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Testimonials from Clients of Rachel Alters

Testimonial from Connie A.

I was recommended to Dell & Schaefer via another attorney. I was not sure of what the process would require of me at the time. I was hesitant to follow through because of my disruption in communicating skills and the frustration of dealing with the insurance company on my own. Ms. Alters and Sonia Nogueira are so very understanding and companionate though working diligently to resolve my issue. I felt as if they had my best interest at heart. I appreciated the continual communication and explaining of the process and where it could possibly go. I would highly recommend this firm, Ms. Alters and her team to anyone who feels they have done all they could do, because as I found there was a lot more that this talented firm accomplished.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
I would recommend Dell & Schaefer – Ms. Alters and Sonia to anyone needed to find a resolution to their situation. I found them to be companionate and fair.

What could we do to improve?
I appreciated your process, in my situation I have and had difficulties remembering and processing information. They both were very patient and understanding. The email follow ups were greatly appreciated. I had the opportunity to really review what had been discussed.

Connie A.

Testimonial from Emily H.

Rachel and team were professional, knowledgeable and competent in helping me with my disability insurance claim denial. I would not have been able to do this work myself successfully.  I had an illness best known as Chronic Lyme (I have more issues than that but that’s what I understood my diagnosis to be at the time of claim denial). This is a complex illness that is plagued with faulty testing, delayed diagnosis, inconsistent prognosis/ treatment outcomes, and vague (deniable) symptoms. Advances in the disease’s treatment have stalled for decades due to financial & reputational conflicts of interest that exist across the healthcare/ insurance / government industries. It is a major thing to go against, and a very complex & constantly evolving issue, and Rachel was very familiar with all the chronic Lyme ‘inside baseball.’  Not many people want to get involved with anything Chronic Lyme-related if they have a choice. Finding an attorney that has expertise in this area is a rare find, and I can attest to the fact that Rachel meets this hard-to-find criteria and delivered results well beyond what I could have achieved without her.

Would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Yes, I would recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer (Rachel specifically, though I also communicated with Greg and others at their office and everyone was courteous, professional, and competent).  They have an effective and efficient process down pat.

Disability insurance claim denial is a very stressful thing for anyone to encounter, let alone while you are sick and scared for your future and trying to focus on getting better. Believe me, a sick individual is no match for a big insurance company that has decided to deny your claim. They are professionals in what they do. You need to hire someone who is professional at challenging them. Rachel is a pro!

What could we do to improve?
I wanted more “hand holding” in the beginning (ie more proactive communication / expectations management), and wanted to see draft of my appeal letter earlier than I did. But to be fair they were always promptly responsive and attentive and met every deadline and delivered results, and some of my worry in this area was because I was terrified and sick and stressed and this was of major importance in my life, not because the communication was inadequate. Still, this is how I imagine most clients in this situation would feel, so this is feedback worth considering.

Emily H.

Testimonial from Dennis W.

If it weren’t for Attorney Rachel Alters, I would have probably been living on the streets, living in a cardboard box, or maybe not even be here today. I was denied numerous times by my own Short Term and Long Term Insurance Company that I had paid years of premiums to. I figured that since it was my Insurance Company that I wouldn’t have any problems with submitting a claim and getting it approved. Was I wrong… Then the claims adjusters started playing head games with me each time I contact them or mailed them any additional information. Nothing seemed to matter. Eventually I would always get a rejection/denial letter in the mail. I was so irritated and frustrated as I also had to deal with my illness and go without any income for almost 2 years.

I even researched and contacted numerous local lawyers. They would either state that they wouldn’t take the case, take the case and either do nothing with the file or at a later date contact me to inform that they didn’t practice in that particular area. This included all the Attorneys and Firms that you see advertising on the television, including the Large Law Firms. Theses firms actually didn’t have the expertise nor the experience in the area of Traumatic Brain Injury, as it was a fairly new unknown area. This was prior to the publicizing of Traumatic Brain Injuries regarding NFL Football Players committing suicide (retired or ex-football players) as well as Professional Boxers. Now all of the sudden those same Attorneys and Large Law Firms are advertising for cases with Traumatic Brain Injuries and Insurance Disability Claims like they dealt with them in the past, which is definitely not the case.

I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. So I went researching on the internet and found Dell & Schaefer and watched their videos and so on. I contacted their company and was given an appointment with Attorney, Rachel Alters. She went to bat for me. Fought the Giant (Insurance Company) and won, whereas all these other Attorneys and Large Firms wouldn’t even touch my case. Attorney, Rachel Alters was even willing the take the case to court. She went to battle against a Large Insurance Company and won without going to court!

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
The office staff was always professional as was Rachel. Attorney, Rachel Alters, was always accessible for any questions or concerns that I had, personable, confident, kept me updated regarding my case, and would always return telephone calls as well. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs help with their Short Term and/or Long Term Disability Insurance claim, as the Insurance Company is in business to reject claims and not to approve them, and unfortunately I found that out on my own.

Dennis W., Florida

Testimonial from Tina R.

I found that during the time my claim was being processed, my attorney (Ms. Alters) and her assistant (Ms. Arriaga) were both very professional, quick to respond, and did not seem pressed for time in a way that let me feel that I was important to them. They were both very straightforward in expressing their thoughts and suggestions as well as helping me understand anything I did not understand. They took the time necessary to explain anything that was confusing to me. I felt as if I knew them personally and appreciated their help very much.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
The professionalism, experience, and knowledge are high-level. Those qualities are very important to build my confidence in their representation as well as the outcome of my case.

Tina R., Colorado

Testimonial from Rhonda P.

Dear Rachel Alters and team, I would like to thank you and your team for all of your help in the appeal for my disability claim with Liberty Mutual. I would not have gotten my long term disability restarted without you. I am so grateful for everything that you have done. Rachel Alters will be highly recommended. From the first time I had a conversation with Rachel, I felt confident that she would support me. I really appreciate all of your hard work and time you put in my case and continue to support me. Thank you so much. Sincerely Rhonda P.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Rachel Alters was very thorough and professional with me from the first time I talk to her. She and her team communicated with me frequently. They took time to explain what was going on so that I could understand. Emails were answered in a timely manner sometimes almost immediately.

What could we do to improve?
I cannot think of anything at this time.

Rhonda P., Florida

Testimonial from Susan

Dear Michal & Rachel,

Thank you so very much for everything you do help me and my family. I cannot express how much it means to me to know that you both look out and after all things legal, insurance and administrative for us. Your service and attention to detail has always been beyond my expectations – as a former VP in the Architecture and Construction Industry, thoroughness and follow-up are so important. In all the pain I suffer, knowing that you and your team are in my corner provides me immeasurable peace of mind.

My sincerest gratitude,

Testimonial from Lori N.

I have had such a great experience working with both Rachel and her Paralegal Vanessa. They answered any question I had very quickly. They walked me through every step of appealing my long term disability case. It was a very long process and I was glad to have them there to help me. My denial decision was reversed and they are still answering all my questions. I am so thankful for Rachel and Vanessa because I know I couldn’t have done this without them.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
I would recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer because the attorneys and paralegals are very good at getting all of the information received from doctors and putting together a case which would be very hard for them not to win.

What could we do to improve?
I had a very good experience so I don’t see anything for improvement.

Lori N., Texas

Testimonial from Diane H.

I am a 62-year-old woman that got injured on the job and was unable to work. I had long term insurance that was paid by my job. In September 2017, I request a buyout from The Hartford insurance company. After receiving no word from The Hartford insurance company, for 10 months, I made the decision, to seek legal action.

My experience with Dell & Schaefer, particularly Attorney Rachel Alters and her staff was brilliant. I was very fortunate to get Attorney Rachel Alters to represent me on my case. From the time of my first conservation with Attorney Rachel Alters, I knew she had my best interest at heart, I felt confident that my case would be an open and shut case.

All my questions are always answered, I never felt confused in the process, and phone calls are always returned the same day if possible or the next. My e-mails were always answered in a timely matter.

Words cannot express how grateful I am for Attorney Rachel Alters, and her staff assisting me in the short amount of time that was given for the success in my case. Attorney Rachel Alters worked so diligently hard in my disability buyout case to bring a settlement as quickly as possible. In addition, Attorney Rachel Alters, is very detailed oriented, and follows through if there are delays.

