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  • Attorneys Dell & Schaefer Client Testimonials

We are committed to providing the highest level of legal representation and treating our clients in the same manner that we would want to be treated if it was our own case. For privacy purposes the full name of each person listed below has not been disclosed.

The ethic rules regulating attorneys require us to state that you should not create any unjustified expectations based upon the information listed below. Upon request we can provide you with the name of numerous past clients in order to discuss their experience of working with our firm.

Attorney Cesar GavidiaAttorney Cesar Gavidia worked on this case

The best part about the experience working with Dell & Schaefer was that my attorney was upfront, honest, and transparent. He did not try to be a salesman and make promises about a case outcome. He was extremely direct about the way that things work and what he thought he was able to do for me. I valued this, because it is extremely rare to receive cut and dried information like this.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
They could not have made this experience any easier for me. After I completed all the paperwork on my end, they were able to handle the case professionally and proficiently with very little effort on my part.

What could we do to improve?
I had no real issues to note.

Sachem C.

Attorney Gregory DellAttorney Gregory Dell worked on this case

I want to take a minute and tell you … as well as ‘The Greg Dell’ team … “Thanks for all your assistance” during the past 4+ years. I will never forget that late night… in 2012 – sitting alone in my chiropractic office… anxiously wondering “how in the heck am I going to get through all this”! I emailed you late and you called me back on a Friday night. That call literally changed my life… not only my life… but the lives of the members of my family. You told me that you thought I had a good claim and that you would manage every part of the process from start through finish. I am now ‘through-it’… and it’s hard to imagine… but I’ve had absolutely no issues with my insurance carrier… a carrier with a horrible reputation of harassing clients on policy. And Greg… I honestly attribute this to you folks. Y’all made our lives easier and less stressful.

Dr. Kenneth A.

Attorney Rachel AltersAttorney Rachel Alters worked on this case

From the very beginning my lawyer Rachel Alters and her staff have been nothing but professional. They were on top of things and advocated for my case from the very start. They always kept me informed at every step of the way and made sure that I was an integral part of the entire process. I would highly recommend using their services.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Professionalism. Expedient work. Knowledgeable staff.

Michael C.

Attorney Gregory DellAttorney Gregory Dell worked on this case

Extremely satisfied. I’m a physician/surgeon who got Rheumatoid Arthritis when I least expected. Attorney Dell and everybody else in his firm made the claim, transition and final suscesful resolution, quickly, expertly, painless and very cost effective. Mr. Dell exceeded my expectations by a long margin and I am forever grateful for his services.

Juan C.

Attorney Stephen JessupAttorney Stephen Jessup worked on this case

My experience with Dell & Schaefer was beyond my expectations and during a very stressful time. Stephen F. Jessup was eager to help us when we first contact the office about 5 years ago. He was stellar with this follow up, extremely knowledgeable in the Cigna arena, and had some great out of the box ideas. What I appreciated the most about Stephan and Dell & Schaefer was how they stuck with us the entire time we were fighting the Cigna machine. There was times I was ready to give up but Stephan encouraged us to keep going. We ended up settling a few days ago and it was well beyond our wildest dreams! To top it off, we were about 4,000 miles away from Stephan as we lived in Hawaii when we started working with Stephan and even though our time zone was 6 hours a part he was able to stay connected and represent us from afar.

Would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Without a doubt, YES!

What could we do to improve?
Advertise more so more people can use your service, you guys rock!

David F.

Attorney Alex PalamaraAttorney Alex Palamara worked on this case

I am so glad I signed with Alex and the team at Dell & Schaefer. Lupus hit me like a brick wall, completely disrupting my life. The physical changes and ailments, treatments and pain were scary enough. I could not have dealt with the insurance company alone. Alex and his paralegal Danielle helped me through everything. They explained every step of the paperwork to me and even encouraged me while I was in the hospital. Best of all, they got the insurance company to settle while I focused on my health.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
I have already recommended Alex to several friends in the Lupus support groups I belong to.

Samantha H.

Attorney Rachel AltersAttorney Rachel Alters worked on this case

After my insurance company arbitrarily decided to close my disability benefits I contacted several firms to handle my case. I was impressed with Attorney Rachel Alters who took my call personally. She was direct, knowledgeable and compassionate at the same time. Her firm was responsive and I felt I had (finally) someone on my side.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Insurance companies are there to make money and ERISA laws are in place to protect them. The little guy like me would have no chance to win on my own. Rachel’s extensive experience and personal knowledge of the opposing parties got the job done while taking the emotional burden away from me. At the end of the day, she got the job done. It took a year and a half but that’s really because of the system in place.

