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We can help residents of the Natural State when their disability insurance provider denies their claim. Whether you’re appealing an individual claim denial or a group claim denial, having qualified legal counsel on your side can help you in the fight to get your disability benefits. Even if you haven’t been denied and are just applying for disability insurance, our Arkansas disability insurance lawyers can help. When you call 800-682-8331, you will receive a free evaluation of your situation.

Insurance companies have their own lawyers who will stop at nothing to discredit your rightful claim to benefits from your disability insurance policy. Our Arkansas disability insurance lawyers are familiar with their tactics, and our Resolved Cases demonstrate our ability to get results for our clients.

Standards for Review in Arkansas

Insurance companies have an inherent conflict of interest when they review your claim. In some cases, they may deny your claim for illegitimate reasons. If this occurs, a court may rule that their denial occurred for “arbitrary and capricious” purposes, and the denial could be reversed. With the help of our Arkansas disability insurance lawyers, you may able to win a payout of past and future benefits from your policy.

Resources for Arkansas Disability Insurance Appeals

To learn more about which courts might handle your appeal case, visit the following links. Generally, state courts handle individual claims and federal courts process group claims, such as those provided by employers. ERISA guidelines govern federal cases.



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