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With more than $70 billion in annual revenues, MetLife is a financial monster that you should not fear. While Met is great at making money, they are overwhelmed with administering short term and long term disability claims. The MetLife disability insurance claim division administers both Group ERISA disability plans and private disability insurance policies.

Through the litigation of numerous lawsuits against MetLife and the daily representation of MetLife disability claimants our firm has the knowledge and skill necessary to enforce our client’s contractual rights.

Does MetLife Pay Disability Benefit Claims?

As one of the world’s largest corporations MetLife routinely commits the same actions resulting in unreasonable disability claim denials.

Our firm has recovered disability benefits for 99% of our MetLife clients. Our job as your disability attorney is to make MetLife pay you the disability insurance benefits that you are entitled to receive. Our disability attorneys represent MetLife claimants at any stage of a disability claim, which includes the application process, on-claim handling, ERISA appeals and lawsuits.

At any given time, our law firm usually has numerous lawsuits pending against MetLife. You don’t need to wait for a claim denial in order to get us involved.

Free MetLife Disability Claim Information, Cases, Videos and Comments

We are of the opinion that a disability claimant should be well educated about their disability insurance company and the manner in which their company handles disability claims.

This section of our site contains videos about MetLife, cases our firm has resolved against MetLife, and a summary of lawsuits and court decisions involving MetLife.

We want you to learn what other MetLife claimants have said about MetLife, so we have created a public forum where MetLife claimants can either post comments on our website about their experience with MetLife or ask our lawyers general questions.

We encourage you to review all of the information about MetLife and to contact us if we can assist you with your claim.

There are 169 opinions so far. Add your comment or complaint now.

Larry Lipman:

I have a claim with UNUM. They administer my GenAm policy owned by MetLife. I filed in August. I have yet to receive an approval or denial. I feel like they’re continuing to come up with new request after new request in the hopes that something will turn up that would favor a denial. What is your process for evaluating a representation relationship with a potential claimant?

Attorney Greg Dell:

Larry, since your claim is pending we need to review your disability policy in order to determine if we can assist you. Please call us to discuss your claim and we will provide a free consultation to discuss your claim.

David Mello:

I worked for 35 years and had Metlife thru my last employer. I became ill with Aids, Neuropathy in my feet, legs and hands, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, entiritis of the intestines, chronic nausea, shortness of breath, arthritis in my spine and right wrist, GERD, hepc, depression and panic attacks. My doctor took me out of work because the stress level was practially killing me. At that time I was put on disability for hiv with physical complications (2006). Sometime in 2008 Metlife without notifying me changed my disability status to a mental disordered. By doing this they were able to cut off my benefits in 24 months under the plan I had at work. Even with tons of documentation from several doctors and a decision from a judge for SSDI benefits approved Metlife is still cutting me off. Before getting sick I worked for 35 years, had a house, a nice car, and a 401k plan for retirement. I am 52 years old and have lost everything now living on 60% of my earnings. Metlife treated me like I was subhuman and not worthy and that just made me more sick.

Mike Woodward:

I had a disabilty policy with AMERCO (U-Haul) payable to age 65. I have received $688 a month for 11 years.Two years ago MetLife began administering the policy. Because I have a dependent child that also gets Social Security, they now claim that they want to reduce their payment by the amount of my daughters Social Security which leaves no money for me. What gives?

Attorney Greg Dell:

Mike, you need to review the Deductible Sources of Income section of your policy to see if the disability policy allows MetLife to deduct for payments to a dependent child. I have seen Metlife disability insurance policies that allow the deduction for a dependent child.

Bob Conolty:

It has been 8 years since I was denied, but I did not know what to do, nor did I have the strength to “fight it” as you stated in the video because I have Fibromyalgia which keeps me fatigued and in sever pain ALL the time. Is it right that I will never get my disability benefits all because I was too disabled to “fight it”, plus I was trusting in Metlife (through IBM) to take care of me. Now I understand how evil they are, but I would like to try to still make them pay because I knew not what to do until recently, and even if I had known, I did not have the strength to fight it. Is it possible to get an exception of the statute of limitation (I’m in NC) since I knew nothing about it? And since I was trusting an untrustworthy company? This is so wrong! And I really cannot believe Metlife is getting away with this. btw, I was approved by SS right away.

Thanks so much!

Attorney Greg Dell:

Bob, we are sorry to hear about your denial of long term disability insurance benefits by MetLife. Unfortunately, there is no exception to the statute of limitations that we are aware of. The statute of limitations varies in each state, and the time period could be as little as 3 years and in some state as much as 6 years.


My wife is one hundred percent disable and she is on Social Security Disability and receives Long Term Disability Income from MetLife Ins. Metlife cut her amount of long term disability by the amount she gets each month from Social Security. Is this legal? One more question, will she receive benefits from MetLife for the rest of her life from the Long Term Disability? Thanks, Bert.


My husband is on long term disability. His plan was managed by Prudential until Jan of this year. We got a letter saying that MetLife will now be handling his claim. Not even a month later he gets a call from Metlife saying they are going to review his claim to see if he can work at all, at any job. My husband can barely do anything, he is always so fatigued due to the anemia, we do dialysis 5 days a week for 4 hours and now we have to fear that they are going to take the little bit of money he gets a month away. If they terminated his LTD he is going to lose his medical insurance and life insurance. I am so scared. Prudential and Social Security Disability both told me they usually do reviews every two years but because he is ESRD and on dialysis they would probably only do it like every ten years. Does anyone know what the chances are of them denying his continued claim?

Attorney Greg Dell:

Bert, you need to review the language in your wife’s Metlife disability insurance policy in order to determine if Metlife has a right to deduct the social security disability benefits. Most disability policies obtained through an employer have a deduction for social security disability benefits. You can write Metlife and ask them to clarify in writing their right to a social security offset. There is no guarantee that your wife will receive long term disability benefits the rest of her life. The disability carriers evaluate each claim on a monthly basis and if they believe that your wife is no longer disabled, then they will deny disability benefits. Your wife’s approval of SSDI benefits makes it less likely that she would be denied, but approval of SSDI benefits is not a guarantee that disability benefits will continue. Lastly, your wife’s Metlife disability policy probably states that benefits end at age 65 or 67.

Attorney Greg Dell:

Vickie, based upon your husband’s current medical condition it would be highly unusual for Metlife to deny his disability benefits. The forms that MetLife is requesting are routine and you should not be concerned. If you husband has been on disability for less than two years, then he may have a change in the definition of disability which takes palce after 24 months. This is another reason that Metlife may be requesting paperwork. You should anticipate that Met Life will request disability claim forms at least once every 2-3 months.


My sister has metlife and is on SS Disability, she also has a 13 year old son that gets funds from SS. Metlife deducts his amount from her payment. She has asked for a copy of her policy from metlife so that she can read the language that allows them to deduct this amount, Metlife has NOT sent her the contract. Metlife figures they have overpaid her $48000.00 and wants her to now pay it back, they continue to call her asking for the money, she continues to ask for a copy of the policy. How can she get Metlife to send her a copy of HER policy?

Attorney Greg Dell:

Kat, the ERISA regulation require the disability claimant to request a copy of their long term disability insurance policy from their employer and not from the disability insurance company. The request must be sent in writing and you should send it certified mail with signature confirmation. The employer has 30 days to produce a copy of the policy or they will be subject to a penalty of $110 a day.

Vincent Bochis:

After paying long term disability benefits for twelve and a half years, AT&T has started to deduct a vested pension, which AT&T claims was rolled over, in the sum of $50,000, by reducing the monthly LTD payment by $334 until the pension “overpayment” is repaid. Is the action taken by AT&T a contract claim? Does the New Jersey statute of limitations prevent AT&T from doing this? Can AT&T do this on its own without having first obtained a Court judgment?


Almost two years ago, my husband was taken out of work and deemed disabled by Metlife under his longterm disability insurance that he purchased through his job. He was required to apply for Social Security Disabilty which he did. First he was denied, then recently approved for Social Security Disability. Under the order, Metlife was supposed to supplement the SS to match his current disability payment. Within days of receiving notification of approval, Metlife decided that my husband was not sending in the paperwork properly and discontinued his claim until further paperwork could be submitted. The representative was told that he was approved for SSD, and information was sent to Metlife as requested. Now he gets a call stating that their (Metlife) nurse has reviewed his records and concluded that he was no longer disabled by their definitions. We are dumbfounded! Nothing has changed since day one except his condition has worsened and he has been diagnosed with several other issues. Is there Any recourse? Are we just screwed?

Attorney Greg Dell:

Karen, you may have recourse against MetLife, but we must review the denial letter sent by Metlife. If your husband’s disability policy is governed by ERISA then you must be aware that there are strict appeal deadlines that must be followed. Contact us and we will provide you with a free consultation to discuss your husband’s options.


My husband signed up for 1000.00 a week for short term disability from Metlife and he only received 400.00. They said he could not get more money on disability then when he worked. He paid for the 1000.00 a week premium. We have requested information from Metlife and they refuse to send us the contract or the original paper work that my husband filled out showing this amount and will not explain why he only received the 400.00 a week. How do we get this information? They keep telling us to go to his employer which he was let go from while on disability after working there for 13 years – or go to the Niagara Partnership Company which was the company who set up all the insurance from his employer. We have done all of thee above and are still refused this information. Now he is on long term disability, was denied SSDI and we are affraid they will stop his long term claim. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Attorney Greg Dell:

Vincent, AT&T’s ability to deduct for your pension will depend on the language contained in your Long term disability policy. Your question is very specific and it can only be answered after a detailed review of your disability policy. The action taken by AT&T is a right they are exercising pursuant to the terms of your disability contract.

Attorney Greg Dell:

Nancy, if the disability benefits were offered through the employer, then you must send a request in writing to the employer. According to ERISA regulations, the employer has 30 days to respond or they could be subject to a $110 per a day penalty.

Laurie Tilden:

My husband has fought a panic disorder for 12 years with short periods of disability. He was approved for LTD folowing the term of STD through METLife. He attempted to return to work never really accepting that he was permanently disabled but it exacerbated his condition dramatically and he was placed off work permanently by two treating MD’s. MetLife cancelled and has refused thus far to reinstate his LTD despite letters and MetLife forms from both doctors stating he was permanently and totally disabled. Of course their MD who never had a conversation with my husband feels he can work. Is there any way to fight this and win? And why is a mental disability only given 24 months and any other disability is for five years? Isn’t that discriminatory?

