDI at the same time. Reliance, after two “complementary” checks for early July has been investigating my STD claim since. We have now passed what would be the effective date for my LTD, my SSDI has been approved (9 weeks), and calls to Reliance result in repetitive lip-service about unreceived documents. I pointed out that they have received the same documents as the SSA, and was promised a return call from the investigator. I won’t be holding my breath. Any advice on how I can at least get the complete term of my STD (90 days)? They haven’t denied anything, simply haven’t done anything.

    Gary Bellamy Oct 1, 2012  #38

  • Letticia,

    Every disability policy can contain different language, therefore without seeing the policy we are unable to answer your question.

    Gregory Dell Sep 28, 2012  #37

  • I am having a time with Reliance myself. I am applying for STD, I was out for gall bladder emergency for 3 weeks. Reliance is requesting my W2 from last year before processing my check. However, last year I was out for 3 months and had $3,500 taken out for my FSA. This resulted in my gross earnings to be about $11K less than my salary. I have had the same salary for 4 years and Reliance has paid me at the level before. I have been paying out the same amount each paycheck based on my salary, not what I end up actually making. What is the correct way for them to calculate my 66%?

    Letticia Sep 27, 2012  #36

  • Ana,

    It sounds like you have a lot of things going with your medical condition and trying to deal with Reliance Standard. Call us and we will discuss what we can do to assist you with your claim.

    Gregory Dell Jun 17, 2012  #35

  • I’m so tired of dealing with these people since 2007. I had a back surgery, stroke, paralyzed – thank God I managed to recover. Then in 2010 I was sick again due to a rare hereditary disease. I’ve been disabled for over two years now. Reliance didn’t pay me for the whole 2011 (LTD). Then I got $9000. I asked them why paying me partial. They said they have to assume that my SSDI was already approved. Now my problem is that it sounds like they’re going to deny me again. They’re going to re-evaluate me again. My God, how many times do they have to do this… I can’t deal with this anymore, since dealing with my disease is really hard, especially since my disease affected my brain (nervous system). Plus I’m dealing with my screws, plates and cages in my spine… I need help!

    Ana Jun 16, 2012  #34

  • I have recently been denied extended benefits past there two year period. The process is currently in the appeal. I have documents from two orthopedic surgeons, a vascular surgeon and my family doctor saying that I should be considered totally disabiled but now they want me to see a IME.

    The problem with that is the doctor they selected is the company doctor that is employed from the plant that I worked in. He is known to be partial for the company and isurance companies. I called Reliance and told them that I thought this was a conflict of interest but Melissa said he was independent from them. I disagreed with her.

    I think it is time everyone should contact their congressman or woman and complain about the fraud insurance companies go through to deny claims. I still need to see their hired gun doctor. It is time to put some heat on insurance companies for their practices.

    Robert May 21, 2012  #33

  • Robert,

    You should videotape the IME exam. You may find our video about what to expect at an IME exam helpful: 10 things to expect when your disability insurance company asks for an IME exam.

    Please contact us if we can assist you in the future.

    Gregory Dell May 21, 2012  #32

  • Lynne,

    Your Reliance Standard disability policy probably has a provision which states that any SSDI benefits will be deducted from your monthly benefit check. If it does, then Reliance can deduct your monthly check and claim an overpayment. Your SSDI payment will go to you and not Reliance. If Reliance denies your claim, then you have the right to appeal and we would be available to discuss your options.

    Gregory Dell May 9, 2012  #31

  • I have been receiving LTD from Reliance for 2 years. They sent me to the Advocator Group to help with my SSDI. I have had three different “representatives” during my 2 years with Reliance, and the Advocator Group has changed names 3 times. I applied for SSDI because Reliance told me that I had to, to receive benefits. They told me that they would receive all my back SSDI payments if approved, which makes sense since that’s what I would have had yo give a lawyer of my own choosing.

