Who is Making the Decisions on a Sun Life Disability Benefits Claim?

Disability insurance claimants are routinely telling our disability insurance attorneys about their dissatisfaction with the manner in which a disability insurance company has handled their claim for disability benefits. Let’s take a look at why this disappointment is taking place.

Most commonly our long term disability lawyers are asked questions such as:

The answer to all of these questions is relatively simple. Most disability claims analyst maintain large caseloads and are not qualified to make a decision about whether or not you can do your job.

According to a recent job posting on Linkedin.com by Sun Life Financial Insurance Company, a “Long Term Disability Financial Benefit Analyst” is expected to maintain a “caseload range of 120-140 LTD claims & 350 – 375 claims per Analyst for Life Waiver”. In addition to the large case load that a disability claims examiner must handle, he or she is also limited by a lack of educational and work experience.

In the same Sun Life Financial job posting, the educational experience was nothing more than “1 year previous experience in claims practices.” It does not even appear that a high school or college degree is required.

It is scary to think that a disability claimant’s future source of financial income may be determined by an overworked and potentially unqualified individual. It is the long term disability benefit analyst in every disability case that makes the final decision to approve or deny benefits.

The job posting by Sun Life Financial is also informative for disability claimants, because it gives claimants an insight into the way in which a disability insurance company will look at a claim. It is interesting to note that the Long Term Disability Benefit Analyst is also responsible for “managing”¦ financial risk associated with an assigned block of long term disability and/or life waiver claims”. How could a Sun Life disability benefit analyst simultaneously have a fiduciary duty to protect the best interest of a disability claimant and manage the financial risk of Sun Life? This is the type of conflict of interest which disability claimants must recognize.

Download the actual job description posted on LinkedIn.com by Sun Life Financial.

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