Thank you for everything that you’ve done to help and support me. I am so grateful to Rachel Alters and her staff. They are awesome!

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
I would recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer, because they are very professional and knowledgeable in what they do. If it was not for them I don’t think that I would have won my case. They are Attorneys you can trust on. Top Notch Attorneys!

What could we do to improve?
No improvements recommended.

Diane H., Maryland

Testimonial from John M.

From the very first call From Rachel I knew that I was in good hands. She was very informative and up front about all of the aspects of my case. I felt very confident about being represented by Rachel and that she would do all she could to help. She is a great attorney.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
I would recommend the firm because of the professional way I was treated and the outcome of my case thus far.

What could we do to improve?
Nothing at this point.

John M., Florida

Testimonial from Marjorie B.

Rachel Alters is incredibly knowledgeable about disability law. She was extremely helpful with applying for benefits, is very detailed oriented, and follows through if there are delays. Whenever I have had a question, Rachel is very prompt with returning calls, and answering emails. I recommend her very highly, and am happy that she has represented me throughout this process.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
I had a very good experience working with Rachel Alters.

What could we do to improve?
No improvements recommended.

Marjorie B., New York

Testimonial from Kelly B.

I had been on long term disability for over 10 years, with Aetna Disability Company. I had 3 heart surgeries in that time and some other pretty serious medical issues. I was very ill, during that time, seeing my physicians regularly and in and out of the hospital. It was very stressful keeping up with the vast amounts of paperwork, Physicians Attending Statements, and communicating full time with the disability company. One time, right before my Open Heart Surgery, they stopped paying my claim for 4 months, for absolutely no reason. I did get that straightened out, eventually, but we were almost homeless, in the process. I decided to consider a buy out, on my disability claim and I wanted to use a large, reputable Attorney’s Firm, to handle this negotiation and contract. I called and talked to an Attorney named Rachel Alters, who worked for Attorneys Dell and Schaefer. They had a very large Attorneys Practice and I was very comfortable using them. She was very professional, but also really compassionate, about everything I had been through. I felt like she would really be someone I could trust. It turned out the gentleman she ended up talking to, from Aetna, was someone she knew from dealing with them in the past. This made everything go so much easier, I think, but either way, Rachel is Wonderful! I would recommend her very highly, to anyone. She has my five star recommendation!

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
They are a large Attorney firm and they work with people that have erisa disability policies, so they know the ends and outs of these types of plans. They also are very prompt in getting right back with you when you contact them, I Really appreciate that!

What could we do to improve?
I can’t think of anything, I am very satisfied!

Kelly B., Nevada

Testimonial from Kim K.

Rachel was recommended to me by a lawyer friend. I am also an attorney. So, needless to say… probably not the easiest of clients… with tougher than normal expectations. Rachel did a really great job. She listened to what I wanted and delivered what I asked for, in record time.

Kim K., Florida

Testimonial from Daniel G.

I am so grateful to Rachel Alters and her staff for helping me with my uncle’s claim! She was amazing. This was a very difficult case, because my uncle was mentally disabled. He had failed to immediately make a claim, because he was too disabled to even do the simplest of tasks. As soon as I found out about my uncle’s disability policy, I called several attorneys. They were hesitant to work with my uncle, because of the extensive work involved with backdating his claim. I then called Dell and Schaefer and it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. They patched me through to Rachel Alters and the rest is history.

She worked diligently to backdate my uncle’s claim and to secure his rights to future disability payments. We still have a long road ahead of us with regards to my uncle’s disability, but I am so grateful to her for securing his right to disability payments. We will be able to use this money to make sure that he gets the health care that he needs.

Disability insurance is a complex business. As an attorney myself, I can tell you that when it comes to disability insurance, you really need somebody in your corner to make sure that your rights are protected. There is nobody that I would rather have in my corner than Rachel Alters.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?

What could we do to improve?

Daniel G., Illinois

Testimonial from Wendy H.

Words cannot express the gratitude I have for Rachel and her team. I felt like she listened, gave me her advice, and supported my decisions. The process was seamless and I did not feel that I was being bombarded with “task” as her team handled as aspects of my case. I am very pleased with the honest feedback and communication through the process. I would definitely recommend Rachel and her team at Dell & Schaefer law firm.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Quality customer service, transparency, and action-oriented.

Wendy H., Maryland

Testimonial from Lynn D.

To all patients especially Lyme Disease patients (the #1 epidemic in the U.S. and worldwide pandemic) I truly understand your frustration and indecision in making your first phone call because everyone has let you down and you feel like your whole world is a struggle to stay alive. Your trust has been eroded due to ignorant medical professionals (I was one of them-RN), military (Gulf war syndrome-mycoplasma), NIH, DOD, and let’s not forget the CDC… your family or friends also may not have a clue and you can be certain most work places/H.R. they don’t want to hear what you are going through… well Make that Phone Call to and get connected with Rachel Alters who has intimate knowledge of others suffering medically. She knows your legal rights and you as her client is her priority… She is a determined lady of the law and will get things done you can count on that. The kindness of Rachel and Kathleen, her assistant is comforting when understandably all you can envision is the worst outcome in any situation. Depend on your legal team (Rachel & al.) help you in the most important way: lowering your stress to better your health and the good Lord knows you need in this heartless country ($$$$) to pay for the health services you receive. Last word, may God bless you Rachel, Kathleen, and all the people at Dell and Schaefer for being there at my worst period in my life with neuroborrialis, which continues to compromise my life.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
For One… to stop those pesky abusive phone calls that are filled with leading questions to set you up to say the thing that limits your real condition. Send in the Calvary-Rachel Alters… In my case I had a nurse that I looked up on her state board and Facebook – for goodness sake she didn’t have many years of experience and her health was not her priority because I saw a photo of her in a bar, overweight and drinking beer… yea, that’s the kind of nurse I want evaluating my case or taking care of me for that matter. (sarcasm)

You will be amazed when you get the copies of reports submitted to the court how though Rachel is. The attorneys concentrate on Disability claims and have each other if they have any experience in a certain company, matter, and for a supportive team.

What could we do to improve?
Just keep making those wonderful teaching videos on your homepage and utube. These help tremendously for the legally naive. They also show your personalities, but I am sure behind the scenes the office has it’s own pulse and humor.

Lynn D., Florida

Testimonial from Monica H.

My experience with this law firm was amazing. The turnaround on my case was unbelievable in a great way. It was business being handled however my team made me feel like a family member as well. The law firm is very professional, and attentive to your needs. If you’re seeking great representation, I recommend Dell & Schaefer to handle your needs. I would like to thank my attorney Rachel Alters and paralegal Sonia for the amazing job working on my case.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
The law firm are go-getters and take care of you as if you were family.

What could we do to improve?
To be honest I personally can’t think of anything for the firm to improve. Continue providing great service.

Monica H., Pennsylvania

Testimonial from Michael P.

I had a very good experience. Rachel and Danielle were incredibly professional. They gave me a clear understanding of the process and timelines. I feel they are there fighting for me everyday. The process overall was very simple and enabled me to focus on my illness.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
I have two big reasons I would recommend them. One, They are available for my questions and concerns. I get a response quickly and honestly. Second, no matter how worried I got, they never made me feel alone. I always know I have someone in the battle with me.

Michael P., Michigan

Testimonial from Lesley C.

This was a very stressful time in my life. The disability company to whom my employer and I had paid premiums to for 30 years and who had paid me disability benefits for the past 12 years had closed my case and denied my appeal. I wasn’t sure what to do.

Following in depth research, endless phone calls and phone interviews of potential representation, I chose Dell & Schaefer to represent me. I am very happy I made that decision.

Rachel and Sonia at Dell & Schaefer listened to my concerns and reasons for wanting to appeal my claim. They requested my personal statements and files from the disability company for their review. I felt they always kept me updated as things progressed and requested additional info when necessary.

This is not a quick nor easy ordeal to have to go through. However, having Rachel and Dell & Schaefer behind me, I felt I had the best representation possible on my side.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
They explained my options clearly and provided honest feedback. They didn’t make promises that sounded too good to be true. Their communication was open, timely and made me confident that I was in good hands.

Lesley C., Washington

Testimonial from Mike F.

