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Our national headquarters is located in Florida and we have earned the respect of our peers by being selected to Super Lawyers, Best Lawyers in America and Martindale Hubble as a top ranked disability insurance law firm. Since 1979 our Florida disability attorneys have been battling the insurance companies and we take great pride in recovering disability insurance benefits for our clients. We have handled cases against every disability insurance company and have helped thousands of claimants at any stage of a disability claim to obtain short term, long term disability and long term care benefits. Florida has very favorable insurance laws for claimants that have non-ERISA governed private insurance policies. The laws in Florida for claimants with policies governed by ERISA are complicated and unfortunately favor insurance companies. Sadly, Florida is one of the few states that has not abolished discretionary clauses in ERISA disability policies. Through our daily involvement with each disability company and our active litigation case load we have the knowledge, experience and skill to help place our clients in the best position to collect benefits.

Florida Disability Insurance Lawsuit Case Summaries

Our Florida disability insurance lawyers are constantly keeping track of every disability lawsuit and court opinion in both Florida and Nationwide. We work very hard to simplify this legal information so disability claimants can learn more about the disability claim process and the way in which disability insurance companies will act. The information provided below which is updated weekly, is for informational purposes and is not legal advice. We welcome your comments about any disability related matter and we always offer a free initial phone consultation to answer your questions. We encourage you to view our videos, frequently asked questions, media relations page, Facebook page, and resolved cases to learn more about how we can assist you. Numerous client references are available upon request.

  • Florida Courts Have A Complicated Six Step Disability Insurance Denial Protocol

    The odds of overturning a disability benefit denial are often stacked against the policy holder. Not only does the insurance company write the policy and make the initial decision about whether a disability claim will be approved, but the law usually requires that a court examining the matter must defer to the insurance company’s decision. But that burden is not insurmountable. Claimants and their Florida disability benefit lawyers must understand and evaluate those standards in developing a strategy to reverse a disability insurance benefit denial… continue reading

  • Court Throws Out Disability Benefit Denial Based on Aetna’s Internal Physicians’ Review

    Sometimes talking to an insurance company feels like you’re talking to a brick wall. That’s what a University of Miami computer programmer thought when, after obtaining opinions from five treating physicians, Aetna still refused to pay disability benefits. This claimant did not back down from Aetna and took them to court… continue reading

  • Federal Court Upholds Unum Disability Benefit Denial

    The disability benefit claim process can be complicated. A case involving a physical therapy assistant at the University of Miami’s medical school shows the lengths to which insurance companies regularly go to examine your claim. They don’t just take your disability benefit claim form and write a check… continue reading

  • Ambiguous Disability Policy Language is Construed in Favor of Disability Claimant with Berkshire Life Policy

    A policy holder doesn’t get to choose what language is in the disability benefit policy. Certain terms are defined and certain ones are not. But the insurance company came up with the language, not you. Sound familiar? What happens when a dispute arises about an undefined term? The Florida Supreme Court answered that question when a yacht salesman was injured and the insurance company did not define critical terms in his disability benefit policy. Florida has very favorable laws for disability claimants with private disability insurance policies… continue reading

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Federal Courts

The state of Florida has three Federal District Court divisions:

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