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Standard Insurance Company Disability Claims Can Be Won

The disability insurance division of the Standard Insurance Company is run under a very tight leash with strict guidelines.

Our disability lawyers have handled numerous disability appeals and lawsuits against The Standard on behalf of doctors, dentist, and corporate employees. We are familiar with all of their tactics.

The Standard Insurance Company Can Be Tough

There have been hundreds of lawsuits filed against Standard due to their failure to pay disability benefits.

From our experience, we know that the Standard scrutinizes and reviews all of their disability claims very closely prior to making a claim decision. They have some of the most qualified disability claims examiners in the entire disability industry. Some of their disability examiners are attorneys.

The Standard has a network of doctors that they routinely work with in order to evaluate claims. The Standard uses their own in-house vocational rehabilitation consultants to determine alternative occupations during the “any occupation stage” of a claim.

When submitting an Appeal of Standard denial it is important to take a methodical well strategized approach in order to improve your chances of winning. We welcome you to watch our video containing depositions of some Standard employees. You should not think that they deny every claim as the majority of our client’s disability claims with The Standard have been paid.

The Standard lost a key battle with Montana’s former insurance commissioner with regard to the abolishment of discretionary clauses in disability policies. Disability claimants can get a fair day in court without discretionary clauses in ERISA policies.

Please watch our video about the challenges of ERISA and discretionary clauses from a United State Senator’s view.

Did You Purchase An Individual Or ERISA Governed Policy From The Standard?

With more than 7.5 million customers, The Standard sells both individual and group long-term disability insurance policies. In New York they sell disability policies through the Standard Life Insurance Company of New York.

Some of the Standard group disability policies are not governed by ERISA if they are sold to an organization such as a medical society. A disability policy offered through a group in which the policyholder is not an employee of the group, would be ERISA exempt. A disability claimant is entitled to full discovery and a jury trial if their policy is exempt from ERISA.

Our lawyers have handled both ERISA and non-ERISA governed disability claims against The Standard. Contact us at any stage of your disability claim for a free phone consultation to discuss your claim.

Free Resources And Information About The Standard Insurance Company

One of the best ways to learn about the Standard Insurance Company and their actions is to read the comments posted on our site. We welcome you to post either your comment or complaints about The Standard and we will respond accordingly.

You can also read some of our firm’s resolved cases, summaries of lawsuits and court decisions on Standard Insurance disability claims throughout the USA.

Please contact us privately if you have a specific question about your disability claim.

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  • The Standard insurance company held my short term disability benefits for over 15 weeks before paying me, due to me informing them that their actions was making me feel very depressed and suicidal, due to me depending on them when I’m out from work due to sickness.

    Clenzell P. Apr 18, 2022  #154

  • Matthew, we are sorry to hear that you are having difficulty with your claim. While the insurance company does have some time under the governing laws to review and assess your claim and the accompanying documentation, to ensure that a timely decision is made, please make sure to provide the insurance company with all the proof (medical documentation) of your claim ASAP. The quicker you supply all the necessary forms and medical proof, the quicker your claim should be approved. For a free consultation, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

    Alex Palamara Dec 8, 2020  #153

  • I would like to check on the status of my claim. I have been out of work for 3 weeks now. I have done everything asked of me in a timely fashion. This is a very tough time of year to go without being paid on top of bills and a mortgage. Thanks.

    Matthew C. Dec 8, 2020  #152

  • Lucas, it sounds like your claim for STD benefits is under a policy that is self-funded by your employer. Thus, it sounds like your employer is actually paying the benefits. However, I will have to review the policy/plan documents to figure out why the money is being paid to your through your employer and not directly to you from the Standard. Regarding your claim and their treatment of you, unfortunately it sounds par for the course with some claims handlers at these insurance companies. Please contact us so that we can discuss your claim and formulate a plan to get your paid ASAP.

    Alex Palamara Sep 11, 2020  #151

  • I am wondering why the standard can send my disability check to my employer, and they then can hold on to it and not pay me for 2 weeks when they do pay roll? I feel it’s not their money to even handle it is my money from a seperate company other than my employer?

    I had my STD claim approved up to a date, and I tried to return to work and I worked 2 days and I couldn’t do it so I have been out for weeks now cuz of back issues and herniated disc from a fall. I am being ignored about my claim being extended after it already was approved for the same issue but they will not respond to me, or at least the woman handling my claim won’t, I have been trying to make sure they had everything from me and my doctor to process my claim but I have going back n forth with them flsince August 12, 2020 and the person handling my claim will not get back to me and I was told that the nobody else can see my entire claim because they are not handling it. I have left the woman handling my claim 5 voicemails and I have sent 10 emails to customer service which they forward to her and they CC me in the email as well but absolutely no response until yesterday when they told me that they have nothing from my doctor which I know is t true cuz my doctor office has receipt of the fax to them and I have not been getting paid so I am very behind in my bills and it’s been now reported to my credit which ruined it now.

    How do I go about filing a grievance with them? Or so I file it with the insurance commissioner? Or what do I do? Cuz now even if it is approved today, by the time they send a check to my employer instead of me, my employer won’t pay it out until regular pay day. Which I don’t see how that’s right by any means? I feel I am already working with less income and now waiting a month to get a check is ridiculous when I could of had everything they needed to approve the claim if they hadn’t been avoiding me and just said something bright away.

    Lucas Sep 11, 2020  #150

  • The Standard changed after the company was acquired by Japanese based Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company in 2016 and subsequently being delisted from the US stock exchange. What may have at one time been a well run company that gave disabled people a possibility of fair treatment is no longer the case. Erisa cases can and will be earmarked for denial based on cost and their salaried doctors can and will lie and disregard medical documentation and they can and will routinely issue bad faith denials with zero chance of overturn on appeal. They are one of, if not the worst, in the industry now.

    Anonymous Erisa Victim Dec 6, 2019  #149

  • S.B., this sounds extremely unusual and unreasonable, I suggest you contact our office and speak with one of the attorneys to address the specific questions you have regarding your husband’s situation.

    Jay Symonds Aug 23, 2019  #148

  • My husband is covered by a Standard STD/LTD non-ERISA plan. He has a very rare neuromuscular disorder and was hospitalized in intensive care, was off work for 6 weeks (waiting period) then allowed to return to work 25 hours per week, met the definition of ‘disabled own occupation’ under the plan certificate and qualified for the ‘return to work incentive’. Standard acknowledged receipt of the initial application July 31, 2018; left a message on the answering machine September 20, 2018 that the claim was approved and they were finalizing the paperwork. Now it is August 2019, over a year after the initial application the claim is neither approved, nor denied, and I have no legal recourse. But they keep promising to look at it ‘next week’.

    S. B. Aug 23, 2019  #147

  • Marissa, I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis and the troubles Standard is giving you. Please contact our office at once for a free consultation. We would love to speak with you and review the letters Standard has sent.

    Alex Palamara Jun 12, 2019  #146

  • After working overtime and stressing behind my job for the past 5 years, it resulted in me being diagnosed with retinopathy hypertension, at the age of 29, on 12/10/2018. That was my last day of work. I have permanently went blind in my left eye and partially in my right. I can barely see, cannot drive and cannot stare at a phone or computer for long periods of time, because they strains my eyes causing me to have headaches. I was told I’d get short term disability til June 14th, then it’ll roll over to long term disability. After a little over 3 months (March 23, 2019) my job advised my FMLA had exhausted and they requested papers from my eye doctor as well as my primary care doctor. No one has released me to go to work.

    My eye doctor stayed it may be accommodated if I had a larger screen, bolder text, and a brighter screen. My job advised they were unable to accommodate my condition and they fired me. Every since then short term disability has not paid me because they feel I should be able to work considering it MAY be able to be accommodating just not by my job. I’m still permanently blind in my left eye, still partially blind in my right. Unable to get prescribed glasses because the doctors say I may change prescriptions every week depending on if the swelling increases or decreases. So now I’m stuck looking crazy and can’t do anything without assistance. My mom assist me with everything including this. I’ve filed an appeal after waiting 5 weeks just to be told I can no longer receive benefits. Sounds like a set up considering everything was smoother while I was employed. and I’m waiting patiently even tho I’ve lost everything at this point. Idk what else to do.

    Marissa Jun 12, 2019  #145

  • Randy, the policy governing your claim will be controlling. We need to review the policy to see what other income they can “offset” from your LTD benefit and if what they are stating is correct. Also, are you forced to take the pension from your employer at this time? Please call me so that we can discuss any potential “circumventions.”

    Alex Palamara Feb 24, 2019  #144

  • I am currently on STD through Sedgwick due to a serious back injury which prevents me from performing my occupational duties. I have been approved for LTD with Standard and will transition on March 21st. They pay 65% of my current wage. I have been informed that because I have a small pension through my employer of over 42 years, the amount of my disability check will be offset by the amount of the annuity, even though I will be taking the lump sum or rolling it into an IRA or similar plan. They told me, as well, that they would offset my check by the amount of my SSDI benefits should I be approved. The list of deductible income may also include private pensions such as 401K and any work earnings.

    By the time they make these deductions they will only be responsible for approximately $450 per month, which is about 8% of my income. After 40 plus years of loyal employment and my portion of premiums paid over those years, this hardly seems fair! Is there any way I can circumvent these deductions and keep some of my hard earned money? Thank you.

    Randy G. Feb 24, 2019  #143

  • Steve, if an appeal was submitted to Standard and also denied please contact one of our attorneys to discuss your options.

    Victor Pena Jan 2, 2019  #142

  • Daughter died 2 days after Standard denied benefits even though primary docs said she was disabled 2 years ago. Trying to get back pay now but need some legal help.

    Steve Hurt Jan 1, 2019  #141

  • G. Hetch, over the years we have communicated with the Department of Labor and numerous elected officials at the state and federal level. The key to leveling the playing field for claimants is to have more states pass law to abolish discretionary clauses. Hopefully more states will do so and eventually there will be a federal law to abolish the discretionary language.

    Gregory Dell Aug 2, 2018  #140

  • For at least 28 years I was tortured by this company. Since you are only focusing on active LTD claims, I have to do all the work myself. What confuses me about a firm like yours, that does the public a great service by letting victims vent. So, why have you or have you not reported the horrible tactics to the government so no more victims will suffer. Standard LTD is very popular with companies especially any teaching ones, especially universities, mind you this company based in Oregon, is being sued all the time, I myself was followed, it must have been boring like watching paint dry, so I was able to obtain my very old file, and read that report it was made up and fake.

