A Claimants View of a Standard Insurance Company Disability Benefit Claim

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A reader recently posted her thoughts about the Standard Insurance Company application process for disability benefits.

I’m glad I stumbled on this website. I too have been struggling with The Standard Insurance Co. I have been diagnosed with Panic Disorder w/agoraphobia and also PTSD, and I believe major depressive disorder. I won’t go into the reasons in this forum because it is long, lengthy and painful. The diagnosis seems to be ongoing. The Standard has given me nothing but problems since I went on STD, to try to get treatment. I went on STD in 5/12, an tried to return to work after 3 months of treatment, but after trying to return to work at the job I had for the last 5 years I was unsuccessful, my condition only seemed to get worse. I lasted 2 months inconsistently.

I read something in a lot of previous guests on this website, regarding The Standard Insurance Co., something about a 2 year mark that seems to be consistent. My former employer, that I have this insurance through, insured me numerous times, that no, if a doctor states you cannot work, it’s until age 66. I don’t believe this at all with the problems that I have been having. I am applying for SSDI currently.

I started having severe panic attacks about 4 years ago, basically, I didn’t know what was happening to me and thought I was going to die, numerous times. I have always been a strong person, ran my own business and was always employed otherwise. After saying to myself “this will go away”, “I will get better”, it didn’t, I decided to finally go to a Mental Health Provider, referred by Kaiser. This has been a difficult process all in it’s self. I have always had a steady income all my life, and what I have to deal with as far as The Standard Insurance Co. has just made my condition worsen, when I’m just trying to get better.

I am hanging by their shoe strings now, as always, as they say my medical documentation it out for review. My Doctor has made it as clear as possible that I unable to work in the present and at least 6 months in the future (she also knows I’m applying for SSDI). Believe me, I have always been a hard worker, an outgoing person, and no work isn’t always fun, but I would give anything to feel better and be the person that I have been in the past and return to work.

People need to stand up against these crooks (The Standard Insurance Co.)… yes, I believe there are some people that try to cheat the system… and it only makes it more difficult for people that really need help.


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  • Rolando,

    I would strongly advise you contact Standard to get a detailed explanation as to the above.

    Stephen JessupDec 4, 2015  #4

  • I currently returned to work after 5 weeks on disability.. apparently, Standard Insurance CO. were the ones handling my disability/absence from work after I became incapable of working due to an illness. They gave me three payments of a certain amount then, the fourth one was $50.0 short of the other payments.. if, that was surprise enough – the bank then reversed the payment and said the check was not approved. This Insurance Company never sent me a notice or called to inform me of why this happened and when I tried calling no one answered the phone. Also, I was out for 5 weeks and never got a fifth check which, I was counting on.. we pay into these benefits all our lives and this is what happens when it’s time for those to do the right thing.

    Rolando N.Dec 3, 2015  #3

  • Ramon,

    Standard is applying what is known as the National Economy standard to your occupation. It is a very common tactic employed by insurance companies. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss how we may be able to assist you in securing the benefit you’re entitled to.

    Stephen JessupDec 5, 2014  #2

  • I am currently off work with a severe shoulder issue. I filed a claim with The Standard for short term disability. They initially paid my benefit, however after about 4 weeks they began to try to find things to not continue the benefit. I am a Police Chief with a small agency (5 full time officers). My Dr. has said that I could not work without major restrictions, basically all desk duty. In a small agency the chief is also one of the officers for daily patrol functions as well, which would include interaction with the public and making arrests etc.

    With my last request for continuation I was denied, saying that my “JOB TITLE” is that of an office position. I have explained it to them as well as the City Manager explaining it to them, that my position requires that I interact with the public and criminal element on a daily basis. They said that their “vocational specialist” has told them that my position would compare with the same title of a major police agency LAPD, etc. I have never had to make a claim with them until now and am finding that they try to find ANY small reason to deny your claim. It is very sad for an honest hard working person to have to go with no income because they do not want to pay as they should. I would caution any potential employer to use The Standard Insurance company for their employees.

    Ramon BeltranDec 4, 2014  #1