    Now that 2 years is up, Reliance has my case under review to see if they feel I qualify for further payments. I have been asking them to do this for at least a year, but they managed to stall until my last check is due. Also, the Advocator Group said last month that it usually takes 18 months from the time you apply for SSDI to get a hearing. I applied 2 years ago, but it looks like everything is going to happen at the same time (though I still haven’t heard about my hearing date.)

    I have lost my house, gone bankrupt from trying to keep up with my medical bills. I had to move because I was living in Flagstaff AZ (elev. 7400) and due to my medical conditions kept passing out and couldn’t breathe. I still have those same problems and have been diagnosed with multiple heart and lung disease. I can’t stand the anxiety and think about what the outcomes will be every day and night.

    Reliance Standard says if I do get approved for SSDI that my checks will have to go to them? I paid premiums to them for LTD, and I paid social security for all my working life (will be 59 in August). Isn’t my work LTD separate from my SSDI?

    I am so confused and didn’t know to check into all these things before. I feel like I have been too trusting and naive. Can Reliance claim my SSDI (if I even get approved by either of them in the first place)?

    Lynne May 6, 2012  #30

  • Not sure why they would be different as both social security and LTD insurance company get the same records from doctors and facilities that I have been to. I am not trying to be secretive. I just don’t want my attorney sharing information with the LTD insurance company that I do not authorize.

    The way the form is worded from Reliance Standard and from the Advocator Group, which is the insurance recommended attorneys I used, my complete file was turned over to Reliance Standard to include conversation notes. I know I told them that I did not want them giving Reliance Standard any information without first speaking to me on a case by case basis. My only proof of that is in their notes. Do you think that they will turn those over to me? No, me either.

    First, I say again, people should not use an attorney that is affiliated with their Long Term Disability Insurance company in any way shape or form. If they have already done so, there is nothing that is stopping them from changing attorneys right now, or at very least, rescind the authorization to release information to insurance company and rescind the form signed allowing Social Security Administration to release information to insurance company IN WRITING TO BOTH. It is your right and prerogative. Simply send your letter rescinding authorization to release information to your attorneys and to the SSA. From that point on, they can’t even tell the insurance company that they have received notice from you to cease and desist all communication between them.

    I wish you all a lot of luck and best wishes during these hard times of bad health and the mental anguish the insurance company puts you through while you struggle with your health and financial difficulties. May God bless and keep you.

    Sheila (between a rock and a very hard place) Mar 2, 2012  #29

  • Sheila,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I agree that the SSDI attorneys should not be speaking with Reliance Standard unless they have your exclusive permission. You also need to make sure that if you have an SSDI, then the SSDI medical conditions must be consistent with the same medical conditions submitted to Reliance Standard.

    Gregory Dell Feb 18, 2012  #28

  • Gregory,

    I already went through the SS process and was recently approved. What is happening now is that Reliance is denying benefits due to what they call the SSDI “overpayment” and I call backpayment. Semantics, I know. I had submitted a cliam for continuation of benefits in November and Reliance owed me a response by January 11, 2011 and did not give me one, nor did they notify me they needed an extension and why.

    They had found out through my SSD attorneys that I had received a favorable decision and withheld their decision awaiting information regarding the award amount and how much the back payment would be. I had been calling and emailing requesting status of my claim for continued benefits between January 10 and February 12 with either no response or a verbal it is still in review. I questioned the amount of time it was taking and stated, isn’t RSLI required to provide a determination in writing within 45 days. Her reply was that they were not held to that standard on continuation of benefit reviews.

    I received a letter from them on February 13, 2012 notifying me that I owed them the SSDI “overpayment” and that my benefits would be 0 until I sent them the money. I sent a letter and email response letting them know that they owed me a decision/determination of continuation of benefits. Their reply is in my first post above. I spoke to her per her request (see 2nd post above).

