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Disability claimants are often seeking information about ING long term disability reviews. We have created this page where insurers can post reviews and comments about ING disability claims. Our attorneys respond to most comments posted by our visitors.

ING was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In 2000, ING aquired Reliastar Insurance Company. The newly formed company, first called International Netherlands Group, later ING Group, was created from the merger of National Netherland and NMB Postbank Group.

In the U.S., the ING family of companies offers financial services to retail and institutional clients, which includes annuities, retirement plans, long-term disability insurance, life insurance, mutual funds, managed accounts, alternative investments, direct banking, institutional investment management, employee benefits, financial planning, and reinsurance.

As of 2009, ING Group covers 85 million private, corporate and institutional clients in over 40 countries with a workforce of over 125,000 people. It owns ING Direct, a virtual bank with operations in Australia, Canada, Italy, Spain, UK, US and elsewhere.

ING Direct was founded in 2000, with its headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware. In September 2007, ING Direct acquired 104,000 customers and FDIC insured assets from a failed virtual bank NetBank. Migration from NetBank to ING Direct prompted hundreds of customers from former NetBank to complain, and the bank lost many customers as a consequence.

In the 2008 Forbes Global 2000, ING was the ninth-largest company in the world. As of December 2008 ING Group posted total assets of $1,877,245,331.

As disability insurance attorneys, Dell & Schaefer have represented numerous clients with their long-term disability claims against ING and its affiliated companies. Disability Attorneys Dell & Schaefer have provided and offer the following legal services for disability claimants that have a long-term disability insurance policy or disability income policy purchased from ING:

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  • Eric, generally speaking, group disability insurance carriers are entitled to offset your monthly disability benefit payment by the amount you or any of your dependents receive from Social Security as a result of your disability. To the extent you receive a retroactive award from Social Security, the carrier would be entitled to recover any overpayments for months in which you received a full payment from the carrier and now have received a retroactive payment from Social Security. As for the incentive to file, the Policy also typically requires that you file for Social Security benefits if you are eligible. And if you chose not to they can estimate an offset against your monthly benefit. In short, the carrier does not take your Social Security benefit, they simply reduce your monthly benefit by the amount you received from Social Security.

    Jay Symonds May 15, 2018  #27

  • I suffered a stroke in 2013 and received STD from my employer (6 months) and LTD from ING/VOYA. I filed an SSD claim and I am awaiting a decision. Voya sent me a letter stating they are entitled to any monies I receive, including “Amounts paid to you as: -Primary and dependent spouse and children disability benefits under the Social Security Act.”

    Does this mean if my children get an award (no claim has been filed by them) Voya would be entitled to it? If so, what is my incentive to file one, if Voya gets all the money? Additionally, would they be entitled to any of the monies paid to me by SSD, attributable to the first 6 months of my disability, since that period was paid by my employer?

    Eric May 14, 2018  #26

  • Doug, we have had issues dealing with insurance carriers dragging their feet in offering buyouts. With the limited amount of time left on claim, the discount on the claim to settle may not be worth it to you, but if you are still wishing to proceed knowing that the settlement will be for a lesser amount, then I would recommend you follow up with them in writing. Paper trails are often the best idea when dealing with an insurance company.

    Stephen Jessup Jan 27, 2018  #25

  • I have had LTD thru a previous employer since 2008. I wanted to get a lump sum payout and had similar answers to another comment on your site. I think his name was Doug also.

    I have until August 2019 when the policy finishes and am still interested in a payout.

    The one time I called in the past I had similar answers. I was told they would have the person call back to explain how it works. They did and I was told they were prepared to continue the monthly payments. I was confused because I thought it would benefit the insurance company to negotiate a lesser amount.

    Has anyone in your office been faced with this dilemma? Please advise.

    Doug S. Jan 26, 2018  #24

  • Wesley, we would need to see copies of your denial letter, LTD policy and appeal submitted to determine what assistance/insight we may be able to provide. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your claim further.

    Stephen Jessup Feb 13, 2017  #23

  • Have a Voya ltd policy, been on ltd since 2013 and since it started they have been trying to find a way to discontinue my claim. They finally discontinued my claim in august 2016. I’ve appealed but I’m still fighting with them to reinstate my claim. Any advice on how to get them to reinstate?

    wesley Feb 8, 2017  #22

  • Thank you very much for answering my question. I can finally let this matter rest

    toddp Jun 15, 2016  #21

  • Todd, if you are not still with the company or covered under the policy then there is likely no ability to re-apply as the coverage would most likely no longer in effect. With respect to legal action following a denial the statute of limitations to bring suit is typically 3 years from the denial.