Attorney Greg Dell:

Laurie, if you husband’s policy is governed by ERISA, then he must submit an appeal within 180 days. I would recommend that you call us to discuss the claim denial and we will discuss his options. Most MetLife group disability policies limit mental nervous conditions to 24 months. These limited pay period are usually valid.

Jay from Louisville, KY:

I am currently receiving monthly payments from Metlife, as well as SSDI. When I received the SSDI back pay, there was a deduction from my checking account to pay Metlife – It was almost the complete amount that I received.

Now, I was granted a settlement award from the car insurance company of the wreck that started all of my pain. And, Metlife now wants 100% of this award. They have recently sent statements listing amounts that I have been “overpaid”. The totals on these statements do not total to the amount they have listed as the total in the cover letter, as I have tried to understand. They are still paying me, but I fear that they could stop at any time. I need advice, and quick.

How is it that they can demand this money from the auto settlement? Do I have to pay them? How can I fight this?

Attorney Greg Dell:

Jay, some MetLife disability policies provide for an offset if your disability is caused by a third party. In your case a third party would be the person that caused your injury. You need to look at the offset provisions of you policy. MetLife should only be entitled to an offset for the compensation you received for lost wages only. Your auto accident attorney needs to let you know what portion recovered was lost wages versus pain and suffering or medical bills.


Please help. I have recieved LT disability through MetLife for 2 1/2 years due to severe osteoarthritis, knee surgeries and knee replacement. Just recently I was approved for SSDI. My SSDI has me disabled due to “mental” issues (I have chronic depression and anxiety – everything went wrong with me mentally and physically after I got West Nile Virus 3 1/2 years ago).

Anyway, can Metlife now change my disability status to a mental diagnosis and decline benefits according to their “mental” clause of 24 month maximum beneifit period? If so, can they go back and demand to be repaid for anything paid over the 24 months? I still have the orthopedic issues and other medical issues due to West Nile. I am involved in Metlife’s rehabilitation program and they were going to begin paying for additional education starting in August. There is a plan in place with MetLife for me to eventually return to work in about 2 1/2 years.

Is everything on the line now due to the SSDI’s ruling? Am I at risk for losing my Metlife benefits?


I am currently receiving LTD benefits from MetLife, and have just been approved for SSDI benefits, so my payments form MetLife are now being offset by the amount I receive from Social Security. Since I also qualify for family benefits, this means my Met Life benefit has been substantially reduced. The problem is that My MetLife benefits were not taxable, but my SSDI benefits ARE. Since my wife is still working and earning it looks like my SSDI benefits could be taxed at up to 85%! I assumed that MetLife would have to reduce the offset by any amount of tax I had to pay but MetLife say they are NOT responsible for this difference. Is this legal? If so, it seems to me that I would be better off not receiving the SSDI.

Attorney Greg Dell:

Marcy, if the primary disabling condition is physical and your mental illness is secondary then the 2 year limitation should not be a concern. If you continue to be disabled by orthopedic issues then the findings of social security will not have any retroactive implications. If you are accepted to the Rehab program I have never heard of a situation where MetLife revoked approval.

Attorney Greg Dell:

Chuck, in the scenario you described it is true that you may be better off without the SSDI. We are currently researching pursuing a lawsuit against MetLife for people that are in your exact position.


What is the “rule of thumb” cost for an insurance company to defend against an ERISA lawsuit?

Attorney Greg Dell:

Steve, there is no rule of thumb cost for an insurance company to defend a disability denial case. Insurance defense firms usually work by the hour and charge anywhere from 175 hour to 450 hour. I have seen defense attorney fee bills from as low as 15000 to over one million dollars for defending an ERISA disability denial. The facts and issues are different in every case so there is no rule of thumb on defense cost.

Sherry DeLeo:

My husband purchase MetLife Short Term disability through his employer, Home Depot. He injured his shoulder and had to have extensive surgery to repair the injury. MetLife was sending us a weekly check until he turned 62 and applied for Social Security. Not SSID – just regular SS. MetLife now says we owe them money because they deduct his SS payments from his MetLife payments. I could understand if it was SS disability, but not regular SS. We have asked Home Depot and MetLife for a copy of our policy and have not received one yet. Any comment or help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!

Attorney Greg Dell:

Sherry, unfortunately, most MetLife disability insurance policies provide for a set off for any social security disability payments. Please check the FAQ section of our website for additional information on overpayments.

Kristine Endres:

I have appealed and just found out my appeal was denied after 180 days and now have to file a civil action against Metlife, for the following Illnesses: Multiple levels of Severe DDD in my lumbar and theoratic areas of my spine and issues with my cervical, Fibromyalgia, Severe Rhuematoid Arthiritis, Degenerative Disease in both shoulders and both knees, severe chronic pain, Generalized depression disorder, Anxiety disorder and Post tramatic disorder and an asthmatic in dealing with all this, how much can a person handle. I have 4 doctors states that I am disabled and cannot work and Metlife still denies my claim due to their Independent physican’s opinion. I am laying down most of the time as I cannot sit, walk, stand for any length of time without being in crucial pain all due to an accident because a stupid farmer refused to have lights or reflectors on his farm equipment and using it when it was pitch dark out, almost lost my life over it as I crashed into the manuer spreader at 50-55 miles per hour then have to deal with an total dishonest Insurance company as Metlife is! I really need help! I am only 43 years old, I have 2 teenagers and a husband and all they want is their wife and mom back.


Hi, I am 54 years old. I have severe Fibromyalgia. I had been on LTD from my job via MetLife. After two denials MetLife assigned me an attorney and I was awarded disability in Sept 2010. MetLife had said in Nov 2009 that I was approved thru 2023 as long as medical supported. Immediately upon informing MetLife of the favorable decision from SSDI (two weeks), they initiated a “review” with their “independent consultant”, who has never examined me. Even though my Doctor stated I could not hold gainful long term employment , they said I could work eight hours sedentary and closed my claim immediately. It was also determined by Met that they still owed me a monthly benefit, then came the “review”. I am currently in an appeal but even though my Doctors have disagreed with their findings I have learned that there is very slim chance for me. I live in NC. Do I have a civil case possibly?

Attorney Greg Dell:

Jerry, your chances of winning your disability claim are not slim if it is handled correctly. If your appeal is denied, then you definitely have a civil case against Metlife. It is to your advantage and important to have legal representation during the appeal process. Please contact us confidentially via telephone or through our free consultation page in order to discuss your Metlife disability claim denial. You should also take a look at our ERISA appeal and Metlife videos.


I recently had surgery to try to fix a problem with my plumbing so that my wife and I can have a child. The hospital wrote me out of work for only two days but my doctor who did the procedure placed me out longer. I was out of work for two weeks and was informed by employer to file for short term disability. I can’t understand how or who would think that I could’ve worked when I couldn’t but a pair of underwear on for 4 days and was on 500 mg of antibiotics 4 times a day which kept me in the bathroom all day long plus I work on my feet for 8 to 9 hours a day. I was so swollen that I had to walk like a duck and very slow for the first week. I think that it is wrong and would like to find out what I can do can I file an appeal or seek legal action against metlife and my employer.

Brian Garfield:

When I first went on long term disability back in 1999, MetLife would send me a form to fill out, as well as one for my doctor to fill out. At first, these came at two year intervals. It has only been 10 months since the last one we filled out, and they are sending me yet another set to fill out (me and my doctor).

It has always been very clear that my disability is a permanent one, which is getting worse, not better. I was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, and with this type of MS there is NO remission period. In addition to my MS, I also suffer from incomplete quadriplegia resulting from a car accident back in 1982. Seeing that by now, they must have at least 10 or 12 of these reports on file, I would like to request that the neccessity of these forms be stopped. Please respond to let me know if this would be satisfactory to Metlife Claims Dept.. Thank you very much.

Brian Garfield

Attorney Greg Dell:


If your claim was denied by MetLife, then they are required to send you a letter explaining their reason and your rights to file an appeal. You must file an Appeal within the time frame they give you. You cannot file a lawsuit until you complete all of your appeals.

Please watch our video on ERISA Appeals.

Since you are seeking benefits for a very short period of time, this is a claim that would not be cost effective for you to hire an attorney.

Attorney Greg Dell:


MetLife can request the forms as often as they like. In your case MetLife is probably requesting the forms again as you have a new claims examiner and the claims examiner did not bother to do a detailed review of your file.

You should send a letter explaining that it is a burden for you to get these forms and ask them to reduce the requirement for an APS. Most carriers will require the form at least one time a year, but in some cases they can eliminate the need to send an APS completely.


I am on disability with MetLife and also social security. I just got married. Will that marriage effect my amount I get from MetLife?

Attorney Greg Dell:


Congratulations on your marriage. A marriage should have no impact on your disability benefits from MetLife. If you have kids, then social security may pay you a benefit for your child and MetLife will deduct the benefit you receive from Social Security disability.


I’ve been on Total and Permanent Disability for almost 18 years with many auto-immune diseases. My employer happens to be MetLife. Can they turn around and deny me benefits after receiving it so long? I’m a few years from retirement and I thought you might want to know that MetLife employees under their LTD plan benefit – if MetLife deems me able for gainful employment in this economy that the job must be able to give me at least 80% of my MetLife pre-disability earnings if not then I am still considered disable. Are you aware of this?

Attorney Greg Dell:


MetLife has the right to deny your disability claim at any time. If you continue to have strong medical support, then it is unlikely that you will have any problems.


I have been on an employer sponsored MetLife LTD plan for 16 months. I have had 4 different case managers during this period. I just received a call to advise me that MetLife is requesting another set of documents from myself and my doctors. During this conversation I was able to find out that I now have no case manager. It appears that the turn over at MetLife for case managers is high. The problem is I have to go through this with every case manager change. MetLife must retain these files, can I request a copy of all the files they have regarding my case? If so, who do I submit the request to?

Attorney Greg Dell:


You can send your request in writing to MetLife, but they may not give you anything since your claim has not been denied.


