MetLife approves long term disability benefits for senior sales manager in the medical supply industry

Our client, a Senior Sales Manager for a large medical supply company, was suffering from severe spinal stenosis and an injury to her ulnar nerve following an epidural steroid injection. As a result of these disabling conditions, our client suffered from a multitude of physical problems, which included: loss of range of motion in the neck and shoulders; loss of grip strength of the left hand; numbness, tingling, and burning of the left forearm, extreme sensitivity to cold temperatures or light touch, and constant pain. The only way to provide some relief to the constant pain was through prescription pain killers, which left our client groggy and unable to focus or concentrate fully.

As a Senior Sales Manager, our client’s occupation required meticulous attention to detail, the analysis of complex data and the ability to effectively present informational findings in order to increase revenue for the company. Our client was responsible for directing the development of the business and marketing strategies for a division of her company that was worth in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

While on short term disability, our client contacted our office as a result of the nonstop barrage of information requests and deadlines from MetLife regarding long term disability benefits. Forms sent from MetLife appeared at first glance to be redundant, but just different enough to cause our client concern that MetLife’s intention may be finding a way to deny long term disability benefits. The same day Attorneys Dell & Schaefer was retained to represent our client in her application for long term disability income benefits, we contacted MetLife to notify them of our representation, and to request that all written and oral communications are handled exclusively through our office.

We immediately obtained all of the application materials, and began to collect and request all the information pertinent to ensuring our client’s claim would be approved the first time. Working closely with our client, Attorneys Dell and Schaefer, submitted a thorough, twenty-six page application packet to MetLife that was in far greater detail and depth than the initial 6 page application MetLife sent. By gaining a detailed knowledge of our client’s occupational duties, day to day schedule, and a thorough understanding of our client’s medical condition, combined with our knowledge and experience in dealing with disability insurance companies, Dell and Schaefer was in a much better position to preempt any arguments or additional requests for information MetLife might make under the terms and conditions of the policy.

MetLife approved our client’s claim for long term disability income and Dell & Schaefer will continue to handle all issues of her disability claim on monthly basis.

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