    The report described my neighbor next to me. Since the described her how I looked and her activity. A made up report. I was sent to a Standard doctor the first one had an office in not too good of a neiborhood above a deli, and a doctor with an accent I had no idea when making an appointment what he said, I requested another, I was in the medical field and so when I saw this doctor he was the oldest doctor with certificates I didn’t recognize he didn’t perform surgery anymore just worked for TIAA who sold LTD cases to Standard, this doctor was so old he forgot my answers to his question, bring a witness with you I did. He called me at home to ask them again. I thought what kind of company does so many alarming terrible tactics. I can go on and on, so this company is horrible I didn’t even think some of them were illegal. It is time for attorneys who take Standards cases and demand reform of the LTD companies who victimize the totally disabled. It’s not OK to make money from these cases, and not do something anything to protect predictors from committing what appears to be fraud. ERISA, does nothing to protect them from those who call them benefits. Thank you, I hope to do what I can to reform a terrible industry rip off big time. I hope this firm does what it can as well.

    G. Hetch Aug 1, 2018  #139

  • Marie, thank you for your compliments on our website. We strive very hard to get as much information out there as possible.

    With regards to your initial questions, I know of no case law that has compelled a state government employee LTD plan to drop the MH limiting language. Also, I know of no success using the ADA Title 1 and 3 to change the policies.

    Regarding your specific claim, often times MH limiting language can have exceptions for MH claims resulting from an organic cause. We will need to review your actual policy to see if there is a possible exception for your claim. Please feel free to contact us so that we can review your policy for you.

    Alex Palamara May 10, 2018  #138

  • Your website is very helpful in providing information about litigation re: long term disability insurance. Two questions and then my specific situation.

    1). Is there any case law in which a state government employee LTD plan was compelled (or decided to) drop the 24 month mental health limitation because of it’s implementation of the mental health act?
    2). Has there been any success against a state government and Standard using ADA Title I (employee) and 3 (insurance company) from a discrimination basis.

    I retired from state government on a service disability a year ago and am receiving LTD benefits from Standard for mental disability. At the time I retired, I was advised that my mental conditions (resulting primarily from workplace issues but also organic causes) were deemed severe enough for the State Retirement Board for a finding of total disability and Standard was helpful in accepting and utilizing this finding in approving my claim. I was told that I needn’t include documentation of my physical conditions.

    I was notified a month ago that my disability benefits will cease at the 24 month mark due to a limitation for mental conditions in my group policy. Standard has said that if I can go back and document all of my physical conditions they will look at a reclassification. I find that approach really difficult because there is no way to eliminate the mental and come up with a purely physical dx.

    I know that the 24 month limitation for mental health is common but are we at some kind of a tipping point in litigation where at least state governments, who cannot legally discriminate against the public for mental health conditions, can be made to stop discrimination against their own employees? Specifically, has Standard ever lost a case involving a state long term disability plan?

    Marie K. May 9, 2018  #137

  • Debbie, unfortunately this situation occurs often as there are two different departments reviewing your claim with two different definitions of disability. Did you file an appeal after the LTD denial? I would be happy to go over this with you in detail if you like. If so please contact my office and ask for Claudia, she will set up a time for us to talk. 888 729 3355

    Rachel Alters Mar 30, 2018  #136

  • I am 61 and disabled with back, knee, kidney disease Stage 3, hypothyroidism, neuropathy, migraines, IBS, sleep apnea, insomnia, GERD, minimal concentration and focus, depression and PTSD. I have LTD through my employer which I am no longer working and life insurance through them which my employer continues to pay because I am disabled. I received LTD for the 2 years and applied for LTD for medical. They denied me. The life insurance says that I am totally disabled which is why my employer will continue to pay my premiums. If that is the case then how can LTD deny me stating I am not disabled? With all my health problems and medications how can they say I am not disabled? I have worked full time for 41 years so it’s not like I have been a dead beat. At my age all these problems I have makes it hard for me to do anything. How do they expect you to work and think an employer will not fire you when you can’t sleep, you have to run to the restroom all the time, your neuropathy gets worse sitting for long periods of time, standing and walking is impossible other than for short periods of time, your concentration only lasts for about 45 minutes, you fall asleep at work, and you miss so much work because you can’t sleep?

    Debbie Mar 29, 2018  #135

  • I am a Federal Employee with DHS and was given a list of Short-Term Disability Insurance companies to contract with. One was the FedAdvantage. It was listed as the cheapest per payroll deduction. I contracted with them 09/17 and had money deducted in the amount of $24.00 per pay period for short-term disability. I received a notice I was being covered under MetLife Short Term Disability. One month into coverage, I received a letter from FedAdvantage saying I was going to be covered under the Standard Insurance. The contract had been sold to Standard and that I had to refile all my claim paperwork through them. Unfortunately, they continued to send me letters claiming I had not filed all the required documents necessary to my claim. I know this was not the case at all. Each respondent in the claim process, from employer to medical practitioner, to me the claimant, filed the appropriate documents each time. I had to call them after each submission of document to insure they received them via fax, and each time they said they did. Afterwards, I would receive a letter claiming my file was still incomplete.

    I called each time and they said a form was still missing. It went on like that for a month and involved no more than 4 separate forms. They even said I was missing my Long Term Claim Form, when I actually filed a Short Term Claim Form. Finally, I wrote a very heated letter to the Customer Service Manager in Portland, OR and expressed my dissatisfaction with their claim process, and how I was going to let the DHS Natl. HR Dept. know about them, as well as FedAdvantage. I received a phone call by a claims examiner exactly the same day the letter was received. The examiner apologized for the delay and said they would immediately begin working on my claim.

    That was effectively 3 months from my initial filing. In the past two weeks, I have been asked to submit even more documents about my claim that go back to 1/1/2016, even though my claim is for 11/18/17. All I get is more paperwork to fill out and excuses on why my claim is still in process. They are the WORST insurance company I have ever had to deal with, yet they still deduct my premium each pay period.

    Mr. Sainz Jan 6, 2018  #134

  • First of all, the worst thing that could ever happen to a hard-working person is a permanent disability. Fighting to secure payment is hard enough when you are well. Let alone when you have physical impairments that cause mental fog as well. The Standard will threaten to withhold your pay until you sign every document that they send you. So what choice do you really have but to sign everything if you are at their mercy? I’m now unemployed, divorced and bankrupt as a result of my disability. To have to fight for income is shameful. I, like so many others feel that it should be unlawful for a LTD company to take money from you because it is paid in completely different ways! One in premiums so that you are covered should the unthinkable happen. The other in hard earned tax money toward your social security. I understand that we have to sign the repayment agreement and that’s all there is to it. But again, you don’t have much choice when you need to receive income. I just feel like there should be some type of defense for hard workers.

    The WORST part is a LTD company having the right to consider back payment for dependents to calculate overpayment to them from your SSDI. I’d love to fight them as I have now been approved for SSDI and am currently awaiting my awards letter. I do not believe that backpayment should be stolen by LTD companies. Most of us need it to get back on our feet. I’d rather give overpayment dollars to my disability attorney for all of the advocating done on my behalf, as I could not have handled the process alone. Thanks goodness for him!

    Gena Dec 11, 2017  #133

  • Pam, if an appeal has already been submitted there may be very little an attorney could do at this point until such time that Standard renders a decision on the appeal. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your claim in the meantime.

    Stephen Jessup Dec 1, 2017  #132

  • In reference to Standard insurance – I was approved for STD, then in week 8 they said I had been overpaid because it was pre-existing and it should have been paid at a lower weekly premium. Therefore I quit receiving checks as they were applying the amount to what they said I owed them. Now I received a letter today and it appears they want to disqualify me for any STD saying it was pre-exisiting and asking for doctor visits and medications filled during that time. It looks like they are trying to back paddle and say I didn’t qualify at all. Why wasn’t this done up front? I wrote an appeal letter already and filed a compliant with the state Insurance commision. I wonder if I need to get an attorney? The problem is I am unemployed right now and obviously out for medical reasons. They are making my medical condition worse with all their mistakes and re-calculations. I feel threatened that now I owe them all they paid me in STD with no way to re-pay.

    Pam Nov 30, 2017  #131

  • I was approved for Short term disability which was approved for the maximum amount of 90 days because of continuous disabling conditions that had developed in addition to being pregnant. I was denied Long term disability, and since my employer had only been contracted with them less than a year the only clause they could use to deny it was that my pregnancy was pre-existing. The problem is that even though I was pregnant, I started going through depression and anxiety and could not function in a working environment. My doctor even talked to HR about me needing 2-4 weeks for medication to work. My job gave me a week then terminated me administratively.

    I feel The Standard was wrong saying that pregnancy caused my depression therefore it’s pre-existing. Isn’t that a subjective opinion? Plus they noted the wrong dates of my pre-existing 90 days before I was covered. And also another mistake that was made in the denial letter was them telling me that I wouldn’t be able to get benefits if I was pregnant during my 90 day waiting period and that they found that I was not pregnant in that period. Is that misleading or what? I verbally talked to the claims administrator and she told me to fax over the documents that I had to verify the discrepancies yet I never heard back from them. The 180 day mark went by making it too late to do anything about it.

    I just feel that I was taken advantage of and given my condition I didn’t think to follow up with them as I had many things going on and my mind was not in a stable place. I doubt anyone can do anything but I can tell you that my denial letter was the biggest fallacy I have ever read and they got away with it. Not right.

    KT Sep 27, 2017  #130

  • Linda, please feel free to contact our office to discuss your rights to appeal and how we may be able to assist you in filing same.

    Stephen Jessup Sep 20, 2017  #129

  • I was placed on disability by my doctor with a diagnosis of Cognitive Impairment (supported by both a neurologist and a neuropsychologist) which severely affects my ability to do my job. I received regular STD payments from The Standard from mid-February until mid-August at which time I was informed that a medical review had been conducted and further payment of my claim had been denied. During the time that I was receiving payment the representative repeatedly told me that my doctors had not faxed information to them when in fact they did, he requested reports to be completed by my doctors over and over (the same forms) and each time I had to pay my doctor by the page for these reports. I ended up sending the completed reports to them myself because the representative denied receiving them and I wanted proof via email.

    My condition did not improve (and in fact, will not) during the time that they were paying my claim, so the sudden denial was inexplicable. I am being sent a denial letter after which I can request and review my file, and then request an appeal. I have no confidence that completing this exercise will make any difference as I have read that this company is in the business of denying claims, I am beyond dejected.

    Linda Sep 14, 2017  #128

  • Melissa, if you signed an authorization allowing them access to your account to recover it, then you may have no recourse.

    Stephen Jessup Aug 3, 2017  #127

  • I was on LTD and after them forcing me on Social Security in which my monthly payments went down several hundred dollars a month. Then when I began getting Social Security. Was told I was overpaid 20,000, they pulled this amount from my checking account several years later when I got a settlement from a car accident. I have now been informed that legally they could not do this without my written knowledge, is this true?