I was fortunate enough to have Rachel Alters handle my LTD appeal in 2014. I took 180 days and when all was said and done it was 266 pages long! The detail was amazing and my denial was immediately overturned. I strongly suggest that an individual doesn’t go it alone in this process. I think the other great advantage to having her handle it is I can reach out to her anytime I have any issues or questions with the insurance company and she deals directly with them. I recently had an issue where they were not waiving my premium for the life insurance I ported when I had to stop working. Rachel not only got my premiums waived going forward, she got me a refund of all my premiums going back several years. One of the smartest things I’ve done was to contact Dell and Schaefer when my LTD was denied.

Mike F., Florida

Testimonial from Jennifer S.

I contact D&S regarding my claim with Liberty Mutual. I was out on disability for 11 years and was helped to get back on claim. It was nice to have their guidance helping me all the way especially when Liberty did not send all records and delayed the date. Everyone responded quickly and we got the claim resolved on the first round. Thank you!

Jennifer S., New Jersey

Testimonial from Janice L.

I have MS and from the first interview, Rachel always kept me informed about my chances of getting LTD. She understood my claim, answered any questions and represented me at any meetings I had with MetLife so I felt comfortable and at ease. Sonia was also on top of my claim and her correspondence was clear and understandable.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
I worked for Kaiser Permanente and had a group policy with MetLife. These are two very large organizations so I got Dell & Schaefer involved right from the beginning so my experience went smooth.

What could we do to improve?
There is nothing I can think of.

Janice L., California

Testimonial from Paige M.

I had an excellent experience working with the team at Dell & Schaefer. Ms Rachel Alters & her assistant Sonia Nogueira kept me updated on the status of my appeal on a regular basis & provided same day responses to my email inquiries, often calling to explain certain details that may have been too overwhelming otherwise. They were respectful, professional & extremely patient with me. Rachel was very clear & confident in our conversations & effective in communications with my physicians during the course of documenting my condition. My case involved a 10-year disability income stream that was suddenly & unexpectedly terminated. The financial situation it created & future uncertainty left me very stressed, so having such an experienced professional representing me was a huge comfort. I am very pleased & grateful that Ms Alters won my appeal. I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted!

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
I found Dell & Schaefer online after unsuccessful attempts to find a local attorney that was familiar with ERISA disability plans & qualified to get terminated benefits reinstated. My situation was unique in the fact that I had already been receiving LTD benefits for almost 10 years, but was suddenly being told by the insurance company that my diagnosis no longer qualified for coverage. When I found the Dell & Schaefer site I watched a few videos, read a few articles & KNEW that if anyone had a chance at getting my LTD benefits back, it was them. I called a number on the website & the person who answered “got it” & understood that my sudden termination of benefits deserved a second look. They made some notes, took my name & number. I was amazed to find a missed call & voice mail received from Rachel Alters that day / evening. She tells you what you need to hear, even if it is not necessarily what you want to hear at the time. Rachel is direct, knowledgeable & compassionate. In my case, there was very sensitive material in my medical files, however it did not feel awkward for Rachel & her assistant Sonia (Nogueira) to have that information. They did not judge my neurological limitations or exasperated stress level. They took all of my concerns seriously & did not condescend… And most importantly of all, WE WON!

What could we do to improve?
Nothing… I am waiting for your accounting department to process my backpay direct deposit. Once that is complete & monthly deposits are set-up, the process will be full circle & I will be completely satisfied. Thank you so much for agreeing to take my case & providing such effective representation!

Paige M., Oklahoma

Testimonial from Shaun D.

I can’t Thank Rachel and Machal enough, my disability case was stopped by the Insurance company on Veterans Day 2016 so at that point I went for the Appeal myself, each level of appeal I lost even though I needed Back Surgery again, my only regret is not contacting Dell and Schaefer sooner. Disability companies are not your friend and when they play there paper work games and medical reviews, that’s when you want an attorney like Rachel on your side. Anyone reading this and wondering what to do if you have a denial letter from the disability company or an upcoming review, please call Rachel and let her handle everything, this firm works hard and it shows with there attention to detail and the concern for the client.?

Shaun D.

Testimonial from Catherine T.

I had a wonderful experience with my attorney. She explained everything to me on what to expect from her and what she could do for me. She kept me informed all along the way. She answered all my questions anytime one would come about.

Would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
I would recommend Rachel Alters to anyone who needed an attorney.

Catherine T.

Testimonial from Kristin Y.

I reached out to Dell & Schaefer online after my disability claim denial. Rachel Alters called me that very day to discuss my case and clearly outlined the process. Rachel proactively scheduled time with me once she decided to take my appeal, to review my contract with Dell & Schaefer, address any questions I had about the process or the terms of the contract, as well as provide insight on what to expect once my appeal was filed. Ultimately, Rachel won my appeal against MetLife, which meant that I could focus on getting better! I cannot express how grateful I am to have partnered with Dell & Schaefer to successfully win this appeal.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Early in my conversations with Rachel, it was obvious to me that she had solid experience with insurance and disability appeals for executives. Everyone at Dell & Schaffer, Rachel and her assistant Kathleen, was very responsive in a timely way to my inquiries. I appreciated that so much, as sometimes working through insurance processes feels like a ‘black hole’! Rachel and Kathleen made sure that I always knew the status of my case. Even if we didn’t win my appeal, I would feel confident that I had partnered with the best firm to represent me. But in my case, we did win the appeal which makes my recovery possible!

What could we do to improve?
I cannot think of anything about my experience with Dell & Schaefer that would need improvement. Even though we live in separate states, and 100% of our communication was via phone/email/fax, I never felt remote in the process. Thank you so much for helping me.

Kristin Y.

Testimonial from Jamie K.

From the moment I called and spoke with Rachel Alters, I knew I was in the right place. I had called many attorneys prior to calling Dell & Schaefer and got turned down because my case was too difficult to win. Rachel Alters took the time to explain the whole process to me and promised that she’d do her best to win my case. Along to way, she was extremely patient, knowledgeable, and always took the time to answers my questions, putting me at ease. In the end, we won my disability case and I was more than happy with the settlement results. I HIGHLY recommend Rachel Alters to anyone with a short term/long term disability case. The amount of professionalism and care you will receive will make the process that much more smoother. Thank you, Rachel! :)

Jamie K.

Testimonial from Michael C.

From the very beginning my lawyer Rachel Alters and her staff have been nothing but professional. They were on top of things and advocated for my case from the very start. They always kept me informed at every step of the way and made sure that I was an integral part of the entire process. I would highly recommend using their services.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Professionalism. Expedient work. Knowledgeable staff.

Michael C.

Testimonial from Antoine P.

After my insurance company arbitrarily decided to close my disability benefits I contacted several firms to handle my case. I was impressed with Attorney Rachel Alters who took my call personally. She was direct, knowledgeable and compassionate at the same time. Her firm was responsive and I felt I had (finally) someone on my side.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Insurance companies are there to make money and ERISA laws are in place to protect them. The little guy like me would have no chance to win on my own. Rachel’s extensive experience and personal knowledge of the opposing parties got the job done while taking the emotional burden away from me. At the end of the day, she got the job done. It took a year and a half but that’s really because of the system in place.

What could we do to improve?
One always hopes for a higher payout and lower fees, but in the real world that just doesn’t happen. Rachel went to bat for me and I am grateful she did the best she could.

Antoine P.

Testimonial from C.H.

Rachel is a total superwoman in my book! She was so easy to work with and made an intimidating process feel pain free. She is friendly, approachable and made time to answer all our questions. I felt like she was on my side and fought for me when no one else would. Highly recommend!


Testimonial from Leza A.

“Extremely” Professional, Knowledgeable, Immediately Responsive to all my calls and emails, “Always” left Comforted that my case is being given all that can be done to accomplish the best results after talking/emailing with “Rachel Alters” (My Attorney) and her team. It has been the best decision I have ever made when I needed the best to help me at such a vulnerable time in my life of having to deal with being so ill and then the realization of the loss of my career that I loved so much, that I had given my all to, and was so successful at.

I can’t “Thank” Dell & Schaefer (Rachel Alters & Team) enough for giving their all for me (My case).

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Amazing….. Professional, Immediately Responsive to emails & calls, Always left with “Peace of mind”. From the very first phone call about my case I was left with peace of mind and that results have continued for several years to be an amazing experience.

I would recommend Dell & Schaefer to “everyone” that is in a situation of needing help with a disabilty case.