What could we do to improve?
One always hopes for a higher payout and lower fees, but in the real world that just doesn’t happen. Rachel went to bat for me and I am grateful she did the best she could.

Antoine P.

Attorney Stephen JessupAttorney Stephen Jessup worked on this case

Mr. Jessup is efficient at his skills but that is not what made my experience wonderful. When you are ill, and been arguing with everyone to get a crap of what you deserve because you have worked hard all your life, paid your taxes, and paid your insurance premiums… yet no one cares. No one cares that they are increasing your symptoms by not paying you the money that you are entitled to.

Mr. Jessup was unbelievably kind and empathetic to my situation. His congenial personality, truly, was the key to hiring him. I felt like even though he had other clients in similar circumstances, he still cared what was happening to me and my family. I felt he cared enough to trust him completely.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
I would recommend Stephen Jessup, because of his ability to empathize, to make you feel like he really is concerned about you and what your family is going through.

I have recommended him to other people… I am curious to know what all kind of cases does he handle. I have one friend and maybe more that will need him soon.

Tess R.

Attorney Gregory DellAttorney Gregory Dell worked on this case

I have practiced medicine for over 25 years and understand caring, professionalism, giving 100% for your clients and always being available. Gregory Dell has exemplified all these attributes for me as his client. I retained Mr. Dell 6 years ago and he has achieved the most outstanding results for me. In my case there were several times when critical decisions needed to be made and I can say that I always put myself in his hands and came out on the positive side. I feel this was the result of his great knowledge of the law, keen instincts and common sense decisions. His team of attorneys are excellent as well and his paralegals and entire office staff have always been there for me, truly making me feel like family. I have great regard for Attorney Gregory Dell and give him the highest of recommendations.

John P.

Attorney Jay SymondsAttorney Jay Symonds worked on this case

This is a very professional office with attentive personnel. I was informed of my case progress every step of the way. I experienced a positive end result in relatively short time. I’m glad I chose this law firm to handle my disability case.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Yes… Absolutely.

What could we do to improve?
I am totally satisfied with this firm.

Katie A.

Attorney Rachel AltersAttorney Rachel Alters worked on this case

Rachel is a total superwoman in my book! She was so easy to work with and made an intimidating process feel pain free. She is friendly, approachable and made time to answer all our questions. I felt like she was on my side and fought for me when no one else would. Highly recommend!


I found Dell & Schaefer when I googled lawyers that handled long term disability claims with Prudential. I sent an email on their site and by the next morning I received a phone call from them. They were very professional and friendly, easy to talk to. They inquired of my situation. Prudential LTD decided to cancel benefits after two years of which I learned is quite common. I was disabled after a car accident started collecting SSDI six months after my accident. My doctors said I was disabled, ssdi doctors declared me disabled but Prudential without ever seeing me said I was able to work. They sent me a list of jobs that they felt I could do. Not one company name just a list of five jobs. They paid me disabilty for two years without question. Then bam cut you off!

Dell & Schaefer said they could help. They explained the process of appeal and if I were denied through appeal it would go to court under Erisa. I started the process June 2015 with Dell & Schaefer. The staff answered all my emails and phone calls within minutes of asking. Amazing communication! It is now January 2017 and my case just settled. I agreed to one settlement and a few days later they set me paperwork and surprise it was more than I agreed upon.

I am truly grateful that I found such a wonderful firm. Trust and patience paid off. They care about you and your outcome. This is truly an outstanding firm to work with!

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
I recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer because they care about you. They are fast and easy to answer all your questions and I never once had any problems contacting them. Emails and phone calls promptly answered. They know how to deal with LTD companies.

What could we do to improve?
I don’t have one complaint.
Outstanding service!

Patti N.

