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Disability claimants are often seeking information regarding Broadspire long term disability reviews. We have created a forum where insurers can post reviews and comments about Broadspire short term and long term disability claims. Our attorneys respond to most comments posted by our visitors.

Broadspire is a not a disability insurance company. Broadspire is a third party claims administrator hired by disability insurance companies or employers to manage short and long term disability claims. When Broadspire is managing a claim, they are generally given the power to both administer a claim and make the determination as to whether a disability claimant should be paid benefits each month. In April of 2006 Aetna acquired the disability business of Broadspire for 160 million dollars.

Broadspire Services, Inc. provides claims management services to employers and insurance companies in the United States and Europe. Essentially Broadspire manages claims, determining compensability, setting reserves and assigns further medical management resources. Its services include workers’ compensation claims management, medical and field case management, risk and safety consulting, auto and general liability claims management, associated medical management services and integrated workers’ compensation and disability management programs.

Broadspire Services, Inc. was formerly known as Kemper Services LLC. The company was founded in 1996 and is based in Plantation, Florida with additional offices in the United States and Europe. Broadspire Services, Inc. is a subsidiary of Crawford & Company (NYSE: CRDA; CRDB). Broadspire generate more than $240 million annually.

Disability Attorneys Dell & Schaefer have provided and offer the following legal services for disability claimants that have a long-term disability insurance policy that is managed by Broadspire:

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  • Broadshire uses false and misleading information from an employer to say if an injury occured at work or not

    Lisa Sep 5, 2022  #120

  • Kaleigha: This is an unfortunate situation, if you have a denial letter from Broadspire, I suggest you contact our office and speak with one of the attorneys to discuss in more detail your circumstances and your options.

    Jay Symonds Jul 22, 2022  #119

  • My claim with Broadspire was denied after I turned in all the information asked of me along with additional information including my personal medical records and progress notes. I believe that my claim was denied because I’ve asked that my calls be escalated to a manager and the person handling my case is using her authority to close my case. I haven’t been paid in over a month my calls go unanswered when they clearly state that they have 48 hours to get back to you if and when she does call back it’s normally two weeks later.

    Kaleigha Jul 21, 2022  #118

  • Broadspire approved my claim for STD and then emailed me yesterday stating they were rescinding my approval. They stated that my psychiatrist “ provided no documentation of, or recommendation for, pharmacological intervention. A pharmacological intervention? Doesn’t that mean “drugs” ? Can they legally force me to take psychotropic drugs for depression and anxiety? Especially when these ailments are due to after effects of being infected with Covid-19 at my job site…

    Sisto Tapia Sep 9, 2021  #117

  • Amanda, we will need more information regarding this scenario as I have never personally had an insurance company send a nurse with my client during a doctor visit. Also, we may need to review the governing policy. Please contact us at once for a free consultation.

    Alex Palamara Jul 29, 2021  #116

  • Do I have the right to refuse a field nurse coming to the doctors with me?

    Amanda B. Jul 29, 2021  #115

  • Vincent, Broadspire does not make decisions for Cigna’s fully insured short term or long term disability claims.

    Jay Symonds Jun 28, 2021  #114

  • Broadspire just approved my ADA on the 23rd of June. The short term disability is with Cigna. Do Broadspire makes the decision on behalf of Cigna to pay benefits?

    Vincent T. Jun 28, 2021  #113

  • Carl, unfortunately we do not handle these situations.

    Rachel Alters Apr 30, 2021  #112

  • If you have not submitted a claim in three years or used any medical, prescriptions, doctors from Broadspire, or spoken to your adjuster since 2018 why would they have people harassing you. Invading your home life, workplace etc… The worst part is know one can willing to help with this situation. These people or nasty so when they get to close I will give them a taste of there on medicine and follow them. Who can handle this harassment?

    Carl Apr 30, 2021  #111

  • My name is Timothy. I am a hourly employee for the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, Boardspire is a third party administrator for USC short and long term Disabiitity plan. As of january 1 2021 I elected for A California State disability plan. On December 14, 2020 I contracted the covid -19 virus. On December 24, 2020, in the emengercy ward in the hospital I was diagnosed with pneumonia. My primary doctor refused to see me until I tested negative for the virus. I am recovering from the lung damage from the pneumonia, Broadspire email me stating I have no valid disability claim. The California State disability office stated the date of my sickness is the date of my claim staring date.

    Timothy H. Apr 5, 2021  #110

  • Radia, we have a client who was approved for STD benefits under the World Bank Policy for the full 2 years and is now in the process of fighting for LTD benefits. Thus, we do have experience with the World Bank Policy and have a copy of the Disability Insurance Program, as well as the Claims Procedure and Appeals Procedure Manual. Please contact us so that we can discuss your claim.

    Alex Palamara Feb 10, 2021  #109

  • I have been on STD with the World Bank whereby Broadspire is the disability and compensation party. I was denied for work compensation for mental/mental without any reasons besides that my claim doesn’t fall within the DC compensation guidelines. Do you have experience with World Bank who has internal rules?

    Radia B. Feb 10, 2021  #108

  • Timothy, Attorneys Dell & Schaefer only handles disability insurance matters. We do not handle Workers Compensation cases. Please contact a local Workers Compensation attorney.

    Rachel Alters Dec 3, 2020  #107

  • Darla Talley is my workmans comp adjuster and can’t even get a hold of her. She doesn’t answer her phone or voicemail, very dissatisfied with her service.

    Timothy G. Dec 3, 2020  #106

  • RACISM in Broadspire long term disability benefits with Insurance surveillance and I’m being harassed 24/7, they chase me blow horns screaming hey while on my balcony on the 3rd floor, I’ve been called biggers because they can’t see because a screen is up. I’ve called police every night, they disperse when police show up they are getting into a private gate camping out walking around my complex at 2 am when gates are closed at 5:30 pm they chase me down dirt roads. This has been going on everyday for over a month that I’m scared to leave my home. I have had 4 surgeries on long term disability since 2018.

    Vivian J. Jun 11, 2020  #105

  • Allen: Is this a long term or short term disability claim? It appears to be a weekly benefit through a self-funded salary continuation program, if so you should continue to pursue benefits through your attorney.

    Jay Symonds May 27, 2020  #104

  • My husband have not getting pay. They paid him for a while then they cut him out again he have not gotten pay in 3 weeks. His lawyer always not in his office, when we need to talk to him will not respond back, he told us not to talk to Broadspire.

    Allen M. May 27, 2020  #103

  • Yalda, yes you would need to file an appeal of their denial to get the back pay.

    Rachel Alters May 20, 2020  #102

  • I was going thru depression and suicidal ideations and even after an attempt they denied my primary care doctors assessment of short term disability. They made my whole leave from work about trying to find psychologists and doctor appointments that I could not pay for with out my STD payments to help. They eventually paid me some but first denied my claim and I stopped trying to find a doctor but later partially approved my claim with out notifying me. I have missed 3 months of pay now because I didn’t know they would have approved me with my own doctors recommendation. Can I get them to approve this time that has past? The payments covered me from Jan-February but this was done after they denied me formally and never notified me of the change in decision or else I would have continued my regular doctor apppointments.

    Yalda May 20, 2020  #101

  • Pamela, I am sorry to hear of the trouble that Broadspire is giving you. Sometimes in these situations, it is best to contact the insurance carrier multiple times per day via phone calls, emails and faxes. Should Broadspire continue not to pay you or should it deny your claim, please contact us at once to assist you with the next steps.