What could we do to improve?
Nothing. In the midst of their office having to evacuate and also having their personal lives to deal with the destruction of hurricane Irma …… They were still working on my case & a few days after the hurricane had left such destruction…. I was called by Rachel Alters to once again give me the best news on my case.

They are my super blessings.

Leza A.

Testimonial from Gail S.

I was so fortunate to have Ms. Alters and her staff represent me. I can’t say enough about the compassion that everyone, even the staff not involved in my case, have for their clients. I felt so much love and it was like I became part of a big family.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Ms. Alters definitely is very thorough and is very well prepared to represent her clients. I really can’t say enough about this firms integrity, compassion and perseverance.

I would highly recommend Ms. Alters to everyone needing help with a disability case.

Gail S.

Testimonial from James E.

I am very happy that I went with Rachel and her staff at DIAttorney. She is very knowledgeable of the process, understanding and gracious when I might get frustrated with the process, and clear and concise in her explanations. I knew that I needed an attorney before I even started my disability application. I was having trouble just keeping up with my doctor’s appointments, dealing with medical insurance, and concerned about finances. I just could not add to all this stress the responsibility of handling my own disability case when I have little knowledge of the process. Because of Rachel and her team I was able to sleep at night while she shouldered most of the responsibility for my case. It was money well spent.

Would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Yes, definitely.

James E.

Testimonial from Marie P.

Very professional. Very consmer/ client oriented. Rachel Alters always had time to answer my questions. She is also very understanding and organized. Rachel and her associates met my expectations and more. They filed my claim for me and were very meticulous and detailed with all documentation needed to file my claim.

Would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Yes, definately! They are disability experts. Results were fast and positive. I didn’t have to worry about anything. They are the best and know insurance companies very well!

What could we do to improve?
No improvements necessary! You can’t improve on excellence.

Marie P.

Testimonial from Timothy G.

Very responsive to my questions and needs, honest and straight-forward about possible scenarios and outcomes, and ultimately won my case! Very happy with Rachael and Dell & Schaefer.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
All the reasons above. Very knowledgeable and experienced with my particular insurance company and their tactics.

Timothy G.

Testimonial from Michael M.

To describe my experience with Dell and Schaefer is pretty simple, I had no hope of getting any settlement from my LTD company and have been sorely miss treated. When I reached out to Dell and Schaefer I truly expected to get nothing. After several long conversations and rants with Rachel Alters, I slowly raised hope for some kind of relief. Without Rachel and her team I am convinced I would’ve received nothing from the insurance company. Rachel and her team got to know my case better than my doctors even did. I never experienced this kind of care and compassion from a legal team before. I am pleased and thrilled to recommend Dell and Schaefer, do not give up, do not despair, they will win in the end. Thank you for your support and especially the settlement.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Professional care and knowledge of how LTD insurance companies work and the necessary steps to be successful against these very large corporations.

Michael M.

Testimonial from Lisa P.

When I became disabled I filed a claim with my insurance company and they denied my disability payments. After failed attempts to resolve it myself I finally reached out to Dell & Schaefer. They were able to get me a settlement. I know I would never have won my case because I didn’t have enough evidence from my doctors due to losing my insurance and not going to the doctor much. But Rachel was able to get me a settlement. Not only that, but she got me double what the insurance company originally offered. I would describe my experience working with them as pleasurable and professional. You just can’t go wrong with this firm!

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
I would recommend them to anyone needing their disability payments because they have a stellar reputation and a high degree of professionalism.

What could we do to improve?
Not anything that I can think of!

Lisa P.

Testimonial from Celestine D.

I am a 61 year old Senior Business Analyst. I had been working at a health insurance company for approximately 11 years when I became disabled and have had numerous, bulging disks, Nerves that were severely impinged, and active Arthritis and degenerative disk disease throughout my spine. I underwent back surgery for L1 thru L5 infusion which included insertion of 2 titanium rods and 6 pins. I continue to undergo physical therapy 3 xs per week. Not to mention the surgery left me worse than before the surgery considered a FAILED BACK SURGERY. I’m unable to sit or stand for more than 2 hours with getting up. I am unable to walk for more than 1 city block. I also have many other medical conditions. After collecting LTD from Lincoln Financial for about 3 years, the harassment began. They decided that I was no longer disabled. In short they felt I was capable of returning back to the work force. (Social Security Disability deemed me permanently disabled)

After fighting with Lincoln and exhausting my appeals I decided to research and hire an attorney. I selected Dell and Schaeffer based on their website, case success statistics, and the speed at which they returned my calls and emails.

Let me tell you, my experience in working with Rachel Alters and her assistant Michal Mizrahi is nothing short of outstanding. They responded quickly to phone calls and emails and were mindful of my concerns and information needs. Talking with the both of them made me feel confident and assured they were doing the best for me. I cannot say enough good things about Michal. She anticipated my needs and was proactive in keeping me informed as my case progressed. What a TEAM they make. Any time I reached out with questions or concerns they were very responsive and always left me feeling satisfied that I had the best in my corner. Rachel is an angel. She is so down to earth compassionate, professional and trustworthy attorney. Rachel was there to guide me from the start and helped me get through this stressful and lengthy process.

While attempting to handle it on my own, my long-term-disability claim had been denied two previous times. With the help of Rachel Alters and her team, I was able to obtain a settlement I never would have been able to get without their assistance. Rachel and her team far exceeded my expectations in every capacity. She was focused, clear, responsive, efficient and above all exceedingly knowledgeable.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
I would highly recommend her to anyone having disability issues. I truly feel that I could not have been better represented.

What could we do to improve?

Celestine D.

Testimonial from Joseph G.

When I couldn’t get help elsewhere, Ms. Alters was there. I was treated with respectable kindness. I would definitely recommend this lawyer to anyone. If I had known about them to begin with, I would have called them first. I am grateful for all they did for me.

Would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Yes, definitely.

What could we do to improve?
I don’t have any suggestions that you don’t already do.

Joseph G.

Testimonial from Janet

I worked with Rachel Alters, who was very knowledgable about ERISA, my health condition and the best way to present information to my private LTD company. Being disabled, I am always tired, have little energy and have trouble concentrating, remembering things, etc. Rachel always maintained professionalism, would repeat the process if necessary and made things as easy on me as possible. She always made herself available if I requested a teleconference and her assistant was always prompt about returning my calls and providing information I requested.

In a professional setting, I’ve worked with attorneys for years and had to review and sign contracts. I know from personal experience that a contract is only as good as the people who stand behind it. I put my trust in Rachel and she delivered. We were able to get my LTD company’s denial decision reversed and I was put back on plan after she threatened to sue when they initially upheld their original decision to deny my claim. Having backpayment and being put back on plan definitely helps with my finanial stress and I know it has taken its toll on my health. I hope now that I have some financial secuirity, I can focus more on getting better and do so more quickly. There is no doubt that I couldn’t have done this without Rachel. She guided me through the whole process, making sure that appropriate things were documented, we received the right information from the right medical professionals, had tests performed when needed, etc. It was a pleasure working with her and her team.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Absolutely. From the very beginning, I had confidence in Dell & Schaefer, specifically my attorney, Rachel Alters. You want a firm that specializes in private LTD cases with a record of winning. I interviewed several attorneys before making such an important decision. Everyone had a different perspective on outcome based on my condition, age, amount of the policy, etc. She had experience with cases similar to mine and didn’t hesitate to take mine. She never faltered on her position that we would win, it was just a matter of when and how much. She delivered, and I’m very happy with the outcome. She lived up to her word.


Testimonial from Marlene D.

When I saw myself in the need to seek legal advise, I didn’t quite know where to turn, since I hadn’t needed one ever before. So… keeping up with the times, I turned to the internet. I was a little leary about that, considering that one can’t believe everything one sees on the net; I however am very happy that I did. I guess it was my lucky day cause I found the law firm of DELL & SCHAEFER.

I contacted them and was assigned to attorney Rachel Alters. From the begining she was easy to speak with, down to earth and very clear in her responses when questions were asked. I felt that she was honest and had my best interest at heart from the get go. She was very clear in saying that she could not make any promises, but she would do everything possible to help me, and she surely did. I can’t not mention her assistant Kathleen Borges, who was also awesome and very prompt returning my e-mails and phone calls. THANK YOU both for solving my case and giving me back some peace of mind.

