• Three Important Things to Consider When Applying for Disability Insurance Benefits

Three Important Things to Consider When Applying for Disability Insurance Benefits

In our most recent video, Attorney Gregory Dell provides a few important tips that must be considered when applying for either short term or long term disability insurance benefits.

Mr. Dell discusses pre-existing condition provisions, regular occupation versus own occupation definitions of disability and communicating with your employer about your disability.

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  • Dorese,

    Hartford has the right to review all your medical records. If you feel that the Hartford claim person in not treating you fairly, then you should send a letter and ask to have a supervisor contact you. Always deal with Hartford Insurance company in writing.

    Gregory DellOct 1, 2012  #4

  • I was recently approved for short term disability through Hartford. My disability is job related. Hartford disability was part of my benefit package. For over a month I have been waiting for approval of long term disability through same company. Since then I have been harassed, belittled, interrogated althogh I have complied! Now the examiner wants my notes from my licensed therapist as another tactic for delaying this claim.

    What are my rights concerning my psychotherapy notes or notes from behavioral health (I noticed that she had to get higher approval to release notes)? These are private notes about my feelings at the time.

    And what rights do I have regarding dealing with such an intimidating examiner who is making my disabled condition worst and prolonging success in my treatments? I have no income right now and this makes my condition worse! I’ve complained about examiner but I am forced to talk with her only. Example: if I call Hartford to say “Did you get the medical records?” she starts to go off point and start to put me in the witness stand whereby I have to constantly explain and defend myself!

    DoreseSep 30, 2012  #3

  • CeeCee

    You are stuck in the same situation that I hear about on an almost daily basis from the AT&T employees. Sedgwick is trying to strong arm you to return to work. It seems that if you choose not to return to work, then your only option is to sue them now. You can return to work and then file another claim if you can’t work. Please see our page discussing the numerous complaints from Sedgwick policy holders at diattorney.com/sedgwick-cms/.

    Gregory DellSep 14, 2012  #2

  • Yesterday I, like many others, got the call from the Appeals Case Manager that my claim was denied for all but four days before my FMLA ran out. Those four days are only dates I had injections as an outpatient and the day after. Anything after those dates, was denied.

    I submitted TWO letters to ATT’s Intengrated Disability Center (Sedgewick CMS) and was told I would be notified by them as to whether or not the job accommodation could be made. When I asked about that, it was glossed over and told I had to apply for “Job Protection” and “Job Accommodation”, but I must come back to work by 9/18/12 or it would be job abandonment. I have done everything right, I have played by the rules… including “no travel”.

    My problem is I need two joints replaced and also will need fusing or cages in my lower back. I can not sit in one position for a long period of time. My doctor also states I need to be in a reclining position.

    How does on return to work with no promise of accommodation? I need my job and my medical insurance – if they deny anything, I will be fired for an excess amount of illegal absence. Sedgewick denies everything stating not enough medical documentation. I take narcotic pain killers, am in pain constantly, even home awaiting the joint replacement. What’s to stop them from demanding a urine test – that certainly will put me out of work.

    Also, I have a history of anxiety disorder with panic – which was well controlled. Not now, I with no pay since April and being left in “limbo” the panic attacks have returned. I saw a doctor and was prescribed Xanax, another substance that will get me fired from a urine test. Panic attacks are at least 3X a week now – going back to work in a hostile work environment is just going to make it worse. Which way do I turn?

    CeeCeeSep 12, 2012  #1