    Melissa Jul 29, 2017  #126

  • David, if the SSA deems you to no longer be disabled, then it could prompt Standard to conduct a review to determine continued eligibility. It would not, in and of itself, be grounds for a denial by Standard – but it would play a part.

    Stephen Jessup Jun 6, 2017  #125

  • I have a question about someone on LTD with Standard since 2004 with a SS offset. The SSA is requesting an in-depth review (prior reviews have upheld LTD). The insured’s condition has improved with treatment over the years but the condition is not “cured.” Additionally, some work has been possible over the last few years but not in the insured’s original field. The insured’s annual income did not exceed SSA allowable levels. If the SSA changes their own disability designation or status can Standard discontinue benefits based upon Social Securities actions?

    David Jun 4, 2017  #124

  • Christine, as Standard did not handle the STD portion of the claim they are looking at the entire medical file with a fresh set of eyes. The law provides them approximately 60 days to make a decision on the claim once they have all the information. I am not sure how the EEOC would apply to the insurance company as they do not employ you. ERISA is a federal statute, it is not an organization to contact to settle disputes. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your claim so we can best advise how we may be able to assist you.

    Stephen Jessup Feb 17, 2017  #123

  • I have a TBI PTSD from it, mild cataracts from it. I was run over by a semi trailer in 2014. I also got a fractured spine and a torn shoulder from it. I had surgery for the shoulder The back took a while to heal. But still sore in the lower back. I returned to my sedentary job working from home as a case manager and was doing fine until I was bullied and Harrassed by the new manager. I decompensated in 3 weeks of abuse to where I fell apart. I lost my memory, I still can’t multitask. My vision needs daylight to see details. I am 63. I cried all the time. I see a PHD weekly who is supportive and is a expert in TBI. I go to Speech Therapy for my memory or multi tasking. I was tortured by Sedgwick for STD with delays and had to have ERISA involved. I was finally approved. They intervened 3 times. It is now transferred to The Standard for LTD and they have had my information from Sedgwick since beginning of January. The Analyst said she could do the review as of 1/10/17. It is still not done. Since December I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had surgery 1/27/17. I now have to have radiation treatments after I heal from surgery. 6 1/2 weeks. It has made even more impact on everything. I am now crying again because of the delay of the Standard. I have no food, I have bills coming. I have over 6000 dollars in medical bills I will never pay. I have paid out all my HSA to the treatment for the PTSD. I am trying to get help from the cancer society to pay for the treatment. I haven’t received a denial but I can tell it is the same abuse as with Sedgwick. I talked to my doctors and the hospital and they have not received any medical records request. I have signed the contract for them to obtain records early in January. I can’t take this treatment. I don’t deserve this abuse over and over. EEOC is investigating the discrimination and retaliation causing my PTSD. I am tired of calling ERISA to intervene. I can’t cope.

    Christine O. Feb 13, 2017  #122

  • My company contracted with Standard for our short and long term disability policies. In Jan 2014 I was on STD, which turned into LTD with a waiting period, which was tough but at least I got approved and paid. I also had to deal with them constantly sending me forms to fill out in order to update them on my condition, but they never harassed me about anything. I spoke to someone in their mental health department and was very open and honest with her, as difficult as it was, and they were great about working with me. My only complaint is the same one that another commenter above had; mental health LTD should be covered under the Mental Health Parity Act, the same way that health insurance policies are. I have completely depleted my entire $80,000 401k savings in order to live and get continued care because my not only did my ACA policy not comply with the mental health parity provisions, which I am speaking to a lawyer about, but the premiums and deductibles were so high it ended up being just a very expensive discount program. Ironically I am studying to get my life and health ins. license. I would love to start some kind of movement to get parity to apply to mental health LTD benefits as well. I only needed three years to get to a point where I could function in the world again, which is a lot less time and money for a lot of cancer treatments, for example.

    Kim V. Feb 11, 2017  #121

  • Peter, if her filing is allowed due to the fact you are on SSDI then arguably Standard may be able to offset your claim. It is not a very common fact pattern and may be worth inquiring of Standard before any action is taken.

    Stephen Jessup Nov 8, 2016  #120

  • I am on LTD with Standard Insurance and also SSDI, I have been disabled since 2006 and I am now 55 my spouse will be 62 next year. If she apples for early SSA retirement based on me will the Standard offset my payments by her SSA amount? She primary worked as a part time worker most of her working life and her SSA benefit would be much less if she applied on her own than if she applied against my SSDI ?

    Peter G. Nov 5, 2016  #119

  • Donna, please contact our office with a copy of the denial letter so we can discuss in detail how we may be able to assist you in appealing the denial.

    Stephen Jessup Jul 27, 2016  #118

  • I have been on LTD with The Standard since September 2011. The have had me jumping through hoops for all these years. Very rude if I call and ask a question. They say they didn’t recieve papers they asked me for and they did. . They insisted I file for disability and I did and im on Medicare. They then were able to cut my monthly monies. Now I received a letter this month, I will no longer get my monthly check. I thought I was safe and had no worries, since I am disabled. They sent letter stating 3 jobs they think I can do. Wow, when a person is in severe pain 24/7 and can’t hold head up after a failed neck fusion and a freak accident. They had a nurse call me and question me about a procedure I had in January. It had complications that made me less functional. It was a trial procedure. Didn’t work for me.
    I had a failed neck surgery. Then three more neck surgeries. I’m looking at my denial letter, which they picked and chose what medical records they looked at and wrote about. I am unable to go to grocery store and buy groceries . I am unable to clean and cook. My husband and mom have to help me. I am unable to keep grandchildren. I am disabled. They had a psychiatrist look at my records. I just don’t understand. I will not have a check on the first of August. They have caused me so much stress every year. I had no idea being 56 and they can decide I’m not disabled. I feel this is bad faith along with my employer. I need help. I am not rich and I have no idea where to start.

    Donna Jul 22, 2016  #117

  • Fay, unfortunately it is all too common that an insurance carrier denies a claim solely on the opinion of a doctor who performs a file review. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your claim in detail.

    Stephen Jessup Apr 28, 2016  #116

  • I have filed an appeal with The Standard for terminating my disability payments based on the their reviews of my file by their doctors. My own doctors are at one of the, if not THE, top hospitals in the country, who support my continued inability to return to work at this time. I have no ideas who The Standard doctors are, what their qualifications are, or what their areas of expertise are. My illness is a bit complicated as it crosses medical fields. I can be sure that the doctors there are NOT any more qualified than mine. And none of The Standard’s doctors have ever contacted me or examined me or done anything but read my medical records and supportive letters from my physicians. How they can possibly be justified in coming to a differing opinion?

    Fay L. Apr 27, 2016  #115

  • David, first and foremost you need to consult with a Bankruptcy attorney to discuss any matters that may be associated with your disability claim. Please feel free to contact our office with a copy of your policy to review the provisions for OCRU benefits and family care benefits and to discuss how we may be able to assist you.

    Stephen Jessup Apr 26, 2016  #114

  • My Standard disability benefits started in August 2011, for heart related Vasavagal syncope, I was diagnosed in 2013 with PTSD. (Law enforcement) In August 2013, The Standard, advised me that my two years of psychological benefits were starting. August 2015, that 2 year period was expired. My retirement from my employer was resolved in January 2015. Standard was properly notified. My standard benefits due to my retirement were decreased but have continued to this point. The Standard advised me that I had an overpayment of their benefits, to which they have been paying my claim but taking my monthly benefit check. I negotiated that down from 96,000 to a balance 5,800 at present.
    In July 2015 I requested through my standard rep that I get access to the occupational rehab unit. They have since never had the OCRU contact me. My policy has a 60% occupational rehab training benefit for new employment. My understanding is that they would facilitate training/school for a new career of at least a minimum pay of $48,000 year which is 60% of my previous salary. I’m not sure that I can do the rehab but I’d like to try. I asked the Standard during my requests to reduce my “overpayment of benefits” to split the recouped each month and to let me receive the other half until it was repaid. Well of course that didn’t happen. I advised them dozens of times that I was requesting OCRU benefits. I filed a chapter 13 on March 30, 2016 to keep what I little I have. Now I believe they are trying to retroactively go back and decide that my benefits should be stopped. They are in a review of my claim by one “their” medical employees. I believe that are wanting to “retroactively” deny my claim and stop my benefits. They have medical releases from my doctors but apparently haven’t pulled my records in over 18 months. They requested me to send them updated records. I complied. I still have my heart related syncope episodes and my PTSD. I’m still under medical care and will be from here on out. I provide all cardiology records and my psychiatric records through August of 2015, when my so called psychological benefits ended. Those psychological records were the dates that my standard rep said I needed to provide. I now since filing chapter 13 have not heard anything from the Standard concerning my OCRU benefits nor review that they are doing. A monthly payment as of this has been issued. My understanding from my Chapter 13 is that the monthly payment should now come to me and the overpayment balance should fall into my chapter 13. We will see if it gets deposited in my account. My concern is that I feel the Standard is starting to wind up the denial of benefits. Im wanting to see what my options are and take the necessary steps to secure my monthly benefits, my OCRU BENEFITS and the family care benefits along with that. Please reply

    David N Apr 22, 2016  #113

  • Gaylene, unfortunately, we are not tax attorneys/professionals, as such we would have to defer as to the opinions of same.

    Stephen Jessup Feb 9, 2016  #112

  • I have Standard Long Term Disability and SSDI. I went to have taxes done and was shocked that Standard said I have to pay taxes 18,000.00. The Standard letter states Our records show the taxable % of your benefits is:100%. I don’t owe on Social Security benefit but H/R Block said it shows I owe close to 4,400.00 on Standard. I called Standard and they said if line 12 isn’t marked with a J then you pay. The year before lines 2 and 3 on W2 for Standard were showing but not for 2015. What do you think?

    Gaylene Feb 9, 2016  #111

  • Kandi,

    Please don’t hesitate to contact our office to discuss your claim. If it has been over two and a half months and you have not received any benefits it is sufficive to say they have blown their 45 day deadline to make a decision on your claim.