I am currently receiving LTD benefits from MetLife through my employer, and have just been approved for SSDI benefits. The MetLife LTD benefit will be running out in Oct 2012 according to their “mental” clause of 24 month maximum benefit period. Do you think I will have chance to win the case if I decide to fight with them since I’m still taking medication to reduce my anxiety/depression? Thank you very much!

Attorney Greg Dell:


If you are disabled exclusively by a mental disabling condition that is clearly limited to 24 months, then there is no basis to challenge the MetLife 24 month mental nervous limitation. If you have other physical conditions that prevent you from working, then you would want to challenge the 24 month limitation.


I was approved for benefits and paid for a number of months before my insurance company terminated benefits. I submitted a timely appeal which they have had for 71 days. They have neither provided me disposition nor advisement of extension. My claim is low dollar value so I can’t engage an attorney. Any thoughts on what to do next?

Attorney Greg Dell:


You need to sit tight right now and wait for a decision. They should make a decision any day now. It is no unusual for MetLife to blow the appeal deadlines. If your appeal is denied, you should contact us and we will see if we can help you to recover benefits.

John Doe:

MetLife is happier than a tick on a fat dog because they are busier than a one legged cat in a sand box doing everything in their power to thwart my efforts of getting disability insurance benefits.

I am more confused than a hungry baby in a topless bar as to how they can justify this humiliating and degrading treatment of a disabled person.

I would rather have jumped naked off of a 12-foot step ladder into a 5-gallon bucket of porcupines than to do business with the perfect example of an evil empire called MetLife.

I know sure as there is a hell and it’s not freezing over that I am not the only MetLife client madder than mosquitoes in a mannequin factory about their shady questionable business tactics.

This has taken a toll on my nerves, tested what little patience I have left, raised my blood pressure, and taken my stress to an entirely new level. I just want them to pay me my disability benefits.


My question is similar to Brian’s above.

I’ve been on LTD for 10 years (high level SCI) and would receive forms every year around Nov. I also receive forms from a different carrier at the same time for a DIP. This year I didn’t receive forms from either company, so I called them. The DIP Co. said they sent me the forms in late Oct. so they resent them. MET said they had no record of sending them but looked like they would go out in a couple weeks. So I made a doctor appointment for early Dec. and took the DIP Co. and a blank MET physcian statement (I make copies, because there usually same form every year) to the doctor to fill out. In mid Dec. I still hadn’t received anything from MET, so I called and the Case Manager said they would be going out 12/21. Last week I still hadn’t received them, so I called them and the CSR said they were on hold but he would request release on them. This is also the fourth PCP (three different locations) I’ve had with the same diagnosis/prognosis.

The question is, does the LTD Co. ever stop sending forms?

Sheila Lowe:

I was approved for Social Security, MetLife has been paying me $1700.00 a month. I was awarded @1180.00 a month, they sent me a W-4 in 2010, so I am actually claiming the money they want me to pay back. For the last two years they have overwhelming me with signing paperwork, not knowing what I am signing. I got it for stress and anxiety, my medicine has been changed about 10 times, so half the time I did not know where I was at. In 2010 they reported my disability as wages, so now they have to send a letter to social security to prove I did not work. Why should I pay back money I claimed on taxes? My rep. said today I could amend them 2011 too, which cost $400.00, they claim they wont pay. I am so lost in the process, I dont know what to do?

Attorney Greg Dell:


Most disability carriers send forms at a minimum of once a year. If the carrier does not ask you for any documentation once you are on claim, then you usually not obligated to send them anything. MetLife does a lot of their disability claim handling out of India so it is not unusual to see long periods of time go by with a request for anything. You don’t need to chase them for claim forms. You need to make sure you continue treating with your doctor at least 3-4 times a year.

Attorney Greg Dell:


Your MetLife disability policy may have language requiring you to pay back any funds received from SSDI. With regard to tax implications you need to consult with an accountant.


I was on LTD for 11 months, then my benefits were terminated. I submitted a timely appeal which the insurance company has now had for 130 days. I have received no formal communication from the insurance company except acknowledgement of receipt of my appeal. Any idea why they would delay so long? Is this normal? What would you suggest at this point? Thanks.

Attorney Greg Dell:


130 days is an unacceptable long time, even for MetLife. Your only option at this point would be to sue them. Otherwise you need to wait. We have sued MetLife if they take longer than 45 days. At this point you should wait another few days and then decide how you would like to proceed. Give us a call and we can discuss your options.


Gregory, I had worked for Home Depot. In 2010, I received short term disability from MetLife. Six months later, I went on LTD through MetLife. They required me to apply for SSD, which I did. I was granted this 3 months later. I received back money from SSD. At that point, MetLife wanted ALL of the money they had paid me from the LTD policy, which was around $5,000. While my policy says that “some incomes” are offset, it does not specify SSD. What about all the premiums I had paid to MetLife for many years? Was it worth nothing since I will get nothing from them? If this is the case, shouldn’t all employees from Home Depot be advised against taking this policy since they will receive next to nothing if they qualify for SSD?


My husband became disabled through a motorcycle accident (amputation), however he had MetLife. After a two year argument with MetLife he finally began receiving his Long Term Disability payments (and back pay). After about 9 months they began reducing the amount by a thousand dollars, now they have put a “Rehabilitation” charge on the check stub, without any explanation of what this is. His claims Rep. has changed six times, they are always asking for new “annual” paperwork (every two months). It’s harassing and the reality is, my husbands leg isn’t going to grow back. He can no longer do the job he did prior to the accident (construction), and they have yet to offer him a rehabilitation program. But we’ve put in to the Rehab program over $18,000.00. Is there a cap? Is there something they should be doing with this dollar amount? Has anyone heard of a rehabilitation charge? Thanks.

Attorney Greg Dell:


Some MetLife disability policies have a rehabilitation clause, which is MetLife’s attempt to retrain a disabled person and then say they can go back to work. Participation in this Rehab program must be approved. Regardless of how a claimant does in the program, MetLife will usually deny disability benefits at the end of the program. We would need to see your husband’s policy to determine what MetLife is trying to do to him now.


All I can say is that I will never use MetLife ever again. My short term disability checks are so messed up. Saying that they mailed them…

In Dec 2011 I got 4 checks on the 30th. Amazing isn’t it. Two of them were dated the same day, and the other two were different dates. None of the dates were the correct weeks. I am not waiting on the last week of Dec. 2011 check. Was told that it was mailed 1-3-2012. Didn’t get it, said I had to wait until the 18th and if it didn’t show up that they would cancel it and mail another one. Told today, 1-20-2012, that in 7 to 10 days that they would mail another one.

I would love for the ones that are doing their job at MetLife to not get their check either. This is so sorry. I am having to pay late charges on everything, electricity, water, house, etc. There should be a law. This is the reason that they don’t use direct deposit. They wouldn’t be able to mess with your money if they did.


My brother has a history of anxiety due to stress. He is on one daily medication and is well controlled. He opened his own business and wants to protect himself/family with disability insurance, but was told if he applies he will be denied because he is on a medication for anxiety. Is this true?

Attorney Greg Dell:


He may not be denied, but if he is looking to buy disability insurance, then MetLife will likely exclude any claims for anxiety.


I received LTD benefits from MetLife due to depression and anxiety. A little over a month before my claim ended due to a mental limited benefit condition clause of 24 months, I was diagnosed with manic depression which is an exception.

I sent the medical information as required by the insurance company. The medical info was reviewed by an independent medical examiner and I was interviewed by a mental health nurse whom found it weird that the manic episode would happen so close to my claim end date.

My doctor advised me that there was not much she could do because although she responded to the examiner’s report they gave her the impression that they thought I was clever and was trying to continue benefits or it could just be side effects of medications.

Can they really just end my benefits without verifying it is not manic depression? I am currently perusing SSDI benefits. I feel they are doing this on purpose to stop my benefits.

Attorney Greg Dell:


You need to file an appeal of your denial within the timeline that MetLife has given you. You have the right to fight MetLife’s disability denial. Contact us if you would like assistance.

Sick & Tired:

I am on Social Security Disability and have also been receiving supplemental Disability checks from MetLife for the past few years now. They are now requesting copies of my personal tax returns, wanting the past two years and also want the current year 2011 when filed – which is three full years! I asked the rep for the reason needed, and she said to verify that I have not been working.

My husband is self employed and has a problem with “his personal information” being forwarded to them as this is a jointly filed return. I have nothing on the return other then the SSD I receive for myself and my children. I was going to ask my accountant to send them a letter verifying that there is no W-2 income, no 1099 income nor any other income filed under my social security number other then the social security.

I cannot get my husband to agree to release the returns to them. He said it is one thing to request information from me, but this is a joint return and he does not want them reviewing his personal information as it is none of their business.

MetLife states that my monthly benefits would be in jeopardy if they are not sent soon. What is your thoughts on this?

Attorney Greg Dell:

Sick & Tired,

You can submit the return, but blackout everything related to your husband.


Had bunion surgery on my right foot on the 3 of January, everything was going fine until I received a call from a MetLife representative of short term disability telling me that by February 20 my disability claim would be closed. I told him to file all the paper work to the doctor’s office so that the doctor could give them a better view of my medical condition. A couple of day past and he called me again telling me that they had received the doctor’s medical condition and that 3 months and two weeks was too much time for that kind of surgery. The person that called has been instigating me and telling me that maybe I am the one that doesn’t want to go back to work. I told him that my foot is still swollen, I can’t stand for a long time, and I can’t drive because the cast is on the right foot. He told me that this was not a medical reason for me to go back to work. He has been with an attitude with me since the first time he called and rude. This is stressing me out and now I feel mentally and physically worse because they don’t want to pay my disability and I need the money. I would like to go back to work but its not my fault that I haven’t recovered at full. The doctor stated that I can’t stand and need to keep my foot elevated and that I am still not able to go back to work. Please help me.

Attorney Greg Dell:


MetLife should have sent you a letter explaining their reasoning for denying your claim. You need to file an appeal in order to have a chance of getting benefits reinstated. We handle STD and LTD appeals regularly, but if you are only seeking another month or two of benefits then we could not assist you. You should file an appeal on your own and have your doctor write a letter about why you cannot work. Also, you may find some of our videos on disability appeals helpful.