Attorney Gregory DellAttorney Gregory Dell worked on this case


I was referred to Greg by a very well-respected attorney where I lived at the time, and he described Greg as not only one of the top attorneys in his field, but the BEST in the COUNTRY at what he does! After having interviewed other attorneys for my case that I did not quite feel right about, I contacted Greg and it was a very refreshing encounter, to say the least! He was very compassionate in regards to my health situation, and had had experience with other clients in the past who had been in the same industry as I had… and whom he had also very successfully represented. He was strong, confident and extremely intelligent…. His knowledge of the law was unsurpassed, and he had impressive Insight and expertise in dealing with insurance companies. Greg has successfully represented me now for over six years, and I honestly could not have handled the stress involved with working directly with the insurance company – in my fragile condition – without him! He and his highly-professional Staff have taken over my claim so that I can be worry-free and focus totally on my health and wellbeing. Greg is a master at what he does and I have the utmost respect for him. I have entrusted my whole livelihood in his and his capable Staff’s hands, and I feel totally confident in their ability to represent me in the best possible way, as well as to protect my very best interests. Most importantly, Greg has given me peace of mind at a very difficult time in my life. And, he has done it with kindness, compassion and honesty. His positive attitude and wonderful personality also make it a joy to work with Greg. He has been the ultimate blessing in my life since this unfortunate illness, and I sincerely feel so grateful to have found him!

Christina R.

Attorney Jay SymondsAttorney Jay Symonds worked on this case

I am extremely happy that I decided to sign on with Dell & Schaefer. Mr. Symonds is the most honest attorney that I have ever dealt with. He explained the appeal process to me exactly as it turned out. He also knew exactly when to send in the appeal for Short Term Disability so that the Long Term Disability was approved within days of the STD approval. I feel very confident that he will have my back for the years to come. He and his assistant Sonia are always polite and quick to get back to me whenever I have questions.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
I would highly recommend Dell & Schaefer because of their knowledge of disability law from both the view of the insurance company as well as the claimant.

Michael C.

Attorney Gregory DellAttorney Gregory Dell worked on this case

I just want to take a moment to tell you of the very positive experience I have had with Gregory Dell and his handling of my disability case. I am very pleased with the performance, support, professionalism and determination of Mr Dell every step of the way. Throughout my case he has always been very quick to respond, made himself available during times that mist would consider after hours and was always patient in explaining the status and developments in my case. Every step of the way my case has been handled in an excellent way and I could not have asked fore more. I highly recommend Gregory Dell.

Howard F.

Dell & Schaefer has made my life much more restful in so many ways. They retrieved the appropriate paperwork from Medical Facilities and made all of the calls and faxes as to allow me to just rest. I know what it is like going through a rough time medically and need to handle all of the legalities that come with it. You can certainly count on this Law Firm, I am speaking from a standpoint from completely healthy to absolutely so sick I could not work at all. It can be devastating especially to people who have always been healthy, lived a great lifestyle and worked a fabulous position with a great company. Simply put things can happen that are frustratingly out of your control and when you need help then don’t hesitate to hire this law firm, they helped me greatly and they can help you too!

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
I would recommend Dell & Schaefer strongly and the main reason is the client service, the hard working staff of the Attorney and those that work together on a case like mine and communicate how the process works to me every step of the way!

What could we do to improve?
I could not possibly recommend a better way to improve Dell & Schaefer as their diligent and client oriented which is not always the case thank you D&S!

James J.

Attorney Gregory DellAttorney Gregory Dell worked on this case

Simply The Best. I chose Dell and Schaefer after watching several videos that Greg had made and I also checked his reviews. I contacted him through his website and within 1 hour Greg called me on a Sunday afternoon. We discussed my medical issues and how they were rapidly damaging my abilities to continue my dental practice of 32 years. He told me that he would handle my case himself. I asked for names of dentists that he had represented. I spoke to 3 and they all said hire Greg ASAP. I had 3 specialists who recommended that I stop practicing but I had a tough time dealing with losing my practice of 32 years. I was dealing with depression and anxieties due to my reduction in hours along with knowing that my disability insurance company had a bad reputation of denying legitimate claims. Greg had a way of calming me down and he told me he had dealt with my company hundreds of times. He was not at all intimidated. He said that he was going to help me and was confident that we would win. Greg guided me through the entire process and it was completed in the time frame he said it would be. He and Vanessa returned all my calls and emails rapidly.

I would think of questions on weekends or late at night and he would always return my emails and calls. Once everything was into the insurance company they had an inexperienced claim consultant on my case that was challenging my disabling conditions. Greg fired off a letter giving them 5 days to make a decision. They moved my case up the ladder to a “lead” consultant and within 2 days we had the approval letter. He was also able to collect a period of partial disability, my business overhead expense policy, get me deemed totally disabled get my three insurance premiums refunded to me. We also received all past due benefits for the maximum monthly payment for the past 8 months since I stopped working. Greg continues to handle my claim and thankfully he will always be on my claim until my policy expires.

My family will be thankful to Greg, his assistant Vanessa and their entire team forever.

Glen P.