    Alex Palamara Apr 14, 2020  #100

  • I have been trying to reach my claims manager, Kyle for 3 days now (no returned phone call). My check from March 31 has not arrived. Should have been issued another check on 4/10. Who do I speak to? I’m concerned for him and my check.

    Pamela G. Apr 14, 2020  #99

  • Patrick, it appears that your claim is related to a worker’s compensation claim. You will need to speak with a Worker’s Compensation attorney (we only handle short and long term disability insurance claims). If you need assistance in contacting a Work Comp attorney please feel free to contact our office and we may be able to help you get in touch with one.

    Stephen Jessup Apr 10, 2020  #98

  • I got hurt when I worked for Chevron on a oil rig platform which caused me to never be able to work or even enjoy the ability to just perform day to day activities. Even getting up to go to the bathroom is a task I do not look forward to. Now that I have turned 65 they cut my check in more than half, now I’m getting less than $2000.00 a month and I don’t even know if this is right. I feel I should be getting more money a month than I do and how was it ok for them to cut my check in over half.

    Patrick Apr 9, 2020  #97

  • Jessica, this sounds like a very difficult situation for you and it sounds as though you met their requests and then some. I suggest you contact our office and speak with one of the attorneys to address the specific questions you have regarding your situation.

    Jay Symonds Oct 8, 2019  #96

  • I was hospitalized in July 2019 and filed for short term disability through Broadspire due to major depressive disorder, impaired speech, and unable to walk properly. My short term benefits were approved for a few weeks and once I went in to my doctors for just a follow up they said I no longer qualified for benefits because they stated insufficient information was provided, however I went above and beyond what they asked and got transcripts of all of my medical records.

    Even things that my doctors would not say due to HIPPA regulation. Once I get back on my feet I’ll be filing a lawsuit against them for sure since they have cause me so many more problems.

    Jessica M. Oct 8, 2019  #95

  • Wow, I am really glad to have found this site. I am a psychologist who has not been paid by Broadspire for work performed. We have sent in claims four separate times, and now they are saying they no longer accept via fax and will only accept via mail (1- making it harder for you to prove you’ve sent in and 2- giving them more time to pay out). I believe this is willful negligence. Where do we go to initiate a class action?

    Colleen Apr 29, 2019  #94

  • Ltbeard, I would ask you accountant for advice as to whether the numbers add up. I would not trust Broadspires calculations are accurate.

    Rachel Alters Mar 12, 2019  #93

  • I was put on Ltd in 2015 and received my SSDI award in 2017. Broadspire says I was overpaid and have to repay nearly 25,000. They are taking my whole ASRS payment till 2021. The numbers doesn’t make sense and my specialists avoids answering my questions she sends me payment sheets with taxable income and non taxable income and % to explain overpayment. My tax forms don’t add up the same.

    Ltbeard Mar 12, 2019  #92

  • Chronically ill, unfortunately, under employer provided disability policies there is a right to recover an overpayment stemming from receipt of Social Security disability, to include benefits that are received by dependent children. I would advise you to double check your policy to make sure that such policy language is contained in your policy.

    Stephen Jessup Feb 17, 2019  #91

  • Broadspire is the LTD administer for the company I worked for. I went out on STD in 2016, going into LTD 10/2016. Broadspire would send me to Dr appts to see if my claim should be extended. I suffer from chronic migraines, spinal stenosis, anxiety. And depression. All of these have been documented along with stacks of medical records and medication, tests, etc. The primary medical condition is chronic migraines. Broadspire sent me to a psychiatrist. Even the Dr was confused. They then sent me to an orthopedic surgeon that said I was unable to work so instead of just moving on, they ordered a second opinion. I had to see another Dr. This Dr didn’t look up from my file. He didn’t examine me. I was there for 20 minutes. He sent a letter stating I was fine for work. This was appealed and I continued LTD. I was finally, after a long 2 years, I was awarded SSDI.

    I was advised that once approved for SSD, I’d have to repay Broadspire the “overpayment” amount. I was approved 10/2016 through now. Broadspire has been paying me 60 % of my pay per month. Recently, I received a notice showing I owe a great deal of money back to Broadspire when I receive the back payment from SS. I was prepared for that and knew it was coming. I was also told to list my dependents. I did that with SSD and they SS paid me for them. Now Broadspire wants every dime they paid me back for LTD for the passed 2 1/2 years. I’m so behind on bills. The money from SSD for my children is for my children. I’m really confused as to why I have to pay everything back.

    Chronically ill Feb 17, 2019  #90

  • I’m so sorry for everyone going thru the pain & suffering, garbage, unethical, uncompassionate, & illegal dog doo-doo to are forced to go thru.

    The workers comp system in its entirety is a shady & drawn out fraudulent system that is almost never in the favor of the injured worker. Third party administrators guide injured workers to go thru their MPN because doctors are in the business of writing reports in the employer’s favor.
    For example, I went to see a QME for a second opinion (their MPN) and was given the same rating as the previous doctor. The only difference (this is funny AF & a complete insult to my intelligence) is this unprofessional & lying QME Dr said I (36 yrs young) was born with my Digenerative Disc Disease (DDD).

    Ohh Really? Are you that stupid? Do you think I’m stupid? First of all it is uncommon someone of my age group be diagnosed & have DDD especially considering never having any accidents involving head trauma of any kind…EVER!!

    I said to the doctor:
    >>> “really? you’re educated as a doctor? You wasted your time & money to tell me I was born with DDD, as in I’m 36yrs & have never felt neck pains until just recently all of a sudden? What happened to feeling any pain over the three decades of this disease?” This doctor was stumped & had nothing for me. Such a joke.

    Good luck to everyone & always obtain an attorney, ALWAYS!!

    Matt Feb 5, 2019  #89

  • Carl, it would be unusual and unlikely for your disability insurer to be conducting surveillance on you if you are not currently in an active claim. Please contact our office for a free consultation with one of our disability insurance attorneys.

    Cesar Gavidia Jul 13, 2018  #88

  • I have not submitted a claim in 1 1/2 years to see the doctor are for injections I moved on with my life, picked up other ways in handling my injury which in my account I’m functioning at 95% with no pain meds in over 3 years. Why does Broadspire still want to hire some agency to follow me? What can I do about this matter? They are doing all this at a distance around the Conner from my house when I get home. If I decide to take my Harley out for a ride they follow me taking pictures. As far as I can see in the future not planning on using them for any medical treatment.

    Carl S. Jul 12, 2018  #87

  • Carl, if you are no longer on claim with Broadspire then they have no reason to perform surveillance.

    Victor Pena May 8, 2018  #86

  • Hey, I have a workers comp claim with Crawford and Crawford had a fusion in 1998, Broadspire has been sending me letters for my injections not any more. I work part time for a while form 2001 to 2017. Went fulltime not on Disability, no SSDI have no work are doctor speculation’s my doctor said come see him whenever I needed him. I resume the life I used to have before 1998. I cut my yard on my riding mower, walk a lot, ride my Harley every now and than, I drive out of town more, I’m lifting 20 to 35 lbs, more active then I ever been. My doctor put claim in for injection last year in 2016 maybe August it was rejected so I used my on Insurance and have not had any injections in a while, who knows I might need one in the future don’t know and no one has ever paid me a dime. Why are they still watching what I do with my life if I have gainful employment and back to the life I long for since 1998 is that legal for them to continue stalking me.

    Carl S. May 7, 2018  #85

  • Rod,

    You should submit your requests to your attorney in writing and express your concerns regarding his response time and keeping you in the loop.