    Stephen Jessup Jun 15, 2016  #20

  • I was denied short term and long term disability from Ing in 2007. Is there a time limit on when u can reapply. I was turned down because of workman’s comp. I was employed by Floyd Co Board of Education located in Rome GA. I hope someone can help me its hard to meet my financial obligations on a fixed income.

    Todd P. Jun 13, 2016  #19

  • Douglas, that does seem rather strange- how long ago was the call? Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your buyout options in greater detail.

    Stephen Jessup Apr 14, 2016  #18

  • I contacted Voya Reliastar regarding my long term disability policy and the possibility of a lump sum payout of the remainder of my policy. A gentleman returned the call and asked me what’s wrong? Seems like an odd question. He then proceeded to tell me that they were prepared to continue monthly payments. When I first left the message two times I was told it looks like your policy qualifies for a settlement.

    I thought that it benefits the insurance company to pay a reduced payout in a lump sum.

    I finished the call and felt I did something wrong.

    Douglas S. Apr 12, 2016  #17

  • Eleanor, thank you for sharing your story. Did you ever file an appeal of ING’s denial?

    Stephen Jessup Feb 10, 2016  #16

  • Think twice before you go with ING as a Long Term Disability insurance company. I had always chosen to have ING for LTD as I wanted to make sure that my children were taken care of if something were to happen to me. This insurance was offered through my employer as a seperate entity that an employee could chose if they wanted it. I also carried an extra life insurance policy through them as I wanted to always be prepared and as I stated to make sure my children would be able to continue with life as they were used to if something were to happen to me. Tragedy did strike my life but only it happened to my only son, not I. The unimaginable happened, I lost my precious son. He was my light, my life and my heart. Losing my boy is the worse pain as any parent will tell you, there is really no word in any language to describe the pain a parent feels. After taking some time off as much as I could, I then tried to go back to my job. After a year it was apparent that I was no longer in the right state of mind to continue and my physical health was suffering as well. The doctors that I was seeing, a psychiatrist, therapists and my MD all certified me for disability. I was diagnosed with PTSD, complicated grief and severe depression. In addition I suffered from severe colitis and lost over 30 lbs. Then I was told by ING that if I had a physical illness that it woud be different. I mentioned my colitis and the caseworker said that did qualify me for the LTD. My colitis was so bad that I could not keep anything in. The doctors did an exploratory as I was bleeding out. ING requested the records and they recieved them confirming my condition. They went beyong the stated timeframe in my contract, days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. Only to still deny my claim. They stated that the contract only pays for 24 months for mental problems. Even though I was told by their representative that colitis did qualify me they finally denied it. My message to anyone who is considering ING would be to think very cautiously. My illnesses are still with me and my life has been hell. I am on SSD and I am grateful but I am considered to be below poverty guidelines. If they had been true to their word yes life would be easier in a financial way as the daily stresses of trying to survive on 700.00 less a month would have taken away some of the burdens that I still face every second of my life. There was no compassion from this company. Only dollar signs. I made a huge mistake by allowing them to take money from my paycheck for many years. As for my mental state, I have become a recluse and have attempted suicide for my pain and continue to see the doctor. I am on anti depressants and colitis medications, as well as reflux medications. My heart is broken. The loss of a child is not a condition that has a timeframe on it. And for someone, anyone to say that there is a timeframe on grief, well they have not lost a child. And I would not wish this pain on anyone. I hope that ING reads my story. Thank you for listening.

    Eleanor S. Feb 9, 2016  #15

  • I worked for a school system for 22 years and became ill (groundglass infiltrate and bronchiostasis) after the 50-year old school building I worked in underwent renovations. It took ING Disability 16 months to approve me for short-term disability. After going through the appeal process, I was approved due to Hypoxemia, Asthma, Chronic Bronchitis, etc.

    I can’t help but think [that] ING was in cahoots with my school system to deny my claim. Has anyone else had such a problem?


    Robin Apr 22, 2015  #14

  • Sandy,

    First and foremost, I wish you the best in your treatment. With respect to your claim there would be no way for me to assess the validity of your assumptions. Typically, if you were not disabled at the time you ceased being eligible for coverage under the policy you would not be entitled to benefits. That being said given the fact you worked for a governmental entity and the grounds for being let go, there may be some extension of coverage.