    My “attorneys” notified Relliance Standard of my benefit determination and the award values before I was even notified – I found out what they were from Reliance Standard on January 27th when I called to ask the status of my claim for continuation of benefits. I asked her where she got information that I wasn’t even aware of and she told me The Advocator Group (my attorneys who were recommended by Reliance Standard) gave it to her.

    What I want people to know is – DO NOT USE THE INSURANCE COMPANY RECOMMENDED ATTORNEYS! – keep your business totally separate by using attorneys that have no relationship whatsoever with the insurance and protect your interests. The insurance company will also include a release in their documentation that they want you to sign allowing SSA to release information to them – don’t do it. In addition, they will put a document in their document set that allows your attorneys to release information to them. Don’t do it.

    Sheila (between a rock and a very hard place) Feb 17, 2012  #27

  • Sheila,

    I agree with you that there is a conflict of interest when Reliance Standard is trying to say that you are no longer disabled, but we are going to hire a lawyer to get you approved for SSDI. If Reliance Standard does not think you are disabled then how could they in good faith even ask you to apply for SSDI benefits. I agree that the SSDI attorney that you select should not communicate with Reliance Standard.

    Gregory Dell Feb 16, 2012  #26

  • As it is, I already have to live with the decision I made early in the process when I was having to have surgery after surgery after surgery and used RSLI recommended attorney. PEOPLE, DO NOT DO IT. Do not sign over your rights by using a group of attorneys connected to the insurance company. Believe me, there is some waiver in the documents that you are signing (albeit could be in small print) that gives that attorney the right to share your information with the insurance company. Do not despair if you have already done so, because same document states that you can notify them in writing at any time that you do not want your information shared with the insurance company and that no further contact is to be made between them and the insurance company regarding your claim. They must cease and desist immediately. Send an email first followed by registered/certified mail. Don’t forget you signed a waiver for SSA to provide the information to the insurance company too. It was in the package that you received from the insurance company.

    Sheila (between a rock and a very hard place) Feb 16, 2012  #25

  • Sheila,

    Reliance Standard is required to respond to all of your request and letters in writing. Make sure you are sending them certified mail and saving all fax confirmation if you use fax. The 2 year change of definition is a very common time for Reliance to deny a long term disability claim. We often see that Reliance will wait until you send them the SSDI overpayment and then they will deny your claim.

    We are currently litigating a case right now where Reliance paid for the OWN OCC. period then denied for the ANY OCC. period at two years. The client appealed the denial at the two year mark and won his appeal. A few months latter he was approved for SSDI and sent the overpayment to Reliance. Reliance subsequently set him for an IME exam with a hired gun doctor. The IME doctor decided the client was not disabled and then Reliance immediately denied benefits again. An appeal was filed again but Reliance confirmed their denial. This case is currently in litigation in Federal Court due to Reliance’s wrongful denial.

    If your claim has been denied, you must comply with the Appeal deadlines. If you receive a denial letter, then please contact us for a free consultation to discuss your options.

    Gregory Dell Feb 15, 2012  #24

  • I have arrived at the dreaded 2 year mark of receiving LTD benefits at the same time that I have been approved for SSDI. I filed for continuation of benefits back in November 2011 and have yet to receive a response. I have spoken to my claims administrator on numerous occasions and she has stated that it is still in review. To be honest, this is the first time it has taken Reliance so long to respond or to extend the benefits. I am sure it is because of the SSDI approval.

    I have received the letter from them regarding the “overpayment” and I have responded to them that the language in the letter implies continued benefits should I forward them the “overpayment” received from SSA, however, as they have yet to notify me of their decision/determination, I cannot adequately respond to their request. I received an email reply that says, “We do not give written confirmation when your benefits have been extended. You can call me, email me, or contact the customer service department and they will be able to advise of continuation of benefits. Please call me to discuss overpayment letter that you received and I will clarify the appeal language as well as advise of current status.”