    Stephen Jessup Nov 11, 2015  #110

  • The Standard insurance are NOT here to help an employee, although they sure don’t hesitate to take our money every month. I have been out of work since April 18th 2015 due to a back disease and for PTSD after working in a correctional facility. I was approved for the short term disability but was denied for any long term care although the issues were the same incident. I recently contacted a lady named Melissa who was the long term disability reviewer after being denied my long term claim and explained that I was still in pain and was seeing several experts to see what was going on. She emailed me and told me to get all of the medical records related to this continued pain. After several appointments and another 2 months go by, we found that my gull bladder had not been working causing fever, nausea, abdominal pain. And was referred to a surgeon. My gull bladder was removed on Monday Nov. 9th and I called my primary health care provider, my GI Doctor, and the surgeon and ask that then send Melissa what ever information she required as at this point I had been 2 1/2 months off work with no pay and the bill collectors were calling. Melissa told my doctors office that I needed to request and review and the medical records HAD TO CO ME FROM ME NOT THE DR. OFFICES. and that the review will take anywhere from 4 to 6 months. Are you kidding me? Standard refused to pay and my employer required a release to return to work. My Dr’s stated that they can not release me until I am physical able to return. So I will be losing my place to live because the standard deck jockeys believes they know more about my health then my doctor. As the VP of our union I will be requesting strongly that the state offer employees a couple options for short and long term disibility company’s as we do with our health insurance. I have talked with several coworkers who have also had the same kinds of issues. I have files another claim with Standard regarding this issue and if I am denied again I will file a complaint with the Oregon insurance commission and obtain a attorney. It’s a shame that when someone is ill and dealing with all that stress that this so called insurance company refuses to lift a finger to help. And the worst part of it all is WE PAY TO BE TREATED THIS WAY. I recently spoke with a supervisor there named Karen who not only refused to give me her last name as well as her bosses name. Cover up after cover up.

    Kandi A. Nov 11, 2015  #109

  • Julie,

    Is your policy an ERISA governed employer provided policy or privately purchased? If it is the former then the law only requires one level appeal and Standard would not be required to provide another level of appeal. If it is a private policy, then Standard again would not be required to give you another review, but your legal rights would be much different than under an ERISA policy.

    Stephen Jessup Oct 26, 2015  #108

  • The Standard has denied my partial disability claim resulting from open heart surgery and a complication. The period that I’m claiming iis only five months and yet they refuse to pay. I had one independent review of the decision on my claim. I submitted an additional medical report on appeal. They are now stating that I was only entitled to the one independent review and that they do not intend to conduct any further reviews of the claim decision. Can they do this?

    Julie Oct 25, 2015  #107

  • Laura,

    It is always important to notify the insurance carrier of any and all conditions that could be impacting your ability to work and that you would be eligible for benefits for. Disability insurance is not like Worker’s Compensation or a Personal Injury case in that there is a separate action for different conditions/injuries. Standard will have to review your ability to work in light of all of your medical conditions.

    Stephen Jessup Oct 5, 2015  #106

  • Thank you Mr. Jessup. I did call The Standard today and spoke to a manager and requested everything. She told me it must be put in writing and I’m doing that now.

    I want to ask you also, if I have gotten pain blocks on my back, which I had 3 this year and one last year and have seen a chiropractor for my protruding disk which has gotten a lot better, if this will interfere with my case. I never filled a claim for my back and always went back to work. It was the 2 abdominal surgeries that took me out of commission. If it was just my back, I’d still be working. I feel like if I saw a doctor for anything else that The Standard will use this and anything in my medical file against me but it’s my abdomen that has put me under house arrest for almost a year now. When I have all of the paperwork, I will let you know.

    Thank you, sir, for your response.

    Laura Annë

    Laura Annë Oct 3, 2015  #105

  • Laura,

    Please contact our office to discuss your rights to bring a lawsuit under ERISA. We will need to see a copy of your denial letters, appeal and Policy.

    Stephen Jessup Oct 2, 2015  #104

  • Dear Mr. Jessup,
    I had my Gallbladder removed September 2015 and 2 tumors were discovered. I had a liver resection November 2014 along with my Lap Band and a lot of adhesions that were stuck to my Lap Band, stomach and liver on the left and lower abdomen adhesions on the right which tubing from my Lap Band was removed. I was in ICU for 3 days and then an additional 8 days. I have had chronic pain since. I was on STD and in February 2015 applied for LTD and was denied saying I should have been totally healed by January 3rd. I filed my appeal, have seen 3 more surgeons that didn’t want to remove the built up adhesions saying the liability was too high, acupuncture and Graston Myofascial for the adhesions, which hurts like hell and now my adhesions on the right are huge and too deep on the left to measure. In August of this year, I took myself off of all pain medicine since it wasn’t working. I have had 2 abdominal blocks that haven’t worked. I am wearing now Lidocaine patches on my abdomen and am seeing my anesthesiologist at the AZ Pain Center again to talk an implant in my spine to block the abdominal pain. The Standard denied my appeal saying it was preexisting… I was actually sick on the job took a week’s vacation and ended up having surgery and that’s how I was put on STD. I have waited forever it seems, February – October, to only be denied again, have met my maximum out of pocket to get better ($7,500), am now pennyless and am so angry and depressed an now setting an LPC. Two months ago I moved in with my daughter. I’m sure I need an attorney and have no money for a retainer. Do I even have a chance at winning this case if I proceed.

    Laura Annë T. Oct 1, 2015  #103

  • Dear Stephen Jessup,
    I am 3 weeks today of non-payment. I was officially denied last week. I can not afford to wait and see if they will accept my denial or deny that one also. So, I sat in the doctors office all morning, signed a waiver of liability to be sent back to work. I go back on Friday. I owe anything that goes wrong to Standard. Im at this point pretty sure I will end up fired from my job but, I have three kids to feed.

    Lynn Sep 8, 2015  #102

  • Lynn,

    How long ago was your disability insurance claim denied? Have you appealed the denial?

    Stephen Jessup Sep 5, 2015  #101

  • I am a mental health patient. I’m having a hard time with the medications. I’ve have visual problems, tremors, fatigue and lost 40 pounds over 5 months as I feel so sick. My dr. was not sure if it was a medication issue or from something else. I have been to numerous doctors. On top of all of this it is only making my mental problems worse because it’s like a job in itself to deal with disability insurance. My mental health is taking a dive. I keep getting put on hold, then denied and now I’m denied again. I never thought this would happen to me. So, now I will be FORCED to go to work because I can not afford the appeal process money wise. I haven’t been paid for weeks. I will not get the psychiatric treatment I need because I do not have sick time when I go back to go to work. Not sure how I will work when my vision goes, I shake, I’m sleepy, and most days I can’t drive. And, I hope my family doesn’t fall apart anymore when I don’t have proper mental treatment.

    Lynn Sep 4, 2015  #100

  • Tracey,

    When was the LTD claim denied? If it was denied back in 2007 the statute of limitations to bring a law suit may have already long since passed.

    Stephen Jessup Sep 1, 2015  #99

  • My wife suffered a massive heart attack on nov 18 2006. She was in a coma for 8 days, the doctors had gave up on her coming out of the coma. Will she came back out of the coma, but she suffered Anoxic brain damage. That happens when your brain is starved of oxygen. She was in Texoma MEDICAL Center, then she went to Baylor in Dallas and (spent a year at PATE rehab in Anna Texas), she had a policy for short and long term and a life policy with the Standard. She worked at North Texas cancer center in Sherman Texas. Will they payed the short term but when she went long term they dropped her. She is still has not changed, why do we need insurance. If this is Standard practice. If a lawyer reads this please help.

    Tracey G. Sep 1, 2015  #98

  • Annisha,

    How long ago did you submit your appeal? If Standard only offers you one level of appeal under the policy then in the event of a denial your only option would be to bring a lawsuit. Even worse is that if a final denial of benefits is rendered no additional information can be added to your claim to present to a judge. If you have only recently appealed the denial please contact our office to discuss your claim and determine if it would be wise to withdraw your appeal and refile within the 180 days allotted under the law.

    Stephen Jessup Jul 17, 2015  #97

  • I worked in for corrections for several years. I was diagnosed with leukemia in 2005 or 2006. I received short term disability until it ended then I started to receive my long term disability until my SSD started..I didn’t receive enough money in back pay to pay the Standard back the money the said I owed them. The payments I was supposed to receive monthly was applied towards the money I owed the standard . After they had taken out all of their money I finally started receiving a check from them again. They have sent me numerous papers to get filled out by my physicians as well as the Social Security Administration. I did everything that they have as me to do . I finally received a letter telling me that I could return to work and do a sedttary job. I still have leukemia and I take an oral chemo everyday and it does crazy things to my body. I take a lot of pain medication as well as anxiety medications. Some days my chemo medication makes me go to the restroom any where from 15-20 times a day. The doctors that work for the standard insurance called my physician and told my oncology doctor that I was selling my medication . There has been times that I went to my oncology doctor and the standard drug tested me which is perfectly fine with me because I take my medicine everday. I have sent them an appeal letter to appeal their decision . The Standard told me that it could take up to 45 days or more for them to make a decision about my case. How can they have one of their doctors accuse me of selling my medication ? How can they say I can go back to work and I’m on some very strong medicine? Please tell me what I need to do to keep my long term payments coming .

    Annisha Lewis Jul 16, 2015  #96

  • Rkay,

    We would need to see the denial letter to determine what policy provisions they are using to terminate the claim. If they are asserting that you did not satisfy the Appropriate Care of a Physician provision then your claim could be potentially harder to get reinstated. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss in greater detail.

    Stephen Jessup Jul 2, 2015  #95

  • I have been collecting LTD since 2011. It stemmed from a workers comp case in which I was awarded permanent disability. I didn’t know I was supposed to keep seeing a dr to prove my disability. They had sent me a letter stating I would receive my benefits until I was 65. 3 years ago, they requested a dr attending physician statement and release from me. I simply signed it, gave the dr I had last seen and didn’t hear from them until the next year. The next year, the same thing (2 different adjusters). This year however, they sent me a letter stating it was incomplete and they are going to cut me off next month. I have an appt next month but wondering how they will handle my appeal when I send in a new attending dr statement. Anything I need to know?

    Rkay Jun 30, 2015  #94

  • Patricia,

    Please contact our office to discuss your rights. Under ERISA, Standard only has 45 days to render a decision on your appeal with the possibility of a 45 day extension.

    Stephen Jessup Jun 17, 2015  #93

  • I pinched a nerve in my neck at work in 2012, plus torn my rotator cuff, bicep muscle and have numbness, tingling and burning down my left arm. I have seen numerous doctors at Duke University and Raleigh, NC., despite the fact I live in West Virginia.

    My long term disability was terminated in January of 2015 because according to the Dictionary of Occupational Titles, my employment as Director of Human Resources & law firm administrator earning $145,000 is sedentary and I have the same earning potential at age 56 without being able to type, or carry more than 5 pounds in my left arm, with restricted movement.

    I appealed. Standard wrote a letter stating they would make their decision in 30 days. After that time, Standard exercised their right to issue their determination by June 15, 2015. It has been five months since I have received my disability and am unable to find employment that does not require bending. lifting, typing, etc.

    What do I do now? Just wait forever?

    Patricia Jun 16, 2015  #92

  • Barb,

    Unfortunately, I do not know why you would receive the responses you did. I can say that it is important to make sure (1) there is an actual overpayment issue and (2) that the amount stated is correct. If you would like, please contact our office with a copy of any overpayment letter you receive and we will be more than happy to review.

