Dell & Schaefer Supports the Elizabeth Smart Foundation

Dell & Schaefer is a proud supporter of the Elizabeth Smart Foundation (ESF).  The Elizabeth Smart Foundation mission is to empower women and girls with the knowledge and skills necessary to actively protect themselves against violence and abuse.

Born in Utah in 1987, at age 14 Smart was abducted from her home in June 2002. Held captive by a fanatic named Brian David Mitchell and his wife, Wanda Barzee, Smart was repeatedly raped, drugged and forced to endure religious rituals, until earning her freedom in March 2003. She has since become a noted activist and author, launching the Elizabeth Smart Foundation in 2011, authoring My Story in 2013.  Following her experience, Smart married Matthew Gilmour in 2012, and they have two children together. Her successful career as an activist allows her to share her advocacy for abduction and kidnapping victims.

With Elizabeth at the helm of the Elizabeth Smart Foundation, education programs provide the fundamental understanding vital to recognizing and confronting abuse and sexual violence in all its various forms. ESF uses every platform available to reach women and girls to empower them through physical, mental, and emotional self-defense classes.

Partnered with experienced therapists and specialists, the ESF provides online content, podcasts, and resources focused on prevention, trauma, shame, and recovery.

By educating the public on:

The Elizabeth Smart Foundation provides hope to those who find themselves in the blackest abyss of pain, isolation, and fear.

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