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Long Term Disability Insurance Benefits for Heart Disease or Cardiac Issues

Heart disease is a common cause of short and long-term disability insurance claims and one that our disability insurance lawyers deal with on a daily basis. Heart condition claims can be difficult to pursue because many disability insurance providers believe that you should be able to return to work immediately following a heart surgery, or maintain continual employment if the heart disease symptoms can be controlled by medications. The difficulty with heart disease disability claims is that the stress of the work environment contributes significantly to a claimant’s cardiac condition. Many claimant’s feel they can control their symptoms by modifying their lifestyle and daily activities, but returning to their job places them at substantial risk for increased cardiac symptoms and risk of relapse. Most doctors will agree with the risk of a repeat cardiac event caused by stress. The challenge is that following an event such as heart surgery, most claimants will have normal objective cardiac test results. A normal stress test or echocardiogram does not mean a claimant is fit to work. Unfortunately, most disability companies will ignore a claimant’s symptoms and focus only on the cardiac test results. Our disability lawyers have dealt with these arguments on hundreds of occasions and we have strategies which we use to counter the disability insurance company’s unreasonable arguments.

Our disability insurance attorneys have assisted claimants that have suffered a single or multiple heart attacks, but a subsequent stress test showed normal results. We have helped numerous claimants with uncontrolled hypertension, as well some very rare cardiac conditions. Our firm can evaluate your claim and work with you in obtaining disability benefits. We help claimants in all states and at all stages of a claim for disability insurance benefits. We always offer a free initial phone consultation.

What are the Common Disabling Symptoms of Heart Disease?

There are numerous disabling symptoms associated with heart disease that are often ignored by disability insurance companies. This includes the fatigue, adverse effect of stress in the work environment and serious side effects caused by heart disease medications. Because the measurement of your pain is subjective, insurance companies will find any excuse to limit or refuse disability benefits. Our lawyers will work closely with you and your doctors to make sure your medical records are properly documented in order to support your claim for benefits.

Our Experience with Heart Disease Disability Claims

We are experienced in helping individuals with heart disease to receive the disability benefits they deserve. Here are a few examples of some cardiac cases we have handled:

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Cardiac and Heart Disease Resources

If you are looking for more information about heart disease, the following sites are useful for reference:

Additionally, these charities focus on supporting those suffering from heart disease:

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