    Stephen Jessup Feb 1, 2015  #13

  • I was employed by a municipality who paid for long-term disability insurance coverage on behalf of the employee. I was dismissed without cause in December 2014 after a “restructuring” of positions in my office. I have been diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer which will require treatments of an intensive and prolonged nature that will prevent me from working for several months or longer, depending on outcome of treatments. The condition has been diagnosed as being present, but not diagnosed, as of the date I was dismissed. Therefore, my doctor and I have filed a long-term disability income application with ING even though I am not currently employed with that municipality because the condition was present during time of my employment. Both the HR and the ING consultant advised me that it would appear I would qualify. I presume payments won’t start until six months following my dismissal from the municipality? Can you confirm if my assumptions in this case are correct? Thank you!

    Sandy Freeman Jan 31, 2015  #12

  • Rich,

    Please feel free to contact our office. Under the law the insurance company typically only has 45 days to render a decision as to your eligibility for benefits.

    Stephen Jessup Jul 26, 2014  #11

  • I have been out of work now for 3 months and had been paying for STD with ING, I have yet to get things moving with them they call and say they need more information and its the Same questions that they have been asking now for three month, my doctors has sent them all the forms that they have asked for and I have also sent them the medical records I had. I received two calls this week with the same questions, do I need to get an attorney at this point to get things moving? I have no income coming in and my finances are getting really low.

    Thank You,

    Rich W. Jul 25, 2014  #10

  • K.L.L.,

    Some insurance policies will indicate that an overpayment will be owed regardless of whether the company was at fault in computing same. First and foremost, I would demand to see the calculations they are using to assert the overpayment. Then I would review the policy to see if it speaks as to errors in computing overpayments.

    Stephen Jessup Dec 28, 2013  #9

  • So I have been receiving LTD through ING since 8/1/2011… Now they’re telling me that I owe them 22,038.80 overpayment… And the lady that has been handling my case since 2011 says she apologizes that it is her fault.. I had no idea that I was supposed to be getting a smaller amount than what I was receiving and these people had all of my information and how mush to pay me right in front of them for three years! My letter states that an incorrect amount was used for my pre-disability earnings. There is just no way I can make it on what they are wanting me to have deducted from my check. And I am not receiving SSI. I for one think with the lady claiming fault, that we should have it taken from her check… So can they make me repay them for their mistake? Thanks.

    K.L.L :) Dec 27, 2013  #8

  • Tom,

    Please feel free to contact our office to discuss how we may be able to assist you in appealing your denial.

    Stephen Jessup Oct 17, 2013  #7

  • I have non-epileptic seizures, I’m unable to work. ING cancelled my claim saying that my condition in a mental issue (stated by ING’s doctor). All I want is what I paid for. Please help.

    Tom Droame Oct 16, 2013  #6

  • Carol,

    Many policies have what’s called a “Recurrent Disability” provision that provides if you return to work in your former occupation and have to go back out of work due to the same medical condition(s) you went out on disability for initially within 6 months of your return to work it will be considered an extension of the initial disability claim. I would recommend you check your policy to see the language contained therein.

    Stephen Jessup Aug 17, 2013  #5

  • What if you are receiving LTD and want to try to return to work to see if you can do it? What happens with your benefits?

    Carol Scollard Aug 16, 2013  #4

  • Judith,

    The SSDI repayment is standard. Please see our frequently asked questions about SSDI and Disability Insurance Benefits located here. The discretionary client assistance fund is something very specific and I am not familiar with it.

    Gregory Dell Nov 2, 2012  #3

  • I have been payed LTD through InG officially since May 2012, when they approved. However, they gave me a client funding from Jan 2012 and now want me to pay back payment over SSD, which is fine, but they acted as if the Client discretionary fund they gave me prior to approving my LTD was not to be payed back… now that I have SSD, they are trying to claim my dependent benefits as well – is this correct? On either the discretionary client assistance fund or the dependent SSD?

    Oh, and I forgot: they would not process or pay my short term disability while I was waiting for SSD.

    Judith Beck Nov 1, 2012  #2

  • I asked for your help on a case with ING, the same kind of case you handled in 2009, with group help. Mine was with another company, the same thing ING did to me they did to her, withheld my STD and LTD. I had coverage, ING sent me a letter telling me I had coverage and not wanting to pay me. ING sent me a letter telling me I was disabled under its policy. I did go ahead and get an attorney in my area. I have a very good case and evidence, thanks to you and your case my case is exactly like the one with the group health plan… the same problems.

    Thank you for your help in posting this case.

    C. Hampton Oct 31, 2012  #1

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