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American International Group is known by most people as “AIG”. AIG became a notorious company in 2008 when the US Government was forced to save AIG in order to prevent a bankruptcy and financial disaster. The US Government owns more than 80% of the AIG shares. AIG has recovered and they continue to sell and manage both short term and long term disability insurance claims.

Most of the disability policies sold by AIG are through employers or group associations such as medical or professional societies. For example, AIG has sold an association disability policy to member of the American Bar Association for lawyers. Any disability insurance policies sold through a group association are ERISA exempt, which can give these AIG policy holders an advantage over an ERISA governed policy.

We have represented numerous disabled individuals at all stages of their disability or accidental death and dismemberment claim against AIG.

AIG Loves to sell disability insurance but do they pay disability benefits?

AIG disability benefit claims are approved more often than not, but the amount of claims that are approved and duration of claim approval are non-published statistics. Our lawyers have been successful in obtaining short term and long term AIG disability benefits on behalf of our clients.

Many of our clients have found it helpful to watch the marketing videos created by AIG in order to understand how AIG sells their disability policies to employer and individuals. AIG is a publicly traded company and their claims analysts are trained to look for reasons to either deny or delay claim payment. You need to be prepared and understand the claims handling tactics used by AIG in order to have the best chance of receiving disability claim approval.

Our disability lawyers represent AIG claimants at the application, appeal or lawsuit stage of disability claim. We always offer a free initial consultation and welcome the opportunity to discuss your claim.

Who is AIG and why do they appear to have so many corporate names?

AIG sells numerous different insurance products, however they market their disability benefit products under the name of AIG Benefit Solutions. Due to the different insurance laws in each state, AIG has different subsidiary companies which underwrite and sell disability insurance policies.

If you have an AIG disability claim, your disability policy may have been issued by either American General Life Insurance Company of Delaware, American General Life Insurance Company, The United States Life Insurance Company in the City of New York, or National Union Fire Insurance Company.

You can learn more about some of the AIG companies by visiting agbenefitsloutions.com, americangeneral.com or aig.com.

We welcome you to post a comment about your experience with an AIG disability claim.

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  • PV, it is certainly worth pursuing. Are you already back to work? If you have not returned there would be an ongoing entitlement to benefits as well. Please feel free to contact our office so we can discuss your situation in greater detail.

    Stephen Jessup Jan 3, 2018  #53

  • Hi, In July I had a 2 level anterior cervical discectomy and fusion. I have Aig thru my employer and the short term kicked in with no problems. Once my short term was up, my longterm took forever. It should have taken over on Oct 5, but today, Jan 2 I have received a denial letter. Now, it’s not as much money as some of these ppl have listed. Roughly around 3500, would that be to little to fight these guys over? To me, that would have replaced my income and i would have been fine. But instead, i am in debt, have collectors calling, had to resign from my job as soon as my Dr released so that I can get access to my 401k so I can pay everyone and get them off my back. They said i can repeal, and I plan to, but I also want to file a complaint on my case because I feel my case was not handled correctly. Aig ended up asking for a test to be done to see if I could return back to work. Well they requested this test after I completed my physical therapy towards the end of November. So if I went and did the test, it would have showed that I was fine and could go back to work. Which, i knew I would be released the next week to go back to work, so to me, if they wanted that test done, they should have requested that test in the beginning, from the 5th of October. But these ppl took their time. I had problems with my case worker and finally made a complaint and ended up getting a call with an apology from her. Do you think this is worth me pursuing?

    PV Jan 2, 2018  #52

  • Tim, do you have a worker’s compensation attorney to assist you? If not, I highly recommend you contact one. With respect to the disability insurance benefit – often disability policies exclude coverage if your disabling condition is related to a work place injury/worker’s compensation. If that is not the basis for the disability insurance benefit please feel free to contact our office to discuss your claim in detail.

    Stephen Jessup Nov 3, 2017  #51

  • I was injured while working at VC summer new construction side of nuclear plant on 06/05/2017. AIG accepted the claim but would only do the minimum the job was shut down. 07/31/2017 they haven’t done anything since the job shut down it’s been three months without any treatment plus they denied disability payments.