    Stephen Jessup Jun 3, 2015  #91

  • Rachel,

    Please contact our office to discuss your claim to see what steps are available to you at this point.

    Stephen Jessup Jun 1, 2015  #90

  • Barb,

    Unfortunately, I do not know why you would receive the responses you did. I can say that it is important to make sure (1) there is an actual overpayment issue and (2) that the amount stated is correct. If you would like, please contact our office with a copy of any overpayment letter you receive and we will be more than happy to review.

    Stephen Jessup May 30, 2015  #89

  • Oregon Standard claim: receiving benefits nearly 5 years. Received capabilities questionnaire which led me to research deeper into my policy (ERISA). Yes SSDI is deductible. I discovered monthly disability retirement is deductible as well. Instant panic attack. Immediately i sent the questionnaire back (overnight mail) then i prepared a SHORT letter stating a possible oversight and copy of retirement letter showing the date and amount benefits began. Then i started researching and calling around for fear they would stop all benefits. A few law firms said if I receive a bill for repayment to call immediately and a few said pay up. So if i owe it i owe it. But i am wondering why a few law firms would tell me to call immediately if i get a bill (i will get one Standard called me). Is there something I am unaware of? I don’t think it is right to take any form of retirement but it is what it is and my retirement is tiny due to my age so receiving LTD is a greater benefit to me. Although you cannot mind read other law firms do you have an idea? I owe a little over 12k. Thank you on advance.

    Barb May 29, 2015  #88

  • I was declined and appealed and was declined again for STD. I paid out of every paycheck for STD. I was out due to my dr’s advice. Both my dr and the Mayo Clinic said I was too sick to work due to fibro. I was unable to sleep and I was in great pain. I was working with a pain clinic to try and control that. I was also working in a hostile work environment. There was no way I was able to work, I couldn’t concentrate or even sit comfortably. On top of that I was supervisor – so I was dealing with a high amount of stress and meetings and honestly I not at my desk a lot. I was all over.

    The reason I was declined was due to the fact I was doing seated work, but that really wasn’t 100% true as I was always going to work, walking around talking to and checking in on my team and other people’s team members that needed help interacting with my team. As I said, I wasn’t really ever at my desk. Even if I was, I was in extreme pain (so sitting meant nothing when you’re in pain).

    I paid out of every paycheck for STD, I was approved for the LEAVE, but not the PAY? How does that work? How is that even LEGAL? That makes no sense to me. I literally was on a leave, not working. My dr said I was unable to work and was approved for the time off by the Standard, but not for the pay.

    Rachel May 27, 2015  #87

  • Dentist,

    Please do contact our office. We cannot express enough the importance of properly preparing an application for a private disability benefit.

    Stephen Jessup May 27, 2015  #86

  • I am preparing to submit a claim to the Standard. I have cervical degenerative disc disease w/radiculopathy. I am a dentist w/own occ coverage. As long as I don’t do dentistry, I am able to live moderately comfortable, but slowly getting worse. Work causes pain and creates the potential for causing a patient harm. I prefer not to have surgery until I can’t bear daily life any longer, but need to stop practicing soon. I didn’t actually buy Standard insurance. I bought BOE insurance, regular long-term disability insurance and own occ long-term disability insurance through Minnesota Life, which sold my policy to the Standard. Should I contact you before submitting a claim? I have an MRI and xrays, and soon an EMG that prove that I have the issues that would cause pain and limitations, but can’t prove subjective symptoms.

    A Dentist May 26, 2015  #85

  • JB,

    Under ERISA, Standard has 45 days to render a decision on your claim, with the possibility of a 45 day extension. Regardless, Standard is outside the 90 day period. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your claim in greater detail.

    Stephen Jessup Feb 23, 2015  #84

  • I turned in an application for LTD with the Standard (Portland, Oregon) the beginning of October 2014. I continue to get the monthly letters stating the analyst assigned to my case is still collecting information, etc. Isn’t there a time limit for them to make a decision? I have left messages twice and sent a certified letter to “my analyst” and can’t get a response and it’s now February 2015.

    I am seriously considering requesting your services, especially if the Standard has already gone over a time limit to make a decision on my case.

    Thank you,

    JB Feb 22, 2015  #83

  • Louise,

    You would have to review your disability insurance policy to determine if there are any restrictions on residence. Some policies do not allow you to live outside your country for more than a certain amount of months out of each year.

    Stephen Jessup Jan 30, 2015  #82

  • Can I move to the USA and still get my Standard Life disability payments?

    Louise Jan 29, 2015  #81

  • Lorna,

    Please contact our office to discuss your claim. The rules as they relate to ERISA appeals and litigation are very much in favor of the insurance company and failure to prepare a full appeal could greatly impact your chances of success at trial later.

    Stephen Jessup Oct 23, 2014  #80

  • I have been diagnosed with avascular necrosis of the hips in my early 30s which didn’t give me another choice but to stop working. After that, my doctor decided that I needed a double hip replacement. During this time, the Standard stated that I was disabled and that they will pay for a portion of my disability (this company was hired from my old job as a third party insurance company).

    Now it’s been almost 2 years since my operation and I still suffer from chronic pain in the knees and hips. Although the operation did help me with pain, I still need to take pain medicine and even sleep medication to be able to have a good night’s rest, and to just move around and do household chores.

    Recently, even though my doctor has stated in paperwork that I won’t be able to work for years to come and the state I live in has deemed me as permately disabled (I was seen by one of the state doctors), the Standard is saying that I can go to work (this was based on two of their doctors, who have never even seen me in person, reading my file – according to them – and determining that I can work). That I can do sedentary work and get up from my desk every 30 minutes! (what job is going to actually hire me and let me do that?!), not only that, but they told me that since they think I can go to work, they are going to close my case soon and I won’t be getting paid from them any longer. They already took away my life insurance with them because they say I can work, now, they told me that I will be losing my payment with them soon. I even had a knee scope done in the last few months but that’s not good enough for them! I have to get injections on my knees every few months just to be able to function! They told us that we cannot appeal the life insurance decision of them saying I can go back to work (we appealed it once), so what should I do now? wait until the cancel my benefits or hire a lawyer?

    Lorna Mullins Oct 22, 2014  #79

  • Cleet,

    For all intents and purposes the claim decision should have been made months ago. There is certainly a bigger concern as to why it is taking so long besides the request for the 4506-T form. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your claim further to determine what your options are in light of Standard’s delay in making a decision.

    Stephen Jessup Sep 25, 2014  #78

  • I filed a private disability insurance claim (self-employed). The claim was filed over 9 months ago and no decision and I am still paying the monthly premium. I am self-employed and sent tax returns and medical information and also promptly sent along with full medical access. The requests for more and more financial information kept coming spaced several weeks apart. Monthly financials were sent for several years at their request. Verification of expense details was requested and sent. Now 9 monthly later, they are requesting IRS form 4506-T to be signed. This form would provide not only my information but that of my spouse, so I have not signed it. Instead I sent verified deposits and a considerable amount of income and expense verification. Nowhere in my policy or application does it say I have to sign this form or any IRS form. Now they are issuing demands for me to sign this IRS Form or they will deny my claim. Can they deny a claim based solely on not signing this one form that was never mentioned in the policy or application? Why must I provide my souses information?

    Cleet Sep 24, 2014  #77

  • Bernadette,

    It is unusual that Standard would all of a sudden go silent. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your claim in greater detail.

    Stephen Jessup Sep 9, 2014  #76

  • I’ve been collecting STD from The Standard since April 2014. I received numerous extensions after they asked my physician’s to fill out paperwork. My last extension was on July 20th and than is when they stopped paying me. First they claimed they didn’t receive more paperwork from the doctors in which they did, then they said my claim was being reviewed by contract physicians and that it would take 10 days for each physician to do their report (2 physicians). My claim representative always returned my calls until last week when I was informed she had the reports back and was reviewing their reports. I’ve called her 3 times since last week and was promised she would return my call within 4 hours. Is this common practice or is she not returning my calls because they are denying me? My LTD was supposed to begin on Sept. 1st. I am scheduled for back surgery next month (Oct. 20th) and will have a multi-level artificial disc in my cervical and an artificial disc in my lumbar. Should I get an attorney at this point or wait for a letter in the mail or a phone call back?

    Bernadette Sep 8, 2014  #75

  • Brett,

    Filing a lawsuit now could work heavily in your favor. However, without a better understanding of the timeline/facts and circumstances of your case it would be difficult to advise you as to your ability to file a lawsuit now. We would need to determine if there was any proper tolling of the timeframe to render a decision by Standard on account of various factors. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your claim in greater detail.

    Stephen Jessup Aug 13, 2014  #74

  • The Standard refuses to render an appeal decision in my case. My 90 day appeal period ended back on May 23rd 2014. They have repeatedly asked for extensions on four different occasions to further review material. They will not return phone calls. The fact is, they are dragging this process out for some reason. Will this work in my favor if a suit is filed? What is the best way to get them to make a decision?

    Brett Aug 12, 2014  #73

  • Lori,

    If you have not already appealed the denial of your claim for benefits, please feel free to contact our office to discuss how we may be able to assist you.

    Stephen Jessup Aug 12, 2014  #72

  • I find it ironic that I received a denial letter from the standard and the condition they based the denial on is not the condition I have. There are 3 specialists in my state who treat patients for this rare neurological condition. The condition stated in the denial letter is a valid condition but the claim handler states it was a typo on his part. It makes me wonder if the so called house doctors even know what this is I’ve tried to participate in clinical research trials but get disqualified when they find. That I am left hand dominant. There are not enough left handed people who suffer from this to justify putting grant funds for research on such an elite category.

    Lori Aug 11, 2014  #71

  • I’ve been off work since June 12, 2014. It started off with a flare up of a herniated disc but I was hospitalized from July 1st thru July 9th with MRSA. Was sent home with a pic line to receive antibiotics every day that will not be removed until July 29th. Standard advised Greentree (the company that I work for) that I need to be back at work on the 29th. Finally approved me for 3 weeks and 2 days. I’ve not been paid for 2 pay periods. They made my leave a living hell.

    Karen Jul 27, 2014  #70

  • Michael,

    If your claim is governed by ERISA and is denied you will be required to file an administrative appeal before being allowed to bring any legal action. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of submitting as complete an appeal as possible. As such, if your claim is denied please contact our office to discuss how we can assist you in filing your appeal.