Lucas Black:

My doctor lost her license to practice and it was just her and a receptionist. This all happened while I was out of work on short term disability. Now she is the only person who can fill out my paperwork.

I have since returned to work. However I haven’t been paid in 1, 1/2 months now. Me and my family are scrapping by trying to go to different doctors with my medical record and trying to get them to fill it out. They say that since they weren’t the physician who was treating me they can’t fill it out.

I had spinal fusion and I re-injured it in January by falling of a ladder, and it is all in my record, including the note on her office door that she is suddenly closing her office. She filled all my paperwork out for a disability in January and I tried to return to work after a month but after a week and a half I kept having issues with it. So I went back off work on FMLA then MetLife called my doctor after the first few days I couldn’t move around and when I got the receptionist she said the doctor is closing her office she is not here. I inquired more and found out she is loosing her license.

I am now back to work but I was out for a month and a half and I haven’t received a paycheck in over 8 weeks. I’m down to nothing. If you have any advice for me, it would be a great help to me and my family.

Thank you.

Attorney Greg Dell:

I think you need to keep looking for a doctor to complete the paperwork. You can obtain the medical records from all of your treatment and submit the records without completing the Attending Physician Statement. You may want to try a walk-in urgent care clinic.


I have been getting long term disability from MetLife for 5 years. It started with terrible back pain that radiates down both legs to my feet. It became unbearable and I would, at times, have to see myself to the restroom at work so that I could sit on the floor and cry like a baby.

I ended up having spinal fusion surgery on the L5-S1 area and that is the point at witch I stopped working. The pain persisted but now there is an unpredictable weakness in my legs and a sharp shooting pain that causes my legs to give out without warning. I take strong medication for pain and some for the depression and anxiety the situation causes me.

MetLife recently sent me for a functional capacity evaluation and then terminated my claim. I made the mistake of keeping my composure during the evaluation like I always had to do at work. I did not openly weep or make moaning or groaning noises and I gave it my best like I was asked to do. They turned that hour of testing into the decision that I could work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. I am 2 days into my claim being shut down and am devastated. I have a wife and 12 year old child. I have pride and dignity and hate not working and providing and having severe restrictions, but it is what it is. I was ready to die before I stopped working if something didn’t change, and it did, I stopped working and being tortured by doing what I cannot. And now?

Attorney Greg Dell:

MetLife’s denial of your claim based upon the results of a Functional Capacity Exam is ridiculous. Your performance during a 2 hour test is not representative of your ability to work 8 hours day for 40 hours a week continuously. Please call us or complete our free consultation request form and we will be happy to discuss your appeal options with you.

Greg Williams:

I have been on long term disability with MetLife since 1989. I am planning on filling for social security retirement benefits at age 62 (not SSD or SSDI). My policy states they have to pay me ’till I am 65. Can they reduce their payments to me because I file early for social security?

Attorney Greg Dell:


MetLife usually reduces for any type of Social Security Payments so it may not make sense for you to take social security retirement. Without seeing your policy there is no way for us to give you a better answer. Also, you may want to send MetLife a letter and ask them your question.


I’m on LTD with MetLife, and probably will be on LTD with MetLife for the next 10 years. I was turned down for SSI, what I want to know if I wanted to sell my LTD benefits with MetLife for a lump sum, do they do this and if so how does it work? With all the complaints I see with them, I would want the freedom of not having to deal with them, or what do you think I should do? Thanks.

Attorney Greg Dell:


As of recently, MetLife has not been interested in lump-sum settlements of group disability policies in an undisputed claims. If they deny your claim, then it is likely that a lump-sum offer could be offered as a possible resolution.

Jackie Nichols:

Hello, I was working at Bell Atlantic (now called Verizon) and was covered by MetLife for long term disability when I got sick – chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia (CFS/FM). With those came secondary conditions of migraines, numerous allergies to plants, animals, dust mites & many others, asthma and depression. I didn’t have any of these conditions – not even the allergies or migraines – before I became sick with the CFS/FM.

I applied for long-term disability when my company’s short-term ran out. I never expected all the duplicity from MetLife. When I got denied, I tried fighting MetLife on my own, appealing each denial in a timely manner. My primary physician was fantastic – he was with me all the way and supplied all the office notes, his own letters to them declaring my disability and inability to work, talking to them on the phone etc. Other doctors provided information to support my condition, too, but I continued to get denied.

Once I had run out of appeals, I found an attorney who specialized in employment law. We did everything that was required within the time limits allowed, but, when it came to what we were told was the final step – arbitration – I lost on the grounds that I am a smoker. The conditions that could be related to smoking – asthma, sleep apnea and allergies were all secondary to my primary medical conditions of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.

Before the arbitrator made his decision, as everyone sat at the table, MetLife had offered me a small settlement, which was supposed to cover me throughout the rest of my life – I had to refuse it and my lawyer agreed with me but of course we both wished afterwards that we had accepted it. Hindsight and all that… The arbitrator’s decision occurred in 1994.

Attorney Greg Dell:


Thank you for sharing your experience with MetLife. We are sorry to hear about the negative outcome of your long term disability claim. While your claim was in 1994, most long term disability cases are now handled in Federal Court and not via arbitration. Arbitration can e very expensive and it is hard to find an arbitrator that understands disability insurance claims.

Kelly Gordon:

MetLife terminated my long term disability after paying me since 2007. In the records I received from them, it states my initial approval both their independent physician and customer service rep. agreed that I would not need it functional capacity due to the nature of my illness and approved me for my max. duration until 2028. Now they have terminated me based on their reviewer sending a letter for my non-primary physician to answer to based on a secondary illness. When I asked for a copy of that review letter they refused to give it to me; once I received a copy of it I realised their description of my job duties did not match my job description that they admit to having in my initial approval. They state my job was office-based and physical demands were nil. My policy says I would have to make 80% of my income in my own industry and the job description they gave does not fit what I was doing. I find it interesting that MetLife terminated they claim at the exact time they were fined 500,000 million dollars and had to repay SSI. The same week that he terminated my claim they also close down their mortgage division because they were unable to make money in that industry. That happened to be the same industry I previously worked in. I have been diagnosed with severe fibromyalgia and fatigue and my doctors are amazed they terminated me. They based their termination on a secondary illness again not given to them by my primary doctor. My appeal decision is due this week and should they denied me I’m going to need help in filing a claim or lawsuit in federal court I have been seen by multiple different specialist that all agree with my diagnosis and the fact I am unable to work.

If you have any advice please let me know.

Thank you,

P.S. I feel it’s a huge conflict of interest that they have somebody not specialised in my illness sitting at a desk terminating my claim in their best interest.

Attorney Greg Dell:


Time is of the essence in your situation and your appeal is extremely important. We would like to speak with you immediately so that we can assist you in submitting a strong appeal. You only get one opportunity to submit a strong appeal. Please watch some of our videos discussing ERISA Appeals. Pursuant to your request we will contact you privately to discuss your claim options. It is to your advantage to have an attorney involved during the appeal process, rather than to wait and see if you can win the appeal on your own.


Attorney Dell,

I am writing you because I want to know if you can help me obtain a LTD buyout with MetLife. They have not asked me for one but I am tired and burned out from them following me, calling me and my doctors. The massive amounts of paperwork I get every other month is causing me to get sicker. I suffer from a brain injury and this is just too much for me. I can’t take it anymore!

Attorney Greg Dell:


If you have a MetLife Group Policy from your employer, then it is highly unlikely MetLife will offer any kind of buyout. If you have an IDI policy that you purchased, then a buyout would be an option. We can help you on a monthly basis to manage your claim. Contact us if you would like additional information.


I have multiple medical conditions, among them CFS, Fibromyalgia, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, and spondylolisthesis. My policy limits payment for CFS to a certain period of time. After a long battle, Metlife paid on the CFS portion but is denying beyond that stating that my covered conditions related to my back, are not severe enough. How do I establish that if we could play the game of “make believe” and pretend my only condition is my back and that is severe enough to establish disability?

Attorney Greg Dell:


The self-reported pain limitation in some of the Metlife long term disability policies is very restrictive. Your question is complex, but it is an issue that we deal with on a routine basis. There are numerous things that can be done in an effort to reverse the denial. In order to determine how we can assist you, we would need to immediately review your denial letter and long term disability policy. Please contact us privately and we will be able to tell you very quickly if we can assist you.

Vickie Carmody:

My husband has ESRD and recently got a transplant in June 2012. Last month my husband got paper work to fill out to continue his LTD. There is no way my husband can work, even though he got a transplant he has suffered so many other problems in the last few years. He had surgery on his neck 05-31-2012 for spinal stenosis, my husband can barely walk, major balance problems and he falls a lot, he also has very little use of his hands can not tie his shoes, button his pants, zipper zippers. He is always in so much pain. The spinal surgery did nothing to help him gain any function back. He sees a pain management doctor but all the drugs and he is still in so much pain. His neurologist diagnosed him as having idiopathic peripheral neuropathy, his orthopaedic doctor says he has spinal stenoisis, degenerative disc disease and he also has herniated discs and bulging discs. When we filled out the papers he had his Kidney doctor fill out one of the doctor statements and his neurologist fill out another. We would have liked to have his orthopaedic doctor fill it out to, but we did not have enough time to get all his doctors to fill it out (we had less then 30 days). I am worried because I see that Met Life has denied many claims for peripheral neuropathy and that is basically the only diagnosis beside the ESRD and recent kidney transplant. If he gets denied would you consider representing him for an appeal? I can honestly say there is no job my husband can do.

Attorney Greg Dell:


You can still get the other doctor to submit an APS form even though Met only gave you thirty days. We will review your husband’s claim at anytime to determine if we can assist you. We represent hundreds of claimants prior to any claim denial, which can often help to prevent a claim denial. Give us a call at your convenience.