    Tim M. Nov 2, 2017  #50

  • Eileen, some plans do allow for the carrier to choose to cancel the plan. You would need to review the language in your policy to see if there is anything to that affect.

    Stephen Jessup May 5, 2017  #49

  • I purchased an AD&D policy through American General many years ago and payments have been made every month through automatic debit. I noticed that the payment was not clearing my bank several months ago so I called to find out why. I was told they canceled the policy because they are no longer offering it in my area. What about all the money I paid? Can they legally cancel on me?

    Eileen May 4, 2017  #48

  • Tonnie, please feel free to contact our office to discuss how we may be able to assist you.

    Stephen Jessup Nov 1, 2016  #47

  • I have a policy with Aig. I did a claim on 9/20/2016 in they have been giving me the run around since then they don’t want to pay on my policy but they continue to take payments out of my account. I have report them to the better business bureau in also local consumer protection offices in if I don’t receive payment for my claim that I did I will be reaching out to a lawyer to file charges against AIG about my contract that they are not honoring.

    Tonnie W. Oct 31, 2016  #46

  • Mark, I am not sure in what context you are asking your question. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your claim.

    Stephen Jessup Aug 23, 2016  #45

  • If AIG says 90 days to settle a claim, does it take the full 90 days?

    Mark Aug 22, 2016  #44

  • Kris, please feel free to contact our office to discuss your husband’s claim.

    Stephen Jessup Jul 15, 2016  #43

  • My husband had a critical condition with extended Rider on the policy he had this policy since 1990. They paid the initial 10,000 but now I am having the worst experience ever trying to have them pay the extended rider benifit. Not olny have I spent over 15 hrs. On hold over the past 2 months I have complied with every thing they have asked for. Still no response and it has been over 5 months trying to get them to pay up. Any advice would be greatly appercitated .

    Kris G. Jul 12, 2016  #42

  • Floyd, if you have already filed the appeal then AIG would likely use ERISA mandated guidelines of 45 days to render a decision with a potential extension of 45 days (the 90 days they speak of). If you did file your appeal, when did you do so? Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your claim in greater detail.

    Stephen Jessup Feb 9, 2016  #41

  • I had a long-term disability policy with AIG Benefit Solutions while working as a database administrator for a large county government IT department in Oklahoma. In February, 2014 I had a stroke which has left me 100% permanently disabled. My benefits transitioned from short-term to long-term while I was in a nursing home. First, AIG claimed they had overpayed me to the tune of $3,000 and suspended my benefits until they were reimbursed, then insisted that I fill outand return a lengthy, vaguely worded form documenting my disability, which I did. Now, less than a year later, they demabded that I do this again, and when I was unable to get it to them within the time period they stipulated, they totally terminated my benefits, demand not only their little form, but also medical records from Jan 1,2015 to present and a statement from my personal physician documenting my disability, and say that it might take as many as 90 days for them to reach a determination as to whether my benefits to be reinstated.

    This is working a terrific financial hardship on me. I am almost at my wits end dealing with their ignorant, rude” customer service” reps (if you can call them that) who all have foreign accents so thick they are almost unintelligible. Where should/can I turn?

    Thank you in advance.

    Floyd B. Feb 6, 2016  #40

  • Kimmy,

    Please feel free to contact our office to review and discuss the denial letter and your policy.

    Stephen Jessup Jan 20, 2016  #39

  • I have AIG threw my employer and my doctor said no more work due the stress that was forced upon me at my work place. I have high blood pressure and have had to go to the hospital 2 times from my place of employment by ems due to te stress of my employer my blood pressure went so high I got an uncontrollable nose bleed. The second time was bad I was admitted to the hospital for 5 days and the dr gave me 2 months off. When I came back they spent the next 9 months completely besting me down to the point of a break down. I had started to see a consolor prior to my break down when I finally had my breakdown I called into work sick. I went to see my dr an he said no more work my blood pressure was up I had so much anxiety and panic I couldn’t remember anything and could not stop crying I isolated myself from everyone including my family the dr said to see a phycologist? So I did and I was evaluated as a serve depression an that dr said no work for min 6-12 weeks gave me medicine and suggested to continue therapy with the consolor which I did to te best of my ability until my money ran out I had no choice but to go back to work free 12 weeks. I was denied short disability they said because my dr marked it as work related. So after waiting all that time I then had to file for workers comp which just donors me today 1-19-16 ( I went off work 9-22-15) so now I must take my workers comp denial later and write an appeal letter to AIG but I have no idea how to write one? Or what is needed ? AIG case worker said when I was diened to appeal once I got my denial letter from workers comp and they would over turn my case whatever that means. Do you have any suggestions for me ? Other than find a new job? I know this is going to happen again I have only been back to work a month and it has already started they took away all my bonuses.