    Their letter is written as though they have notified me of their decision with timelines, document requests and rights to appeal and civil actions, etc. along with the powerful sentence “One review will be allowed.” In my response to them, I stated that all of this language was premature as I had not received a decision/determination of continuation of benefits and had nothing to which to base a review or appeal upon and requested that they tell me in writing the status of my continued benefits. Each time I have provided the additional information that they request to continue benefits, I ask them to put in writing that they have approved my continuation of benefits and for how long and they always refuse. In this case at this point in time, I refuse to go forward without something in writing.

    What do I do from here? I do not want to have verbal conversations and have requested to be in writing, do they have to comply?

    Sheila (between a rock and a very hard place) Feb 15, 2012  #23

  • J,

    I am not sure what your claim status is, but if you contact us we will offer you a free consultation to discuss your claim. It may help your claim to contact the department of insurance in your state and the local news. Sometimes these large insurance companies forget that they only exist because of customers like you that bought insurance from them. Reliance Standard can be difficult to deal with.

    Gregory Dell Jan 27, 2012  #22

  • Mrs. Sharon Fair, your comment pretty much summed up my predicament exactly. I was wondering if you and your sister/brother in law had any luck getting any results? These people should not be able to operate and run their business this way. We lost our house, have had to depend on our family (who is struggling enough on their own as is) for everything, still enduring a long drawn out process waiting for a check to get here that seems like it will never come. I’d like to know if I have any rights or course of action that can be taken…

    J. Smith Jan 27, 2012  #21

  • My experience with Reliance Standard has been a nightmare! Like others previously stated, their way of doing business does nothing but create hardship, pain, and grief for those depending on their services. Is there anything an Average Joe like me can do to get results? I feel like I am backed up into a corner, completely at the mercy of Reliance and their feet dragging. It cannot be legal the way they do business. Can I write my Congressman? Go to my FOX Phoenix News and hope to be heard? Any suggestions for a young 8 year military Veteran, father with full custody of 3 children (one of whom has Autism and Waardenburg’s Syndrome)?

    J. Smith Jan 27, 2012  #20

  • Reliance Standard writes worthless disability policies. I’ve been fighting them for 5 years now, turned them into the Insurance Commissioner of Kansas two times now. Even though the first time they found wrong doing by Reliance several times, it is now time for me to give up. They lose paper work, to terminate, they make your life miserable in hopes you give up and after thousands of dollars I’ve spent for a lawyer just to make sure I get a check, they now say I owe them 37,000 dollars for their lies. I sent them and my lawyer repeatedly sent them my estimated SSI income, if I would be approved for SSI. Now, I finally got my SSI and they say their records show I’ve had it since 2007. Lie after Lie after Lie. I hope the Insurance Commissioner of Kansas finds more wrong doing on their part again but with my failing health just too much stress to even put up with Reliance anymore but will fight if they push me one more time.They owe Me, not the other way around.

    I shout it to the world how crooked their policies are… read the fine print. If you become disabled, but can do even one thing of your old job, they don’t have to pay. Like one lawyer said, if you’re an actor and become disabled Reliance does not have to pay even if you’re a quad. Because part of your job was to read, well in a wheel chair unable to use arms or legs, you can still do part of your job: “read”! How messed up is that?

    Oh, and the SSI office has called me several times saying Reliance was trying to obtain my information. SSI says Reliance can send you the forms over and over and it doesn’t matter, even if I sign them SSI will not give out my information to anyone.

    BEWARE of this company, they will harass you, haunt you and, as what’s happening to me, come back to bite you in the butt saying I owe them 37,000 dollars.

    Rebecca Gentz Jan 24, 2012  #19

  • I am receiving LTD benefits from Reliance as I’m disabled due to Intractable Migraines. I’ve also suffered several small strokes from my migraines and have documented damage to my brain. I’ve had to work with Reliance for almost 4 years now and the constant strain of providing them with this/that is getting to the point of absurdity. A few months back they started making me complete a monthly “headache log”. Looks like a totally made up word document in that it has no official insurance company form number at the bottom which most insurance company forms always have. Social Security and/or my Neurologist don’t even require this type of documentation as my condition has never improved.

