• Sedgwick Disability Benefit Claims

Delta Air Lines Customer Service employee files lawsuit against Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc. for denial of disability benefits

An employee of Delta Air Lines and his disability attorney recently sued Sedgwick to recover disability benefits under the Delta Family-Care Disability and Survivorship Plan. The employee charged the insurer of illegally denying him his short term and long term disability benefits as provided for in his insurance plan and thus, neglecting to uphold its duties in approving his claim.

As a covered member of the Delta plan since January 1, 2008, Mr. A and his California disability lawyer assert that Sedgwick has an inherent conflict of interest in that the insurer is both the funder and the granter of claims per the Delta Air Line insurance plan.

Background of this Disability Lawsuit

A 48-year-old Customer Service employee at Delta Air Lines, Mr. A’s position is “classified under the Dictionary of Occupational titles as Heavy with an SVP of 2 and considered to be unskilled work.” As a result of “degenerative and traumatic injuries,” Mr. A ceased working on August 13, 2008. Mr. A suffers from major depression as a result of high blood pressure and sleep apnea. At the time of his work stoppage, Mr. A filed a claim with Sedgwick for short term disability, but was denied. Then, on April 1, 2009, he filed for long term disability benefits and was again denied. On appeal, Mr. A’s claim was again denied and Sedgwick reminded Mr. A that in order to qualify for disability benefits, he must be disabled from his “Own Occupation.”

On December 9, 2009, Mr. A pursued his administrative remedies, supplied additional information to Sedgwick that included medical records to demonstrate his totally disabled condition. Unfortunately, for Mr. A, Sedgwick again denied his claim for long term disability benefits. After continuing to file appeal after appeal, Mr. A exhausted his administrative remedies and engaged the services of a California disability lawyer to help file his lawsuit in the United States District Court of the Central District of California.

Mr. A’s Disability

Mr. A’s medical conditions include multiple exertional and nonexertional impairments. He suffers from “occulusive coronary heart disease, sleep apnea, insomnia, headaches, nervousness, high cholesterol, acid reflux disease, severe hypertension, poor concentration, major depression, anxiety and stress.” Mr. A’s treating physicians have documented his continued pain, polyneuropathy and depression. With his various conditions having severely limited Mr. A’s activities, Mr. A cannot “engage in any form of exertional activity.” Prescribed multiple medications that include narcotic pain relievers to address his multiple symptoms, Mr. A still suffers break through “pain discomfort, and limitations in functioning.”

Mr. A and His Disability Lawyer File the Subject Lawsuit against Sedgwick

According to the subject complaint, Mr. A and his California disability lawyer allege that Sedgwick wrongfully denied Mr. A his disability benefits in violation of ERISA because:

In the conclusion of their complaint against Sedgwick, Mr. A and his California disability attorney, ask the court for:

Comments (45)

  • Morgan,

    You were denied benefits or you were denied coverage?

    Stephen Jessup Nov 23, 2015  #45

  • I was denied short term disability because I’m asthmatic. Is that legal?

    Morgan Nov 22, 2015  #44

  • Judy,

    It is not uncommon for an employer to terminate employment after an employee has been on LTD for a period time and is no longer protected by FMLA or some other work contract.

    Stephen Jessup Nov 3, 2015  #43

  • I was diagnosed with cancer in 2011 and have had several surgeries and hard core Chemo for 1 1/2 years.

    I am on LTD now for 3 years and have been approved for LTD until the end of 2016.

    I recently received a letter from Delta and the underlying tone of the letter is termination.

    If I have been approved for LTD until the end of 2016 can They terminate my employment before then.

    I can’t seem to get a straight answer.

    Judy Nov 2, 2015  #42

  • My situation is almost Identical to MR. A’s in the story above, I’m currently gathering information from my doctors for my final appeal with Delta for long term disability. I was receiving short term benefits for a few months and am completely disabled and unable to go back to work. Did Mr. A in the story above win in their claim against delta?