    Kimmy Jan 20, 2016  #38

  • Dale,

    Many AD&D policies require that the dismemberment occur within a certain time period of the accident. Please feel free to contact us with a copy of your policy to discuss your claim further.

    Stephen Jessup Nov 2, 2015  #37

  • I have AD&D insurance through AIG. I recently had my left foot amputated due to a roofing nail impailment that happened 2 years ago. I developed osteomyelitis due to the impailment. They know it happened 2 years ago but still wanted my medical records to make a decision. If there is a 365 window, why does AIG need to decide whether to pay out my claim or not? I was told it will take 30 days to make a decision as to whether to pay out my $100,000 claim. I hope they pay.

    Dale Oct 28, 2015  #36

  • Dan,

    Many policies allow for the offset of SSDI benefits, but typically not benefits SSDI benefits in place before receipt of disability. We would need to see the policy and claim information to be able to determine how we could assist you. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss.

    Stephen Jessup Mar 28, 2015  #35

  • I have group AIG ST & LT disability insurance (I remained a salaried employee) since at least 1999 when I was also collecting social security. Now filed for disability and AIG is deducting my SS payments from disability payments leaving me with approx $6 per week. I’ve paid over $1,000 per year for 15 years to collect $400 per year? What is wrong with this picture?

    Dan Mar 27, 2015  #34

  • Earline,

    Please feel free to contact our office as AIG is well beyond the 45 days allotted to render a decision on a disability claim.

    Stephen Jessup Jan 6, 2015  #33

  • Yes, my husband has AIG disability. He has a brain injury and PTSD, he can’t work. I sent letters from doctors saying he is unemployable. AIG gives me the runaround for 4 months. I need help.

    Earline Pate Jan 5, 2015  #32

  • Mike,

    Benefits under a LTD plan are a month to month analysis and never a guaranteed benefit. As such, AIG is within its rights to request information to support ongoing impairment and entitlement to benefits under the policy. With respect to your other questions, we would need to see a copy of your policy and any written documentation to be able to determine.

    Stephen Jessup Dec 18, 2014  #31

  • I would like a free consultation from an attorney from your firm to discuss my long term disability claim with AIG or Chartis Insurance. Once I was approved for LTD with AIG. I rec’d a settlement check and I have been receiving a monthly check for over a year now. The case worker said, they have an account with a certain amount of money in it for me. I can’t remember the amount. However, I really don’t know exactly what is right or wrong. I still sign a disability form every three months that the Dr signs and then I fax it in to AIG/Chartis Insurance. It really is a pain, because they are forcing me to go to the Dr all the time and it costs me between 300-400 dollars per month just in bills, which comes out of my pocket.

    Since I am awarded SSDI and LTD with Chartis/AIG, do I need to continue to sign the disability form? When I was on short term disability, I needed to sign the form. However, I didn’t read or see anything in their policy about the LTD. Do I need to keep having Dr’s sign the forms? I do have the 4th amendment right and HIPPA laws. The Drs can’t resolve nerve damage, known as neuropathy and still have a herniated disc, which they didn’t want to pay for while they were covering me on short-term disability. Next, do I receive a portion of the the money they have set aside for me, which earned interest for the past year?

    Thank you for the opportunity. Hopefully, with reading your responses you can give me direction from experience with AIG/Chartis Insurance.

