• Is it safe for a disability claimant to be on Facebook or other social media?

Will a disability insurance company watch me on Facebook or other social media sites?

Disability insurance companies will are investigating disability insurance claimants on all social media sites, including; Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, etc.

In this video Nationwide Disability Insurance Attorney Gregory Dell discusses the precautions that all disability insurance claimants using Facebook should consider.

Our disability attorneys routinely receive letters from disability companies in which they will either discuss or specifically print out Facebook pages from a disability claimant’s page. A disability claimant can definitely us Facebook and other similar sites, however they must use good judgment when posting to these sites.

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    I recently received a package requesting an update on my husbands disability. My question is this: how should I go about filling in the “list daily activities” part of the form? He suffered a traumatic brain injury 2 years ago. His day consists of watching TV, sitting on the porch, eating meals which I prepare for him. And sleeping on the average of 12 hours a day. They need my response by Feb 10th. I was about to send the package in and remembered there was something about the daily activities questionnaire that should be considered.

    KimFeb 1, 2014  #1

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