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Radio Appearances

Real Money Radio with David Holland

Disability Attorney Gregory Dell was invited to speak on Real Money Radio with David Holland. This is a great interview in which Mr. Dell discusses the importance of disability insurance and the steps involved with obtaining disability benefits. If you are considering filing for disability insurance benefits this interview provides some really helpful tips.

The Ed Tyll Show on Talk Radio X

Ed and Gregory Dell discuss disability insurance claims from a claimant’s perspective. Greg discusses some of the misconceptions that the media has about fraud in disability claims.

New York Governor Patterson Radio Show on WOR 710

Gregory Dell was called upon as an expert to discuss the recent rise in social security disability claims and how this relates to disability insurance claims.

Wall Street Journal Radio Network – The Daily Wrap Show

Attorney Gregory Dell is interviewed by Michael Castner about short-term and long term disability claims.

CBS New York and WFAN Radio Interview with Bob Salters

Bob Salters, a New York radio veteran, conducts a great interview discussing numerous issues related to short term and long term disability insurance claims.

The Jiggy Jaguar Show

An interesting interview in which Attorney Gregory Dell discusses numerous tips for individuals that are filing for disability insurance benefits. Mr. Dell provides detailed comments about the disability application process and things that claimants should expect. The radio host had a good time calling Mr. Dell “his friend”!

Cala Curtis KID Newsradio

Attorney Gregory Dell was called upon as a disability expert to discuss the fact that more than 9 million people nationwide are receiving disability benefits, while more than 3 million people are applying each year. The issue of fraud with disability claims is also discussed.

The Frankie Boyer Show

Attorney Gregory Dell discusses the problems with ERISA laws and the battle that claimants can face when seeking disability benefits. Mr. Dell further discusses the basics of a disability insurance policy and the difference between Social Security Disability and private insurance. Mr. Dell discusses the most common types of medical conditions resulting in disability claims and the importance of having disability insurance.

Joel Riley Morning Show News

Attorney Gregory Dell discusses issues associated with Disability Benefits and the more than ten billion dollars of benefits that are paid to claimants on a monthly basis. Mr. Dell explains that getting approved for disability benefits requires satisfaction of a high threshold.

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