    Victor Pena Mar 4, 2018  #84

  • I have an open claim with Broadspire and I have an attorney, whom since my deposition has not responded to any of my calls or questions regarding the denial of my medications. After my visit proving my injury with the ime it seems as though my attorney is afraid of Broadspire or something. Is this normal or do I need another attorney? He told me that the deposition went good and after my visit with my ime things would then be determined, it has almost been 3 months of silence idk what to do.

    Rod Mar 3, 2018  #83

  • Ak, Broadspire typically handles Worker’s Compensation claims and is rarely involved in disability insurance claims administration, so your situation is unique. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your claim in greater detail.

    Stephen Jessup Mar 2, 2018  #82

  • Broadspire denied my claim and said my depression and suicide thoughts are a workers comp issue. Which makes no sense. I have no money and have been out of work for a month and a half instead of getting treatment my therapist has to fill new paper work every week in order for it to get denied for insufficient info. We escalated to my claims boss who said he was going to do something and give me another claim specialist but refuses to help, even after my therapist personally called him and told him to not treat me because I am suicidal. So now I am desperate and searching for others like me that have been dealt a bad hand by this crooked company that is only looking out for their best interest and calls suicidal people liars.

    ak Mar 1, 2018  #81

  • Ari, I am not sure what you mean by “cut” their benefits. Is this a worker’s compensation claim? If so, you should contact a Worker’s Compensation attorney.

    Jay Symonds Feb 1, 2018  #80

  • This is actually more of a question. Does broadspire cut their benefits When Social Security disability ceases theirs?

    Ari Jan 31, 2018  #79

  • Valerie, if you have received your formal denial letter please feel free to contact our office to discuss your claim in greater detail.

    Stephen Jessup Jan 24, 2018  #78

  • I was forced to go on leave a month ago by my employer. I suffer from anxiety and my physician prescribed me some medication that my body would had to adjust to therefore I needed to be off from work extended periods of time. My employer contacted me today and told me the are denying my short-term disability claim stating that my physician’s statement does not state that my medical condition is keeping me from working normal hours. My physician’s statement does state that there would be periods that I wouldn’t be able to work normal hours. I work in a very stressful environment and I need frequent breaks to maintain my mental health and now my employer has added more stress to me by denying my short-term disability claim.

    I am not receiving any income at this time. I was forced to go on leave a month ago and was told that I would be getting short-term disability until I returned to work.

    VALERIE Jan 23, 2018  #77

  • Rodney, I would recommend you consult with a Worker’s Compensation attorney to best assess your rights.

    Stephen Jessup Dec 17, 2017  #76

  • I was injured May 2017 and have an open claim with Broadspire. This is the second time that a specialist of their choosing has taken me out of work and they held my TTD benefits the first time until the day after I went back to work. Now the duration of me being out is supposed to be 2 months+ and I haven’t seen a check at all and it has been 5 weeks already. My attorney says they have informed him they are withholding my payment until I agree to go to an independent medical exam. My guess is they want a doctor to overturn or disprove the TBI specialist diagnosis of minor brain injury. I agreed and that was 2 weeks ago and they still have not scheduled it.

    Is thus the norm for them? To take hard working folks that already live check to check and starve them and their families? Cause them to become homeless in order to apply pressure to make them settle.

    Rodney F. Dec 16, 2017  #75

  • Ashley, please feel free to contact our office to discuss your denial. Broadspire typically only handles worker’s compensation claims, so we would need more information to determine your rights under a short term disability policy.

    Stephen Jessup Nov 3, 2017  #74

  • I had a short term disability claim through broadspire under my work medical leave. I communicated with them about timelines and Dr communication on getting them the paperwork they denied my claim then within 24 hrs received the paperwork from my doctor. They said they couldn’t reopen it amd it was closed. I lost my job immediately due to those 28 being counted unexcused. I now don’t get the back pay for the time I was out not do I have insurance now. What can I do?

    Ashley J. Nov 2, 2017  #73

  • Anonymous, do you have any appeals left or lawsuits pending under your employer disability plan? Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your claim in greater detail.

    Stephen Jessup Apr 11, 2017  #72

  • Broadspire took over for Sedgwick to handle ASRS LTD claims last year. Sedgwick had denied my claim after twenty four months by falsesfying a medical document from a Nurse Practicioner. They changed the name of the NP and changed her credential to that as a Medical Doctor. That document was sent to a vocational rehabilitation counselor to conduct a TSA. I caught on to what Sedgewick was doing and had my attending physician send in a copy of the same form filled out with my actual objective medical status but it was ignored. My LTD was shut off from October – August of the next year when I was finally forced to pull my retirement. An appeal on the closed period was supposed to be heard by October 2016 but it was just dropped by Broadspire until recently. Broadspire went as far as taking the TSA which was falsified and they had been informed of such and on top of that had a Case Management Nurse who does not hold a compact license to manage cases in AZ determine my case. She took no regard to my complaint of not being able to do my old job while still being heavily medicated on benzodiazepines which come to find out makes sense since the same Nurse can’t obtain a compact licsense and has a limited license in her home state because she was caught red handed with felony diversion of drugs literally shooting up diloted in her employers bathroom. She was also found with other meds such as Ativan which I guess goes to show why she thought it would be no big deal to drive in such condition. I have paper work than proves everything I just said… if it is their practice to hire such RN Case Managers like this they must want to control the outcome by hiring employees who have little where else to go. This needs to be stopped! My information on this one Nurse could help hundreds of people but it needs to help me first I’m sinking.

    Anonymous Apr 9, 2017  #71

  • Ronnie, unfortunately, we only handle claims under short and long term disability insurance policies. You would need to consult with a Worker’s Compensation attorney. I would suggest you contact HR with respect to the problem you are having and since you are not stateside that you inquire as to what State worker’s compensation is being processed out of to consult with an attorney in that jurisdiction.

    Stephen Jessup Feb 13, 2017  #70

  • I injured my foot while working for a contactor in Afghanistan. I had surgery on the foot back in September of 2016 but as of today, I can barley walk on it some days. I am at present still employed by said contacted and still in Afghanistan. I have contacted the insurer, Broadspire and relented to them that I was still experiencing issues with the foot but have not received any replies to date. I really believe that I will not have the full use of this foot for the remainder of my life. Something was damaged in it and It’s not going to heal correctly. I’m a Master Plumber by profession and that may not work out very well for me in the long run. Can you help me?

    Ronnie R. Feb 10, 2017  #69

  • Broadspire in Kentucky is the most unethical company I have ever had the misfortune of crossing paths with. They will send a real life witch case manager to your doctor’s appointments that will talk over the doctor and convince them everything is preexisting. Even though you were walking ten miles a night the night you were crushed at work. Then she will call and harass your Dr every day and force them to release you to work with no treatment. They leave you no option other than quitting your job, because you aren’t well enough to return! They are about to be investigated for fraud, because they put info on an IME report after the dr had completed it. I pray no one ever has to deal with these horrible people! They are the worst!!!

    Sean K. Dec 5, 2016  #68

  • Michelle, we do not handle worker’s compensation claims, only disability insurance claims. You will need to consult with a Worker’s Compensation attorney to determine your rights.

    Stephen Jessup Nov 15, 2016  #67

  • Desperate in California
    I was injured in 2000 and Kemper was the workers comp board then. Now Broadspire.
    I have been trying for 14 years to get them to help me. In the past two and a half years my cervical and lumbar injuries have gotten so bad I am facing emergency surgery. Broadspire will not respond or help. The Drs I have seen say my nerve damage is irreversible and will only progress. I can’t feel my hands or feet and yesterday evening a new joy, facial numbness. I was supposedly awarded lifetime medical. I have seen so many Drs and had so many treatments it’s hard to keep track but I had to run it thru my subsequent employers insurance just to get help. I am now on Medi-Cal and am running a tab up with the state just to stay alive right now.
    If any of these posts looking at suing Broadspire are recent ( I can’t see dates, it is currently 11/16) I want to talk.
    Broadspire is doing their best to wait until I die.