    Mike Dec 17, 2014  #30

  • Nike,

    An insurance company takes approximately 45 days to render a decision on a claim. You are obviously well beyond that point. Please feel free to contact our office so we can review all of the information and your policy in order to determine how we may be able to assist you.

    Stephen Jessup Oct 22, 2014  #29

  • I started turning in my paperwork for my disability claim about 5 months ago. I have repeatedly turned in the same information over and over again. Simple information, for example, the doctors phone number and address! They claim they never received it so I nicely sent it again. In addition, they recently confirmed that all my paperwork is in and complete which was in September. They told me just wait 10 to 15 business days. Every time I call they tell me to keep waiting, my claim is still in review and someone is supposed to call me soon, but it never happens. It is now almost November and I still haven’t received anything. In conclusion, what exactly can I do?

    Nike Oct 21, 2014  #28

  • DJR,

    Unfortunately, from the information provided there is no clear cut answer to why AIG is delaying the benefit. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your claim in greater detail to determine if we may be able to assist you.

    Stephen Jessup Aug 17, 2014  #27

  • My wife became totally disabled according to the policy AIG provided. They recently started delaying payments and they claim that they would send them right away. After waiting several days without receiving the payment, they say they will overnight night them. They do overnight the check but they put the wrong address on the package. I still have not received payment and the tracking number they gave me doesn’t exists. This has been going on for three months now with more and more excuses as to why they aren’t sending payment. I can never reach a case manager to resolve the problem. They claim it is in audit every month but they never tell what they are auditing. Is there a solution to their obvious delay tactics?

    DJR Aug 16, 2014  #26

  • Pkm,

    Please feel free to contact our office as it relates to your Long Term Disability claim. However, please note we do not handle employment matters so we would not be able to assist you with any issue pertaining to same.

    Stephen Jessup Jul 22, 2014  #25

  • I am an employee of AIG, have been denied LTD benefits and continued medical coverage. I am approved for dental and vision.

    It’s been an absolute nightmare with AIG Mercer whom they contract with for LTD and medical coverage. They denied my claim with a broad statement of “not enough medical information” and would not provide me nor my physician with exactly what info they needed. They further said,”I cannot tell you what to have your physician write”.

    They were extremely contradictory, at one moment stating they didn’t receive report to they did, concerning 3 different physician reports on three different occasions. They also provided me with 2 different appeal deadline dates,consistently.

    The denial came from Mercer Co., not a physician.

    Re: the medical benefits, I was assured I would have from them. I even have a confirmation number. Initially they refused to remove my son from coverage. I told them no longer needed as he is employed and will have his own. Only after I advised they would be having me commit fraud by not removing him, did they remove. Now I have been denied coverage entirely. They are denying they assured me coverage. The payment co. was on the phone with us and has sent me a confirming email.

    There have been numerous issues with this company and continued bad faith denials. I also have concerns with personnel I and employment/overtime/bad faith issues.

    I am just now feeling well enough to seek the advice and retention if an attorney.

    I reside in CA, close to Orange/LA counties and would appreciate any advice you can give as well as location of your office, which would be close to me. Thank you.

    Pkm Jul 21, 2014  #24

  • Laura,

    If the policy language allows for the offset then AIG could come after it. With that being said, from a legal standpoint you might be able to fight it in court.

    Stephen Jessup Jun 1, 2014  #23

  • I have a long term disability claim with American General. After I received social security benefits for myself, I was notified by social security that my minor children were elegible for benefits. I checked with my AIG case manager about whether the children’s benefits would be used by AIG to reduce the amount of my claim, she said no, it wouldn’t affect anything. Now, 3 years later, AIG has sent me a letter demanding that money, which is now tied up in college accounts for my children. Can they come after the benefits now?

    I wouldn’t have applied for SS benefits for my children if my claim manager would have told me that they would be taking that money.

    Is there anything I can do?


    Laura May 30, 2014  #22

  • Jennifer,

    It seems like you have a workers compensation claim that you are dealing with. You need to contact a workers compensation attorney to specifically answer your questions.