I have worked for my work for over 4 years. During working for this company I learned I have bipolar, anxiety, and depression. I have gone out of work about 4 times for the same reason always having issues but getting them approved. This time I opened a claim and let’s just say they said I didn’t; they reviewed the call and eventually opened the claim 2 weeks later. Then after calling for 2 weeks everyday to get info and see what I needed to do, then denied my claim. Saying I am not disabled, my Dr. did not give me the option to go back to work. I have been diagnosed with these and never had issues before but now all of a sudden I’m not disabled in MetLife’s eyes, even though I cannot do daily tasks and am on over 5 medicines for this. I am to the point I am lost and don’t know what to do. MetLife has put me in a deep depression.

Attorney Greg Dell:


You will need to file an appeal of your MetLife disability denial. Your disability policy should tell you the time frame within which you need to file an appeal.


I have short and long term disability insurance through MetLife. I had to have a 4 point fusion on my wrist due to an injury I incurred. They claim to determine eligibility within 10 days of surgery. It’s now been 5 weeks. I filled out the statement of health form, sent all Dr. statements etc. to them at least 3 different times. They claim because I took Zoloft for anxiety for a short period in 2009 and that I have carpel tunnel that they are denying me coverage. I did take Zoloft for a short period of time 4 years ago for anxiety and I never had carpel tunnel.

Now they say they will go back and reevaluate my claim. I have bills to pay and this situation is causing me a great deal of stress.

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


It would appear MetLife is trying to deny your claim as a pre-existing condition. Please feel free to contact our office to determine how we may be able to assist you in appealing the decision.

Larry Brixey:

After 26 weeks of STD from Sedgwick, my disability continues while MetLife denies my LTD they say due to pre-existing conditions. They already said that I would be receiving 4400.00 per month till age 65, then changed their minds. I now have to undergo a Laminectomy and am about to run out of state disability. Please help me.

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


Please feel free to contact our office to review your information. However, if your claim does fall within the parameters of what constitutes a “pre-existing condition” under the policy there may be very little that can be done.


The beginning of March 2013 my Dr. put me out of work on STD due to pain in my L4 L5 bulging discs. I couldn’t bend or lift anything. I was out of work till beginning of June 2013. I was paid benefits for the duration of my leave which was the max ten weeks. I returned to work with no back issues at all but I had some pain in my pubic area. The situation I’m dealing with now is I’m expecting and got pregnant back in March. I’m now seven months pregnant and was diagnosed with symphasis pubis dysfunction. I can barely walk, I’m in constant pain and my pelvis pops and feels like its falling apart. I had to stop working in August because I couldn’t stand the pain. I filed a claim with MetLife for the symphasis pubis dysfunction and they denied it stating its related to my previous claim involving my back. Because I only have STD they were only able to pay up to ten weeks and you have to be at work for three months before you can receive benefits under std for the same condition. My Obgyn and myself have explained to them this has nothing to do with my bulging discs and is directly related to pregnancy. I feel they’re trying to find any reason not to pay. In my Obgyn records she noted some back pain, but that is only a result of the pain radiating from my pelvis. I know the difference between bulging disc pain and pelvic groin pain. So as it stands I’m still waiting for results of the appeal but so far MetLife said they don’t gave enough info proving it’s not related. I’m so frustrated and stressed. They are clearly two different diagnosis.

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


I think your synopsis in right on point – they’re just looking for a reason to deny. In the event your appeal is denied, please feel free to contact us to determine how we may be able to assist you.


I just received a letter from MetLife denying my LTD claim for benefits due to a 24 month lifetime maximum benefit period when my disability falls under the “for disability due to Neuromusculoskeletal and Soft Tissue Disorder” provision that seems to be common. I have been diagnosed with Sherman’s disease, resulting in premature degenerative changes at multiple levels of the thoracic spine and ankylosing spondylitis, and I am positive for the HLA-B27 antigen. I have recently been approved for SSDI benefits resulting in the Dr. at the administrative judge hearing also diagnosing me with Sherman’s disease and degenerative disk disease with nerve root compression and distribution of pain by sensory loss. I have not worked for over two years due to the extreme pain in my thoracic back and the multitude of medications that I am on. I am wondering if I have a leg to stand on or what?

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


Please contact our office to discuss. There might be a way to make an argument around it as the MetLife limitation usually has an exclusion if there is evidence of radiculopathy. However, given the nature of your diagnoses as falling within the limitation and if the policy grants discretionary authority, it might be a very tough battle. Nonetheless it is one to look into.


I have an AD&D policy they bought from MetLife. I recently got hurt at work and lost most of my vision in my left eye. I went through 3 months of treatment and no progress, I worked for Kroger and now they tell me I can’t come back to work because of my eye sight. I was 20/15 and now I’m 20/400. MetLife denied my claim at first, so I appealed it. It’s been 3 months and every time I call they tell me to call back in a week. Is there a time frame of when they have to tell me something? I’ve been off work for 3 months and I need my policy money.

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


Time frames are dependent on whether your policy is governed by ERISA or not. If it is, then there are set time frames in which they have to render a decision. Was the policy something you bought from an Agent or procured through your employer?


Here is a MetLife disability claim that will blow your mind.

My wife became disabled and received SSDI. MetLife wanted monthly updates even thou the disability is forever. She called in to their nurse every month. Then out of the blue they said over the phone (they never sent anything by mail its over the phone) that her doc. said she was now ok to work? Then they called her doc. And told them she is able and wants to return to work (not possible). All of it lies, they lie to her then call her doc. And lie to them.

Then when confronted with their lies, they send her off for a medical exam, the one you go to before you return to work so they can make sure you don’t hurt yourself trying to return to work. Its a 8 hour test, so she brought her doc. Restrictions with her they looked at it and sent her home right there. MetLife never sent them her restrictions? MetLife got mad and called the clinic that does the test and they told them that there test was for recovering people not permanently disabled people.

Then MetLife sent her to their doc. (this started on year 6 of disability); it almost ended with an ambulance ride as he told her to lay flat on the table. Due to all the lies MetLife told she told them to never call again. Anything they need or want better be in writing. Now 5 years latter, 11 years on disability they call on the phone and they want updates on her disability. She will not call them. So can they cancel a claim if you refused to update your claim over the phone?

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


First and foremost, I am sorry to hear about your wife’s struggles with MetLife. As for MetLife’s ability to terminate the claim – it is not unheard of that you request all communications, to include requests for information, to be put in writing. I would even suggest that you send the request in writing to MetLife so as to create a paper trail. MetLife can obviously terminate a claim for failure to receive information required to make a claims determination, so make sure to cover yourself by creating a paper trail with them.


I have been on disability from cancer and its treatments for close to 24 months. I have received LTD from SS and Metlife. SS sent me paper work stating that I will qualify for medicare shortly. MetLife is re-evaluting my continued disability at this time. If I accept medicare, will that alter my MetLife benefits? Will MetLife cancel me?

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


Medicare relates to health insurance, which has no impact on your ability to receive disability benefits. With that being said, regardless of whether or not you receive SSDI benefits, there is no guarantee that MetLife will not look for a reason to attempt to deny your claim in the future.


Kaiser benefit MetLife insurance, Kaiser did not comply to request of medical records, then denied my claim stating I had no disability, even though I have been treating with Kaiser for several conditions keeping me off work, then Kaiser my employer took my job away could not accommodate with my restrictions. The delay of medical records of valid medical conditions, gave Metlife opportunity to deny my case. Even though the lengthly time of lapse put me past the statue of limitations. I have several letters and appeals, which according to one attorney mean nothing.

MetLife and company just don’t have to follow rules put the consumer left out.


My LTD insurer is Metlife. I have a group LTD claim that will pay me until age 65 unless I am terminated before the max. benefit duration. I have been on claim now almost 4 years. MetLife contacted me once in 2012 in Oct. via USPS and sent me an APS to be filled out by my psychologist. I have a rare group policy with no 2 year cap on mental health like most group policies. After my psychologist filled out the APS, I was approved for continued benefits. I thought I would get the APS yearly since this was all I had to fill out and submit in 2012 for 2013. It is now almost December 2013. MetLife has not contacted me or sent another APS for my mental health doctor to fill out for 2014. They have been paying my claim however with no problem. I am also receiving SSDI, and my LTD is being offset by my SSDI. My question is why hasn’t Met contacted me yet? They don’t seem to be aggressively risk managing my claim which makes me happy. I see all my doctors regularly, so I have no problem proving continuing disability.

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


As long as the check is coming, no news is good news. I would not contact them to inquire as to why they haven’t sent you a form. It is MetLife’s job to investigate a claim, so as long as the checks keep coming I would not worry about it.


I had a Pulmonary Embolism and was admitted to the hospital on Sept 30th and released Oct 4th. My GP sent in medical info for my claim requesting time off until Oct 20, which I agreed to. Once I went back to work I continued to have health issues related to the PE as well as new health issues related to the medication I now have to take. However, I continued to work until I just couldn’t so I went back on leave Nov 14. with my Dr. approval. We asked for approximatly 8 weeks starting Nov 14th – Jan 10 and my Dr. has provided all my updated medical documents from my weekly visits. I’ve been told that more medical info is needed and that the nurse representing MetLife has to call my Dr. to get more information although the Case Manager has already spoken to my Dr. I was told on Dec 9th that my claim was approved from Nov 14th – Nov 18th and more medical docs are needed to pay me for the additional days. When I call MetLife I can’t get the Case Manager on the phone so I have to leave messages and maybe I will get a call back the next day. I feel like they are stalling and trying to find a reason to deny my claim. I tried to recover and work at the same time, but it just became to stressful and now that I actual need to take advantage of insurance that I am entitled to for a legitimate health problem I am being mistreated. Do I have any rights and is there anything I can do about this?

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


Unfortunately, if MetLife has not blown any deadlines to render a decision or denied the claim at this point then there is little you can do but wait. I would recommend that you follow up with them in writing so you can create a paper trail as to your inquiries. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your claim further.


I was hospitalized for 4 days in may 2013 due to asthma and allergic rhinitis. After my release I was advised to follow up with my PCP before returning to work. Thus far, my it was found that I am suffering from anxiety and depression, chronic sinusitis, gerd, and gastritis, as well as a whole host of allergies. During the whole course of these illnesses met life delayed approvals which delayed my ability to be paid by my employer however I was paid until October 13th. My final issue came when my PCP submitted my paperwork for disability in October advising that a return to work date would be established upon my follow up visit in the end of December or beginning of January. During the interim I had to see a psychiatrist, gi specialist, lung specialist, and ent specialist. Upon seeing the went, it was found I had to get sinus surgery, this has delayed my ability to see the psychiatrist and lung specialist. Met life denied my claim 12/12 stating that even though the PCP has indicated that I am unable to return to work, the notes are insufficient. I also advised them that I underwent surgery, they advised that the surgery is not relevant to my claim. Currently I am awaiting appeal paperwork. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. As this denial is putting my employment jeopardy.