    Michelle Nov 11, 2016  #66

  • Stacy, Broadspire typically handles claims for Worker’s Compensation so it is interesting to hear they are getting back into the disability realm. If it is a true LTD claim under a disability policy a carrier can determine to deny a claim at any point it deems the medical evidence does not support disability. Without knowing more about your case there would be no way to really provide direction. Please feel free to contact our office if you would like to discuss the matter further.

    Stephen Jessup Sep 13, 2016  #65

  • Hi. I have been on LTD with Sedgwick since 2006 no problems, Broadspire took over 09/01/2016 and they have already lost my first paycheck from them. They claim sedwick gave them old info and sent my money to a old bank acct. but I can prove my info was correct and up to date now they are reviewing my claim. I was approved to 2026, still no payment. Can they stop my claim? help

    Stacy Sep 11, 2016  #64

  • Anonymous, it sounds like your questions are geared toward Worker’s Compensation requirements. If so, you will need to speak with an attorney that handles those types of case.

    Stephen Jessup Aug 18, 2016  #63

  • I’m a CNA and I was injured at work. I herniated a disk in my back. Broadspire so far has been great. I got medical treatment fast. Short term disability has been on time and the right amount. They set me up with Doc for my independent medical exam, then called me back 2 hours after telling me about the appointment and informed me that the Doc didn’t need to see me because my MRI was clear, I needed surgical intervention. I’m still on short term disability and have been approved to start light duty mid Sept.

    I need a little guidance:
    I’m told that once I’m released from light duty I’m getting a Medical Impairment Rating. Do I need an attorney for the last few steps (IME and loss of function compensation)?
    Do they pay lump sums for monthly installments?

    ANONYMOUS Aug 17, 2016  #62

  • Natalie,

    Is your claim for California State Disability benefits? If so you will need to consult with an attorney that handles those claims.

    Stephen Jessup Sep 15, 2015  #61

  • I had foot surgery and was placed on short term disability. My surgeon/Doctor extended my disability for 6 months as I am having recovery issues. My transportation to my job is first walking to train station and catching train, then dropped off at downtown station and RUNNING to catch a tram on time to my work location. Then walking across campus (1-1.4) miles to my office. Then once in my office, my job requires walking around campus picking up checks, dealing with issues and also meetings; many require stairs.
    Broadspire rep., claims their issue of my getting to work is not their problem and has no bearing on the claim, she also stated I should find another employer to do my walking. I told her not possible as our department has only 4 employees. She said Not our problem. I wonder if I could sue my employer, University of Southern California since I pay USC directly for my disability insurance out of each of my checks, not Broadspire. There should be some real way (not years) of obtaining your rightful disability. Why is this piece of trash company allowed to ruin peoples lives and financially cause ruin? They even deny judicial judgment’s without any punishment, WHY? The law makes us pay monthly for disability insurance, yet we are denied from using it. Why does the government allow such illegal, wrong money making abuse of citizens? Why if I pay USC for my disability management can they pay Broadspire to BLOCK any disability claim? They (USC) are paid according to their contract with employees to handle employee disability not Broadspire so why can they not be sued for breech or violation of contract?

    Natalie Sep 14, 2015  #60

  • Corine,

    Please contact our office to discuss your claim. Additionally, it would be very helpful if you obtain a copy of your short and long term disability policy.

    Stephen Jessup Aug 18, 2015  #59

  • I’m on STD originally with Sedgwick. The university I worked for decided to drop Sedgwick to Broadspire as of July 1st. I received one letter telling me of the change. I have not received any other mailed notice. I’ve called to get all my info and case info. Got extension till end of August. Since, July all payments have been very late. I have been diagnosed with Autoimmune disease as well as autoimmune chronic pancreatitis. I have limb weakness, inflammation, blurred vision and other issues from the diseases and meds. My dr. Extended my benefits till June 2016. But, after calls and emails I don’t know if Broadspire will approve it past this month. How can I retain you as my attorney?

    Corine Aug 17, 2015  #58

  • I am a healthcare provider and Broadspire owes me for 28 patient visits from over 6 months ago. I have sent all the necessary documents and am told that payment was approved but they haven’t cut the check. In the mail I receive notifications saying that this a duplicate charge but yet they haven’t even mailed the check. No one ever answers the phone and I get the same message to all my emails saying that they will forward my email to the management team. I have never encountered such a terrible company as Broadspire. There is literally nothing else that I can do.

    Meri May 27, 2015  #57

  • Anonymous,

    Your wife may be in need of a Worker’s Compensation attorney at some point – if so we can assist you in finding one. Alternatively, does your wife have short and long term disability coverage with her employer?

    Stephen Jessup May 21, 2015  #56

  • Anonymous,

    Your wife may be in need of a Worker’s Compensation attorney at some point – if so we can assist you in finding one. Alternatively, does your wife have short and long term disability coverage with her employer?

    Stephen Jessup May 15, 2015  #55

  • Going through it with Broadspire right now. my wife is looking into reporting that company our state insurance commissioner. You can never get anyone on the phone. They are claiming that her carpel tunnel is due to her cervical neck injury from 2013 despite the fact that she has worked FT since and her spine md referred her to see a hand md for carpel tunnel after doing the Phalens test and a few others. Saw outside hand specialist with a diagnosis primary CTS with possible secondary double crush. she has not returned to work due to the pain but her company care arnp refuses to sign her FMLA despite they wrote for zero use of right hand and they think she can use her left non dominant hand to type 74 activities/ hr which is not a reasonable expectation. Outside md has ordered EMG to confirm CTS but company care md will not order it and instead has only ordered OT. She has requested a disability accommodation for a left handed only position and they said they do not have a job that she can do with only her left hand. Meanwhile I think workers comp will probably try to deny her workers comp case and then company care run the clock out on her FMLA so that she loses her job and gets her claim denied at the same time. Can they fire her before her maximum medical improvement? She is very upset at this companies poor business practices.

    Anonymous May 14, 2015  #54

  • Beth,

    I am assuming this is a claim for Worker’s Compensation. If so, I highly suggest you contact a Worker’s Comp attorney to discuss your rights. If you are covered under employer provided short and long term disability coverage and you are unable to return to work following surgery you would have the ability to file a claim under the disability policy. Hopefully your surgery will be a success.

    Stephen Jessup Mar 23, 2015  #53

  • I’m concerned after reading these posts. I’m waiting for approval for a 3rd back surgery; this Tuesday will be 10 business days since the request was submitted. This doesn’t sound like such a big deal considering some of the posts I’ve read. I don’t know what’s taking so long; MRIs don’t lie. To this point they’ve actually approved things in a timely manner. Three checks were missed; but it was my fault as much as theirs; I didn’t catch it until a long time after the fact; they caught 1 missed check and I caught 2.

    If I have the third surgery and it too is not successful what am I going to do? It doesn’t matter how much of a settlement I get, if any. What matters is that my life is ruined. Daily pain is a nightmare. Taking narcs, Tylenol, NSAIDS, and SSRIs to take the edge off barely makes life bearable and I cannot do nearly close to the things I could before. I was a nurse and very good at it. I liked what I did. If I’m well medicated and have been laying down for hours beforehand, I can sit on a soft surface for up to 30 minutes at a time. I feel useless. I get the feeling people who don’t see me when the pain is really bad don’t believe me. When this happens I am overwhelmed with anger.