    Amy Aug 26, 2015  #41

  • Joe,

    I suggest you contact a Workers’ Compensation attorney to discuss that portion of your claim – we can assist you in contacting one if needs be. We would need to see a copy of your disability policy and any correspondence from Sedgwick as to same to determine how we may be able to assist you as it relates to STD.

    Stephen Jessup May 16, 2015  #40

  • I injured myself at work, delta airlines, I filed and reported my injury to my boss, I went to see a orthopedic surgeon of my own. I got approved by workmans comp. and Sedgwick approved my short term disability. I had test done on my left knee, M.R.I. s and they found that I tore my mieniscus workmans comp ok’d it. My doctor set a date for surgery. My claims examiner explained that I had certified time from northwest airlines and what workmans comp. paying me 60% Sedgwick would pay the 1/3rd. I said to myself great everything is working out fine. Well 3 weeks go by and I get a check from o.j.I. but nothing from Sedgwick. So I called my claims examiner and he tells me there’s a block on my checks. I asked him who put the block on and why? He tells me a manager put the hold on. So I told him to find out who? Now a few days go by and my doctor and workmans comp. calls and tells me they want a second opinion. I’m very angry on the bullcrap, I need an opinion on whats going on?

    joe May 15, 2015  #39

  • Denise,

    Some disability policies are written that they will not provide coverage if the disability is due to a workplace injury. You will need to review your policy to see if such language is contained therein.

    Stephen Jessup Feb 18, 2015  #38

  • I was denied LTD because I get workmen’s comp. I thought the LTD could be used to augment my salary back to 100%. My workmen’s comp is based on two job salaries not one.

    Denise Feb 17, 2015  #37

  • iBookworm,

    Sedgwick is a third party administrator hired by Delta to review eligibility for benefits. Sedgwick is not the insurance company, so in the event of a denial of benefits and any subsequent litigation that may result- the party to be sued would be Delta (or the named Benefit plan itself). Delta relies on Sedgwick’s determination of benefits.

    Stephen Jessup Oct 19, 2014  #36

  • With regards to Denise’s question, and the response, above: Does that mean that Delta and Sedgwick are not one in the same when it comes to the denial of Long Term Disability benefits?

    Is it Sedgwick, as a separate entity that determines the denial, separate of Delta?

    If, in the case of the denial of Long Term Disabilty benefits, by Sedgwick standing alone in the decision of denial, then is it on Sedgwick rather than Delta if the decision was retracted?

    The reason I ask is because based upon such denial, a host of consequent life impacting decisions had been made erroneously due to the initial denial in the instance I am referring. I am seeking information to support the possibility of seeking recourse if is appropriate.

    Thank you.

    iBookworm Oct 18, 2014  #35

  • Willie,

    Thank you for sharing your story.

    Stephen Jessup Aug 30, 2014  #34

  • Denise,

    Sedgwick is not an insurance company, rather a third party administrator for the company providing the disability benefit. As such, they do not fund the policy or benefits, and as such do not operate under the inherent conflict of interest that courts examine during court proceedings.

    Stephen Jessup Aug 29, 2014  #33

  • CW,

    Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your current situation to determine how we may be able assist you in a potential claim for disability benefits through your Delta policy. If your problem is workplace harassment or an employment issue, you will need to consult with an attorney that specializes in that area of the law.

    Stephen Jessup Aug 29, 2014  #32

  • I am a pre-merger NWA employee and I went through all this and more; fortunately for me case resolved. I had the best support groups i.e. Doctors, therapists and of course Legal Reps. I just thought I let you all know I paid dues at least 20 years with IAM and all they can offer me is a bag of canned goods that I turned down… so insulting. Good Luck to all and have FAITH. Believe me, justice prevails.

    Willie F. Ticzon Aug 29, 2014  #31

  • Is the conflict of interest, Sedgwick being both the funder and the granter, legal? And, if not why, are they allowed to continue?

