Attorneys Dell & Schaefer Volunteer In The City Of Hallandale Beach’s Adopt-A-Shoreline Program

The City of Hallandale Beach has launched its Adopt A Shoreline Program, the first of it’s kind in the State of Florida, empowering its citizens to take responsibility for their city’s beaches. By cleaning up our beaches, volunteers are making an immediate impact on their surroundings by providing a safe environment for marine life and humans to benefit from.

As a resident of Hallandale Beach and as a local business owner, managing partner Gregory Dell has a vested interest in taking an active role in helping to raise environmental awareness through practical conservation and volunteerism. Members of Attorneys Dell & Schaefer have committed themselves to take several hours from their workday, four times a year, for two years to clean Hallandale Beach. On July 6th,2009, volunteers from Attorneys Dell & Schaefer took part in their first beach clean up, and on November 20th, 2009, members of our staff took part in their second cleanup at their adopted stretch of Hallandale Beach in an effort to maintain the beach and help build a cleaner and healthier future for the local community.