    Stephen Jessup Jul 8, 2014  #69

  • It is sounding like The Standard will release me July 19, 2014. I will receive one more check from them. There was a Definition of Disability that changed after 36 months according to my company’s group policy. They “understand” I can not do my previous job, but state I can go back to doing something else. I have post thrombotic syndrome and my leg is done. I do see a pain management specialist as well. The past three years have been upsetting to say the least. They were quick to cancel my life insurance, stating that I would return to work one day. They were also quick to state this was a previous condition I had which it actually didn’t start until about 2 years into the job I had with benefits before going on disability. I know the denial letter is coming and want to be proactive about it. Please inform me of my choices.

    Michael Ford Jul 7, 2014  #68

  • Connie,

    The trend in the disability insurance industry seems to be denial of claims on account of MS due to a multitude of reasons they believe do not support functional impairment from working. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss how we may be able to assist you.

    Stephen Jessup Jul 6, 2014  #67

  • Diagnosed with MS 2006, filed STD claim with The Standard April 1, 2014. Denial letter June 2014 stating doctor did not provide enough evidence that I am unable to perform job duties. Saw a different Nero in May, he definitely found short term memory issues. Need some help with appeal.

    Connie Jul 5, 2014  #66

  • Marilyn,

    I am not sure what the rules governing disability policies in Canada provide. There has even been a push in recent years of insurance companies limiting benefits for mental health claims under individual insurance policies to two years of benefits.

    Stephen Jessup Jun 15, 2014  #65

  • I think for Canadians that the insurance companies aren’t allowed to limit mental issues to 2 years. Do you know if that is true? The USA should have the same rule.

    Marilyn Jun 14, 2014  #64

  • Mark,

    Yes, we can offer contingency fee arrangements based on a percentage of your monthly disability benefit, or we can offer an hourly arrangement. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss how we may be able to assist you.

    Stephen Jessup Jun 11, 2014  #63

  • When a person is dealing with multiple insurers and needs monthly assistance, does your firm provide this service for a certain percentage of the monthly payment?

    Say I have 2 policies totalling 20000/month DI payment. What is a ballpark figure for what you would charge for monthly paperwork, etc.?

    Mark Jun 10, 2014  #62

  • Ms. JR,

    More often than not the insurance company terminates a benefit without any warning. If you have not already filed your appeal please feel free to contact our office to discuss how we may be able to assist you in filing same.

    Stephen Jessup Jun 7, 2014  #61

  • I have an auto-immune arthritis and have been disabled since 2010. The Standard has stopped my benefit with no warning stating I should be able to do a sedentary job. My illness is chronic and will never get better. I am so incredibly frustrated.

    Ms. JR Jun 6, 2014  #60

  • Mark,

    As indicated in the above comment: Under ERISA, Standard has 45 days to render a decision as to your claim for benefits. Needless to say they are well beyond that timeframe. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss how we may be able to assist you in getting a claim determination.

    Stephen Jessup May 29, 2014  #59

  • Deidra,

    Under ERISA, Standard has 45 days to render a decision as to your claim for benefits. Needless to say they are well beyond that timeframe. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss how we may be able to assist you in getting a claim determination.

    Stephen Jessup May 29, 2014  #58

  • I filed my disability clain for Standard Insurance in 2-14-14. It’s now 5-28-14 and I still haven’t got an approved or a denied case. The medical examanier told me he was waiting on doctor review four weeks ago. I talk to a customer service of Standard today and he stated my medical was sent on 5-21-14. I been waiting for weeks for my approval. Who do I need to talk to get my case moving along?

    Mark Baker May 28, 2014  #57

  • The Standard takes months to evaluate claims. They leave it to you to make sure they get all the doctor reports and information to process your claim. They will proceed without it if you don’t get it to them by the date on the letter they send you. If you need money to survive on because of your disability, go to another company because they will take forever and your claim may still be denied. It’s been five months since I started my claim with them and I still don’t know if I am going to be approved or not.

    Deidra Bailey May 28, 2014  #56

  • Kerry,

    Unfortunately, if your policy allows them to offset your monthly benefit by the state disability benefit then there may be little you can do to prevent the offset.

    Stephen Jessup May 3, 2014  #55

  • I was accepted coverage from Standard for disability. My Oregon disability just kicked in and sent me a check after taking out 20% for federal taxes and 8% for Oregon taxes. Standard states that all this money including the taxes is over payment and want me to send them all the money I got and the money that was taken out and not given to me. Is this legal. I can understand them taking money beyond the 100% pre disability income but to expect all the money beyond what they pay seems extreme especially when people with disabilities are already in a hardship situation with the medical bills and other trying things they are going through discovering they may never be able to hold a viable job again. On top of this standard will only pay for 2 years on mental health issues. It seems they are taking advantage of those with disabilities period and discriminating against those with mental health issues.

    Kerry May 2, 2014  #54

  • Annie,

    A review of the pre-existing language in the Policy would be required in order to provide you with more direction. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss how we may be able to assist you.

    Stephen Jessup Apr 9, 2014  #53

  • I was denied LTD because they claim that even though Myself or my Dr. did not know that I had colorectal cancer, it is considered pre existing condition. They based it on the fact that my Dr. ordered a colonoscopy. during the Colonoscopy the cancer was discovered.

    How do I fight this? I have been so worn down from Radiation and Chemo that I have not had the energy in the past to fight this.

    I now have a new disabling condition, Bowel Incontinence due to the surgery to remove the tumor which reduced the size of my rectum and the muscles have lost their elasticity from the direct radiation that they received, do I have a right to file a new claim for this, or will they say this is related to the cancer and deny me again.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Annie Apr 8, 2014  #52

  • Princon,

    Standard typically only gives one level of administrative appeal, so you may not have any more remedies by way of filing an appeal. Filing a lawsuit may be your only option at this point. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss how we may be able to assist you.

    Stephen Jessup Jan 27, 2014  #51

  • My claim with Standard was reviewed twice an denied.

    I intend to send in a letter of protest because they simply ignored medical records and also claim to base their decision on a conversation they claim I allegedly had with one of thier staff members which is untrue and which I truthfully deny. Do I have a time constraint to send this letter of protest and or file an appeal in court?

    Princon Jan 26, 2014  #50

  • Peter,

    I have had a hard time wrapping my head around Standard’s claim review process on many occasions. They tend to drag their feet often and ignore treating physician’s opinions. If the claim is past the allotted time for the rendering of an opinion (including any times where time may have been tolled) you would have right to bring suit.

    Stephen Jessup Nov 25, 2013  #49

  • Really curious… The Appeal is still going on with my wife’s denial of benefits. It is now past the second 45 days. We found out yesterday that the Standard’s team, who I am assuming is one of their so called psychiatrists that are on their team to review her condition (like they can make a diagnosis; they have never spoken with her). Called my wife’s doctor and asked him if she was able to work. He of course said, “NO”. What is the point of putting her through all this crap, just to end calling the one person who could have solved the whole issue? I know it’s not a guarantee of the final outcome, but this whole time his professional opinion didn’t seem to matter.

    Peter Keko Nov 21, 2013  #48

  • Sheree,

    First and foremost, my thoughts are with you and your daughter. Is your daughter capable of handling her finances? If so, I would have her contact Standard immediately. If not, it might be wise to get the paperwork in place so the benefits are released. The question of whether they can require the POA has no clear, easy answer, but I can tell you from experience that questions as to the ability to handle finances are often contained on insurance company claim forms so the fact they are questioning her abilities is not unheard of.

    Stephen Jessup Oct 25, 2013  #47

  • My daughter was hospitalized for a brain anuerysm over a month ago. I received a letter from Standard saying she is incapable of handling her finances and they will require a POA or Conservatorship/Guardian paperwork before they release her benefits. Can they do that? She has tons of student loans and bills that needs to be paid. I am afraid her credit score will be affected and her interest rates will increase due to nonpayment.

    Sheree Oct 24, 2013  #46

  • Linda,

    Please feel free to contact our office to discuss how we may be able to assist you.

    Stephen Jessup Oct 24, 2013  #45

  • I submitted a claim to the Standard and was refused seemingly because I didn’t report the injury immediately. Well, I didn’t expect the injury to be as disabling as turned out to be. That aside, I am submitting another claim for a loss of vision that is occurring, Retinal Telangiectasia. I wanted to get you advice about how to do this or if you have a fee for helping me with the claim. My policy is coming up for renewal in Nov. and I need to get this submitted ASAP.

    Linda Swearingen Oct 23, 2013  #44

  • Peter,

    I am sorry to hear of your difficulties. Please feel free to contact our office to see how we may be able to assist you in the event that the appeal is denied.

    Stephen Jessup Sep 1, 2013  #43

  • I am afraid this will not be the only time I will contact you. We currently are in the middle of the first possible wave of 45 days on our official appeal over my wife’s denial of her LTD claim based on mental disability. My wife was awarded LTD by the Standard Insurance Company as well as Benefits from the Social Security Administration. She suffers from Bipolar NOS, an Anxiety Disorder, and a Panic Disorder. The doctor that diagnosed her with this is a company specified doctor who is contracted with the former place of employment to determine disability.

    I have a Durable Power of Attorney and handle all of my wife’s legal or financial issues. However, they avoid contacting me and go straight for my wife. My question is about this in the appeal:

    We were sent a letter recently (one month after the appeal letter was sent) from a Benefits Review Specialists in their legal department, asking for a Consent for Release of Information.

    The letter states: “Since we must consider the Social Security Administration’s decision in our review we need to obtain a copy of your Social Security claim file to further understand your award for those benefits”.

    In contradiction, the Standards stated in the initial denial letter from 6 months ago: “We understand that you are receiving Social Security Disability. However, the fact that you have been awarded these benefits in and of itself does not entitle you to LTD benefits.” Aren’t they saying it really doesn’t matter what SSA says? If so, why do they need anything from them?
    What makes this EVEN MORE ODD is the fact that the SSA made their decision to award her benefits based on what the Standard sent to them. There is nothing new to send to them!

    So why the request? Is the request necessary? I feel like this is a game. Should I grant them the request?

    I have so much more to say here, as this has been one NASTY game. There is a lot involved here, involving a lump sum payment that forced us into debt with the Standard, a collection agent (who calls frequently and sends intimidating letters, all of which continues to set back my wife’s condition) after us before we could complete the appeal letter. My wife is attending school (at the doctor’s suggestion of therapy, under the limitations of a 504 plan), and that sparked them to question her claim. Generally, they say she is lying. Believe me… she isn’t! There is more to this, but I cannot ramble about it further, so I will probably be back soon. Thank You for your time if you can help me in any way.

    Peter Keko Aug 31, 2013  #42

  • Heather,

    I am sorry to hear about your problems with respect to your FMLA. Have you filed any claim for disability with Standard?

