Sun Life Approves Claim for Long Term Disability Benefits

Sun Life recently awarded long term disability benefits to our client following an application for benefits submitted by Attorney Stephen Jessup. While on short term disability our client received notice from Sun Life’s long term disability department that he would have to complete new claim forms in order to formally apply for his long term disability benefits. Unable to work due to diabetic peripheral neuropathy his family’s only source of income was his disability benefits. After researching Sun Life on the internet he became concerned that Sun Life would deny his claim for benefits, jeopardizing his family’s wellbeing. It was then he contacted our office and spoke with Attorney Jessup.

Attorney Jessup worked with our client to properly document and present to Sun Life how his medical condition was preventing him from working in his profession as a Field Service Engineer responsible for the maintenance and repairs of multiple scientific laboratories. During the course of the claim review it became apparent that the short and long term disability claims departments had not communicated at all regarding our client’s claim, and even worse that the long term department was reviewing dated medical records that did not accurately reflect our client’s current medical treatment, restrictions and limitations.

When Attorney Jessup brought this to Sun Life’s intention during an interview with our client, Sun Life back pedaled and attempted to prolong the review of the claim citing our client’s failure to provide updated medical records. Attorney Jessup made it abundantly clear to Sun Life that all the medical records had been previously provided and proffered documented confirmations that the records were received by Sun Life. Attorney Jessup persisted with inquiries as to the status of the claim, never letting Sun Life go beyond the legal time limit to render a decision.

Due to the tenacity and combined front of Attorney Jessup working with our client, Sun Life approved the claim for long term disability benefits.

Are you looking to file for benefits with Sun Life?

As one of the largest group disability insurers, Sun Life is well versed in finding the way to challenge a claim it deems to be unsupported by medical evidence, which then inevitably results in a denial of benefits. Don’t sit idly by and hope that Sun Life will do the “right thing.” Protect your rights. If you are insured through a Sun Life policy, are thinking about filing a claim, or are on claim, feel free to contact our office for a free consultation to discuss how we may be able to assist you in securing your rightful disability benefit.