• Unum Denies LTD Benefits to Pharmacist on Narcotics and Oklahoma Court Reverses

Unum Tells a Pharmacist On Narcotics That She Is Not Disabled and Denies Benefits

This case is just another example of a Unum claim rep reviewing restriction and limitations provided by their own in-house doctors, with complete disregard for the opinions of a claimant’s treating doctor. An Oklahoma Judge opined that Unum ignored the restrictions and limitations provided by the claimant’s treating doctors. The claimant, a pharmacist was unable to work due to suffering a broken tail bone. Her pain was so
sever that she was required to take narcotics. The claimant and her doctors advised UNUM that the combination of her pain and the side effects from her medication made it difficult for her to safely perform her job.

Unum hired a doctor to review the medical records and the hired doctor concluded that the claimant has no restrictions. This is typical Unum botch job, but I don’t understand how any human being could think it’s reasonable for a pharmacist that is taking Narcotics to fill prescriptions. Oklahoma, where this claim took place, has a law prohibiting pharmacist from taking narcotics while working. Unum ignored this information. Following the denial of an ERISA appeal a lawsuit was filed in Oklahoma federal court. This claim was not handled by our law firm. Fortunately the Oklahoma federal Judge reversed Unum’s unreasonable long term disability denial and awarded benefits to the claimant. If you are having trouble with a long term disability claim, please contact any of our disability insurance attorneys for a free immediate phone consultation.

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