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


I would refer you to all the information on our website as to the importance of filing an adequate appeal. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss how we may assist you.


I had a cervical fusion on one of three herniated disks in April of this year and have been on LTD through MetLife for the past 4 months. They told me I was approved for the next 2 years, however now they are saying they need a statement of limitations and restrictions to continue my LTD. No one will give me a physical since I had spinal surgery and am still in too much pain to attempt the lifting, bending, and twisting that would be surgeon refuses to handle my LTD paperwork since I am no longer his patient. Please advise. I have done everything they have asked of me, but am at a loss as how to get them the documents they are asking for.

Attorney Greg Dell:


Metlife never guarantees that you will be paid for a two year period, rather they are saying that you may be eligible for the next two years. Your surgeon is not being reasonable by refusing to fill out the paperwork. You are required to have a treating physician. You may want to ask your surgeon for a pain management doctor recommendation. This new doctor could then complete your paperwork. Contact us privately and we may be able to recommend some doctors in your area.


I placed a claim with MetLife over a month ago. I had a hysterectomy in July then experienced Post Depression Syndrome. Have been seeing so many drs on the regular. Now I finally submitted all my paperwork Dec 1. I got back a letter asking me if I filed my taxes the last 2 yrs. Why? I didn’t do my taxes the last 2 years from the lack of funds and I owe. I explained that to the representative. Then he asked for a letter from my accountant stating I didn’t file as well as signing a 4506. Is this legal?

I expressed my concern about the ridiculous paperwork they want. I live in CT. I have had so much aniexty and panic attacks already and with this I repeated to MetLife that they are driving me crazy. Originally they would give me an answer within 30 days. I should be paid! I appreciate any advice.

Thank you in advance!

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


Typically, in order to calculate your monthly benefit, the carrier would need financial documentation to verify earnings. It is not uncommon for them to request tax information.

Erica Anderson:

Hello, I am seeking information to file a class action lawsuit against MetLife. I have been disabled since 2010, initially going out on disability via STD at first. Through all my trials with obtaining and securing my LTD payments I was finally approved on September 2012 by MetLife via my company Schlumberger. I purchased a plan that allowed me to increase the amount of my LTD payout by 10% if I paid an additional premium per month. I paid for this insurance for a while, but as most companies do a merger or acquisition happened and my company was sold to National Oilwell Varco. Well, before the acquisition had taken place I had paid into the plan, I went out on Short Term disability 3 months before the final acquisition took place and was being paid STD by MetLife on my Schlumberger plan. Now being that I went out on disability before the acquisition I was considered an employee of Schlumberger and not NOV so all conditions applied, even the payment of the additional LTD buy up option I had, which was being deducted from my STD payments. In September 2012 I begin my Long Term Disability, to which MetLife handled everything as far as my payments. I was initially told that my payments would be around $3200 by my representative… Well that wasn’t the case… Under my policy with Schlumberger I was to be paid 60% of my monthly salary. Now this amount came to about $2300.00. I immediately advised MetLife that I had purchased a Long Term disability buy up option, which warranted me an 10% increase in my LTD benefit. My Case Manager stated that she would look into it and then make the adjustments and follow up with me but until the determination I would be paid at 60%. I said okay I didn’t have a problem with that as I was confident that I would receive my additional pay. Well after 6 months of waiting MetLife came back and said that I did not qualify for the buy up even though I paid for it. I asked why and she said because of my employer Schlumberger’s clause. I immediately called my LTD case manager at work(Schlumberger) and she informed me that she would send documentation that I was due it. Well My employer and MetLife went back and forth and MetLife never paid me… My Case manager with MetLife Kathy Finneran told me that although I was due it MetLife denied it as due to my employers policy and to appeal it. Due to my illness and the emotional toll I told her that I was to tired of fighting with MetLife and going back and forth with all the redundant paper work and I was done I would take my $2300.00 but my case Manager encouraged me to fight it and she would see what she could do on my behalf. Well after speaking and working with her for 3 more months on this Long Term Buy Up option out of the blue I received a Lump sum payment from MetLife with a description in black and white that I was being awarded my LTD Buy up option payment which dated back 9/2012-7/2013 in the amount of approx. $4,200.00. I then received 3 subsequent checks with the 10% increase taking my monthly benefit to the correct amount of $2683.00. No this is were it becomes fraudulent on MetLife’s part. I filed for SSDI and after many denials, I was approved by a trial judge. I sent all my information to MetLife and they began their offset process. I said no problem. They were going to deduct the Attorney’s fees which means give me credit for those and then asked me to send the remaining balance of any back pay to them to continue receiving my benefits. Well, I received a bill that stated that I owed them $21,000.00 in overpayment and that they were withholding future payments until I forwarded them my back pay from SSDI. Well their math did not add up. Once, I was approved for SSDI, METLIFE reverted my monthly payment back to $2300.00 a month they took back my 10% buy up option. They then stated that they would pay me $1,110.00 a month to offset my SSDI Payment. This was incorrect, because based on the increased award amount I should have been receiving $1493.00 a month from MetLife based on 70% of my salary. My mom and Aunt put together a detailed spreadsheet along with documentation from MetLife where they paid me the increase and detailed what it was for. I launched another formal dispute and now MetLife is back peddling saying that the money paid to me was a error. That is all they had to offer. I told them how could it be an error when you paid me this amounts for months and then sent me detailed documentation as to the increase in payment. They could offer me nothing further, but call me 10 times a day demanding payment. I have asked them to cease the calls as my BP has gone up several times and I had a panic attack. My mom and I would like to know if there is a lawsuit that I may file for pain and anguish. The unneeded trips to my physician and utter pain it has caused me and my family. MetLife will not correct the issue and reset my pay to the correct amount of $2683.00. They are transferring all my payments to the Offset balance which has caused me to go lacking on medicine and cobra insurance payments. I am waiting on them to send me something in writing that speaks to the denial of my increased monthly payments and they will not send it as they are aware that I keep all documentation and will use against them in a court of law. By my account I owe them less than $8k on the offset. I need an attorney’s advice on how to proceed as my body can’t take much of this back and forth and the only answer MetLife can afford me is we errored now pay us. I conclude that they should pay me as my claim was being extended until 2054 or something like that based on my employers plan, they have to pay me until 65. Your expedient assistance and thoughts would be appreciated.

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your claim in detail, as it would be difficult to address all of the issues you are experiencing here.



I need help with a claim that I was denied on recently. This is a foreign language to me and I don’t understand it very well. MetLife denied me because I would not let them have access to my medical records, in actuality it’s my Doctors that won’t release them. Something fishy is going on here and I don’t like it. I don’t have time to go into details, but from what I’ve read, I want to go after them, even if I lose,I was a thorn in their side. I just want to know my rights and NOT be taken advantage of.

Thanks so much for your time.




I am an employee of Verizon and I went out on Short term disability due to emotional stress and anxiety. My company gave me a list of people that I could see so I picked the first name on the list. This person is a Licensed Certified Social Worker (LCSW) in the state of NJ. She faxed in all my paperwork, and now MetLife says she is not a psychologist so they will not look at the claim! My own company referred me to her! And on the letter MetLife sent me when I was out, it says have your Doctor or “Qualified Practitioner” fill out the medical history. I asked them what they mean by qualified practitioner and they say psychologist or psychiatrist, however clinical definition of LCSW can also prescribe! What do I do?

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


It might be wise to start treatment with a Psychologist or Psychiatrist in conjunction with your LCSW. I am of the opinion the LCSW is a Qualified Practitioner, but with that being said MetLife would most likely look to trump any opinion of the LCSW with that of a Psychologist or Psychiatrist.


My surgeon sent MetLife a restrictions and limitations form stating zero on everything from driving to walking, standing, bending, etc. after he had released me to drive and go to physical therapy. I didn’t know he had sent this. No one told me about any of these restrictions, and now Metlife has denied my disability after their investigator filmed me driving and bending over by saying that I was not following my doctor’s instructions. I am filing an appeal. Any advice?

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


If your claim is governed by ERISA, the appeal is going to be the most important piece of your claim at this point. MetLife normally only provides for one level of review, and if the denial is upheld your only option will be to bring lawsuit. Furthermore, after a final denial of benefits no new information can be brought into the record for a Judge to consider. It would appear that MetLife has a lot of parts working against you from a denial standpoint that are going to need to be addressed. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss how we may be able to assist you in appealing the decision.


Do I need to sign over a release form to metlife for my social security medical records? Do they need this information to process my long term disability claim? I have not started receiving social security disability yet.

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


MetLife will have an interest in your SSDI claim file to determine if and when you are awarded benefits. Additionally, if the SSA approves your claim then the information would be important to get to MetLife as evidence in support of continued disability.

Hannah Park:

I know this is not under your field but I was hoping you could direct me to someone who can help. My dad’s with MetLife since 1988 for life insurance. In 2007 someone with the same first and last name but different middle name and different SSN withdrew money and closed his account. We have a copy of the paper and a verification letter from a MetLife consultant accepting and closing the acct. The other guy wrote down my dad’s account number. I dont know how he got it. I’m trying to get to the bottom of this but MetLife has yet to call us back. My dad didn’t know the account was closed until last year as he’s been living overseas. When my dad first called them to find out what was going on, MetLife told my dad to pay 10,000 if he wants to open the account they closed without his permission. Help, please.

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


Unfortunately, we would not be able to assist you as the issue is outside our scope of practice. I would suggest contacting your state insurance commissioner and looking into some type of insurance fraud complaint based on the account being improperly accessed.


