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Aetna Disability Benefit Denial for Former Boeing Employee is Upheld by Appeal Court

In this video, Attorneys Gregory Dell and Alex Palamara discuss a recent 10th circuit court of appeals case in which the court upheld the denial of disability benefits by Aetna for a Boeing Employee. Attorney Palamara discussess the multiple appeals and long litigation battle this claimant has undergone.

This case involved a former Boeing employee that was denied long term disability insurance benefits after the definition of disability benefits changed from own occupation to any occupation. We have represented numerous Boeing employees and hundreds of claimants with Aetna disability insurance claims. This particular claim was not handled by our law firm, but it is an example of how unfair the ERISA laws can be for disability claimants.

This claimant was denied benefits even though he was approved for Social Security Disability Benefits. Aetna sought an overpayment for the SSDI, but they did not want to pay any future benefits to the claimant. This claimant filed bankruptcy after his disability claim was denied.

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