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Private Disability Denial

Long term disability insurance denials are the kind of claims that can spiral out of control if not handled properly. Our disability attorneys have litigated against every major disability insurance company and have established a reputation for having what it takes to efficiently handle a disability denial yet we will take a case to trial if necessary. Our lawyers have been successful at obtaining hundreds of millions of dollars in long term disability benefits for our clients. We always attempt to use our well established relationships with the disability insurance companies to reach a resolution without the need to go through extensive litigation and trial.

We only accept private claim denials on a contingency fee basis, which means we do not charge any fees or costs unless we are able to recover benefits. We have prepared a video below which discusses available options for a private disability denial and our experience in handling these long term disability denials.

  • Private Disability Benefit Denial Options

Our Extensive Disability Litigation Experience

We are not personal injury or social security lawyers that handle the occasional disability insurance claim. We are a team of ten attorneys and twenty-five staff that exclusively handle disability insurance claims nationwide. Each year we review hundreds of private disability benefit denials and only accept cases in which we believe we can achieve our client’s litigation goals. In the past 20 years, we don’t think there is another law firm that has handled more private disability denials nationwide than our law firm. Please select a disability company below for more information about your specific disability insurance company.

We are one of the few law firms in the entire country that has taken a long term disability denial to trial. We have reviewed thousands of pages of internal company documents and taken depositions of claims examiners at almost every disability company in order to gain inside knowledge of these companies training manuals, claim handling techniques and internal operations. This is important because every disability insurance company understands our law firm’s legal capabilities and that tends to make the litigation process smoother and quicker for our clients. Disability denials often create financial hardships and we understand the importance of trying to get a disputed claim resolved in an expedient manner.

Depositions in Disability Litigation

When considering a law firm to handle your private disability denial it is often difficult for a claimant to actually see how a lawyer performs in litigation or trial. In order to give potential clients confidence in our lawyers abilities we started publishing educational disability videos in 2010. We have produced over 400 disability insurance videos, but two of our favorite videos posted below are from video depositions we took of a claim manager at UNUM and a doctor that was hired by Metlife to support a claim denial.

  • Denial of Benefits With No Understanding of Occupation
  • Doctor Refuses to Admit Claimant Has a Disability

Our Clients

We are always asked about our experience in representing individuals in specific occupations. When it comes to private disability denial claims the majority of our clients have been doctors, lawyers, dentists, chiropractors, business owners, high level executives, financial advisors, accountants, consultants and professional athletes. You can get a good understanding of the clients we have helped by reviewing our hundreds of client reviews and resolved case summaries. We also have client references available upon your request. We want to earn a five star review from you in the near future.

Private Disability Claim Denial Options

When an individual buys a disability income policy from an insurance company, the individual and the insurance company enter into a signed contractual agreement. If an individual is disabled according to the terms of the disability income policy, the carrier must pay the claim. A long term disability insurance denial is a breach of contract.

Some disability benefit denials do not require the filing of a lawsuit against the insurance company. In many cases our law firm will open the lines of communication with the disability insurance company and have a disability claim denial re-evaluated. Additionally, we can submit a detailed demand letter / appeal in response to the disability denial letter, which addresses the medical and legal issues and strengths of your claim, thereby giving the insurance company a last chance to pay disability benefits prior to the filing of a lawsuit. A disability denial letter must clarify all of the reasons that an individual disability claim has been denied.

In some cases we are able to mediate and meet with the insurance company in order to reverse a disability claim denial without the need to file a lawsuit. If our investigation of a long term disability insurance denial reveals that the insurance company did not have a good faith basis for the LTD denial of our client’s claim, we will file a written complaint with the appropriate State Department of Insurance and Department of Finance. This action is required in most states in order to preserve a claim for bad-faith. Not every state allows a claim for bad-faith. Please watch our video below to learn about a bad faith claim for extra contractual benefits or click here for additional bad faith denial lawsuit information.

  • Bad Faith Disability Denials

The final disability denial option is to file a lawsuit against the disability insurance company for breach of contract in either state or federal court. Please review our information about Lawsuit Cause of Actions to learn about the legal remedies that can be pursued when suing a disability insurance company. We look forward to speaking with you about your disability.

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