    Denise Aug 28, 2014  #30

  • I have a different situation. I am being bullied and harassed in my base. I have everything documented and there are at least four more. Although they have been “talked to” my husband he is ready to file suit because he sees what it is doing to me to try to go to work after 28 years. He is concerned for our family as well because when I am home my next trip has me so anxious I can barely function with the kids! His fears are the ability to function in a bullying and harassing environment. He believes I am close to a nervous breakdown and it hasn’t stopped with their being talked to! This has been going on sine June of 2012, any advice on pursuing this?

    Sad in the Skies

    CW Aug 28, 2014  #29

  • LaDona,

    If you have spent anytime reading the comments above you will see that what you are experiencing is not uncommon when dealing with Sedgwick on short term disability claims due to mental health conditions. Policies typically require that an insured be under the appropriate care of a physician in the area of medicine that appropriate for the disabling condition. In your case this would require treatment by a psychologist or psychiatrist.

    Stephen Jessup Aug 1, 2014  #28

  • I began with FMLA back in March 20214. I suffer with depression which has been diagnosed by my doctor as a life long condition. As well as anxiety and at times sleep deprivation. I’m on medication and it gets adjusted from time to time by my doctor to make sure I get total benefit. Still not felling well and now it’s June and taking more time off I got with my doctor and I asked her about taking short term disability. I spoke with Sedgwick and the state sent for my paperwork. That’s was a chore. Took a week and a half to get it filled it out took to doctor took her a week to get to it. Was unable to get an appointment with a shrink which is mandatory for disability. Sedgwick has been back and forth with me about my claim. Because I haven’t seen a shrink yet my case is still pending. Sedgwick called me yesterday 7/29/14 saying his supervisor has to approve or deny it because the shrink appointment. I was told because being out for two months and my stuff is in limbo as of 8/9/14 all my benefits will be cut off. My claims examiner has had an attitude with me ever since I questioned how their R N..registered nurse can over my medical doctor making a decision. I explained that I felt I had a right to know about their nurses credentials. My examiner again got an attitude became silent and I could her him typing away. At some point I kept saying hello he chose to not answer me so I hung up. What I know now is that major companies hire a corporation like Sedgwick because they are for the company not employees. I work for Delta Air Airlines in L.A..

    LaDona Jul 30, 2014  #27

  • Pam,

    Your question seems to be more geared towards work place accommodations as opposed to a disability insurance claim. You may need to consult with an attorney that specializes in ADA claims to better advise you of your workplace rights on account of your medical conditions.

    Stephen Jessup Jul 16, 2014  #26

  • I am a CSA (Ready Reserve) for Delta. I am 62 and have Arthritis in my hands and now in my feet. I can’t grasp anything with one hand and I can’t lift bags. For the past few years I have worked the Lobby which is better for me. Now after 7 years DL wants me to work gates, open aircraft doors and work in baggage drop and take bags average 50 to 70 lbs.

    Do I have any rights due to my disability? And yes, I can get certified by my MD.

    Working in the lobby or even in the baggage is better for me. I do not want to quit but Delta says there is no lite duty for me, I have to work in all areas.


    Pam Jul 15, 2014  #25

  • Sarah,

    First and foremost, congratulations. You will need to contact an employment attorney to determine what rights you may have in receiving workplace accommodations.

    Stephen Jessup May 23, 2014  #24

  • I am a Delta employee who just informed my work area (ramp agent) that I am pregnant. My doctor put me on minor work restrictions. I was sent home and told to contact Sedgwick; after contacting I was approved for maternity leave which resulted in 60 percent pay. Isn’t it Delta’s responsibility to find me a different work area with my restrictions instead of sending me home with 60 percent pay? I’m only 10 weeks pregnant and the doctor put me on 25 pound weight restrictions. Years ago Delta had a program to accommodate pregnant women now they just send you home. Is that not against the law?

    Sarah May 22, 2014  #23

  • Ash,

    First and foremost, I am sorry to hear of your sister’s condition. With respect to your fact pattern, it is somewhat confusing as there appears to be many moving parts relating to FMLA, short term disability, and unpaid leave of absence. Please feel free to contact our office if you would like to discuss your situation further.

