Dearborn National/Dearborn Group is watching Disability Insurance Attorneys Dell & Schaefer

Dearborn National/Dearborn Group, a multi-billion dollar insurance company that sells long term disability insurance products, recently hired a law firm to prohibit Disability Insurance Attorneys Dell & Schaefer from displaying the Dearborn National/Dearborn Group on a webpage that discusses the company. Dearborn National/Dearborn Group was concerned that consumers may believe “that there is a connection, affiliation, endorsement or relationship between Dearborn National/Dearborn Group and Attorneys Dell & Schaefer.” Obviously no one that visits is confused as every page of the website says “representing Disability Insurance Claimants.” Disability Attorneys Dell & Schaefer never represent disability insurance companies.

Dearborn National/Dearborn Group is obviously aware that more and more disability claimants around the country are learning about the legal services offered by Disability Attorneys Dell & Schaefer. It is our opinion that Dearborn National/Dearborn Group is concerned that some of their potential customers may actually locate our firm’s website and learn the importance of having a disability lawyer for any disability insurance claim. The logo of Dearborn National/Dearborn Group appeared on the Attorneys Dell & Schaefer website so that consumers could have further confirmation of the company that was being discussed with the associated text.

Dearborn National/Dearborn Group also indicated in their letter that they did not want any text that appeared on their website describing their company to appear at It seems strange to our law firm that Dearborn National/Dearborn Group would not want us to describe their company in the same manner as they have chosen. Disability attorneys Dell & Schaefer do not have the time to dispute Dearborn National/Dearborn Group’s request to remove their logo from the website, therefore we have agreed to remove the logo and modify the text describing Dearborn National/Dearborn Group.

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