    I am wondering if there is anyone else out there being required to complete headache logs for Reliance? I suspect that I’m being forced to complete these logs for reasons that I can’t discuss publicly at this time. Has anyone else heard of headache logs for persons receiving LTD benefits from Reliance Standard?

    Mrs. May Jan 23, 2012  #18

  • Put out of my job as a police Lieutenant after a fit for duty evaluation in 6-2010. Tried to go back on duty, but was kept out by the doctor for the employer. Finally gave in and filled out my paperwork and was told that although I was still not working because of their doctor, my doctor at first, said I was physically OK to do the job. Long story short, my OPERS should be ruled in my favor at the Jan. meeting of the board. At this point, I need Reliance to pay their share and need to appeal their first decision. I was waiting on the report from PERS’s doctor before I sent in my appeal, but any help would be great.

    Dan Stewart Dec 20, 2011  #17

  • I live in Maryland. I am a cancer patient and what they are putting me through is unbearable. They are trying to force me back to work while I am battling cancer and cannot even get out of bed.

    Beth Oct 25, 2011  #16

  • My husband has partial disability due to his stroke. He can work, thankfully, but now has limitations that he didn’t have before. We started receiving benefits on time and, at the beginning, we thought they we rather large for a partial disability. We and the human resources manager at my husband’s employer questioned the claims examiner several times about the amount. She recalculated it and assured us it was correct. About a year and half later we get a letter saying they had overpaid us by a lot and we needed to send this amount back to them in 15 days. With the help of the same HR manager we told them no. They withheld payments for over a year until they considered us “even”. Now we are starting to get payments again and, as always, they are very irregular. The thing that galls us the most is that the claims examiner, DB, never admitted her calculations had been wrong all along. She blamed the whole thing on error made at my husband’s employers. One time we didn’t get payments for several months and we called and DB said she was waiting for medical records to come from our insurer. We had no notification of this and she never called the insurer to expedite and follow up on anything. I called and got the ball rolling or I don’t think we ever would have been notified about what the delay was. They have terrible customer service and you have to be on them all the time to get anything done or explained. They put a terrible burden on people who don’t have another source of income and should be held accountable.

    Laura Sep 27, 2011  #15

  • Thomas,

    If you did not receive a pension, then it’s is unclear how Reliance Standard claims you were overpaid. Since they are only claiming $2,200 overpayment it is unlikely they will aggresively prusue you. Also, it could cost you more to get an attorney since the amount in controversy is so low. In this situation you should do the best you can on your own.

    Gregory Dell Sep 26, 2011  #14

  • My employer has a auxiliary group policy with Reliance Standard for disabilities. Our primary health insurance is through our Union with our Employer paying the premiums per our contract.

    Recently I was off from work due to several medical problems and I have just returned to this month. During my recovery period Reliance Standard after it’s usual excruciating processing time sent me a disability check. Even though I had filed no Social Security claim, Reliance had deducted an offset for Social Security. I called Reliance to no avail. The offset stood. Then I received a call from Reliance informing me that when I returned to work if I supplied the release documents from my Doctors then possibly I might receive part of the offset money if approved by them. Then, unexpectedly, the other day I received a second call from Reliance informing me that if I could supply additionally a statement from the SSA that I had no Social Security claim that I would receive the offset money in return. All this information was sent to them last Friday.

    Today, Saturday, I received a lengthy letter from Reliance informing me that I was receiving a “pension” in addition to Social Security and that the disability check they sent me should have been a considerably smaller amount. I am receiving no “pension” from anyone and am not receiving anything from the SSA. I did receive disability checks from the Union and SURS Disability Insurance, but from no other entities.

    Now, Reliance says it over-payed me $2,200 and wants reimbursement in 15 days. My Union Disability money ran out at about the time Reliance sent me their check, so the money from Reliance went to pay bills, living expenses and and co-pays from medical expenses.