Attorney Stephen JessupAttorney Stephen Jessup worked on this case

I was referred to Dell and Schaefer, and specifically attorney Stephen Jessup, by a local lawyer in my home state of Vermont. I was advised that Dell and Schaefer would be better suited to handle my appeal for LTD with Unum insurance company. I was a little hesitant about using an out of state law firm, but I am certainly glad that I did. There was less than 60 days left for me to appeal Unum’s original denial but Steve and his aide Vanessa got to work right away on it. I was given a detailed list of items to accomplish, things I and even my doctors had not thought of. I believe that Steve and Vanessa worked hard and fast to set up appointments for me and to amass an appeal that Unum ultimately could not deny. One very nice caveat of having Steve and Vanessa working for me was I no longer had to have any more frustrating, time consuming and energy draining dealings with Unum myself. They handled everything. I used to be upset for days after speaking to a Unum rep. As far as the not local aspect of a law firm, my worries were unfounded. I was kept up to date immediately via email and telephone and I never had the feeling that I was being ignored or that my questions were going unanswered. As busy as I’m sure my team was, in many ways I felt like I was their most important client by how good the communication was. They understood that this very long process weighed heavily on me and were optimistic and diligent on my behalf when I no longer could be.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
I believe they have a superior knowledge of the inner workings and mind set of the insurance companies that the average person simply just could not possess. I think they probably have an appeal down to a science and the insurance companies realize that if they have taken your case, it’s probably a good case. That is a tremendous advantage when dealing with insurances that unfortunately hold all the cards. Having Dell and Schaefer working for you means that the insurance company now knows they aren’t dealing anymore with just a tired and unwell claim holder who hasn’t been given an even playing field to begin with. The insurance company has essentially been put on notice that they now have a powerful adversary working on your behalf who understands all the rules of the game.

Tammy B.

I worked extremely hard on Wall Street for over twenty years – spending almost seventeen years at one of the biggest and most reputable firms – where in the 360 annual reviews I was consistently within the top five percent of performers. I suffered an injury while at work and had to undergo spine surgery and take medical leave to recuperate which lasted almost six months. However, that surgery didn’t do what we all expected and as time went by I got worse. The pain was too much, I was hardly able to walk, work, commute, sleep or anything. I had to be constantly drugged, having involuntary leg spasms at night that are extremely painful. Three top US Doctors agreed the only way to help me was for me to undergo an anterior and posterior spine fusion. This meant a very long and risky surgery and we didn’t know how long I would be unable to work. At that moment – I was laid off from my job.

After the 2nd surgery and until today, I continued to suffer from lots of pain, lack of mobility, depression, anxiety, inability to care for myself or my family, the painful leg spams continued and I realized my life had changed for the worse. I applied for disability insurance from my LTD carrier – this is the insurance I had been paying out of pocket for about sixteen years just in case I ever needed it. Despite all the Doctor’s reports, all the pain and suffering, the disability, medication and symptoms I have, the fact that my family has to do many things for me including help me bathe and dress and despite the fact that I’m going to need a third surgery pretty soon, the LTD carrier denied my claim. I contacted the law firm of Dell and Schaefer after conducting some research on great law firms in the US.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?

My experience with Disability Insurance Attorneys Dell & Schaefer has been outstanding. From our initial conversation, I knew I was speaking with a sensitive attorney who was fully engaged in our conversation, my case, and extremely frustrating situation. My attorney listened to me very patiently and once I finished he started asking me questions regarding my case. He took my case as he understood from all the medical reports and everything I had gone through for years that this is a strong case. Needless to say within a month of submitting his appeal – the LTD carrier approved my claim. I have had past experience with a couple of law firms before – nothing compares to the knowledge, empathy and top-notch work that Dell & Schaefer has done for me. I would highly recommend Dell & Schaefer to anyone who’s denied LTD.

What could we do to improve?


Gladys F.

Attorney Alex PalamaraAttorney Alex Palamara worked on this case

During a very difficult time fighting to receive compensation for an injury I found some comfort in the reassurance that I was not fighting alone. Alex and Michal kept me up to date with what was going on and what steps were next to move forward. During the mediation process Alex navigated this situation strategically at the same time reassuring me that we would leave with some success.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
I would recommend them because during this difficult time they treated me with respect and dignity.

