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A Claimants View of a Standard Insurance Company Disability Benefit Claim

We always welcome people reading our website to share their experiences regarding the handling of their disability insurance claim.

A reader recently posted her thoughts about the Standard Insurance Company application process for disability benefits.

I’m glad I stumbled on this website. I too have been struggling with The Standard Insurance Co. I have been diagnosed with Panic Disorder w/agoraphobia and also PTSD, and I believe major depressive disorder. I won’t go into the reasons in this forum because it is long, lengthy and painful. The diagnosis seems to be ongoing. The Standard has given me nothing but problems since I went on STD, to try to get treatment. I went on STD in 5/12, an tried to return to work after 3 months of treatment, but after trying to return to work at the job I had for the last 5 years I was unsuccessful, my condition only seemed to get worse. I lasted 2 months inconsistently.

I read something in a lot of previous guests on this website, regarding The Standard Insurance Co., something about a 2 year mark that seems to be consistent. My former employer, that I have this insurance through, insured me numerous times, that no, if a doctor states you cannot work, it’s until age 66. I don’t believe this at all with the problems that I have been having. I am applying for SSDI currently.

I started having severe panic attacks about 4 years ago, basically, I didn’t know what was happening to me and thought I was going to die, numerous times. I have always been a strong person, ran my own business and was always employed otherwise. After saying to myself “this will go away”, “I will get better”, it didn’t, I decided to finally go to a Mental Health Provider, referred by Kaiser. This has been a difficult process all in it’s self. I have always had a steady income all my life, and what I have to deal with as far as The Standard Insurance Co. has just made my condition worsen, when I’m just trying to get better.

I am hanging by their shoe strings now, as always, as they say my medical documentation it out for review. My Doctor has made it as clear as possible that I unable to work in the present and at least 6 months in the future (she also knows I’m applying for SSDI). Believe me, I have always been a hard worker, an outgoing person, and no work isn’t always fun, but I would give anything to feel better and be the person that I have been in the past and return to work.

People need to stand up against these crooks (The Standard Insurance Co.)… yes, I believe there are some people that try to cheat the system… and it only makes it more difficult for people that really need help.


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