In a nutshell, after working as a RN for 37 years, I became disabled due to complications from Rheumatoid/Osteo Arthritis and ended up with bilateral Knee Replacements. As most RN’s do, I purchased long term disability through my job’s group plan and can’t remember a time when I didn’t. The insurance company paid me for 2 years and then decided that I could go back to work in sedentary positions, which they even chose for me and could not have been further from my reality. At this point is when I decided to seek legal advise.

I’m sure there are many others in my similar situation so I want you to know there is help out there… there is Rachel Alters / Kathleen Bordes… there is……….. DELL & SCHAEFER !!!!!

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Excellent attorney client rapport; timely resolution of case; accurate and concise information; easy access to attorney or assistant.

What could we do to improve?
Like the song says… “Your’re beautiful just the way you are”.

Marlene D.

Testimonial from Patricia E.

After fighting with UNUM for over a year over whether I was disabled (I had been determined to be disabled by the Federal Government and had a letter stating such), I finally decided to hire an attorney. Being skeptical and wary of money grubbing lawyers, I researched various firms over 2 months, interviewing prospective attorneys over the phone. I selected Dell and Schaeffer based on their website, case success statistics, and the speed at which they returned my calls and emails.

My experience in working with Rachel Alters and her assistant Michal Mizrahi is nothing short of outstanding. They responded quickly to phone calls and emails and were mindful of my concerns and information needs. Even when Ms. Alters was out of the office for personal reasons, she would make sure that my questions were answered thoroughly in a timely manner. I cannot say enough good things about Michal. She anticipated my needs and was proactive in keeping me informed as my case progressed.

In the end, Rachel and Michal were successful at reaching a good settlement for me with UNUM and I am very satisfied.

Resolving disputes with insurance companies is always stressful and unpleasant. I strongly suggest that if you find yourself in that place, that you seriously consider Dell and Schaeffer, and if possible, Rachel Alters. She made what could have been a horrible situation not only bearable but brought to a successful conclusion in a timely manner. I am clear that I would never had had such a positive outcome without their help and expertise.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
The staff I dealt with were professional, knowledgeable, efficient and exhibited good customer service. They have been here many times before and know the ins and outs of how insurance companies work, what they will and will not do and how to move the process along much more quickly than individuals could. Their fees are reasonable and they work hard to get you the best results they can.

What could we do to improve?
I cannot think of much. My experience was very positive.

Patricia E.

Testimonial from Michael F.

Having had several lung surgeries including a wedge resection, lobe removal and pleurodesis as well as MAC lung disease, I was diagnosed with stage vi (end stage) COPD in October 2012. With my lung function at 23% it was becoming very difficult to manage my daily life let alone continue working in my management role at a large healthcare company. After meeting with my primary physician and my pulmonologist, it was agreed that I should stop working and submit a claim for disability. I was 52 at the time. My short term disability plan with Mutual of Omaha paid my claim for 3 months at which time it was converted to my long term disability plan with no issues. I continued to collect my LTD benefit from February 2013 until November 20th 2014 when I received a letter saying I could return to my previous position and there was nothing in my medical records to indicate disability. I was shocked to say the least, as my condition is chronic and progressive and in fact my condition had continued to decline. I didn’t know what to do and knew I did not have the knowledge or experience to appeal their decision. I was very afraid as we depended on this income to pay our bills, that’s why I held the policy for many years, to protect my family. I want to add that I applied for and was approved for Social Security disability benefits shortly after diagnosis. I immediately started to search for attorneys that handle disability claims and found literally hundreds that handled SSDI claims, but few that handled employer/private policies. I found Dell and Schaefer and filled out their quick online form and almost immediately received a reply from Gregory Dell (yes, an actual person responded!) who let me know that he asked Rachel Alters to call me. I don’t think it was more than a half hour before I received a call from her. I immediately felt a sense of relief as she explained the process and what she would be doing for me. From that day forward, I have been met with OUTSTANDING customer service from Rachel Alters and Kathleen Bordes. Any time I reached out with questions or concerns they were very responsive and always left me feeling satisfied that I had the best in my corner. The process took many months and a lot of leg work on Rachel and Kathleen’s part. When I was finally sent a draft of the appeal, I completely understood why it takes so long. The level of detail was unbelievable. I actually feel like I better understand my disease after reading it!!. The appeal was filed timely and my denial was overturned very quickly. When I learned it was overturned, I have to admit I had tears in my eyes. I want to add, that even if the appeal didn’t have the positive outcome that it did, I would feel exactly the same about the exceptional job done on my case. I’m not sure I can ever truly express how grateful I am, and how blessed I feel to have found Dell and Schaefer and especially Rachel and Kathleen!

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Outstanding customer service and attention to detail.

What could we do to improve?

Michael F.

Testimonial from Jamie L.

Too many times people complain about bad service, but I like to make sure good service gets recognized!

Rachel Alters and Kathleen Bordes have been very kind and patient with me through my lawsuit process. I have had questions understanding the how it works and they have never made me feel rushed or unimportant. Actually, it’s been the exact opposite! In the midst of dealing with the stress of my own serious health issues and recently my father being diagnosed with stage four cancer, it’s been a relief having Rachel and Kathleen on my team. They are a pleasure to work with! I will definitely be recommending your office to others.

Jamie L.

Testimonial from Harry K.

Dell & Schaefer has earned a reputation as a top notch law firm specializing in disability insurance claims. I understand why. My personal experience was nothing short of fantastic. I was overwhelmingly impressed with the professional manner of both my attorneys and their staff. Rachel Alters, my lead attorney, is an incredibly detail oriented and experienced attorney who specializes in litigation. She guided me through the claim process with expert precision. I was extremely pleased with every step and the ultimate outcome of my claim. All of my expectations were not only met, but exceeded. Hiring Dell and Schaefer was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Filing a disability claim is complex. My experience indicates that having Attorneys Dell & Schaefer engaged clearly improves the chances of a successful outcome.

What could we do to improve?

Harry K.

Testimonial from Mauricio B.

I always had access to my attorney on a personal basis. She adviced me thru the whole processs of applying for disability insurance payments. Her advise was clear and concise. She continued to help me after the initial disability claim was approved by the insurance company. The billing process from the part of the law firm was clear and straightforward. I wholly recommend the law firm of Dell & Schaefer and in particular my attorney Mrs. Rachel Alters.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Because they delivered exactly on what they promised.

What could we do to improve?
Emphasize to your clients that any communication to the insurance company should go thru the attorneys first. I made the mistake more than once of contacting or sending information to the insurance company directly.

Mauricio B.

Testimonial from Sabrina J.

Rachel, Anneli, Carolyn… They were all WONDERFUL! I never would have gotten anything accomplished without their superior knowledge and worth! I would recommend this Law Firm to everyone needing assistance with long term disability trials! Thanks you all!

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Superior Knowledge.

What could we do to improve?
No improvement needed.

Sabrina J.

Testimonial from ShaRhonda D.

Rachel Alters and her assistance Michal Mizrahi were a godsend. When I contacted their office, Metlife denied my appeal and I was too sick to get out of bed, let alone try and fight the a giant insurance company! I was so lost and confused, I had all of my doctor’s saying I was disabled, I was taking the medication for my disability, Metlife said they covered my illness in their policy, so I couldn’t understand what the problem was! Further more, I didn’t have the energy to try and figure It out on my own.

Luckily, I didn’t have to. From the first day I spoke with Rachel, she was my David verses my Goliath, MetLife. Having her represent me was the best thing that could have ever happened for my family. She took over all correspondence with Metlife and her team answered ALL of my questions thoroughly and promptly. They were professional, courteous, and best of all, they understood how to fight Metlife and win.

Because of Rachel’s hard work with MetLife, I was able to focus my energy back on my family and trying to heal instead of answering stupid questions and jumping through bureaucratic hoops. My settlement was above and beyond my expectation and I am so grateful that I had such an ally in Rachel Alters.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
I would recommend Rachel Alters because she knows how to fight for you! Metlife is too big, too powerful, too intimidating to take on alone. I also LOVED how professional, patient, and caring the office was. All of my emails were answered within 24 hours, usually sooner. Every question I had, even if it was the same question multiple times a week, was answered with kindness, understanding, and full disclosure. I always felt like I knew EXACTLY what was going on with my case.

What could we do to improve?
Maybe offer help on settlement options and taxes.

ShaRhonda D.

Testimonial from Esha P.

