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California Disability Attorneys Handling Disability Insurance Applications, ERISA Appeals, Denials and Lawsuits

  • Hiring A California Disability Attorney For A Disability Insurance Claim or Denial is Important
  • Cigna and California Department of Insurance Long Term Disability Settlement Agreement

The law in California with regard to a disability insurance claim is different than most other states. As a disability law firm that represents claimants nationwide it is the opinion of our California disability attorneys that California is a pro-claimant state. Both the State and Federal Courts in California tend to have a skeptical view of disability insurance companies. From our experience, we find that California Judges and juries are not afraid to question the actions and potential biases of an insurance company.

If you are a resident of California and would like assistance with your claim for either short or long term disability benefits, ERISA denial, long term care, life insurance or accidental death policy, then please contact us for a free phone consultation. We handle claims at all stages from application for benefits through the filing of a lawsuit. We are available to help you with any claim in the United States and you will not be required to come to our office. If we cannot assist you then we will try to refer you to someone that can. We encourage you to look around our extensive website and download our free E-brochure to learn more about our legal services.

A California Disability Lawyer’s Summary of California Disability Insurance Lawsuits

We believe it is important to provide our clients and potential clients with as much information as possible so that they gain a better understanding of the law regarding California disability insurance claims. Below you can read summaries of numerous cases in California involving both ERISA disability policies and individual disability policies. In addition we regularly update this page with information about disability lawsuits filed in California and Court opinions issued in California. Not every case listed was our law firm’s case and you must understand that the facts and circumstances of every case are different. In order to be fair and prevent any unjustified expectations we report on both good and bad cases for disability claimants.

  • California Disability Insurance Attorneys Battle Discretionary Clauses Daily

    Every ERISA disability denial lawsuit begins with one key question: does your disability insurance policy have a “discretionary clause?” This is critical because a discretionary clause gives the insurance company the ability to interpret the terms of your policy and ultimately restricts the scope of a court’s authority in reviewing a disability denial. However, even discretionary clauses have limits… continue reading

  • Fibromyalgia Claimant Wins MetLife Disability Insurance Lawsuit

    The law regulating disability insurance claims is complex and often skewed in the insurance company’s favor. A skilled disability attorney must carefully examine a denial of disability benefits to make certain that the denial is not the result of unfair insurance practices or some hidden financial motive. If a judge can be convinced that the insurance company wrongfully denied your disability claim, then the denial will be reversed and your benefits will be reinstated… continue reading

  • Reliance Standard Disability Insurance Denial Upheld by California Court

    Sometimes a disability claim has no chance of succeeding because of specific policy language. But many in this situation are overcome with the emotional nature of their claim’s denial and need counsel to recognize the legal obstacles to their claim. When a disability policy is governed by ERISA and provided as an employee benefit, most employees never read their disability policy until it is time to file a claim. Unfortunately some disability policies contain language which make it very difficult to collect disability benefits… continue reading

  • A Successful California Disability Insurance Claim Does Not Require “Absolute Helplessness”

    A recurring issue in California disability cases focuses on how “total disability” is defined in private long-term disability insurance policies. Insurance companies frequently deny long term disability benefits by interpreting policy language to mean that the employee must be unable to perform any work whatsoever to receive benefits. But, fortunately, California courts do not interpret total disability clauses as strictly as insurance companies would like… continue reading

  • “Any occupation” disability insurance claim discussed by a California Disability Lawyer

    Disability insurance companies are notorious for denying disability benefits when the definition of disability changes to “any occupation”. In 1938, California established a pro-insured interpretation of what it means to be disabled and unable to perform any occupation. Most insurance companies either are unaware or intentionally fail to follow the California disability law requiring the inability to perform any occupation with “reasonable continuity”… continue reading

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