• Minnesota Judge Reverses Hartford Disability Benefit Denial

Hartford Long Term Disability Benefit Denial Reversed by Minnesota Federal Judge

A long term disability insurance claimant had his benefits denied when a doctor made a mistake in completing an Attending Physician Statement. Following submission of an ERISA appeal Hartford ignored the additional information submitted and once again denied the claim following an Appeal. Following the submission of a Federal lawsuit, the Minnesota Federal Judge ruled that Hartford failed to conduct an appropriate review of the claim and reversed the denial of long term disability benefits.

In this video nationwide disability insurance attorneys Alex Palamara and Gregory Dell discuss how the denial in this case may have been avoided. We discuss the importance of strong medical support and proper medical documentation. We often see that is simple errors on a claim that result in a claim denial. If Hartford has any opportunity to deny a claim you bet that they will take it. Our goal is to work with you to get your LTD benefits paid and keep you on claim. Call any of our disability lawyers for a free immediate consultation.

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