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Jefferson Pilot

Mergers and acquisitions of insurance companies is a fairly common practice. In 2006 Jefferson-Pilot Corporation was purchased by the Lincoln Financial Group. For detailed information about the handling of Jefferson Pilot disability claims we suggest you visit our page discussing Lincoln Financial Group. All Jefferson Pilot policies are now administered and disability benefits are paid by Lincoln.

Throughout the years our law firm has represented numerous doctors, dentists, financial professionals and other business owners that had purchased Jefferson Pilot disability policies.

Despite the merger between Jefferson and Lincoln, the policies remain valid and in-force as long as premiums continue to be paid.

Compared to most of the other disability insurance companies Jefferson Pilot has been reasonable in their evaluation of disability claims. The majority of appeals we have filed on behalf of our clients have resulted in the reinstatement of benefits without the need to file a lawsuit.

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  • I disagree whole-heartedly. I worked for Freeman Hospital from 1994-2002 or 2003. I had Jefferson Pilot long term disability insurance. I was working in urgent care and emergency room as my fibromyalgia was becoming progressively worse. I was also having recurring bouts of tonsillitis which eventually led to need for surgery. I had hoped that it was feeding the fibromyalgia and that getting the “infection” out of my body would help my cognitive dysfunction. Unfortunately, I eventually ended up having to take prescription pain meds regularly for a couple of years to get my pain under control and get the fibromyalgia to a point I could return to less stressful work. I was unable to improve during my short-term sick leave and finally had to resign my job and apply for disability. I had to get a lawyer to get my social security benefits but was repeatedly denied by Jefferson Pilot.

    I had offered to return to work for Freeman if they would okay me working while on prescription pain meds. I knew I should not be working in such a state and they denied that, but at the time I really was not in a place I should have been working. I finally got well enough on disability and did the back to work program to return to work as a teacher at the community college level. I was told I should not have been denied by Jefferson Pilot, but no lawyer was willing to move forward in the area I live. So basically, I was robbed.

    I consider private disability insurance a waste of money. I think Jefferson Pilot Disability should never have been allowed to practice. Because I was denied what I was promised, I did have to eventually declare bankruptcy. The only positive is teaching allows me to use my clinical experience.

    Mary G.Aug 26, 2018  #3

  • James,

    You will need to contact Jefferson Pilot to inquire about the status of any life insurance policy you might have.

    Stephen JessupApr 6, 2014  #2

  • In 2005-2006 I started receiving disability insurance through a claim with Jefferson-Pilot. The disability claim was settled, but from what I understand I still had a life insurance policy that is part of the claim benefit. Please send me any information you have. Up until two years ago I was receiving a form to be completed by my doctor (which I have no problem doing) but I have not received any correspondence.

    James WebbApr 5, 2014  #1

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