    In this situation do I have any recourse or should I seek legal counsel?

    Thomas R. White Sep 24, 2011  #13

  • Robert,

    At the time you bought your policy, your employer should have provided you with a copy of your disability policy with Reliance Standard. If your disability policy does not provide language allowing Reliance Standard to seek an overpayment for SSDI, then they are not allowed to. Your employer negotiated the terms of your disability policy with Reliance Standard. Most claimants don’t realize that ERISA disability insurance policies include language that allows for an SSDI setoff.

    Gregory Dell Sep 19, 2011  #12

  • Reliance Standard is the biggest scam ripoff company in the business. They say they will pay 60% of your salary upon proof of disability . They don’t tell you that upon approval of social security disability or benefits that they will deduct this amount from their payment. That leaves you with a monthly check of around $100. After paying $30.00 a month premiums for the past 11 years I feel that I have been had. Thank you Reliance Standard for adding more stress to my life and that of my family.

    Robert Lomax Sep 16, 2011  #11

  • JoJo,

    I have not seen your Reliance Standard policy, but group policies must allow the disability company to offset for social security disability. Please see the FAQ section of our site for a lot of information related to SSDI deductions. The estimated offset is unreasonable. If you ask the company to wait until you receive SSDI, then most will not do an estimated offset.

    Gregory Dell Aug 26, 2011  #10

  • Kate,

    We welcome the opportunity to discuss your claim with Reliance Standard. Before you can sue them you must file an appeal and exhaust all administrative remedies. The delay you are experiencing from Reliance of greater than four months is beyond the norm. If your claim is denied you will receive an explanation in writing. Call us if you would like to discuss your options.

    Gregory Dell Aug 26, 2011  #9

  • I paid for long term disability for three years and now I am disabled. I cannot get Reliance to pay my benefits on time. They go for months at a time wanting this or that, and twice my claim has been “cancelled” only to be reopened when I start yelling “lawyer”. They stall, won’t return my calls, and I am behind in all my bills and turned over to collections agencies because they wont pay me regularly. I lost my COBRA medical insurance because I haven’t had a check in four months from Reliance, so I couldn’t pay my premiums. I’ve had enough. I have an appointment to see an attorney in the morning. I’m suing the bastards.

    Kate Kastorff Aug 25, 2011  #8

  • I have first Reliance in NY State. Here is my question. Can hey cut my monthly benefits they are paying me while I am waiting to see if I can even get SSD? The insurance company calls it Estimated SSD. What they do is estimate how much they think I would get from SSD and they take that much away from my monthly check each month and if I am awarded SSD they want all of that money that I would be getting from thm also. I have to plead Hardship in order to get my money… What I don’t understand is, I paid a premium so why would I have to pay them anything? If I had life insurance and died would my kids have to give them back the money I paid for my Insurance? Doesn’t make sense to me… I can understand them taking the money from SSD award but not to take it from me before I even got approved or not… Please help me before I send back any papers to them.

    JoJo Aug 25, 2011  #7

  • Mark, you should immediately communicate in writing with Reliance Standard about the current situation.

    Gregory Dell Aug 16, 2011  #6

  • Hi all,

    My name is Mark Ozimek, I was employed at Lehigh Heavy Forge which is the old Bethlehem Steel plant in Bethlehem PA. I was out for a shoulder operation for a rotator cuff tear. The workman’s comp. insurance turned it down as I tried to fight it, so STD wouldn’t pay (Reliance).

    Now the judge in the case had turned me down agreeing with the insurance company, so in this case Reliance is supposeed to pick up the payment for my STD claim that I had filed with them and this case worker Donna won’t even pick up the phone to call me back.

    Please help, what do I do?

    Mark Aug 9, 2011  #5

  • Amy, I am sorry to hear about your experience. It is essential to continue paying premiums. If it is an ERISA policy you can file a complaint with the department of labor and department of insurance in your state.