Just when I thought all hope of collecting on my LTD policy was over I came in contact with with Ms. Alters. She worked to get me a settlement that previous lawyers where unable to achieve. Ms. Alters and her staff exhibited professionalism and great knowledge of the law. I truly appreciate Ms. Alters & the staff at Dell & Schaefer!

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
The staff represented me and work diligently until I was truly satisfied.

What could we do to improve?

Esha P.

A Testimonial from Rachel Alters client

Being disabled is difficult on many levels so the importance – and peace of mind – that comes with having advocates and advisers who not only provide legal expertise and assistance but also genuine care and support is quite literally invaluable. Having attorney Rachel Alters and her paralegal Anneli DeCardenas to help deal with complicated insurance issues has been a true blessing that has made this unfortunate period of my life so, so much easier. They are not only experienced, talented and incredibly responsive professionals but they have always made me feel like a person who matters and not just a client to be dealt with as part of a daily to-do check list. I’m not someone who usually provides references but I really can’t say enough to express just how wonderful these two incredible women are or how grateful I am that they are on my side.


Testimonial from Leza A.

Desperarate & feeling like I was on a raft floating farther… out to sea. By the time I was diagnosed (It was close to a Year) with Fibromyalgia. I was in so much pain “ALL” over my body,feeling desperate for relief of my pain and the feeling of foggy headed (Foggy headed is one of the conditions of Fibro). I wasn’t getting better instead my pain was getting worse. I was thinking about my career that I worked so hard to get where I was. I more than missed and loved my career. My husband used to say that I loved my career more than him (So wasn’t true) but, I would do things like cancel a trip (40th Birthday Trip) in order to get the job done at work/make it happen (New Home R/E Sales). My career was a “very” physical and also required to be mentally sharp at all times. What I thought at the beggining of feeling ill was going to be out from work for maybe a few days to a week, didn’t happen. Then I got to the point of being out from work for a year and realizing this was going to be a challenging and long road.In dealing with the short/Long Term disability company was getting to the point I couldn’t handle it. So…I got on the computer when I had short breaks from being foggy minded (Took weeks of searching). So the search for someone/company who could take the challenge to keep up with the demands of paper work from the disability company with my short/Long term disabilty company and who was successfull at fighting this kind of case and with my medical diagnoses of Fibromyalgia (I had been denied after the first few months of short term disability). I found Dell & Schaefer Law Firm who had a succcessfull out come with not only the disability company that I had but, also against working with a Fibromyalgia case. I am blessed to have come accross Dell & Schaefer and then I was belessed to have/be working with Rachel Alters ! I found it was/hasn’t been easy in any way to deal with a case of Fibromyalgia but, I am so more than happy I have/am working with Dell Shaefer “Rachel Alter”. If I was up to it (Not with Fibro) I would be dancing all night long celebrating(I loved to dance all the time before Fibro) ! The many….appeals, time and all the hard work it took, my/our case has been over turned !!!! I was caught off guard when I received the call from Rachel Alter ! When I answered it I was thinking we were needing more documentation or another specialists to state where I am with my illness but, I got the best news in years and I just started crying out of control with tears of happiness ! Tears of happiness have not been a part of my life in many years. Yea !!!!!! FYI….This was a challenge for me to write due to not being able to sit or type due to my pain of Fibromyalgia but, so worth sharing my experiece with choosing Dell & Schaefer “Rachel Alter & Team” ! Again….I am so blessed to have contacted Dell & Schaefer !!! Thank You Dell & Schaefer “Rachel Alter & Team”…… :-)

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
I would recomend Dell & Schaefer “Rachel Alters my Atty” for many reasons….Top reason is Dell & Schafer is the Best to work with & especially when you are not able to get a positive out come of winning a more than great challenge (I did try to handle it on my own with just getting denied over & over again and dealing with the disappointments and frustrations of losing each time trying so hard to get a winning out come). All the communication between Rachel and her team was always a positive look at pushing forward and gave me always the confidence in Rachel and her team. It is a great thing when you know they are not going to stop at a denial. The challenge of a denial to come out with a Winning case !

Leza A.

Testimonial from Rev D.

I contacted Dell & Schaefer after a second denial by my disability insurance company. Initially, I approached the insurance company by myself and my case was denied. I then hired a lawyer who had convinced me that I have a good chance of winning but that she was willing to take my case only on an hourly basis. I felt that I had no choice and I took the chance. Not only that my second appeal was denied (again!) but also I ended up paying double the price that I was offered in the quotation while I received a very poor service from that lawyer. At this point I was about to give up. What gave me the hope and the power to proceed forward to another appeal was a phone call from Rachel Alters who contacted me immediately after I have filled an online form requesting a free consultation with Dell & Schaefer attorney. It turned out to be a very good decision!!! In relatively short time, I finally received my benefits for my disabling condition. Benefits that I was about to give up. Not only that Rachel and her paralegal, Danielle turned out to be super professional, practical and dedicated, they also did everything in a very pleasant way and invested any needed time and effort in responding my questions or any related issue of my case.

My experience with Dell & Schaefer was beyond expectation. I would not hesitate to recommend this firm as they are highly knowledgeable on the law and are very professional. I wish I would have found Dell & Schaefer sooner than I did.

Rev D.

Testimonial from Christine C.

I had a very positive experience working with Dell & Schaefer. While attempting to handle it on my own, my long-term-disability claim had been denied two previous times. With Attorney Alter’s help, I was able to obtain a settlement I never would have been able to get without her assistance.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
The service I received was prompt, professional, and thorough.

Christine C.

Testimonial from Howard O.

I had an amazing experience with Dell & Schaefer. The people I worked with were all interested, compassionate and extremely thorough. I had been recieving disability benefits for two years when my disability company decided to cancel my claim. I was very scared and was balancing dealing with my illness along with the loss of my benefits.

In a relatively short amount of time, my attorney was able to get my benefits reinstated. Also, Dell & Schaefer has continued to be supportive and proactive, unltimately helping me not to feel as bullied by the big insurance companies whom, I feel, treat me as a felon for daring to be sick.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Not only is Dell & Schaefer one of the leading firms in the business of disability insurance claims, I never once felt like I didn’t matter. They were supportive, compassionate, and took the time to listen to me — a thing that the large insurance companies who cancel benefits never seem to do.

What could we do to improve?
I think Dell & Schaefer did everything they set out to do. For that I’m grateful. I only wish that the firm would revisit a class action law suit against the bullying tactics of the big insurance companies that cancel benefits without cause, overtly lie to their clients, and torment those who are ill–all in the name of money. I fully understand that there are those who cheat the system, however, when you are dealing with priavate DI insurance, you’re also dealing with a level of individual who would, more often than not, value their work-life and not want to be disabled.

Howard O.

Testimonial from Julia R.

Being very ill is extremely difficult for anyone to deal with. But trying to focus on health issues while navigating all of the complexities of STD and LTD really makes a bad situation worse and more stressful. I spoke with many lawyers before I was connected with Dell & Schaefer and they were the first and only ones to take the time to truly listen to my history and make the sincere effort to understand my situation. After that, they – specifically Rachel Alters and her brilliant team of professionals – did everything they could to support and champion my case – from dealing with insurance companies to speaking with my doctors. Rachel and her colleagues helped me when I most needed help and continue to check in on me which is wonderful. As their client, you are not just a numbered file – you really are treated as a person who matters and their care, concern and consistent follow-up has made this challenging period in my life much, much easier.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
The value of the personal attention, professionalism, friendliness and sincere care I have been shown by the people at D&S can’t be overstated – they are always timely in their responses and despite the fact that I live overseas, have not hesitated to call me as needed. I suppose the most basic reason I would recommend them is that I trust them – they have done everything they said they would to help me and did so in a way that makes me feel like someone who maters to them; not just a case file.

Julia R.

Testimonial from Darlene D.

I found Rachel to be a pleasure to work with. She was open and honest with me from the start regarding the expectations of settling my claim. Once the initial offer was made she kept constant communications with me to assure I was aware of the progress with the negotiations process.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Not only did I find this firm to be professional but the time frame in which they reached a settlement for me was beyond my expectations.

What could we do to improve?
I have absolutely no suggestions for improvement nor any criticisms related to my case.

Darlene D.

Testimonial from Steve L.

