• MetLife Disability Denial Reversed By Court For Unreasonable Claim Handling (Ep. 14)

MetLife disability denial reversed by court for unreasonable claim handling

In this episode disability insurance attorney Stephen Jessup discusses a recent 7th Circuit Court of Appeals case in which MetLife’s ERISA disability denial was reversed for numerous reasons. This opinion is a great tool for disability insurance claimants as the court found that MetLife acted unreasonably by:

  1. wrongfully requiring objective evidence of a pain condition which can not be proven objectively;
  2. ignored Social Security Disability’s approval of disability benefits;
  3. performed an external paper review of the medical records without having the claimant examined by a doctor;
  4. and disregarded the findings of the claimant’s treating physicians.

The way in which MetLife handled this Disability insurance claim is consistent with the majority of claim denials that we see from MetLife and many other disability insurance companies.

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