Sean D., New York

Attorney Rachel AltersAttorney Rachel Alters worked on this case

“Extremely” Professional, Knowledgeable, Immediately Responsive to all my calls and emails, “Always” left Comforted that my case is being given all that can be done to accomplish the best results after talking/emailing with “Rachel Alters” (My Attorney) and her team. It has been the best decision I have ever made when I needed the best to help me at such a vulnerable time in my life of having to deal with being so ill and then the realization of the loss of my career that I loved so much, that I had given my all to, and was so successful at.

I can’t “Thank” Dell & Schaefer (Rachel Alters & Team) enough for giving their all for me (My case).

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Amazing….. Professional, Immediately Responsive to emails & calls, Always left with “Peace of mind”. From the very first phone call about my case I was left with peace of mind and that results have continued for several years to be an amazing experience.

I would recommend Dell & Schaefer to “everyone” that is in a situation of needing help with a disabilty case.

What could we do to improve?
Nothing. In the midst of their office having to evacuate and also having their personal lives to deal with the destruction of hurricane Irma …… They were still working on my case & a few days after the hurricane had left such destruction…. I was called by Rachel Alters to once again give me the best news on my case.

They are my super blessings.

Leza A.

Attorney Gregory DellAttorney Gregory Dell worked on this case

I was a high earning medical professional who had a sudden practice ending injury in 2012 and I was fortunate to be recommended to Mr. Greg Dell for legal representation. From the time of our first meeting Mr. Dell and his staff have made my transition from practice very manageable with their handling of my claim. I would recommend Dell & Schaefer to anyone faced with the uncertainty of having to file a disability claim because in trying times a competent knowledgeable legal professional law office is invaluable. Mr. Dell and his legal assistants and staff are expert in their field of disability claim handling removing the stress and burden at a time when we can be most vulnerable. Easy to communicate with, informed in every step in the claim process and always responsive to questions and concerns hiring Mr. Dell has been the silver lining in a very traumatic chapter in my life. Since my injury and as my claim has progressed I have spoken to others who are disabled and I feel blessed to have made the right choice in my legal representation.

Thank you

Louis P.

Attorney Rachel AltersAttorney Rachel Alters worked on this case

I was so fortunate to have Ms. Alters and her staff represent me. I can’t say enough about the compassion that everyone, even the staff not involved in my case, have for their clients. I felt so much love and it was like I became part of a big family.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Ms. Alters definitely is very thorough and is very well prepared to represent her clients. I really can’t say enough about this firms integrity, compassion and perseverance.

I would highly recommend Ms. Alters to everyone needing help with a disability case.

Gail S.

Attorney Gregory DellAttorney Gregory Dell worked on this case

After dealing with my LTD carrier for 8+ years, I’ve come to realize that the reason I’m still receiving benefits is due to the work of Greg Dell and the whole team at Dell & Schaefer. Greg knows the industry inside and out and has always offered timely and dependable advice.

John I.

Attorney Stephen JessupAttorney Stephen Jessup worked on this case

They are so professional & thoughtful, from the very first contact to the last. They took the time to explain every detail so we always knew what was happening and what to expect next. I firmly believe we would not have won my appeal without their expertise. They were so prompt & courteous when handling our case, I couldn’t have found anyone better to handle my disability appeal. We were elated when we won our case, thanks to them!

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
They are the BEST for handling appeals to disability insurance claims. They knew Cigna and what to expect and how to get the job done for us. They were courteous, kind and sympathic. They took the time to get to know us, our problem and work out a great strategy to win our case.

What could we do to improve?
I really cant think of anything, you’ve been the best!

Lester D.

Attorney Gregory DellAttorney Gregory Dell worked on this case

Once again my wife Sandy and I cannot thank you enough. If you want to use me as a reference, please feel free. I have been amazed at how confident you have been going up against Unum. I was so worried and anxious after researching their track record. If there is anything I can do to help with potential clients have them call me. If I have any of my fellow dentists that need disability representation, I will send them your way. It has been great working with you and Vanessa.

Glenn P. DMD

Attorney Cesar GavidiaAttorney Cesar Gavidia worked on this case

I had to quit working after 8 years of dealing with chronic pain from 2 bulging and torn discs from an injury and failey back surgery. I was approved for Long term disability through my employer benefits, with Unum. They covered me with payments for one year, and suddenly sent a letter that their doctors disagreed with my surgeon and pain management doctors, and they felt I could go back to work full time. I hired a local attorney, trying to save some money, but I don’t think he had much experience dealing with big LTD companies such as Unum. He filed terrible appeals on my behalf with little to no effort on his part of building a good case for me. After a year of dealing with his condescending attitude and loosing my final appeal, I decided to call up Dell & Schaefer. I had contacted them a year prior when searching for an attorney. Cesar was willing to take my case and felt I had a good one. But I didn’t want to pay the percentage he was asking for if we won back then.The old saying, “you get what you pay for”, proved to be true in this case and I regretted not hiring him from the beginning!

