Unum Insurance Is Financing Medical Studies Which Could Be Prejudicial to Disability Claimants

The Guardian, a respected publication in the Great Britian, recently published a letter detailing a September 4, 2012 debate that took place at the British Parliament regarding Unum’s involvement with the financing of medical studies and the creation of government disability assessment policies. The letter was also written in anticipation of the sixth International Forum on Disability Management 2012 taking place at Imperial College London. Between 2003 and 2009 Unum sponsored a series of papers that were published which “identify the range of factors that determine why some people become long term absentees”. The letter alleges that a former Unum Chief Medical Officer is now involved with the creation of disability policies which affect UK citizens. The letter specifically states:

” These for-profit corporations should never have been permitted to sequester such power and influence over public health and social policy. There may be clear conflicts of interest at stake, and the public interest now demands an urgent and thorough independent public inquiry into the relationships between, and roles played by, senior Unum, Atos and DWP staff in the creation of the current government disability assessment regime.”

A member of the British parliament quoted a former California Insurance Commissioner and described Unum as an ‘outlaw company’ that has operated in an unlawful fashion for many years, running (disability) claims denial factories.”

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The full article can be viewed at guardian.co.uk/society/2012/sep/12/private-firms-disability-assessment-regime.

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