    Gregory Dell Dec 19, 2013  #21

  • I originally was injured in 2007 but was handled by sedgwick. Now AIG has my case and trying to settle first financial portion (which offer was given to them in end of Oct 2013) with no response. AIG has basically stopped my medical for simple reason they want me to go to there choice pain management dr but before they got my case I already chose mine and Sedgwick approved. They expect me to keep them for my medical care for the rest of my life; when they’re not doing my medical now. I want both settled. And AIG out of my hair. I’ve had 7 surgeries. I’m on Social Security disability who deemed me unable to ever work again. So how difficult to settle for my state LA my financial portion and medical portion. Which I have a medicare set aside fund already set up… So what do you feel the likelyhood of them keeping the stall on financial offer thrown and wanting medical settled?

    P.S. Forgot to tell you. Yes I will in the future will need further surgeries per orthopedic and neurologist.

    Jennifer Chappell Dec 18, 2013  #20

  • Julian,

    From my experience, Bank of America’s disability policy does not require dismemberment to qualify for benefits. It sounds like they had you complete forms, or are reviewing your claim, under the Accidental Death and Dismemberment policy. Additionally, it would appear that your claim might be subject to Worker’s Compensation, so you may wish to discuss that with your company as well. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss how we may be able to assist you.

    Stephen Jessup Oct 24, 2013  #19

  • I purchased Disability insurance through Bank of America (AIG) three years ago. I was injured at work last year and have been totally disabled for over 9 months now. I had a rotator cuff injury. Had surgery and developed Frozen shoulder syndrome. I called AIG and told them about my injury and disability and they sent me a form by mail to fill out. I was told by two of their representatives that I needed to be totally disabled for 6 months or more in order to qualify for $50,000. I sent all of my medical records to them by fax as they requested and sent a medical release from my Doctor. They told me it would take 30 days for their decision. They called me today, October 23, 2013 to tell me that I do not qualify because I would have to be dismembered in some way. My insurance is disability insurance, not dismemberment. The claim form states disability, not dismemberment. I am still out of work and have a family to support. I have been paying them monthly for three years for this insurance and now they tell me that I don’t qualify unless I lose a finger, a foot, a hand etc.

    Julian Oct 23, 2013  #18

  • Erica,

    Your time frame to file for LTD benefits will be explained in your AIG Policy. If you do not have a copy of the Policy I would suggest you request one from your employer/agent. If you have questions and would like assistance in the filing of an application for benefits, please feel free to contact our office for a free consultation to determine how we may be able to assist you.

    Stephen Jessup Jul 25, 2013  #17

  • Hello,

    How long do I have to file a long term disability claim with AIG? I have a Neurological injury and was told to give the nerves 12 months to heal and it’s been almost 2 years now, and the meds and stress that I was under made me forget that I had a long term policy.

    Is there anything that I can do at this point?

    Erica Thomas Jul 24, 2013  #16

  • My short term disability claim started 4-29-13 and after finally getting doctors to write things out plainly and in the right line, I was finally approved Thursday , June 6th. They said it would take 48 to 72 hours to issue a check (that would have been the following Tuesday), this is the 17th and still no check. No reason for this except laziness on their part. With these practices they should be out of business and investigated earnestly. They want your money, but don’t want to pay. I will do what I can to get AIG out of our company and get a respectable insurance in. How would they like it if everybody held their payments to them (and I hope they do)?

    Linzie Jones Jun 17, 2013  #15

  • Anonymous,

    You ask a tough question, because there are different companies which offer better policies based upon your occupation. An experienced insurance agent can give you good advice about which company to select a policy with. Once you get the names of some companies you can then review each company on our website. Buying disability coverage is like buying a car. There are tons of options.

    Gregory Dell May 2, 2013  #14

  • I am interested in a combined term life [15, 20, 25, or years] and 14 days equivalent, to age 70 disability policy, with an any occupation definition of disability. Based on your experience, which company is least likely to deny any future claim?. I have read that even when a company have a A. M. BEST A+ they still often give the policyholder problems when a claim is submitted.

    Anonymous May 1, 2013  #13

  • Scott,

    We have handled several claims with United States Life Insurance Company. In order to assist you we would like to review a copy of your disability policy.