I fell off my roof 3 years ago and broke both my ankles. The right one has given all kinds of trouble. 7 surgeries and haven’t been able to walk more than a few feet since then, it hurts all the time. I want to have it amputated. I am wondering if I will be able to recieve payment on my AD&D insurance and long term disability? FYI, my work let me keep my job during this time hoping I would get better but now they’ve grown impatient and I can’t do a good job anymore. It’s time for me to go. Every Dr. I’ve seen has implied that the original ER dr could have, possibly should have amputated the day I fell but he didn’t.

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


Without a thorough review of your policies, medical records and occupational information we would not be able to indication as to your ability to collect under your policies. If you have copies of the aforementioned policies please feel free to contact our office to discuss how we may be able to assist you.


I have been dealing with MetLife since Oct of last year. I have a 2 Level Fusion at S1 to L4 a neck fusion at C3. I also have DDD Spinal Stenosis and S1 Joint Dysfunction. I can not sit or stand for long periods of time without major pain in legs and lower spine. My job is a Call Center Rep and sitting for long periods at the time is a major part of my job. Why do they make me give extra info on a condition that will never get much better? I feel as though I am being bullied? My major complaint is they paid me STD for 5 months and then needed medical info with x amount of weeks until LTD kicked in and stopped payment. Hey I’m broke and have no money for medications let alone a DR visit… This has happened in 2 month intervals and then the decide to pay. Much distress when you are unable to work your job due to chronic pain… Please help me!

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


Please feel free to contact our office to discuss how we may be able to assist you.


Here is my problem: in January of this year 2014’i went out on my 6th surgery that I’ve been having since June 29th of 2012. After my last surgey my surgeon told metlife that I was clear to work with no restriction. Then I took an FCE test that said the complete opposite. I have a problem with chronic pain, and I am medicated on narcotics, and have to be medicated to be able to operate. I gave the info of all my doctors including the spine and pain doctor which they didn’t call to verify anything with. My job won’t let me come back on medication. And I’ve been denied. What should I do?

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


At this point your only option appears to be appealing MetLife’s denial of your claim for benefits, which will be difficult in part due to your doctor clearing you for work. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss how we may be able to assist you.


I just lost my father and asked for a leave of absence. They said I needs a Dr.’s note. My Dr. can’t see me for two weeks. If I keep calling in I can’t return to work without the Dr.’s note. Will I be able to collect disability for my time lost?

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


I am sorry to hear of the loss of your father. You will need to review a copy of your company’s short term disability policy to see if you meet the requirements for disability.


I worked for Continental/United Airlines for 15 years and paid for long term disability for all of those years. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and could not work because I can’t walk from the diabetic Nuropathy in my legs and hips as well as other parts of my body. I ceased working in February 2014. I was approved for social security diasability but will not recieve that untill the fall. MetLife is supposed to pay me 60% of my pay untill 65 and will deduct ssd payment and only pay that amount to bring to total up to 60%. They are dragging their feet and I know why. They are waiting for SSD to kick in so they don’t have to pay the 60%. My comapnay is no help either. They were supposed to offer reasonable accomodation but, because of almalgamation of the two unions they to have threw me under the bus! I guess it’s true what they say about met life being legalized extortion. And they think organized crime is dead!

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


How long has MetLife had your application? Under the law they are entitled to 45 days to render a decision, with the possibility of a 45 day extension. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your claim.


I have been on disability for 5 years now. I know that SSI allows you to go back to school, but does MetLife allow it as well? I am trying to see if I can go back to school and work, but I do not want them to yank my LTD benefits when I am not even sure if I can do it.

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


Without a review of the policy there is no way to be able to advise you. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss same.


I had back surgery on 4/15/2014. MetLife approved a shot term disability. My regular doctor says I can no longer do this type of work (grocery cllerk for 35 years) the surgen who performed the surgery says I am fine. Additional problems are rotator cuff injury because of a fall after surgery and PTSD. MetLife is reviewing my claim and even though I have several doctors saying I cannot do this work they are only looking at the surgeon’s statement. Although no one will give me a back to work form. Help me!

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


Unfortunately, it would not be unheard of for MetLife to focus solely on the surgeon’s opinion in an attempt to deny your claim. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss how we may be able to assist you.


Hi, I am on STD. Now, after faxing a ton of paperwork I had a 2 level fussion 2 herniated disc in neck and a morphine pump implanted inside me which I get filled up every month. So I have morphine drip into my spine 24/7. MetLife kept running me around till they finally called my work; they said they did not use my name, they just asked if they would be OK with someone working with this condition which is for life. My work said no they would not allow me back to work so they approved me for the 6 months of STD. At month 5 I am supposed to be in contact with a LTD rep. I see that MetLife is tough to work with. The STD rep even told me not to tell my work I was on pain medication. She said her work doesn’t have to know she is on pain medication. Anyway I think MetLife will give me a hard time.

Is there anything I can do to help my case before having to deal with the LTD people?

I have had this pump about 3 years now and the pain won’t go away as my Dr. stated on the disability form and also said I can’t work any job. Now instead of faxing 2 inches of paperwork they could have called my work in the first place. Should I wait and see if they approve me first before contacting legal help? I want MetLife to know they are dealing with a lawyer right out the gate. Thank you.

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


Please feel free to contact our office to discuss how we can assist you in the monthly handling of your claim with MetLife.

Jeff Williams:

If I am currently out on disability with MetLife and I come down with a new psychological issue/claim, can I file a new claim? The entire two years I was out and receiving benefits I was still paying the bi-weekly payments on my policy through my firm.

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


If your MetLife policy has a 24 month maximum benefit period for the life of the policy on any disability claim as a result of a mental health condition then you may be barred from filing any new claims if you have already received 24 months of benefits on account of a mental health condition.


My disability claim and appeal were denied. I broke down was out of work for four months dealing with stress, insomnia, panic attacks, and depression. They’re saying that I was physically capable of doing my job, but they’re not taking into account that the job was the major source of my stress and anxiety, in addition to depression I was experiencing. With therapy and a change of diet I was able to sort out my issues and go back to work, but meanwhile I was out of work and had no income (except for a friend who took me in and provided food for me during that time until three months later when I became eligible for and received food stamps). Am I able to sue them after the appeal to force them to change their minds? It’s not fair that I should suffer from these issues and have to be out financial assistance during that time.

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


You would have the right to bring a civil action under ERISA following the final denial of your benefits.


I’m in the same boat as this guy. It does not list SS as a deduction, it list all the other incomes but SS is not listed.

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


Unfortunately, in almost every employer provided disability insurance policy, SSDI is an offset to your benefit. The purpose of a group disability insurance policy is to provide a certain percentage of prior earnings (typically 60%). As such, the offset is applied to make sure you don’t exceed this amount. The only policies that do not typically contain an SSDI offset provision are privately purchased individual policies that can be purchased from an insurance agent. These IDI policies have premiums that cost a substantial amount more than what you may have to pay for the employer provided policy, and thus cost prohibitive.

Mary Laird:

MetLife denied may claim in 2008 on my arm and neck. The lady had me fax paperwork to a fax # and it wasn’t right or I was receiving workercomp so they denied paying me and claim said I need to send in all doctors reports since 2008 for claim. In 2010 it was denied again. I was forced to quit my job but MetLife won’t pay long term disability either. They can’t find my life insurance policies on my family I payed for 15 years either.

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


If your claim for long term disability benefits was denied in 2008, the Statute of Limitations to bring a lawsuit may have already expired.


Prudential has denied my claim abd stopped paying benefits stating that I had a pre-existing condition. They paid 3 months of benefits to me and now want repayment. I have not collected any SS disability benefits and it was their error in paying. They paid benefits prior to completing and receiving all the medical records needed to review my case. I do not feel I owe them this money, nor do I have it to pay them. The funds (about $3500.00) was used to pay monthly bills as I was out of work with doctor’s orders. Repaying them would create a huge financial hardship. Can they sue me for the money?

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


If your benefit was being paid under Reservation of Rights, then MetLife could be entitled to seek a repayment. Furthermore, some policies state that a carrier is entitled to repayment of any overpayment even if the overpayment is due to its mistake. If they have sent you a formalized letter regarding the overpayment and denial please feel free to contact our office to discuss the matter further.


Just received notice that I will not be able to continue my LTD with MetLife beyond my 24 month transition date 10/28/14. I am 66 years old and according to the policy from work since I started collecting at 64 will only be allowed for 30 months which brings it to April 2015. I am currently disabled due to lower back and neck pain and also sacrum pain which causes me to sit no longer than 5 minutes at a time. I worked as an administrative assistant and they say I am able to do sedentary work. How can that be if I can’t sit for more than 5 minutes or work on computer? I know it is only for 6 more months but it is now the principle. Do you think I should pursue the appeal?

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


I think it is definitely in your best interest to appeal to obtain the remaining benefits. It is incredulous that they would deny the final 6 months. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss the denial of your benefits in great detail.


I work for Verizon Wireless and this year alone has been a miserable one, mentally and physically. Earlier this year in April, I went out for short term disability due to high anxiety and depression, and was dealing with my disabled brother being in the hospital and other things that would intensify my mental stability. My Human Resources director at the time suggested I go out on short term disability in which I filed a claim with Metlife. I was seeing a doctor and was prescribed three different types of medications – all which caused side effects ranging anywhere to severe migraines to sleep deprivation. In that same time, I was also seeing a guidance counselor, who she and my doctor submitted everything to Metlife. That claim was then in turn denied due to stating I did not have enough medical evidence to be deemed out of work. When I appealed it, it was still denied due to the same reasoning after speaking with both my counselor and doctor. I returned to work only shortly to be taken out again due to the multiple side effects of the different medications I was on, yet that claim was approved. I do not know what to do or if I can even do anything now at this point in regards to that claim.

Now I recently went out of work on 10/13 due to suffering from severe migraines. I was out for a month before, which Metlife approved, but in this turn Metlife has notified me today that the claim was being denied due to me not notifying them within 8 days and that I already exhausted the one time I would’ve been allowed to do that. The reason why I was a day late within filing the claim was due to the date that I had called, a representative of Meltife over the phone had advised me that their systems were down and had no ETA for me to call back. With my medical condition, the last thing I want to do is have to call every single hour to file the claim, which was in turn denied. I am currently waiting on the denial letter, but am wondering what or what can I even do to prove their system was down aside from the call history log on my phone to prove I had called and was on the phone for a specific amount of time? To make matters even better, this case manager has not spoken to me since I had filed the claim up until today to tell me it was denied because I hadn’t filed within the 8 days. Please give me any type of guidance as this would be appreciated.