    What will I do if this surgery doesn’t fix me? How will I work? What kind of a life will I have?

    To add insult to injury, I was offered and accepted a job as my units educator before I was hurt. That job is now being given to someone else. I wanted it bad. I would have been excellent at it. What am I going to do? My employer was awful to me when this first occurred (another story in and of itself) and I don’t trust them at all; in fact I doubt very much they will give me equivalent work upon my return; in fact I’m sure they won’t. On top of it all I’m per diem (work as needed) and if they don’t fire me for “lack of work” I’m absolutely certain they’ll cut my pay or give me a shift a month – I worked 40 hours a week despite being per diem.

    These are dark days. Any and all comments/suggestions welcome.

    Beth Mar 22, 2015  #52

  • Elsa,

    You will need to consult with a Worker’s Compensation attorney as to your rights and options. If you need assistance in finding one, please feel free to contact our office and we can assist you.

    Stephen Jessup Mar 17, 2015  #51

  • In 2004 I got involved in a car accident while driving comp. vehicle. I was taken to the ER, injured my neck and lower back. Had some chiropractic sessions & pt. None of that helped. Over the years I dealt with pain and over the counter pain pills. On 2012 I had another accident on the same job (non-vehicle this time), I felt down injuring my tailbone and lower back again! I received same treatment as the 1st accident. Doctors took MRI, X-rays but because none of that shows any broken bones insurance (Broadspire) was giving me the run-around about medical treatments. This time I hired a lawyer but, for almost 3 years, nothing seems to change. The pain on my back, neck and tailbone have worsened, the QME and medicine doctor only do “pure paper review” so I took action on my own and went to see a doctor who, after all this time, told me why the pain had worsened. He took X-RAYS and clearly shows my spine and hips out of place, lots of damage at my L5, L4 and L3 affecting my nerves and making my right leg numb! I notified my lawyer about it but, like I said, she seems to be working against me. All the negligence of these years going through pain because lack of medical treatment my question is: Should I go file a suit against the insurance? What’s your advice? Thanks!

    Elsa Mar 16, 2015  #50

  • Broadspire is crooked & drag their feet about paying. I lost my house and car waiting on them. I’ve been dealing with them since 2012, with a work injury and you can’t count on them to be accurate or on time with your case or money. They sure got their money on time when it was deducted from my check but when it came time for them to pay on time they fooled me. That was money I paid in, they should return and do what they are getting paid for.

    Tired & Disgusted Jan 28, 2015  #49

  • Sandee,

    As your sister’s claim is under Worker’s Compensation you will need to consult with an attorney that specializes in such cases. Please feel free to contact our office as we may be able to assist you in locating one.

    Stephen Jessup Jan 20, 2015  #48

  • My sister was injuried several years ago in Minnesota. Since then she been being treated by a pain management doctor in California. At first things were going well, then things started to change Broadspire started to tell the doctor what medications he could use to treat her pain. Then they started denying authorization for treatments that might help ease her back pain, so that she might be able straighten up. Now today 1//29/2015, the doctors office informed my sister they can’t see her any longer because Broadspire has not paid them in 2 years. The claims adjuster never calls back, the supervisor never calls back, basically this is just an awful company who needs to be held accountable for their actions. And during all of this every few months Broadspire will just stop sending my sister her work comp checks for the fun of it, and she’ll have call, send emails and basically beg to get her money! So at this point in time Broadspire is in breach of the structured settlement which they entered into with my sister.

    Sandee Jan 19, 2015  #47

  • Bud,

    If you do not already have a Worker’s Compensation Attorney I would strongly suggest you get in contact with one to discuss your rights.

    Stephen Jessup Dec 10, 2014  #46

  • I was injured in September 2013. My case echoes so many of the cases I have seen on this website. They have denied medical claims, prescriptions, and other reimbursements that I was told by the Department of Workforce development that I am entitled to.

    I even had a situation where during a surgery a doctor prescribing post operative pain medications had to cancel his afternoon appointments and come to the surgery to contact family members to run out to the hospital’s pharmacy to get the post operative medications using out of pocket money because Broadspire was not releasing the medications. I have had three surgeries since my accident and have more surgeries coming up.

    Broadspire also has stopped paying my weekly claim so I have no incoming money to live on. The list of negative things that Broadspire has done is overwhelming. I cannot go back to work because of my injuries and they are not paying me, so while trying to recover, I have to deal with my creditors calling me for their money.

    Bud Dec 9, 2014  #45

  • Deb,

    If you have settled your claim, then there is nothing we would be able to do to assist you.

    Stephen Jessup Sep 14, 2014  #44

  • My claim is settled.

    Deb Sep 13, 2014  #43

  • Deb,

    What is the current status of your claim with Broadspire?

    Stephen Jessup Sep 10, 2014  #42

  • I had a Broadspire claim in Jan 2012. I slipped and fell on ice. I just found out last week that I have a broken vertebrae. I have been on total disability with all of the issues I have. I am pretty sure the Fibro they diagnosed me with is a result of the vertebrae being broken. They somehow ignored my symptoms and blamed it on my Fibro. Headaches, tennis ball feeling in my back.

    Deb Sep 9, 2014  #41

  • 7.5 years of exasperation dealing with Broadspire affirms that their parent company Crawford is publicly traded. You will get essentially nowhere without legal representation. You can still expect complicity between the three headed hydra since your primary treating physician and legal professional are paid by the Broadspire head. I have been diligent at tracing the delays and conclude the body that feeds the heads is dollar oriented due to share holding. Though I was awarded 4 annual epidural steroid injections for pain management and improved mobility, the reality is you might get three in a year if you make a nuisance of yourself with your attorney, and your physician.

    RLW May 26, 2014  #40

  • Hopeless,

    You will need to consult with a Worker’s Compensation attorney to discuss your rights at this time.

    Stephen Jessup Jan 28, 2014  #39

  • 2 work comp cases in California with Broadspire. The first is lifetime medical, but I can’t get any treatment from it. Never a response from my Broadspire worker of any kind when treatment requested. That case started in 2006. New case began last August 2013. I predesignated Kaiser both times. Both times Broadspire said no, you have to go through our MPN. I go to their MPN as they will not approve going any where else, though that is agains’t CA law. At their MPN, Broadspire is not approving the requested medications, MRI, physical therapy or specialist visit. In this second case of work injury, they have not paid me a penny. I’m on modified duty and my work can rarely get me a full weeks work of modified. Last week I worked 4.25 hours, this week I’m schduled for zero hours. This has been going on for months and I’m about to be homeless. Called my case worker, and received no answer. Have not received approval or denial letters on anything including treatments, or being paid or if claim approved or denied. Now it’s Jan 2014 and no hope in sight.

    Hopeless in California dealing with Broadspire Jan 27, 2014  #38

  • I have read all the comments above. I am a chemist for a large pharmaceutical company. I was hurt on a job, have had 3 cervical surgeries and looking at another very soon. Broadspire has been negligent for all the delays and denials. If you are having the same trouble you can email me at darrylcarr@comcast.net.

    Darryl Carr Dec 7, 2013  #37

  • There is No Such Thing as “dealing” with Broadspire. I was sustained an injury at work in 2005- I had to have my right leg amputated below the knee. They refuse to provide Dr ordered care and scripts. They cut my weekly pay by over $200. a week . There is no such thing as “winning” against them. Have never found a lawyer that would stand up to them. Good luck fighting the good fight, Stranded in Maine

    Carolyn Cribbs Nov 30, 2013  #36

  • Lucy,

    Without knowing what type of case you have (Disability Insurance or Worker’s Compensation) I would not be able to provide any indication as to your rights or action that could be taken. Please clarify.

