Attorneys Dell & Schaefer and Art Serve present Lee Berlin – Evolution

Attorneys Dell & Schaefer has transformed their office space into an art gallery. Attorneys Dell & Schaefer is partnering with local arts organizations and inviting members of the community to enjoy and appreciate art. Plans are to rotate the art quarterly to allow for a procession of artists to share their work through the space. The art serves to convert office space into a creative work space and invites members of the community to enjoy and appreciate unique artwork.

The inaugural art opening was curated by Art Serve to present an off-site gallery for artist Lee Berlin in his show “Evolution”. Attorneys Dell & Schaefer sees this as an opportunity to share and bring together business professionals and members of the local community with leading and soaring artists.

Since the opening Attorneys Dell & Schaefer has had several arts organizations approach the firm to host events to showcase emerging artists. Presenting artwork in this more informal setting creates a comfortable and accessible environment for professionals and the community to enjoy art. It also gives artists a space to share their work.


Lee’s work explores artistic possibilities using the full spectrum of mediums. In EVOLUTION he features works from three of his signature series. The “Colors & Emotions” collection highlights his bold use of colors and layered technique. In “Creative Visions” Lee captures fleeting moments of life through the lens and paintbrush. “Forms and Figures,” his new series, is Lee’s celebration of passion, depicted through traditional form and drawing methods. Evolution connects the viewer on multiple levels including visual, emotional, and spiritual planes.

To view Lee Berlins E V O L U T I O N Click Here.

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