    Gregory Dell Apr 4, 2013  #12

  • Does you firm have any experience with medical professional disability claims with AMA Insurance Company / United States Life Insurance Company, and affiliate of AIG?

    Scott Apr 3, 2013  #11

  • Dave,

    We have handled several cases with the same AIG accident disability policy that you have described. AIG has given many clients a hard time with this policy. In your situation, we would need to review your policy and the letters from AIG in order to determine if we could help you. You may also want to file a complaint with the Department of Insurance in your state. We have a list of all the Departments of Insurance for each state in the Disability Resources section of our website.

    Gregory Dell Aug 24, 2012  #10

  • I currently work for a delivery company in the Kansas City area. When I joined this company approx. 3 years ago I was told that one condition of employment was I had to purchase and accident policy through the company with AIG/ later Chartis. On Dec 25th 2009 I had an automobile accident and suffered a shoulder injury that is going to require surgery at some point. The initial medical bills were paid by my auto policy and on March 22 2010 I filed a claim with Chartis and after many calls and hard times they agreed to pay for the medical bills but not for time lost. Having had the same surgery on my other shoulder in the past I told them that I wanted to delay the surgery as long as possible which the adjuster agreed with and told me to notify her when I decided to have it.

    It is now 2 years later and on Dec 18 2012 I sent them a letter asking them to settle this claim based on their policy which stated that after 2 years they could capitalize any future medical bills and pay what they felt the cost would be. After being handed off to different people within their claim department and being asked for many different documents the adjuster did send me an email saying that it was a valid claim and should be compensated. About three weeks later in another email I was told that their medical benefits only cover 104 weeks of treatment and the only bill they paid was to their doctor who reviewed the file.

    They knew that I was delaying this surgery as long as possible and never mentioned the 104 coverage until it had expired. I was only asking then to handle the claim as stated in their policy and reimburse me for the future cost of the surgery.

    I feel that they should honor this claim and pay it as stated in the policy. This is absolutely the worst company to deal with I have ever seen.

    Dave Fitts Aug 23, 2012  #9

  • AIG Long Term Disability Insurance sucks. No wonder they went bankrupt. Too bad we bailed them out. I filed paperwork in May and I am now in August, still with no money. First of all, they want you to fax them everything. Well, since I can no longer work, I don’t have access to a fax so had to mail the forms. Twice they lost the releases I mailed to them. It is also unbelievable to me how much paperwork they want. Even the U.S. Government does not require copies of my medical records. I asked them if they could scan the blank form and send it to me attached to and email and if I could send them the signed for the same way. No, they only use faxes. What is up with that? Time to move into the 21st century.

    Also I downloaded forms from their website to file with but they were out of date which caused an additional delay. If those were right no start with this would have been much quicker.

    D. Bartlett Aug 9, 2012  #8

  • I worked for a company called Prestige Delivery Systems Inc. I was hired as an independent contractor. After roughly 8 years, the company forced me to pay for an accident & health policy with Chartis. If I refused, I would be terminated. Reluctantly I payed $10 a week for this policy out of my check.

    At a later date, I got injured on the job. I contacted my District Mgr., Dave Richardson about it. I told him that I visited my doctor and was told I needed to have 2 weeks off of work to see through medical care if I would get better through treatment. Dave Richardson told me if I took anytime off, I would lose my job. I continued working and being treated. The total temporary disability I was on was terminated by Chartis stating my treatment was not successful after being off work for 9 months. The plan as it states is for 104 weeks. I then sent check stubs proving my work status. In time it was reinstated.

    Later, I was injured again on the job. I had to jump through hoops to go on total temporary disability. Chartis started sending me weekly checks when I quit working. The amount I was to receive was $600 a week. Chartis decided to pay me a lot less. Again, I sent check stubs into Chartis proving that I should receive the $600 a week. They finally made it right.

    I am now faced with yet another problem. Prestige Delvery Systems Inc., misclassifies their workers. By law, I am not an independent contractor, but an employee! I filed a worker’s compensation suit against them. I am near the trial date for my compensation. I usually receive my weekly check from Chartis on a Friday, Saturday, or even into the next pay period. Today, which is March 19, 2012, I still haven’t received my weekly check. I called Chartis and am still waiting for a response. All I know is a check hasn’t been cut yet.