    Stephen Jessup Nov 25, 2013  #35

  • I was hurt 3 months ago. I have an attorney, but all I hear is “we are looking into it.” Only have authorized treatment for my shoulder, nothing approved for my back and other injuries which are the worse. Have not received one disability payment and no answers. what are my options? Really discouraged with the attorney’s lack of action.

    Lucy Nov 22, 2013  #34

  • Hurt in NY,

    I am sorry to hear of your struggle in dealing with getting your benefits, and thank you for sharing. Is this a worker’s compensation case? If so, I would highly recommend you consult with a worker’s compensation attorney to discuss your rights.

    Stephen Jessup Oct 20, 2013  #33

  • I am so glad to have found this page. I was recently re-injured at work after being out for five years and Broadspire has pulled some shady moves to deny me treatment. It’s taken me three months from date of injury to see a doctor and now that I finally HAVE seen a doctor they’re trying to cancel all the treatments and prescriptions for my case in the background. By way of info – one thing I’ve noticed and thing should be deemed an extreme conflict of interest is the level of interaction between these medical professionals and this company and others like it. In one instance I was denied treatment by a doctor based on a phone call from Broadspire wherein the worker told an official in the office that they were going to deny my claim-that was two months ago and my claim has not been denied as of yet. At every step of the way I’ve been harassed and bullied by this company almost to the point of questioning my own mental health at times due to it. I am 37 years old with a shot back and a now ruined hip that I – in the meantime – have just hurt even worse at my examination while trying to do one of the tests. I have not been paid a dime since the date of injury, lost my car and I’m just totally demoralised at this point. If you guys sue (and I’m praying you do), do it right and do it for all of us who have come to find that our lives are just fodder for these guys to use up and toss away when their money making machines break us. Thank each and every one of you for allowing me to get that off my chest – I’ve been holding it for quite some time now…

    Hurt in NY Oct 19, 2013  #32

  • Injured in Oregon,

    Is your claim one for Worker’s Compensation? If so you will need to discuss with an attorney that specializes in same.

    Stephen Jessup Sep 16, 2013  #31

  • I was injured 9 months ago and re-injured 7 months ago. Broadspire is the carrier. They have denied reimbursement of mileage to the pharmacy and failed to inform me of appeal rights according to Administrative Rule. They also paid one reimbursement 11 days late beyond the 30 days OAR requires. Each day is considered a separate violation according to OAR and is fined $2,000 per violation with a maximum or $10,000. I am not sure if sending the documentation to WCD would make my claim worse…

    I also had someone following me and I called the police. The deputy made contact with the person and then called me back to inform me that he was in fact a private investigator working for Platinum Investigative Resources. Later that day, a vehicle was in my vacant street filming my house, verified by an individual I asked to confirm visually. I also have this on video, along with the motor vehicle violation that occurred when he drove off after about one hour. This PI company that Broadspire hired was sited with the Secretary of State to have a business license that was “Administrative Revoke Authority”. I brought this to the company’s attention and they brought it current 2 days after they got caught operating a business without a valid business license.

    Now Broadspire sent a notice to send me to an IME in 9 days… not the 10 days that statute requires. The mail carrier also collected money from me because there was postage due on it. Professional?

    If this claims person worked for me making all of these mistakes, she would have been fired long ago. This is either intentional disregard for law, gross negligence, or a company directive to harass the injured worker.

    Injured in Oregon Sep 15, 2013  #30

  • I had ACDF (anterior cervical dick fusion) surgery on my neck following a head trauma. I knew I had issues with Broadspire within a few weeks, when I would see the doctor they sent me to and he would say “we will address those issues at the next visit” when I would tell him the problems I was having. I was diagnosed with Post Concussion Syndrome, so I called my adjuster and he said I could not go see another doctor unless the one who was treating me referred me. I now know that that is incorrect but at the time I did not. Anyway it took a little over a year to get my surgery which by then my neck was in so much pain and the impingement on the nerve root and compression of the spinal cord has not been relieved even after the surgery. Had the surgery been done in a timely manner I would most likely not have the life long problems I now have. In addition I have frontal lobe brain damage which has caused some psychiatric issues. Not to mention that the AME stated that there were so many contradictions in the reports from that first doctor that you can not rely on them. I am now 2 years post injury and still not back to work and will never be the same as I once was. I personally think that the majority is because of the constant delays and denials of things like medication, they will authorize my refills one month then deny them the next, this I think cannot be good for the effectiveness of the medication. I am so tired of all of this with them. But don’t have any other choice but to deal with it. I do think that there needs to be a class action suit against them. I understand that part of their job is to weed out fraud but this is ridiculous, when you have someone who has been hurt at work and you know that and then only multiply the magnitude of the injuries by delaying everything.

    Hurt guy in Cali Aug 24, 2013  #29

  • Besides from reading every one’s claim, Broadspire is also racist people who don’t care about any one but themselves. Their job is to help you with the situation you are in and let you know what is going on instead of putting you on mute and talking about you. It has happened to me. Broadspire states that they are one of the best companies. They are nothing but dirt!

    Anonymous Aug 6, 2013  #28

  • I opened my claim in 2005 and it closed in 2007 with no complaints but now my claim was re opened in Sept. 2009 I am having nothing but problems, they wont pay all my bills, wont reimburse my meds, parking mileage or gas. I have had 23 surgeries in 2 years, caught a semi fatal mold bacteria in my blood and MRSA and e-coli and they think I am well enough to work and haven’t paid me in 19 weeks, I am on the edge with loosing my home and my sanity. In the past 6 weeks I have had 6 surgeries and 2 pic lines and still ‘Broadspire wont return my phone calls or my Doctor’s.

    I need to get an attorney ASAP.

    PS – Precor Intl. should be embarrassed as to how bad Broadspire treats their employees!

    Lennette Jul 23, 2013  #27

  • Robert,

    You should speak with your attorney about any possible litigation options that you may have in order to further your claim. Since you have not retained our law firm and are represented by counsel already, you really need to have a meeting with your current lawyer.

    Gregory Dell Mar 1, 2013  #26

  • My W.C. started in early January 2011. I injured my neck with several herniated discs. At first I was treated promptly and completely, I was administered injections for the pains in my neck. When the injections were ineffective I was scheduled for surgery which was performed. That was when issues started for me. Shortly after surgery, in mid. 2011, Broadspire contacted my surgeon and started pushing for closure of the case. I was MMI’d after only 3 months of a supposed 9 to 12 month recovery, and my benefits were cut off. 3 months later I had to return to work. I worked for only 10 weeks before reaggravating the injury. I had to leave that job and Broadspire started paying me again but then my surgeon prescribed an MRI and more injections, in May of 2012. It took 3 months to get the approval for the MRI I have yet to get approval for the injections. My conditions have worsened in the ensuing months and Broadspire continues to stonewall my Dr., myself and my lawyer. They have missed W.C. payments and not acknowledged them at all and refuse to approve any more testing or procedures by ignoring them.

    Robert Feb 28, 2013  #25

  • I’m in a W.C. situation with them right now and they have been OK with the time of getting back to me. The only thing this far was it took them a month to even contact me, even after I called them numerous times. The doctor I’m seeing is supposed to be one of the best in the country. I was hit by a forklift while on the computer at work. Crazy, right? But the driver was a supervisor and it turned out he didn’t even report the accident, even after I filled out the accident report with an eye witness and video of it. I am worried after reading all these statements and with knowing W.C. doctors being shady.