    Gregory Dell Jun 21, 2011  #4

  • My fiance’ is dealing with Reliance right now. He was in a motorcycle accident in April. It takes them weeks to approve the claim. That is ridiculous. If you don’t pay the premium, they cancel your coverage, but yet it takes them weeks to go over the paperwork and approve the claim? I think the attorney generals office needs to be notified of this companies practices, because they are not ethical.

    Amy Jun 21, 2011  #3

  • I agree with you in all aspects. We are going through the “professional delay tactics” of Reliance right now. They need these docs and those and on and on, it never ends. One of their representatives actually told my wife today that our doctor was at fault because they didn’t interpret the company’s terminology and our doctor didn’t get them everything they needed because of a technicality. They can put you off better than anyone I have encountered, but I am going to put a stop to that. I am calling the attorney general, the board of insurance, the local television stations, radio, newspapers and everyone I can contact to get the word out. It may even be time for a nationwide class action lawsuit to open the president of the company’s eyes or at least to let the country know what is happening with this PUBLICLY traded company. How well will the company like that for their stock prices?

    B. Bunch Jun 9, 2011  #2

  • My brother in law was made completely disabled in May 2010 by his doctors. He was a police officer for twenty three years and was unable to continue working due to a back injury. He injured his back several years ago. Two bulging slipped disc and also vertebraes laying on nerves. He is in constant pain. Some days he can’t even stand up straight. Many doctors have seen him and told him the same thing. “Your back will get no better, it will get worse”. He can’t get his long term disability checks from Reliance. Sometimes he will go two months or more before he gets a check. My sister and him have spent countless hours on the phone with Reliance trying to get his checks to them on a regular basis. They always get a different answer. They need more information etc. Several specialist have sent results from MRI’s, sent nine page documents from Specialist stating he will not get any better. He is permanently disabled and will never be able to work. He has applied for his Social Security Disability but that takes months and months to be approved.This has took a toll on my brother in law and sister. This has affected their livelihood. Family members have had to pay bills and buy them groceries so they could survive. My brother in law is a proud man and would love no more than to be able to work and provide for his family like he did for over twenty years but he can’t. Being forced to leave your job due to health reasons was enough to depress my brother in law but the utter hell that Reliance Insurance has put them through should be againist the law. He paid on this insurance policy for many years. I have listened to my sister cry many days worrying how they were going to make it. Things like this should not go on in America. I’m sorry Reliance Insurance should be held accountable for what they have put my brother in law and his family through. They have suffered pain and anguish for months due to this. I hope the President of Reliance Insurance reads this!!! If this were you I bet you would get your disablilty checks like clock work. I bet you wouldn’t have to worry how you were going to pay your mortgage and buy groceries for your family. My sister’s family have suffered enough with this.

    Sharon Fair Apr 11, 2011  #1

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ShaRhonda D.

Rachel Alters and her assistance Michal Mizrahi were a godsend. When I contacted their office, Metlife denied my appeal and I was too sick to get out of bed, let alone try and fight the a giant insurance company! I was so lost and confused, I had all of my doctor’s saying I was disabled, I was taking the medication for my disability, Metlife said they covered my illness in their policy, so I couldn’t understand what the problem was! Further more, I didn’t have the energy to try and figure it out on my own.

Luckily, I didn’t have to. From the first day I spoke with Rachel, she was my David verses my Goliath, MetLife. Having her represent me was the best thing that could have ever happened for my family. She took over all correspondence with Metlife and her team answered ALL of my questions thoroughly and promptly. They were professional, courteous, and best of all, they understood how to fight Metlife and win.

Because of Rachel’s hard work with MetLife, I was able to focus my energy back on my family and trying to heal instead of answering stupid questions and jumping through bureaucratic hoops. My settlement was above and beyond my expectation and I am so grateful that I had such an ally in Rachel Alters.

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