    Stephen Jessup Apr 1, 2014  #22

  • I work for Delta and last year my sister had a medical problem! I explained to my supervisor that was very understand. I applied for FMLA & was denied through Sedgwicks Then my manager once again suggested I apply for long and short disability,but since it was my sister I was denied once again. My manager was really nice & allowed me 3 months of approved time off without pay, but all my benefits stayed the same. My parents helped me out those 3 month due to have the family all together for the worse to happen.

    When I returned to work I had a differant manager due to our shift bid. This manager has stressed me out and intimidates me completely. I hate talking to her and she make me so nervous and stresses me out with all the questions. Is always putting me on the spot and embarrassing me. I thought to myself I can take it for 3 month till my shift bid again and we usually get differant managers and differant departments. Well that came around and I did get a differant shift as well as a different department and every one else got a different manager,BUT me. I got stuck with the same manger that haunts me and harasses and stresses me ever time she can. I asked why and she said I just needed more supervision then the other. Which I didn’t understand why.

    Once again my little sister was fighting for her life with a brain tumor returned back to the hospital this year. I told her what was happening she was nice enough to understand and give me that time off the first couple of days and told me she would use my holidays which my first day off was Jan27-Feb 12. After 3 days I went in my doctors and she evaluated with sever depression & anxiety. Since my manager was trying to use my vaction & holiday I left it that way. Due to I needed that pay. When I did talk to her we started the claims with sedgwicks. I had been communication with her and she was aware of my sister and once again told me due to my sister I would not be approved for FMLA. I told her I was unable to return to work due to my circumstances. I told her she puts lots a stress on me and how I felt under lots of pressure with her. Well once again I was denied for FMLA. I applied for STD & Katherine the caseworker denied me due to she hadn’t received medical records. I called her till she did receive everything n she told me she would open the claim once again and for me not to appeal at the time. Till this day she has denied it again and she has not send me information on me being denied again. Between Katherine and my manager revoked my delta benefits and health benefits. I was seeing a therapist and I had to stop my treatment. I called Katherine and till this day she has not returned my call. I did speak to my supervisor and she’s the one that advices me that I was denied and it was due to the first two weeks of my absent which is from JAN. 27- FEB 12 that there were unexcused but they weren’t my she (my manager ) approved those days. And now she told me because I had no communication with her she couldn’t say she approved those days. This lady has asked me to resign my position and to come back later in time. I walk on eggshell and I’m very precautions with everything I do, because I know she’s only waiting for one faults move on my part to fire me. There would be no way I would still be employed with Delta if she didn’t approve or communicated with her at all. Now she wants me to ask my doctor for a note and have my doctor excuse me those days. Now I have a new case worker her name is Lisa. And now my supervisor will let me know if I could get approved from unpaid leave of absences. Everyone I’ve talked to at SEDGWICKS tells me I should be a active employee and I should have my benefits.

    Please, I’m 23 years old and don’t understand much of all this.


    Ash Mar 31, 2014  #21

  • M.B.,

    There are no additional rights under the policy for additional appeals based solely on or due to a diagnosis of a mental health condition.

    Stephen Jessup Mar 26, 2014  #20

  • I was denied my LTD. I appealed and was still denied. I was battling an OJI physical work related injury and PTSD, Depression and anxiety directly related to the injury and just could not handle an addition battle with Delta. Is there a clause in appealing when individuals are dealing with mental health challenges and are unable to take on an additional fight?

    M.B. Mar 25, 2014  #19

  • L. D.,

    If your claim is related to Worker’s Compensation, then you would need to consult with an attorney who specializes in same to see if you have any other options. If there is a claim for disability benefits under a long term disability policy, then please feel free to contact our office to determine how we may be able to assist you.