    Harry Feb 18, 2013  #24

  • Fedup,

    I am sorry to hear that by getting Sedgwick you went from bad to worse. Make sure you communicate with Sedgwick in writing only.

    Gregory Dell Feb 11, 2013  #23

  • My initial claim was with Broadspire but was recently acquired by Sedgwick. My treating MPN doctor is a joke, he walks in and out of the examination room at least 2 times while I sit there explaining my symptoms to him. He never has my file with him so each visit I have to tell him what my diagnoses are. I have herniated disc of C-spine & L-spine, sciatica, pinched nerve, tennis elbow, and a other issues. Since my MRI and emg/muscle tests were done more than a year ago, he has requested new MRIs which was refused by the insurance company. I finally got a copy of the written report by my MPN Dr. and is furious by the request for MRI that he submitted to the Ins. Co. It stated “Because of her persistent pain & tenderness in her upper & lower extremity, I think we should get an MRI, if this is agreeable with you, we will schedule her for this”. Of course my MRI was denied, what kind of request is this? No mention of the medical necessity for this test. I will be filing a complaint with DWC.

    Fedup Feb 9, 2013  #22

  • Broadspire is a joke. After reading the postings here I feel really doubtful if I’ll ever get any good information from them. I’m from Ohio and was injured on the job while working at Honda Marysville Autoplant. The injury took place on 02/24/2010 and was taken care of by Sedgwick TPA. Was sent a letter that they wanted to settle my claim I responded with a reasonable amount and was getting near the end of the process. Then Adecco decides to go with Broadspire well let’s just say it went down hill from there. Still don’t know where my claim is not to mention anything abouta settlement. Was hung up on three times and refused information by the team manager on how to get in touch with her division manager. Lousy customer service and rude employees.

    Caryl Oct 25, 2012  #21

  • I am also looking for people who are willing to send me notarized written statements to use to sue Broadspire in court, and to block them from doing business in Arizona. To win this case, I have to be able to prove that Broadspire knowingly fails to live up to the requirements of the Worksers Compensation rules, and has a historical pattern of refusing to provide medical care to injured workers. I can be reached at injuredinaz@yahoo.com.

    I was injured in 8/2010 after falling at work. After having 4 specialists, including 2 of their own IME’s recommend that I see a pain management specialist, they are again refusing to allow me to see this doctor, and requesting another IME. They are also telling me that I can return to working, in a different job than I have ever held, that requires state licensing, that I don’t qualify for because of my injury, and withholding a large part of my TD benefits since I am not working currently.

    I am totally sick and tired of their games, their refusal to authorize different medical procedures, and the endless IME’s, and its time to put an end to this and them. I have seen 4 IME’s in 2 years already, and have had no treatment whatsoever. Because of them, I have lost my home 2 different times, lost my car, had my utilities disconnected, and had to borrow money from family just to survive. It is time we stand up and say enough is enough, and demand that we get our rights as an injured worker.

    Art Swander Sep 5, 2012  #20

  • My partner has had Broadspire Insurance for the last 12 years! Their handling of his Long Term Disability case is appalling. They have humiliated him, they have starved his medication needs, they have single-handedly reduced a once thriving young man to a totally dependent person. They have no goal orientation plan, nor do they follow through with anything they say. I would hope that a class action suit be filed in behalf of all the other injured people that Broadspire has manipulated or harmed further by their lack of attention and personal care! It needs to be stopped and someone there needs to be held accountable!

    Greg Robinson Feb 8, 2012  #19

  • Injured my lower back in Sept 2011, I then had pain and then pin & needles down my right leg and pain in the left. This has progressed to constant numbness in my right leg & foot and more pain and numbness in the left.

    After getting nowhere with where Broadspire was sending me I realized that I had never actually seen a real Doctor. While at the rehab clinic, I asked them to see the Doctor following my case and was denied so I walked out. I called Broadspire for assistance finding a Doctor to treat me and they would not or could not refer me and told me that I had to find one on my own. It’s pretty difficult just calling around to find a back doctor that takes workers comp. cases. Finally found one and like the place but my treatment course has taken months for what should have take weeks because of the delays they get with Broadspire approving anything. The doctor ordered an MRI and it took a month to get approval from Broadspire. Then the doctor ordered epidural injections and it took another month for Broadspire to approve that.

    So far, Broadspire hasn’t denied anything but the delays are slowing the treatment down such that they are ineffective and in the mean time the situation is getting worse, not better. All the while I have continued to work with the pain and worsening conditions until today my Doctor took me off of work. NOW the Broadspire agent seemed more interested for some reason and needs to hand my case off to someone else.

    I don’t know where I stand in the system and my legs are getting number and pain in the back increasing. I don’t know who to go to for help and no one at work or Broadspire seems to care. This place is a black hole for information and assistance. I am trying to get someone to understand that delaying everything is only making things worse. Even the doctors agree that if this not treated more aggressively I might permanently lose feeling in my legs and eventually control.

    While all this has been happening (or not) I have in good faith been working to get the job done. I was hoping that there would be some good faith from Broadspire but it’s evident their policy is to drag things out so long that I get frustrated and go away.

    Ray Feb 4, 2012  #18

  • My husband suffered a knee injury while at work in Kuwait Sept. 2011. The Dr. there referred him to come back home for treatment. Now (without any communication from Broadspire) the stateside Dr. says it was not work related, even though he told us it was. Apparently Broadspire was contacting the Dr. behind our back to get him to change his diagnosis so she could stop the disability and not have to pay for the surgery on his knee. She’s impossible to get ahold of and have received numerous e-mails saying she is going to call but never does. I think they are unethical, underhanded, and cheat honest people.

    Page Jan 24, 2012  #17

  • Just got a notice they are taking over United States Steel’s Corporations Workers Comp.

    My husband was crushed in a five inch space in 1994 at the Pittsburgh Plant. Based on what I am reading here, I guess they are not ethical in thier treatment of clients. I was blocked from suing and I know this is not a good sign here.

    I will be getting an attorney if they dare to start languishing with my benefits.

    Maybe if US Steel didn’t hire drug addicts to work there wouldn’t be a claim at all.

    Here we go!

    anna parell Dec 30, 2011  #16

  • I was injured on the job back in Aug. 2011. Broadspire was to handle my elbow issue. I did everything they told me to do. I was put on light duty. My employer gave me a list of orthopedic doctors and I picked one from their approved list. I was given 20 visits to pt. Had multiple nerve tests conducted, and x-rays done. The ortho told me that since it wasn’t better, I need to have it surgically repaired. This was in late Nov. Surgery was scheduled for early Dec. Up to this point everything has been promptly approved with no problems. Right before the surgery, I received a phone call from the surgeons’ office telling me they hadn’t got certification for the surgery. I called the case manager and she acted like she had no idea. She called me back the same day to tell me that a determination letter would be sent to me, the adjuster and the doctor. As of today, it’s been three weeks since I was supposed to have surgery. I call them every single day and leave voice mails. I will not go away. They have only strengthened my resolve. Someone is going to give me some answers, one either by picking up the phone and actually dealing with me one on one, or via attorneys. This is ridiculous!

    R. Smith Dec 21, 2011  #15

  • I got hurt in 2004 and had rods and screws and spacer put in my back. And they where good at first taking care of me. But when it came time to have all these shots I needed for my back every three months so I could work, the doctors closed the door on me until I got the OK from them to have them, and just like all of you can not seem to get anyone on the phone or to call me back. So I went to a lawyer to have them try and sue them and, believe me when I tell you this, I don’t think it will do any good because it is going on three years now and I can not work anymore. I have lost everything I had because of this company and them not helping me. I do feel for anyone who had this company and got hurt. Because they will not help you when you need them. All I can tell any of you is go see a lawyer as fast as you can let them help you because this company wrote you off as soon as they did not answer your calls.