My disability insurance company gladly cashed the premium checks for 16 years, but turned a blind eye to my multiple medical disability claims. Being unemployed in constant pain for well over a year and having spinal surgery for the condition didn’t impress them, they ended up ignoring me. Having never been in involved in a contentious legal case before, it was clear I was out of my depth and needed professional legal consultation. The ERISA appeal Ms. Alters sent to the insurance company was well researched for my state’s laws (which are some of the strictest in the country) and made it clear we wouldn’t be ignored. I read it several times, appreciated it a bit more with each reading. I surely felt she was on MY side and my previously *very* high stress level dropped considerably.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
I shopped disability attorneys and was told by other groups they would represent me but not litigate it in court should it come to that. Ms. Alters was out-front in the likely outcomes, since I was new to all this, but clearly stated she would litigate in court if necessary, and that I needed to be satisfied. Nobody else had said that. Results were fast and satisfying. Communications was excellent. Couldn’t recommend them higher, both the company and Ms. Alters.

Even the other disability attorneys I had contacted, when told of my choice said that D&S would do a good job for me which is pretty amazing since I was calling to hire a lawyer. Reputation is everything; D&S has a stellar reputation even with their competition, can’t beat that.

What could we do to improve?
I am perfectly satisfied, can think of no improvements.

Steve L.

Testimonial from Michael M.

We need more lawyers like Rachel Alters with an understanding heart and mind. May God bless you and your staff. I enjoyed working with Rachel and thank you so very much. I’m am very happy that I chose Dell and Schaefer as my law firm to handle and monitor my claim with Hartford.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
I would recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer because they are very professional.

Michael M.

Testimonial from Shirley W.

My husband was looking for attorneys to help me with my disability claim. He was in Florida on business and happened to call Dell and Schaefer by accident. I have been out of work due to physical illness with an emotional component related to the pain from my physical problems.

My employer used a 3 party administrator for disability claims and they were less than helpful. I was afraid I was going to loose everything if they stopped paying my benefits. I received a phone call from attorney Rachel Alters. She was my angel!! She had me fax all the communication I had received from the disability company. She read through all the of sideways language and was able to explain every bit of it to me. Best of all, once I hired Dell and Schaefer I did not have to talk to “the company again.” What a relief!!!! As soon as “the company” found out I had a lawyer everything turned around. I was deemed totally disabled not only for my Job but any JOB. Rachel guided me patiently and kindly through every step of this process.

As it stands now, “the company” is paying me a lump sum settlement, that Rachel worked very hard to obtain. They will continue to pay for the services of the company working on my social security disability. Rachel also negotiated my life insurance will be paid by the company until I am 65.

Also “the company” wanted to keep any retro-payments due to me from social security. Rachel stood up for my best interest and any funds that are due to me from Social Security are mine and “the company has no right to them.” Rachel has also educated me about managing a large lump sum of money and the responsibility associated with making it last. Rachel Alters is my lawyer but I also consider her my friend (I have never met her) but only a friend would work so hard to protect the interest of someone else.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Dell and Schaefer attorneys are knowledgeable, professional, and are outstanding communicators. I am an RN so I understood all the of the medical information that was needed. I have full faith that If a client was not a nurse and did not understand medical language, that client would have the benefit of patient and kind communication until they were comfortable.

I would recommend Attorneys Dell and Schaefer without hesitation.

Shirley W. (former registered nurse)

Testimonial from Stephen M., Esq.

I cannot praise highly enough, the Dell & Schaefer law firm and, in particular, Steven Dell and Rachel Alters, the two Dell & Schaefer lawyers who handled my case. I had been a lawyer for more than 30 years when I became disabled. Steven and Rachel successfully obtained payments on each of two separate disability policies. Throughout the process, they carefully explained to me each step along the way. I always understood my options and the pros and cons of each of them. They have vast experience in pursuing disability claims. As an example, they identified a first-rate expert who prepared a report supporting my case. Steven and Rachel have always responded promptly any time I had a question. Put simply, they are simply great attorneys who know this area of the law inside and out. I unhesitatingly recommend Dell & Schaefer for their professionalism, knowledge, accessibility, promptness and total devotion to their clients’ best interests.

Stephen M., Esq.

Testimonial from David B.

I was faced with a very difficult situation. Being disabled was bad enough but being accused of faking my condition just added to all the stress, not to mention the obvious financial shortfalls of not being able to work. Soon my claim was cut off. My insurance company had me right where they wanted me.

I have come to learn that the laws that apply to large insurance companies have been lobbied by them. The deck is stacked against the claimant. I also learned that when you make an appeal to your insurance company that is your whole case. If you go to trial, ERISA laws are in place to make your appeal your whole argument and it can’t be added to after the fact. Your initial appeal is vital if you are to succeed.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Since your appeal is key. There is no doubt in my mind that had I tried to take my insurance company on by myself they would have prevailed without having to pay anything. I would have fallen into the trap that is set by them.

Dell Shaefer’s very capable attorney Rachel Alters put a strong case together and knew all the potential pitfalls. Rachel was very patient with me and worked methodically to compile an 800 page appeal. We were able to beat them at their own game. I was able to receive a significant settlement because the case had been made on the terms that the law requires.

I can not stress enough the need for strong representation when and individual goes up against these huge companies with unlimited funds to fight paying what they should.

David B.

Testimonial from Lisa S.

I came to Dell and Schaefer after an attorney firm in Maryland decided in August they could not win my case and decided to drop me with my Appeal for LTD with Aetna due in October. I contacted Dell and Schaefer and sent the firm my information. They assigned me to Rachel Alters who is the best. She explained to me it normally takes 4-6 months to do an appeal, but Rachel assured me she would do her very best to win my Appeal in the limited time we had remaining to submit an Appeal. Rachel worked very hard and we had some long phone calls, even though I have never met Rachel face to face I feel she is part of the family. I got a call from Rachel the beginning of December letting me know we won the case and that Aetna would be reinstating my benefits. There is nothing more I could ask for. Winning an appeal for LTD would not have been possible with out the law firm of Dell and Schaefer.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
I would recommend Rachel Alters to anyone who is fighting to get there LTD. Rachel, was the person on the other end of the phone who had to listen to what I had to say and to feel how angry I was. Rachel listen and help me understand that that is why she was there, so she could help get my LTD benefits from Aetna.

What could we do to improve?
The company is doing a Great Job. Special thanks to Rachel Alter and Kathleen Bordes who are great.

Lisa S.

Testimonial from Laurie T.

I was extremely pleased with my experience working with Dell & Schaefer. They were prompt, efficient and honest about my case. In a very short amount of time, they were able to reverse my denial for disability benefits and reinstate my coverage.

Their empathy and professionalism were refreshing. My attorney helped me feel heard and respected, which was the complete opposite of my experience with my disability income insurance carrier.

I’m happy that I had the foresight to review Dell & Schaefer’s on-line videos and learn more about their organization before I chose them to respresent me. I definitely made the right decision.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?:
The attorneys at Dell and Schaefer are professional, honest and empathetic. I feel like they spend the time to listen and truly care about their clients. I’ve come to realize that the disability income insurance industry doesn’t care about their policyholders’ welfare. They care about their premiums. Attorneys Dell & Schaefer care about their clients and work tirelessly to reach positive results on their behalf.

What could we do to improve?:
You’re doing just fine. Special thanks to Rachel Alters and Danielle Lauria for their excellent work.

Laurie T.

Testimonial from Rebecca H.

I worked with Rachel Alters at Dell & Schaefer. She took a terrible experience with an a disability insurance company and made it so easy for me. She did a wonderful job at working to get the best settlement for me. Having MS is not an easy illness and stress can really do you harm to your health. From the moment I called and spoke with Rachel she took charge and took all of the stress away from me. Thank you Rachel! I would recommend this law firm to anyone that has issues with a disability claim. My advice is not to give up and fight the insurance companies and Dell and Schaefer can do it for you. Put your case in their hands and trust them, they WILL help you!

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?:
I would recommend Rachel Alters. She worked very hard to win me my settlement and she was very down to earth and easy to work with. She made me feel like we were all a team!

What could we do to improve?:
Everything in my case was handled great! They did a great job.

Rebecca H.

Testimonial from Richard F.

The firm was very professional in all dealings. They were prompt and thorough to all my requests and questions. They compiled a detailed appeal to CIGNA and upon review my claim was re-instated.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
The firm is results oriented and diligently pursues the best interest of the client. The appeal they filed in my behalf was truly outstanding and clearly stated my case. They get results.

