Aetna Disability Denial of Marriott Employee Upheld by Louisiana Federal Judge

A former Marriott Employee was unsuccessful in his lawsuit seeking a reversal of Aetna Life Insurance Company’s disability insurance denial. As a former director of engineering, earning more than $200,000 a year, this former Marriott employee stopped working due to disabling lumbar herniations and back pain. After being denied and then approved for short term disability benefits during a five month period this claimant was eventually denied his claim for short-term and long term disability benefits. A Louisiana disability attorney handled this claimant’s ERISA appeal and subsequent lawsuit.

We have attached for your review a 34 page court opinion that was drafted by the Federal Judge deciding this Aetna disability claim denial. We think it is helpful for a disability claimant to review the facts of this claim and the analysis that the court conducted in order to affirm Aetna’s disability denial. Every disability insurance case is fact specific and this case is no different. Our firm did not handle this case, but in our continued effort to track cases nationwide, we thought that anyone with an Aetna disability policy could learn about the challenges they could face. We think this case is an example of a case in which the claimant did not win to a lack of proper medical documentation from his treating physician.

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