    Stephen Jessup Feb 15, 2014  #18

  • Worked for NWA 20 years. I am a 49 year old father of two. I was seriously injured just as the merger with Delta began. Nov 2008. I was denied WC at first, was told to use all my vacation and accrued time then I would go on an FMLA leave. While on the approved FMLA leave all benefits were cancelled but cancelled retroactively when management signed and backdated paperwork in July for April. All medical pre-approved and set to be paid by insurance was now mine to pay – 78k. The VP Rob Kight took me on a gruelling appeals process leading me to believe our benefits would be reinstated. And he took this right outside the statute of limitations so my hands were tied and I could do nothing about this. I am totally disabled and will never be able to go back to the job I did for over 20 years. My wife has been the one to battle with Delta over the mistakes made and by accident two weeks ago she was sent an email that was meant to go to HR of Delta. It clearly stated that we were taken outside the statute of limitations on purpose and with the hopes that we would just go away. Delta knew that so many mistakes were made with my leave yet they failed to make things right. I dont know if knowing the statute was run down intentionally if we could now fight this. We have drained our life savings to get the medical care I need and have been near homeless. They still have my status as unpaid medical leave approved. Nothing in Delta’s system is correct, not the dates of leave, nor the status of leave. They too never have never issued me a check on the Collective bargaining Agreement we had with NWA.

    L. D. Feb 14, 2014  #17

  • Has this lawsuit had a judgement handed down by the courts yet? What is the status or outcome of the lawsuit?

    Kathy Dec 13, 2013  #16

  • Thank you.

    Hugh Dec 13, 2013  #15

  • Hugh,

    I do not understand what you mean by “obtained legal support.” If you do have an attorney, I would refer you to him/her as to your questions. Furthermore, it would seem that an employment/labor attorney would be the proper attorney to answer your questions regarding anything having to do with your employment status with Delta.

    Stephen Jessup Dec 13, 2013  #14

  • I am a current Delta employee ground agent out on disability for an injury sustained in May 2008. Since I sustained my injuries I have had 2 surgeries and several treatments for pain. Because I obtained legal support (pending) they have pulled my employee benefits including my flight privileges. Is this lawful?

    Hugh Dec 12, 2013  #13

  • Maria,

    Usually you can apply through your HR department.

    Stephen Jessup Sep 24, 2013  #12

  • The battle of not having representation is waged daily! No union = no protection.

    Sally Sep 23, 2013  #11

  • Is there an address to report my STD denial to and also to report Sedgwick?

    Maria Kratz Sep 23, 2013  #10

  • Kat,

    FMLA is a separate legal process from disability benefits, even though they often occur at the same time. Any questions with respect to FMLA would be best answered by an attorney that specialises in employment matters outside of disability benefits.

    Stephen Jessup Jul 12, 2013  #9

  • Just a question about FMLA. Delta uses that when we are out on STD or OJI. They use it even if your are not out for the reason you were granted the FMLA. How can they do that?

    Kat Jul 11, 2013  #8

  • Barbara,

    Please be reminded that FMLA is not the same as short or long term disability, as such, if your condition is such that you intend to file for disability benefits that you begin that process as well.

    Stephen Jessup Jun 10, 2013  #7

  • I just filed for FMLA and am a Flight Attendant with Delta. Sedgwick immediately started calling me about information on FMLA paperwork. Of course I was on a trip and they left a message that indicates it will be a battle to get the FMLA. I have flown for 35 years and part of the time was when smoking was allowed on all flights. I have been diagnosed with asthma and whenever I get sick it manifests as a lung infection. Filing for FMLA is the last thing I want to do but feel need it to protect my work record/dependability. I have been studying and reading as much information as possible on FMLA as it relates to Flight Crews. Knowledge is power. I must say in all honesty Delta is not the same company that hired me in 1977. Once we were a family but that ended with 7.5 in the 1980’s.

    Barbara Orsolits Jun 9, 2013  #6

  • Whatever,

    If the union will help with these sort of claims then that can be a great resource. Unfortunately we have not seen the Union have much influence at all over Sedgwick or Delta.

    Gregory Dell May 30, 2013  #5

  • What? You guys need a union, if you had one you could call your union representative and they would take these issues on for you. If you are smart and elect the right union representatives they can work with a lawyer and resolve your issues FREE OF CHARGE. You guys are being taken advantage of because you have NO UNION! Paying union dues of maybe 40 dollars per month will get you a lawyer and a union representative that will take up your cause. You are helpless now fighting the fight against DELTA and SEDGWICK just a bunch of crooks.

