Client Review From Marna L. (Tennessee)

When the letter arrived from the insurance company that they would no longer be making payments to my disabled spouse our world came to a stop. This is a devastating moment. Rather shocking since we had complied with all the requirements. Shortly, thereafter I started researching to find the best legal firm to represent my spouse. After reading the numerous ads for legal firms I came across Dell & Schaefer. Read the material, listened to the you tube and read the booklet. The process was fast once I place the call.

Attorney Jay Symonds returned my call. He was amazing and talked me through the process. He went through the details as to what would be needed several times. He has patience which is needed when dealing with people under stress. Mr. Symonds was open to different types of communication and at odd times of the week and day. He was understanding of my time as a full time caregiver. Through the process Mr. Symonds and his staff stayed in contact with me. End Result: My spouses insurance was reinstated. We are very grateful to Jay Symonds and his team.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?

Here are the reasons I would highly recommend this firm: Experience, professional, respectful, and most of all: providing a service that is exponentially needed in this current environment where insurance companies are gaining momentum. Dell & Schaefer provides balance in our society. Lastly, the staff needs to be mentioned. They are nothing short of professional consistency. (these days this is very hard to achieve)

What could we do to improve?

This may seem like sarcastic comment, but I assure you it is not. I would only recommend that a policy is passed that whenever an entity purchases an insurance policy to provide as disability income that a Dell & Schaefer packet/information be attached. Again, balance.