    Stephen Jessup Aug 30, 2013  #41

  • My job just started using the Standard last Oct. 2012. I have MS and my FMLA was approved from Aug. to Aug.. I have had nothing but trouble of them saying it’s not approved for intermitting leave with is what my doctor approved. I have not used my total leave but they are denying me as having a serious health condition. How many times must my doctor tell them I do? Sometimes they approve it, sometimes not, when it’s all for the same illness and from the same doctor. I never can get the same person on the phone and it’s just a run around.

    Heather Diane Morehouse Aug 29, 2013  #40

  • Brett,

    Unfortunately, an insurance company can deny your benefit based upon a review of the medical records by one of its medical professionals. This appears to be the case with your denial. Technically, Standard does not have to keep a copy of your policy on file. It is your (former) employer’s duty to provide a copy so I would suggest that you reach out to your company for same. I would recommend you secure your policy and a copy of the denial letter and contact us for a free consultation at 1-800-682-8331 to determine how we may assist you.

    Stephen Jessup Aug 12, 2013  #39

  • I’ve been receiving my LTD benefits since December 8th 2012 for Degenerative Joint Disease in my right knee. I just received a letter from Standard informing me that they have reviewed my claim and decided to close my claim stating I no longer meet my group policy’s Own Occupation Definition of disability. My condition has not changed at all. If anything it is getting worse. I can no longer climb stairs or crouch, crawl, kneel or anything of that nature. How can they all of the sudden out of thin air say I am no longer considered disabled? I have repeatedly asked them to mail me a copy of my companies policy which they say I don’t qualify for. Have yet to receive. Is this some kind of scare tactic or can they actually do this?

    Any advice would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

    Brett lemire Aug 11, 2013  #38

  • SK,

    Yes. You have no expectation of privacy in public. So long as they comply with any local law they are within in their rights to conduct surveillance. Additionally, anything that your wife put on the internet is open for the world to see, this includes the insurance company. It is advisable to always make sure privacy settings are in place on any social media site. If you have questions with regards to your wife’s claim for benefits, please feel free to contact our office for a free consultation.

    Stephen Jessup Jun 17, 2013  #37

  • I am writing this on behalf of my wife because she had just gotten a phone call from the Standard Insurance Company. They are trying to take benefits away just on her mental status of being diagnosed with severe depression by her internal medicine doctor. The benefits she receives were based on her severe migraines diagnosed by her neurologist. Both doctors have written letter stating that she is disabled from working indefinitely and cannot hold down a job. Several weeks ago she noticed someone following her just simply dropping off and picking up our son from school. And a 3rd time just going to get groceries and her medicine for her migraines and fibromyalgia. This is a rare time for her to get out when she felt good maybe once every 6-9 months. Her being followed it scared the mess out of her then called 911 after that they stopped. This was admitted in this phone call that they had someone follow her and they also admitted getting personal stuff of hers on the Internet even a Facebook she started while still working almost 3 years ago. Just to get extra money on her own from home. She hasn’t used that page in 2 years since the doctors told her no more work. The Standard told her that page could affect their decision. She told them everything was true and she asked them why are they trying to take the benefits away on her depression when they given to her based on her severe migraines. They would not answer her about that. She even told them if they took benefits away we could lose our car, power cut off and any other utilities because I bring home only $800 a month. Of course they showed no sympathy. I ask one can Ltd insurance companies legally follow someone personally and look at personal stuff online, and what suggestions are there to keep her benefits without taking the standard to court if she gets denied and loses her appeal through them.

    SK Jun 14, 2013  #36

  • Karen,

    Standard would not be able to recollect the fee ($6,000.00) awarded to the attorney that represented your husband during the SSDI process, but would have a right to recover and back benefits that were paid during a time that Standard was also paying the claim. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your husband’s claim to see what may be done to assist him.

    Stephen Jessup May 11, 2013  #35

  • I am fighting Standard for my husband. He became unable to work at all in October of 2011 due to EXTREME pain from fibromyalgia, unexplained joint deterioration and severe back problems. The standard paid him for 2 years and then stopped payment stating that he should be able to work some type of job. The man can not sit up in a regular chair for more than 20 minutes, nor stand up for more than 30 minutes. He spends most of his day in a recliner or in bed due to pain. In addition, he is on 2 different types of controlled meds at very high doses. What employer wants someone who is still in pain but on narcotics? He finally was awarded social security (fully favorable) in which the judge flat out said after seeing him that there is no job period that he would be able to do as just performing everyday living skills is very hard for him. We have tried to get the Standard to go back on their claim but now they refuse to either answer our calls or respond to them. In addition, they have told us that we will have to give them all of the money that the Social Security back pays him. Well $6,000 plus goes directly to our lawyer we had to get to fight Social Security and we desperately need to use the remainder to buy a vehicle that he is able to get in and out of without causing him damage. Any comments would be appreciated.

    Karen Riley May 10, 2013  #34

  • Jenny,

    I am sorry to hear about your poor medical condition. It is routine for an insurance company to continuously evaluate your claim. The Standard will do these reviews for as long as you remain on claim. You can call The Standard and see if they are seeking medical records. You have an obligation to provide your medical records to The Standard if they ask for them. Your Doctor should be billing The Standard and not you.

    Gregory Dell Apr 9, 2013  #33

  • I have been disabled for over 2 years now and collecting SSDI since 2010. In 2011 I returned to the work force on a “trial” work period to determine if I could work. I had gone through several procedures to help my chronic back pain and was in real threat of losing my car, home etc. because I was so far behind on paying my bills. Social Security offered me the chance to see if I could work by the return to work trial they offer. For about 6 months I did work, but as each day went by my pain became worse. I ended up missing more work than I was attending, and eventually went out on FMLA, then STD and LTD. Found out my back problems were far worse than I previously knew, and ended up with a triple spinal fusion. The Standard is paying my LTD benefits, minus my SSDI payment.

    I recently received a bill from a Doctor’s office for medical records request. After calling the Dr. office, I was told it was from WFI and that’s all they could tell me. Through research, I’ve found The Standard uses this third party to gather medical records. I’m not happy that I’m being billed for them requesting my medical records. Also, wondering why they are now gathering medical records? After all, my disability with them has been approved, and paid since the on set back in January of 2012.

    Why would they be gathering medical records now? Is it common for them to begin trying to put together a case to try denying benefits after 1 year of continued disability? I might be paranoid, however reading all the horror stories that others experience with this company, I’m worried they are now “targeting” me.

    I am scheduled for another spinal fusion (this is my second procedure in 1 year) and I’m worse off now than I was when my claim began in January of 2012.

    I haven’t received any forms or letters from them. How can I find out if they are reviewing my situation, and how to get them to pay for the medical records request? I have a bad feeling about this, and think I might be needing a Lawyer soon.

    Jenny Apr 8, 2013  #32

  • Chuck,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. It is great to hear that things are going to work out for you. It is great that you were able to stand up against your disability insurance company and receive the benefits that you are eligible for.

    Gregory Dell Mar 25, 2013  #31

  • Battling Standard as we speak; filed suit in United District Court. Well, guess what, they want to settle for lump sum. They cheated in every way and are not a good hands company. It took almost 5 years but the good news is the judge told us to work it out or he would go by the letter of contract and damages and attorny fee. They are now on the clock, they a few days to make offer or the judge decides and it would look very bad for them. I have 2 good law firms as there is appox. $100,000 in back-pay and well over a million in further pay.

    Chuck Mar 24, 2013  #30

  • Andrea,

    If you have already appealed and are waiting for a decision, then you need to wait at least 45 days for the Standard to make a decision on your claim. They can request one additional 45 day extension. Since you already submitted your appeal, we cannot assist you right now. If they deny your Appeal, then you should contact us and we will review your denial letter. We hope you win your appeal.

    Gregory Dell Nov 20, 2012  #29

  • The Standard Benefit Administrators/Standard Insurance Company stopped my STD 2 weeks short of switching to LTD claiming I wasn’t disabled. I appealed sending 5 years of documentation showing my medical information, x-rays, epidural information, fact that I have bi-polar (type 2 with ADHD). SBA/SIC said my medications do not “prove” I’m disabled nor that I am bi-polar and that my body should be “used to them” and I should be able to drive… I cannot drive or concentrate at work while on Oxycodone pain meds. Thus I worked while in great pain because I couldn’t take my meds during the workday. They said that my BOSSES (whose names were spelled incorrectly in the letter) told SIC that my job was sedentary (it wasn’t) and that I did not perform to standard. I thought it was against the law to state such things, especially when they are false! SBA/SIC also said since I worked up until my last day. Most people who are disabled try to work as long as possible before having to file for disability. Also, since I said it was a hostile workplace, I wasn’t disabled. I have used a cane for 4 years and my problems (muscular-skeletal) just get worse. I have applied for SSDI, but won’t get it for at least another month or two. I have no income. What can I do?

    Andrea W. Nov 19, 2012  #28

  • Andrea,

    The Standard Insurance Company should not be threatening your credit. If there is an overpayment to you, then they can try to collect it from you. However if you are appealing a denial, then they should not pursue any actions against you until completion of your Appeal. You may have an offset in your policy for benefits your have received from state of GA retirement.

    Gregory Dell Oct 22, 2012  #27

  • The Standard denied my long term disability claim and I am now on appeal with them and SS. They sent me a letter from attorney’s threatening my credit. My analyst stated they should not be sending me these kinds of notifications. I need to know my rights and expediate my approval for LTD. I have been approved for disability/retirement through the state of GA.

    Thank you for any assistance you can offer me.

    Andrea Clifton Oct 22, 2012  #26

  • John,

    You can file a complaint with the Oregon Department of Insurance about the wrongful treatment you have received. There are very strict laws in every state that an insurance company must comply with. You may be required to submit an appeal to The Standard before you can sue them.

    Gregory Dell Oct 21, 2012  #25

  • This company screwed me royally when I was ill back in 2004 and now it appears they are trying the waiting and delaying game now that my doctor has determined I am disabled for the short term. I have received two letters from them saying it will take more time for a decision, I feel it is more time to try and find a reason to deny me. I cant understand why the state of Oregon still does business with these people statewide because there have been many state employees who complain and hate this company. How does big business get away with this type of evil in 2012, does big business and profits rule everything now. These people have no integrity at all. They are never there when hard working people who pay them premiums need them. Besides suing them is there anything a normal person an do to fight this evil?

    John Xavier Oct 20, 2012  #24

  • Ben,

    Hang in there. They have probably sent your file to their in-house doctor or to a doctor that they regularly work with. You should send them any updated medical records that you may not have sent in already.

    Gregory Dell Oct 4, 2012  #23

  • I put my claim in sometime in June 2012 due to depression, anxiety, bi-polar and psychopathic symptoms. I thought I would get some sort of decision back fairly quickly however it’s been about 4 months now with about 6 letters sent stating they need more information. I got a letter in mid-September stating that they had sent my medical records for physician review. I’m not very confident based on what I’ve been reading.