    Whatever May 29, 2013  #4

  • Don’t let them get you depressed. I just got off the phone with my manager and she told me I have an unexcused absense from Oct. when my Doc. said that I had a 10 pound weight restriction and could not return until Dec. Sedgwick still decided not to approve the last 15 days of Oct. as I told the Doc. to release me on Nov. 1st. I am trying to return to work even know they have changed shoe guidelines and I can’t really wear those type of shoes because of my foot from the accident. I am not sure what I am too do. I also am on SSDI.

    Kristin Jan 20, 2013  #3

  • I’m a pre-merger NWA employee that was denied transitioning to delta airlines because of a accident in aug 2011 on the job. I’ve put up this far with Delta and Sedgwick that I will be calling a lawyer tomorrow to have them step in and deal with all this. I been off work from Aug 7th 2011 and returned back to work with restrictions and on Light duty as of May 26th 2012 then towards the 90 day mark I was notified that we went from 128 light duty days to deltas 90 day policy. Aug23rd 2012 I was put back off work and told to submit claim to Sedgwick… I was then put on hold for a entire month and then notified after begin told claim was accepted I was then told that claim was denied. I struggled for 2 weeks after trying to find out and they told me that because I didn’t work a full 8hr day upon returning to work and that I didn’t transition over that claim would be denied. My work. comp. finally got a perm restrict from my rehab doc and I went thru the accommodation process to be only put on hold for another month and then told I can not be accommodated back into my dept. and that I have to now do job search thru eBid and now that too I’m not guaranteed a job. I’m depressed, stressed out so much that I’m at the end of my rope now. Crossing fingers I can keep my composure together tomorrow when I call a lawyer.

    Kris Oct 22, 2012  #2

  • I work for Delta Airlines and have Sedgwick issues.

    I have had 6 surgeries on my leg that I broke 3 years ago that involved a bone infection from contaminated hardware that was surgically place to hold my bones together. I had carpal tunnel before all this happened and using the crutches for 2 years ruined my hands so I had carpal tunnel release to fix that while I was waiting to have the last surgery on my leg.

    I have been approved for SSDI so I wasn’t trying to apply for STD from Delta. I had to take a medical leave because in the summer they don’t offer Personal Leaves so I have to have surgery to remove the hardware in June, I get C. Diff for the 3rd time while in the hospital because I was on antibiotics for 3 years to protect me from a reoccurring bone infection that would cost me my leg if that were to occur again. I was so sick from C. Diff that recovering was even more difficult. I still have stomach issues and my leg is not doing that great. The Sedgwick folks called me yesterday and said that despite the fact the paperwork from the Doctor states I have restrictions and limitations that they are not approving anymore disability.

    Today Sedgwick called again and it was the same claims examiner that called me on a Sunday at 8:30 am and was carrying on about getting more paperwork. I told her that the Doctor had requested that I come in on the 6 month post op. and that I am on restrictions until Dec.. The rep. says why are you having trouble concentrating to what I am say, I told her I have ADHD, my kids just walked in from school and I was paying bills online when she called. I started crying on the phone and told her my Doctor’s PA was yelling at me 3 weeks ago and told me back to work with no restrictions so I don’t know what is going on with anyone.

    I don’t care about the money they pay me for being harassed like this. I have SSDI and I didn’t apply for this STD from Delta, they do it automatically. This woman from Sedgwick harasses me at least once a month and has me crying for hours. I am devastated that I have this injury and want nothing more than to have my life back but the abuse from Sedgwick and the Doctors PA is making me so unhappy, I already am depressed about all of this plus I have a 14 year old with autism and a daughter with no help from anyone. I am a single parent trying to keep it together to be strong for my kids but she calls on Sunday and when they are getting home from school so I fall apart.

    Kristin Oct 11, 2012  #1

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