    David B. Horn Dec 4, 2011  #14

  • Been injured since 2006 and have been in the same boat as well and I still am. They constantly ignore court orders and judgment fines etc. and they still don’t pay up. I would love nothing more than to sue Broadspire!

    Steve Nov 5, 2011  #13

  • Lori or any of you having problems with Broadspire: please contact me. Maybe if we get enough of us we, can start a class action against them. It appears the only thing they understand is $$$.

    I have been injured since 1992 and this is the worse it has ever been. They are just ignoring all doctor’s reports. It sounds like you are having the same problem.

    My name is Mike and I can be reached at mcat1@aol.com.

    Lets talk and see if we can find ways to find more people. Maybe there are some out there who are not having problems with Broadspire and can give us advice but I kind of doubt it.

    Talk to you soon.

    Mike Catellier Sep 21, 2011  #12

  • I thought I was the only one, I mean with such a LARGE company, you would think they would have it together, but they don’t. I have been on W/C for 15 years with Lifetime Medical… Good luck in trying to get that. I have loss the use of my right leg, and have no support in my lower back. Broadspire has been stalling for the past eight years, even the California court system is not working for the injured worker, it’s like The State and Broadspire are working together!… Is there ANY one that can help people like us before the Loss of Life is involved! I had to fire my Lawer after 15 years, because the other side’s Lawyer and mine were FRIENDS! That way Nothing ever got done! We NEED Real Professonals to help people like me!

    Lori Castillo Sep 12, 2011  #11

  • I was injured by a driving instructor in Nevada 7 weeks ago, Broadspire transferred my case to Texas, my home state. I am rehabing three days a week but my case is being investagated and no payment of medical or disabilty checks yet! The DWC has nothing on my case, so I filed a #41 today.

    Vernon Smith Jul 8, 2011  #10

  • I was injured in 8/2010. Broadspire has never paid the ER physician and the bill has gone to collection agency and now is on my credit report. Broadspire is difficult to work with and they employee physicians who could never make out in the real world. Their philosophy is don’t treat and close your case.

    Annette Hawman Jul 7, 2011  #9

  • I was totally, 100% disabled while working for GTE, it was purchased by Verizon. I have had trouble getting them to take care of my medical as settled by our attorneys. They are never in their offices, today, on July 6, 2011, I called my representative, Rhonda Ferguson, at the local Anchorage, AK office. Her voice mail stated, “I am out of the office, will return June 28.” (days later & never listened to her voice mail)

    I contacted the Corporate office in Bellvue, Washington office office & was told they would have her return my call – it did not happen!

    I am scheduled for an ankle replacement on August 2nd, 2011 – they made the arrangments & paid for travel to a specialist in Seattle, Washington last year – I was & it was arranged, now I cannot locate them or get this taken care of.I paid my own fare & medical costs for a pre-op in June. Help!

    Wilma Tisch Jul 6, 2011  #8

  • I was injured 1991 have medical for lifetime awarded by ALJ, recently moved requested new doctor, my Insurance Carrier was Kemper, now I am going through Broadspire, I have seen the same doctor for 20 years and now they are denying all medical expenses. I have filed with Labor Dept and my Attorney seem afraid of Broadspire. Broadspire has given me two option: either $$ buyout or IME. I am in pain everyday, they have refused to allow me any treatment. I have my court order, emailed CA copy of court order they still denied me medical. My doctor called a prescription in for pain medicine, they denied that too. I hope there is something we can do about the type of neglect they are causing the injured worker.

    Gloria Alexander Jun 19, 2011  #7

  • I am an R.N. I was injured while employed in California by Maxim Healthcare March 31, 2007. I am an Idaho resident. Broadspire Services, Inc is the third-party administrator for my claims. The company has repeatedly been late in providing benefits, and in fact almost caused me the loss of my home, and did cause me the loss of my automobile by being months late on TTD benefits. The MPN physicians are not what they claim. I was sent to a breast cancer specialist for rotator cuff and tendon tears, and in another instance, sent to a foot specialist for the bilateral rotator cuff and tendon tears. The magnitude of their errors and omissions is incomprehensible and has at times almost killed me. Currently I have orders from the Santa Ana WCAB for all treatment to occur at University of California at Irvine, CA, and Broadspire has ignored these orders, insisting that I am treated by unqualified physicians who not only don’t treat, they never do testing or the common procedures reputable doctors would perform.

    Victoria Nelson Jun 19, 2011  #6

  • I am a paralegal out on total disability. I am suing them for fraud, intentional tort, bad faith… I am wondering if anyone would like to come forward as a witness to establish a pattern of behavior. You can reach me directly at suzettesa@aol.com. Their attorney announced at a DC informal hearing that Broadspire is confused about my benefits because Crawford destroyed my documents. As if they are separate entities. Smokescreen.

    If you send me information, please keep it factual and succinct. Information that is especially useful will be anything that was presented in court and ruled on in your favor. If you have any injuries arising out of neglect (not having access to, or delay in treatment) that would be useful too. Evidence of late payments.

    Anyone that has disability and has been denied direct deposit: Ask for direct deposit as an accommodation citing ADA. Keep receipts (fax certified mail). If you are denied direct deposit and you are disabled you can file with the US District Court for failure to accommodate under ADA. See ADA on US DOJ’s web site. This is separate and distinct from your WC and most lawyers aren’t familiar with the law (which falls under Civil Rights).

    Susan Baron Jun 16, 2011  #5

  • Yup, sounds like I’m in the right place. I was injured on the job in May, 2010, I have a compression fracture and a severe mid-line herniated disc pressing on my spine, been classified at 100% disabled by my doctors and their doctors. My doctors and their doctor told me no work until I’m treated and told me I could do a lot of damage if I went back to work. Broadspire was good in the beginning but now they are refusing to pay the bills, and claiming that I took myself out of labor market. They cut my benefits by 100 hundred dollars a week and have slowed down on authorization for my meds and procedures. It’s been over a year and I still haven’t been treated for my injuries. I have a lawyer and am scheduled to go to court June, 14th, I guess I’ll see what happens. This company is the worst, I feel sorry for anyone that has to deal with them. I’m from Monticello, New York.

    Chris Joslin Jun 9, 2011  #4

  • I was injured in may of 2010 and Broadspire at first was all nice and timely on authorizations for treatments and then now that I am going on 1 year of being injured they have cut my benefits by 75 dollars a week and have slowed down on approval times of requests for procedures and treatment and authorization. I live in Massachusettes and legitimately got hurt and now I dont even get a check from them once a week anymore. I am getting the checks often 4 or 5 days late. I am getting aggravated and have hired a lawyer to get what I deserve by law. I urge all who are dealing with them to hire an attorney.

    Jonathan Masys May 26, 2011  #3

  • Broadspire is the pits and it’s a rigged up with their medical professionals. I tried calling their phone number and they are disconnected! My former employer had them as their carrier and the both of them deserve each other!!!

    George W. Zindell Apr 26, 2011  #2

  • I am looking for other injured workers who are having or have had problems with Broadspire approving treatment, following them or just generally harassing them.I have been disabled since 2002. I have been classified permanently disabled 100%. I was hurt while working for Lucky Stores in California as a store manager. Broadspire/Kemper have followed me, taped me inside my house, denied benefits over and over. DWC has already fined them once for delay in benefits.

    Mike Catellier Apr 7, 2011  #1

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