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


I have honestly not seen a denial based on the scenario provided. When you receive the denial letter please feel free to contact our office so we can review the letter and your policy to determine how we may be able to assist you.


I have been offered 2 years’ salary in severance. I am in the process of applying for LTD benefits with MetLife. Will the severance money be considered a “single sum payment” under the policy and result in a setoff or will I be able to keep both the settlement money and my LTD monthly benefits without reduction?

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


It may be based on the language MetLife is using for purposes of determining deductible sources of other income. Additionally, I would caution you that some severance agreements are written in such a way that you are forfeiting all rights under ERISA. I would suggest you request that there be an exception placed in the severance agreement that it does not affect your rights under your LTD policy.


My father is on MetLife Long Term Disability, and has been on it since early 2013. He is unable to work due to degenerative back and shoulder injuries, and the injuries require him to be on pain medicine. I know MetLife is known for having a 24 month limit on Long Term Disability, and the two year “anniversary” of my father’s disability comes up in about three months. He is also awaiting a hearing for SSDI, which he filed for back in the summer of 2013 (I’m sure you know the appeal process takes forever). My question is, will my father lose his MetLife insurance once it passes two years since his first check, or is he able to continue collecting MetLife until age 65 (my father is 53)? Thanks.

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


Without better knowledge of the contents of the medical records, occupational history, claim history, etc. we would not be able to provide any educated guess as to the likelihood of his claim continuing. Please feel free to have your father contact our office to discuss his claim further.

Christopher Decolati:

I have been diagnosed with Refractory Focal Epilepsy, which means my siezures are not controlled by medication. I started on short term disabilty in 2011 then went to long term 6 months later, in February, 2012. I have been on 10 medications and just had an issue in November 2014 in which my specialist stated in a letter to MetLife that I am unable to drive till I am seizure free for 6 months and I need to see a doctor for cognitive therapy because my congitive functions are weak due to the seizure and long term medication exposure! MetLife is aware of this and before Christmas they sent it over for review and toatly disregarded MY Doctor and Wednesday, Jan 7,2015, they stated I can go back to work! I and also took another seizure on Saturday the 10th. How do they expect me to get there, I am not near a bus line, my Doctor will not release me too work and how in the hell do they expect me to pay for my medications? And according to my HR from where I worked. MetLife is supposed to find me a job and help me, they have not done anything. I can not believe how they can do this and their 833 million dollar profit should be handed out to the needy instead of some ass sitting high on a hill in a mansion deciding where to take a vacation next!

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


I am sorry to hear of your difficulty in dealing with MetLife, you are certainly not alone. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss how we can assist you in appealing the denial of your benefit. With respect to what HR told you, they did misspeak- MetLife has no duty or obligation under the policy to assist you in finding a job.

Julie B.:

My 7 day STD waiting period for colitis was over on 01-04-15, my forms filed the 12th by my employer, and a voicemail message received (and saved) Jan. 28 from MetLife my check was mailed that day, but that contact from MetLife came only after I forced my employer, Bioscrip, to get involved. In the interim, before involving my employer, I received a letter from MetLife indicating my pay rate was omitted from the forms, but no one there seemed to know anything about it hence why I got my employer involved. First, that portion of the form was for completion by my employer whose policy it is to submit the initial STD forms themselves, secondly, it was NOT missing cause I kept a copy and could see it on page 1 of the form. They finally cut a check, held it from mailing till January 31, and was for benefits through 01-26-15, then my second check was for benefits through 02-02-15 and had more forms to be completed by my doctor and returned by February 9; the letter was dated 01-27 and held from mailing so not received by me until 02-02-15. Luckily, my doctor completed the forms quickly and were faxed 02-06-15. I involved my employer again on 02-16-15 because I still had no additional contact or check from MetLife. I was told in email by my employer the forms were received the 10th and that MetLife had 5 days to review them..isn’t the 16th more than 5 days? By yesterday, 02-19-15, still nothing and my employer tells me in email that MetLife just started working on my claim again; also more than 5 days since the paperwork was received. My GI doctor rep has called the Insurance CM, but she doesn’t return calls, including my own. And the supposed confusion with the paperwork is their questions ask what I’m capable of at work so my doctor wrote working 8 hours in intervals, but the fifth and last page asks WHEN can I return to work..he clearly wrote April 15, 2015. His intent was to describe the goals of my remission and provide a date he expects to achieve that, obviously because I have a copy of the paperwork sent.

My employer refuses to provide me the short or long term plan documents, MetLife tells me I have to get them from Bioscrip, and as soon as I gave a complete accounting in email to my employer of all the malicious acts MetLife had committed and all with their permission I was told to stop contacting Bioscrip and referred to their lawyer. I’m in the third week of no money, bills definitely coming due, and no one to help me. I’ve exhausted “loans” from friends in these 2 months, and am exhausted from doing all this. I followed every rule from starting FMLA last year to asking for ADA accommodations (I was told nonexempt employees are not entitled to ADA accommodations), and filing my STD paperwork timely. Colitis is highly stress driven so remission hasn’t even been an option while off, and all sorts of other medical issues have arisen from treatment. If this becomes an LTD claim through MetLife chances are good my family will be burying me.

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


Your company is responsible for providing you with a copy of your policies. I would recommend you send a written request advising them that the policies are being requested pursuant to Section 1332 of ERISA and that failure to provide same could result in civil penalties.


Ok, since Jan 31 of 2014 I’ve been out for surgery. I am from Arkansas and this is how my story goes.

In June 2012 I was involved in a motor vehicle accident. Had 3 surgeries on the spot (knee, hip, ankle, tibia and foot.). On November 31, 2012 I had another hip surgery. This time they did a total hip replacement and I was out on long term disability for all the time.

In August I was was about to loose my health insurance and loose my job, so I was advised to go on light duty for a couple months so I can have my benefits reinstated in order for my upcoming surgery to be paid for. So I worked in light duty from August 2013 to Jan of 2014, when I left for another surgery.

Since then I’ve had STD for a couple of months then they cut me off after one my doctors said I was good to go on his end. But I have hip, knee and back problems that requires me to be under pain management. I have upcoming surgeries that my hip doctor and knee doctor documented and also letter from my pain management doctor advising me to say off of work.

MetLife denied my first request for LTD, then ask me to appeal if I wanted to. So I did appeal and send them all that wanted. And now they denied me again. I was terminated on February 1st and all my benefits along with it.

So now I don’t have insurance and I don’t have a clue what to do next. If there is anything a lawyer can do I would like to take care of this as I just been denied a couple weeks ago.

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


If your policy is an employer provided policy then your only option at this point may be to file a lawsuit, which unfortunately takes quite a bit of time to see to an end. In order to better assess how we may be able to assist you, please feel free to contact our office to discuss in greater detail.


For people who get or are on disability benefits from MetLife: you can stop the calls and harassment with one letter! Send a certified letter saying you want all communication to be in writing.

MetLife called all the time, calling me names etc.. so I ended all calls and asked to be contacted by mail only. They called a few times after but I just ignored the calls. Now I only get the yearly survey, no one calls me anymore. Make them put all contact in writing, don’t answer their calls.


I have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Previous to this diagnosis, I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and have been on medication for anxiety/panic attacks since the late 90s.

I was out of work previously from 3/27/2013 – 2/11/2014. Only returning to work because all benefits were stopped and had no mponey to support my family. I also have a claim no for a period of time from 7/17/2014 – 2/8/2015 (current claim denied – waiting to appeal). Also returning to work due to income.

MetLife has denied all claims I have made for these illnesses. I have been seeing specialists, doctors, and councilers for these issues. I was sent a letter during the 1st claim by their Independent Physician that stated because I was clean shaven and did not want to kill myself or anyone else that I was able to go to work.

I have lost cars, been without food and utilities for periods, my credit is ruined, and I owe everyone I know because of MetLife. My current claim was paid for 2 pay periods (4 weeks) and then the rest has been denied. I am at the stage of filing for an appeal.

Is there any recourse for getting my lost income?

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


I would agree that it is very wise to get communication in writing so things cannot be misconstrued. That being said you do have to be cautious that you don’t miss any imposed deadlines to provide information to MetLife- as it always seems that a letter takes an exorbitant amount of time to reach you.

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


Your recourse is to file an appeal of the latest denial in an attempt to secure the benefits owed. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss how we may be able to assist you with same.

Julie B.:

Having previously commented and questioned MetLife’s claim handling I am of the opinion anyone who has a short and/or long term policy with them governed by ERISA should retain legal counsel before they even apply a band-aid to the wound. Their latest tactic was to Fedex a check to me with notice my claim was closed after March 1, 2015, yet provided no reason or explanation, but I had until March 15 to appeal. So I called them, but they have not returned calls from me or my doctor since I received this notice and check, and I have no idea how to appeal since they provided no reason and did not provide their usual medical update form with the check. My own employer will not instruct me on what to do, and I know from reading the letter accompanying the last check my claim is considered closed as of March 15, 2015. Better yet they told my employer I would return to work March 1, and I received notice of that via email from my employer March 4 then by mail March 11. Hard to appeal when you cannot get a call back from the insurance carrier, and even more difficult if your own employer has told you to only communicate with their attorney on the matter and he, too, will not return calls or emails.

My GI doctor spoke with my MetLife case manager February 27 after my appointment with him for a planned medical update “chat” and made it clear the soonest I could return to work while still being treated for ulcerative colitis would be mid April; how did they turn that in to my being at work 3 days later? I did contact his office immediately upon receiving notice my claim would be closed, and all they can do is leave messages at MetLife; something they continued to do after my March 10 appointment as well. And why do I not have anything in writing from anyone on how this decision was made? All I know is my functional capacity still does not meet the requirements of my job, and that was communicated to MetLife by my physician verbally and in written updates.

How can I fight this battle when I don’t even have an idea what I am up against?

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your claim in much greater detail. If your claim was closed effective March 15 you will have the ability to submit an administrative appeal to challenge the decision.

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