    Here’s the deal. Prestige Delivery Sytems Inc. is a crooked company to work for. And when Prestige forced me to have a policy with Chartis Accident & Health, I knew there would be problems. Chartis wants me to settle my comp. case with them included, for a miserable $10,000. My longterm disability policy I have with Chartis would entitle me to nearly $400,000 until I’m 70 years old. These two companies I have mentioned are full of liars and cheats.

    I cannot wait until I go before the State of Michigan House Floor and present findings of misclassification of workers and how Michigan needs to enforce the laws which are already on the books. I will also argue points that will be self explanatory in my personal dealings with Chartis. I have a media outlet waiting to hear the result of my worker’s comp. case that will bring light to how Prestige and companies such as them do business and financially ruin people’s lives.

    Check your state laws about misclassification of workers. If you feel as though you are being misclassified get a form from the IRS called a SS-8. This is one step to take.

    I’ve enjoyed putting this disgusting, but true life story out there!

    John P. Isaacs Mar 19, 2012  #7

  • Walter,

    Please contact us through our Free Consultation form to discuss your claim denial.

    Gregory Dell Feb 6, 2012  #6

  • Hi.

    I had a occupation accident policy with AIG. I had an injury on the job that totally and permanently disabled me. AIG paid me for one year and four months, at which time I moved to the Philippines for affordable medical care. My policy states my coverage ’till age 70 in my case. I am 60. They quit paying me in July 2009. They said they didn’t have to pay me because I moved out of the United States – my policy does not say anything about this. I was in contact with them about this and they sent me a letter to my U.S. address saying I had to see one of their doctors in the U.S. in 14 days or lose my claim. This don’t sound right to me. After that, they refused to respond to my emails and calls. When I called, they said my case worker was not available and I could leave a voice message, but she never returned my calls. At this point they owe me about $52k. I am on total disability with Social Security.

    Thanks for your time,

    P.S. I forgot to tell you, I called as soon as the letter arrived and told them I would be glad to see any doctor in the Philippines they would want me to see. They responded by hiring a private eye to spy on me. He came to my house and said who he was (not very good private-eye); he told me what they wanted: pictures of me not being disabled :). He said his report would state the truth – that I was disabled. Never heard from him, his company or AIG again. My case worker wouldn’t talk to me, but they sent someone to spy on me. I’m insulted. I have nothing to hide. I have MRI’s, CAT scans, X-rays all to show my disability. Again – Thanks.

    Walter Davis Feb 5, 2012  #5

  • Scott,

    We have handled credit card disability insurance claims, however the laws are very specific in this area. I am concerned about the amount of time that has passed since the motor vehicle accident and claim denial by AIG. Please contact us and we will let you know if we can help to recover benefits.

    Gregory Dell Dec 31, 2011  #4

  • I have a relative in Texas that had AIG long term disability coverage as part of his Capital One credit card for which he was billed monthly. On October 29, 2007 he had a motor vehicle accident and got a spinal cord injury that has him permanently relegated to a wheel chair. The policy that was supposed to pay him $10,000 per month for ten years, as well as numerous other benefits was denied by AIG. Is this type of case in your wheelhouse?

    Scott Saunders Dec 27, 2011  #3

  • Tammara, every disability insurance contract has a different elimination period. Your employer selected the elimination period when they bought the policy. Short term disability is usually never longer than a 30 day elimination period and is it usually 14 days. You need to read your policy to see your elimination period.

    Gregory Dell Jul 25, 2011  #2

  • I recently filed a short term disability claim with AIG through my employer. I have cancer and can no longer execute the duties of my job because I have a painful tumor where I need to sit (Vulvar Cancer). It hurts to walk, stand, sit. I got my confirmation letter on July 14th stating that they had gotten the claim initiated but when I went to their home page I saw (Waiting Periods) described as 30, 60, 90, 180, 365, 735 days. Do they really expect people to be able to survive with no other income for those periods of time?

    Tammara Faulkner Jul 23, 2011  #1

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