    Ben V. Oct 3, 2012  #22

  • Sharon,

    Please contact us privately to discuss your claim with The Standard. You need to communicate with them in writing only so that everything is documented.

    Gregory Dell Oct 2, 2012  #21

  • I was placed on FMLA April 30, 2012 for multiple mental disabilities and have been given the run-around by the Standard Insurance Company. They are such big liars and not trained in the field. I fear that my claim will be denied and I need assistance or I will be homeless… I need help with this crazy insurance company! I have been having multiple anxiety and panic attacks worrying about my livelihood. Help before I end up in the psychiatric hospital like a rotten vegetable! Please contact me when you receive my emails…

    Sharon Rutledge Oct 1, 2012  #20

  • I have been battling with The Standard out of Oregon for most of the year. I went out on disability leave of absence from work at the beginning of January for mental health issues as well as some other health issues. Severe depression, anxiety, migraines, stress, and physical pain from previous surgeries causing me to need abdominal scar tissue removed while I was out of work.

    Shortly after I left work my mother attempted suicide and I am the one who found her and saved her life but it was ver traumatic. It caused some very severe PTSD and caused my depression and anxiety to worsen. On top of taking care of my mother and her appointments and all of my doctors appoints as well, once my short term ran out at the beginning of April and it switched to Long Term they stopped paying me.

    I have almost lost my home, had to sell everything I own of value, was in the psychiatric hospital for a week (3 days of which were not voluntary) due to passive suicidal ideations. And even though my therapist would’ve preferred that I go into an intensive outpatient treatment program, I had no choice but to go back to work because I hadn’t been paid in 4 months

    They are crooks who don’t care about anything except making sure they deny claims and save money. Had anything happened to me, my family would be able to blame my current financial situation for it and The Standard would be the cause for it. They never return phone calls or emails in a timely manner. My HR coordinator at work even emailed my supposed caseworker and she never got a response. They are a giant joke of horrible business practices and they don’t care about anybody but themselves.

    Lori Brett Sep 4, 2012  #19

  • Janine,

    If you claim is denied by Standard following your appeal, then your only option will be to file a lawsuit in federal court. Since you have already submitted your appeal there is nothing we can do at this point. If you receive a denial, then we can immediately review your claim and let you know immediately if we could file a lawsuit for you. If you have any additional medical records since you submitted your appeal, then you must submit then ASAP to the Standard. You should also submit a personal statement explaining why you cannot work.

    Gregory Dell Aug 26, 2012  #18

  • I have been dealing with The Standard since January. They denied my disability claim and it’s now in appeal. I have medical reports supporting my claim and disputing their denial, yet they continue to prolong this claim and put me in further financial ruin!

    I have read countless stories of their unethical practices, and I would like to know what recourse I have to receive benefits.

    It’s frustrating to know that I paid for insurance to protect me and my son in an emergency, yet when it came time to actually need it, it wasn’t there!

    Janine Aug 25, 2012  #17

  • Angela,

    We have helped thousands of claimants obtain disability insurance benefits and we are very familiar with The Standard. If you filed in March 2012, depending upon how long your Elimination Period is, then you should have received a decision by now. Please contact us privately and we will provide you with a free consultation to review your claim options.

    Gregory Dell Aug 18, 2012  #16

  • I have filed a LTD in March 2012, I have talked to them several times for one reason or another. I did what was requested of me. My doctor stated they sent medical records and waiting for standard’s payment. I received a letter stating I have 30 days to completed my file. I don’t what to do from here.

    I have asthma, depression, and neuropathy that affected my feet, legs and hands. I am in constant pain even with medication. Can you please help me!

    Angela Nash-Scott Aug 17, 2012  #15

  • Rick,

    We are sorry to hear about your batter with The Standard. We have handled numerous claims against The Standard. Please contact us privately to discuss your options.

    Gregory Dell Jul 29, 2012  #14

  • I was a prison guard for four years. When I was cutting wood a tree fell on me rupturing disks in my back. I was ordered to go to a doctor by the state. After my termination I was placed on STD by Standard, then LTD when the 2 years were up. My claim was terminated 3 days ago. I have medical evidence (so does Standard) that I’m in chronic pain in my back and knees (an old marine corp injury that has progressively gotten worse in the past few years – service connected disability 10%). I have to use a brace and cane to walk and can’t stand for long periods of time but the Standard said I could still work as a cashier or clerk in my area even though I’m in pain all the time and can’t stand for more than 2 hours or bend down. I am still trying to fight them on my own but I need help.

    Rick Williamson Jul 28, 2012  #13

  • The Standard is so messed up. About a year ago they paid my short-term disability claim for about 6 weeks for Fibromyalgia. I’ve had to submit another claim for the same reason recently for about a 12 week period. They denied it for Fibromyalgia, but approved it for mental health saying the issue is mental health and I can do a sedentary job.

    I am within 1 day of losing my house for good before they made this decision and the money is less than 1/2 of what I was expecting. What good is paying premiums if they don’t want to help when you need it?

    Their process for getting medical records from Kaiser Permanente in Oregon (and I am not joking in the least) is:

    (1) Refer the collection of records to a 3rd party – WFI, a California based company
    (2) WFI contacts Kaiser for a release form
    (3) Kaiser sends release form to WFI
    (4) WFI sends the release form to client for signature
    (5) client returns signed form to WFI
    (6) WFI sends form to Kaiser
    (7) Kaiser sends records to WFI
    (8) WFI sends records to Standard.

    Is that the most ridiculous process you have ever heard? The process will take weeks! They don’t even start getting medical records until 30 days after you filed your claim. In the mean time, you have no money and everything gets shut-off, your bills go into collection, and you lose your home. Gee, thanks Standard.

    Sheila Parkins Feb 28, 2012  #12

  • Lana,

    Even if you drop SSDI then Standard will still offset the benefit.

    Gregory Dell Jan 16, 2012  #11

  • My father started with STD then it switched over to LTD. He had it for about two years and Standard was threatening to take him off if he didn’t file for social security benefits. He finally did, scared to lose the income, then when he received a check from SSI, Standard said you owe us and took the whole check. Then SSI sent a check for one of the dependents and Standard is now withholding it from my dad’s paycheck, even-though they NEVER gave any money towards the dependent! They say it’s our policy and you have to give us that money, since we pay for your LTD! So the dependent was left with no money! Does anyone know if you can switch back just to Standard and not Standard and SSI?

    Lana Jan 13, 2012  #10

  • The Standard is screwing around with us in Oregon too Yo! I am a Correctional Officer (the hidden Cops that really protect the public from the criminals) for eight and a half years with the State of Oregon, Two Rivers Correctional Institution. I was injured on the job, but terminated for a lack of attendance which was directly related to the progressive injuries. I qualified for Short, then Long Term Disability Benefits. But after two years (24 months) It is the standards’ opinion that I can work a “sedentary” job at a parts store or something similar. I had a career man, I was making a difference, I was helping people for real!! Now I’m homeless, with no income. How am i supposed to live off 6-8 hours a week, minimum wage? I don’t even know for sure if I am physically capable of working that many hours (guesstimate). Who/where do we turn to in Oregon???

    Tony Morgan Nov 2, 2011  #9

  • Clare,

    If your disability policy has the two year mental nervous limitation, then there is no case law I am aware of which supports your ability to challenge it.

    Gregory Dell Oct 27, 2011  #8

  • I am on disability for mental health reasons and the Standard only insures mental health for 2 years max so in January 2012 my case will be closed. Why does a physical disability get lifetime coverage when a mental health situation gets only 2 years. Isn’t there a parity law in California and federally. Do I have any chance of fighting their stance on mental health and being treated as the law says on an equal footing with physical health.

    Clare Kelly Oct 27, 2011  #7

  • Sandra, if your primary disability is physical and not mental, then it may be wrong for The Standard to limit your benefit to 2 years. We would need to review your denial letter and policy in order to determine the appropriate action to take.

    Gregory Dell Jul 10, 2011  #6

  • I was on long term disability with Standard for two years due to depression, stress, and high blood pressure. They discontinued my benefits as they state the proximate cause of my uncontrolled blood pressure health issue was my mental state, and since their policy only covered mental health issues for two years they discontinued the disability payments. This effected my group health insurance as my employer will not longer allow for the health plan coverage. My medicals primarily for my uncontrolled blood pressure issue will run $700.00 a month or more, and now I cannot see my Cardiologist due to no group insurance.

    Sandra Willliams Jul 9, 2011  #5

  • I was approved for STD. My request clearly stated my reason was for Fibromyalgia, C-spine herniation, and osteoarthritis. My LTD was denied because “my job” was sedentary. I had my Doc, who I also worked with, submit a letter stating my job was not sedentary and she agreed I should be off work. Still denied. I am now working on a bad faith claim…

    LeAn Jun 18, 2011  #4

  • Deborah, I am sorry to hear about the experiences you have had over the past 5 years with the Standard Insurance Company. I am glad to hear that you were able to resolve your issues and that you continue to receive disability payments.

    Gregory Dell May 11, 2011  #3

  • The Standard also had someone do surveillance on me for a week. I saw them parked in the street and went to them and asked if they needed any help. They said they were doing surveillance and I though there was someone getting a divorce, but I found out years later when my attorney obtained all of their records that I was the one they were watching. Boring me was only going to the doctors and then to church 4 times every week. They said I must be employed by the church and went there to investigate and found I was just attending church, so they left me alone that year. Boring!

    Deborah Nixon May 11, 2011  #2

  • They try hard to knock you off. One time they knocked me off for making $20 too much in 2006 by disallowing deductions the IRS allowed. They told me they were going to teach me a lesson before they did it. I hired a lawyer and an accountant but I finally had to tell both of them what to say and do and to do exactly how I told them to do it. It finally after 2 1/2 years was passed on to a third party who laughed and ruled in my favor and I was reinstated. Another time I was told I had to go through a physical. I asked what they were going to have me do. The Standard employee said she didn’t know. I called the facility and they listed off some activities one of which was a tread mill. I said, “My doctor doesn’t even have me do that.” My body is rejecting my heart. The PT asked if I was coming. I said, “By all means. My daughter needs her student loans paid off and I will either fall and break bones or I will go into cardiac arrest.” I called my claims advisor and told her the same. The next day she cancelled by e-mail, snail mail and a message on my answering machine.

    Deborah Nixon May 11, 2011  #1

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I have nothing but praise for him and his staff. They have made this legal process so much easier for me and have taken my worrying away from me and handled everything. They keep me informed of all that is happening with my case and promptly respond to my emails and calls to answer my questions. I would not hesitate to recommend this firm as they are highly knowledgeable on the law and are very professional.

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