Once I did hire him, and thank goodness he was still willing to take my case even though he was dealing with defending poor appeals by my previous lawyer, things got moving along for me. Because of his years of experience dealing with Unum, and his record of wins against them, within 6 months we had a settlement I could live with! The stress I suffered before Cesar and weight on my shoulders was gone! Cesar is a kind, caring, attorney who will fight for your rights! His assistant Michal always talked to me when I called in with questions or to check up on my case and never made me feel bad for calling. It was nothing like the previous relationship I had with my other attorney and his staff, who avoided me. Cesar explains the process well and keeps you updated on your options throughout the process. He was worth every penny!

I am grateful for their representation and would recommend anyone with an ERISA case to call him!

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Because of their proven record with Unum.

Dawn P.

Attorney Gregory DellAttorney Gregory Dell worked on this case

Got a yes for me.
Greg was able to take charge of my disability case and turn their no into a yes. I am truely grateful.


Attorney Jay SymondsAttorney Jay Symonds worked on this case

After my claim was denied I was at a standstill. Not knowing what to do next, I happened upon Dell & Schaefer on an Internet search…skeptically I investigated and did due diligence. After initial contact, I firmly realized it was in my best interest to have Dell & Schaefer represent me. Throughout the appeal process, my emails were answered, my phone calls were returned and there was no such thing as a stupid question. It was a complicated case and my confidence was positive throughout the appeal experience. After several months I was put back on claim and there is no question I could not have done this without Dell & Schaefer’s excellent and fair representation.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Clear and concise explanations of procedures. Attention to details (that I have no clue about…)
Level of expertise is exceptional.

BK. K.

Attorney Gregory DellAttorney Gregory Dell worked on this case


5.0 stars


Most likely … if you are reading this now…… you are searching for ‘The Right Disability Attorney’! Realizing that no professional, including Greg Dell, can make everyone happy, the attorneys at Dell attempt to. They are still representing my best interests and have literally collected every dime I am entitled to under policy. Insurance companies know that Greg Dell’s firm is large enough to have assets sufficient to fight if necessary. They won’t ‘roll over’ because they don’t have the money to stay in the ring. Your insurance company, I assure you, know who ‘Greg Dell’ is. After they receive that 1st letter from Mr. Dell, putting them on notice that they are no longer to contact you, (that ALL correspondence goes through him) …. I assure you their ‘method of operation’ changes gears. Please listen to me.

It has been my experience that once you call your insurance carrier and tell them you are even ‘thinking about’ filing a claim – their ‘helping hands’ attitude changes immediately. You are no longer an asset… you have now become a ‘liability’. Your insurance carrier knows that they will never make another dime from you. From now on you will only cost them money… perhaps for the rest of your life. It’s just business folks…. we try to mitigate liabilities. If they can find a way to stall, question and deny ….. most likely they will.

Understand that insurance companies make money three ways:

1. Collecting premiums. 2. Investing revenues. 3. Denying claims.

They have already collected your premiums and will now determine if they can justify denying your claim … they simply will.


If you are a professional and find yourself in the unfortunate position of filing a disability claim – I admonish you to not try this on your own!


Your decision is whether to hire a ‘disability claims consultant’ or an ‘attorney’ which specializes in professional disability claims. You’d be wise to decide upon the later. The reason being an attorney has ‘power’ and ‘authority’ and actually ‘represents you’. He/she has authority (power of attorney) to actually communicate with your insurance company and do ‘Whatever It Takes’. A disability claims consultant does exactly that… they ‘consult’ with ‘you’ (not the insurance company) and make recommendations … they tell you what to say and do.

Mr. Dell notified my insurance company that my claim was legitimate and justified and that they were simply going to pay my claim. 5 years later I have received every single payment, in full and on time!

If you have not decided yet… please listen to me. You are about to step on the field of battle with Goliath. You must never forget that these insurance people are good… very good. They know what they are doing. All day long claims adjusters look for ways to deny claims. They know all the tricks. Unless you are King David …. you are going to need much more than a rock.

In conclusion consider this … right now you are not looking for a friend. You need someone who knows what they are doing….and does it exceptionally well. Do yourself a favor and call Greg …. call him right now. I assure you…. you’ll sleep much better tonight!

Ken A.

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