MetLife approves disability insurance benefits for OB/GYN suffering from multiple orthopedic conditions

Our client was an OB/GYN with 18 years of experience who was suffering from Sensory motor and Peripheral Neuropathy; disc degeneration and herniations of the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine, with associated radiculopathy; osteoarthritis / degenerative joint disease; and the loss of vision in his left eye. He attempted to continue to work through the constant pain he was experiencing, but was eventually forced to cease working and file for disability insurance benefits under his privately disability policy with MetLife.

He contacted Attorneys Dell and Schaefer to assist in the filing of his application for long-term disability benefits. Attorneys Gregory Dell and Stephen Jessup gathered medical records and other pertinent information regarding his procedure production and occupational duties. Upon analysis of all his records and consultation with his treating physicians, Attorneys Dell and Jessup submitted his application for benefits to MetLife. Based upon the presentation of his claim, and all the information provided to MetLife, his claim was approved and benefits were issued at the end of the elimination period. Attorneys Dell and Jessup continue to provide information to MetLife and advocate for our client as to additional residual benefits he might be entitled to prior to the date he ceased working. In addition, our law firm continues to maintain all aspects of the claim on a monthly basis with MetLife.

Disability Attorneys Dell & Schaefer have represented numerous OB/GYNs and we are very familiar with the daily job requirements and procedures performed. In addition we have handled long-term disability claims againstĀ every major long term disability insurance company.