What could we do to improve?
Keep up the good work. Maintain your high standards of performance.

Richard F.

Testimonial from Garth M.

I was getting nowhere trying to acquire the Short and Long Term Disability payments I was owed until Rachel Alters of Dell and Schaefer agreed to take the case. As is unfortunately too often the case, the insurance company used delay after delay and an initial denial even though I was clearly disabled until this law firm made them see the light. Do to the time value of money, it is impossible to ever get made whole again when insurance companies do this but without the assistance of Rachel and this law firm I have no doubt that I would still be fighting with the insurance company instead of finally receiving my benefits. Thank you Rachel!

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Attention to detail and persistence on my long term disability claim.

Garth M.

Testimonial from Beverly M.

I live in rural south side Virginia and it was impossible for me to locate a firm that would be able to help me appeal my employee long term disability claim denial. After numerous attempts and failures to locate someone who would take my case, I took my search to the internet. I was hesitant in contacting a law firm via the internet, considering the ones qualified to take my case were all out of state. The search was time consuming, but after searching numerous law firms, contacting some of them and rejecting them, I decided to call Dell & Schaefer. By the time I contacted Dell & Schaefer I only had three months left to file my appeal. I was promptly interviewed, accepted as a client and Rachel Alters was assigned as my lawyer. Ms. Alters worked closely with me, and was diligent in completing my appeal, and was able to accomplish the submission in a timely manner. Approximately one month after the appeal was completed Ms. Alters notified me she had won the case without going to court.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Everyone I spoke with at Dell & Schaefer was very professional, and they returned my telephone calls or emails promptly. Before I had to retire due to disability I worked with corporate America, and I’ve dealt with numerous corporations and most of them do not operate at the same high level like Dell & Schaefer. I recognize the difference. I appreciate Ms. Alters and this firm. Without them I wouldn’t have won my appeal. My sincere thanks to you!

What could we do to improve?
As far as my experience, I can not think of anything that needs improving.

Beverly M.

Testimonial from Carolyn T.

I was thoroughly pleased with the assistance Mrs. Rachel Alters provided on my disability case. Mrs. Alters possessed the knowledge and skills on disability laws which allowed her to win my case for me. I am thankful for her help and I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking assistance with disability insurance claims.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Because the attorneys at Dell & Schaefer care about their clients and believe in assisting them to obtain the information they need to successfully win their cases.

What could we do to improve?
I think if the clients were able to meet face to face with the attorneys initially it would provide a better sense of knowing that the attorneys have their best interest in mind when they take on their case.

Carolyn T.

Testimonial from Dawn H.

I am an attorney myself and I have been extremely impressed with the quality of the representation at Dell & Schaefer. Even though at the onset of my claim I lived in California working with the firm based in Florida was absolutely no problem. Their expertise in this area and the quality of their written appeal was outstanding and ultimately successful. My husband who is also an attorney and I are happy to recommend Rachel Alters and her firm to anyone who needs assistance with a disability insurance claim matter.

Dawn H.

Testimonial from Lisa M.

Great to work with, very experienced at what they do and truly work for the client. Always were available for questions and it was great not having to deal with the insurance company any longer. You definitely have to have a lawyer on your side. It was such a relief after contacting Dell and Schaefer. They took over everything allowing me the time to focus on my multiple sclerosis.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Peace of mind. Burden lifted off of me. At first I thought I wouldn’t need an attorney even though everyone told me to get one. In the beginning the insurance companies are nice then they turn nasty not only with me but to my husband and mother. They do everything they can not to pay you. Once you get a lawyer everything changes.

What could we do to improve?
Nothing, you were great.

Lisa M.

Testimonial from Amy W.

My disability claim had reached the 10 year “any occupation” point. The appointed insurance claims representation began calling and asking several questions and requiring that I answer, while indirectly threatening that my claim would be canceled if I did not answer immediately. It was very unkind and stressful to be threatened in this manner.
My claim was then set for cancellation after my medical records identified a temporary period of remission. They used one sentence of ten years of records that was based upon how I felt that day during that appointment. I contacted Dell & Schaefer and Attorney Gregory Dell responded to my e-mail within hours and on a Sunday. I was assigned to Rachel Alters. The insurance company asked me to do some pretty unsettling things, a physical capacity test that was being requested by LTD carrier to confirm their cancellation. Rachel was honest, direct and comprehensive while being timely and efficient. That is a hard find in any business to client relationship.

Would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
On a scale of 1-10, I give this firm a 10 and including all of the support staff, including the department that issues checks. On a cost basis, I don’t understand how they do it b/c I would have expected to pay a lot more than what I have been charged. Not to suggest I want an increase, bottom line – This firm is the best and I am so appreciative because there is no way I could have gone into “any occupation” with my disability.

What could we do to improve?
A 10 requires no improvement, to date, which has been over a year, I am 100% satisfied. I hope to see others that need your level of professional, honest service find their way to this testimonial. Thank you Rachel Alters and thank you Dell & Schaefer.

Amy W.

Testimonial from Sherri M.

I had a very pleasant experience working with Rachel Alters from Dell & Schaefer. I very quickly found out that there were no attorneys in my town that had much if any experience when dealing with ligation for a previous employee and the Long Term Disability Company. Once I found Dell & Schaefer I was introduced to Ms. Alters and gave her my information. My case from there was moved forward very quickly. Ms. Alters worked with me via phone calls, email, fax machine and FedEX. Everything Dell & Schaefer provided as a law firm was exceptional value to me. My case was handled swiftly. I received great Customer Service. My voice was heard through Ms. Alters and I never left my home. Throughout a handful of conversations my case was settled without ever going to court! In a manner of about ten months from start to finish is all the time that it took to resolve the case.

Would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
I would recommend Dell & Schaefer because of their professionalism, their outstanding knowledge in the field of disability litigation, the ability to keep the “human aspect” in the big picture and have the client understand the legal process as it unfolded. What I was told by Ms. Alters is what happened, and that honesty meant the world to me!

What could we do to improve?
If there was some way to increase your advertising. I did find you, via Google. I love your website. No attorney that I knew, knew anyone to call with experience. One attorney wanted $5,000.00 up front to take my case!! Then I got lucky and found DELL & SCHAEFER!!!!

Sherri M.

Testimonial from Jane F.

When I called Dell & Schaefer I felt hopeless. When I called, a phone conference was immediately set with an attorney, Rachel Alters. The attorney listened carefully to my story, and my concerns. She was thoughtful even as I had difficulty holding back my tears and maintaining my composure. I sent several documents via e-mail and fax and she returned my call within a very reasonable amount of time. I was so grateful when she agreed to take the case.

The attorney had an assistant that was also helpful. I felt very well advised and confident that Dell & Schaefer and my attorney were on my side. I was also relieved to know that once I sent the information to the firm that my work, such as reviewing and completing paper work, or calling doctors for further documents, was mostly finished. They took the reigns. I didn’t have to try and keep fighting all by myself. I was already exhausted by my disability and the legal fight was making my life even more miserable. After what seemed like a long time, although only six short months, Rachel called to tell me that she had a settlement offer from the insurance company that had denied any benefits to me for over 2 years. Rachel and each staff member treated me with respect and understanding. I am very grateful for their help and so grateful that a firm exists that can fight against these big insurance companies and win.

Would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
I would recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer because they fought for my case. Contacting them and working with them truly changed my life. They are aggressive with the insurance companies. I also believe they will only take cases they believe are solid and likely to be won which is good for anyone with a disability because then the firm is not just working on the basis of volume.

Jane F.

Testimonial from Warren T.

I had a disability claim that was denied by a major insurer and through searching I found the firm of Dell & Schaefer and decided to give them a call. From the moment I placed the call I felt like the whole firm was devoting their time to my case. I was very fortunate to get Attorney Rachel Alters to represent me on my case. This was a decision I am very glad to have made. From the time of my first conservation it was a totally professional group that I knew I was dealing with, yet it seemed her goal was to only help me in my disability claim. It took a considerable amount of paperwork due to the number of Doctors that I had been seeing. As I would return to see one of my Doctors they would always comment on the professionalism and concern shown on my case. Rachel Alters was able to get me a fair settlement and I do applaud her and her firm for an outstanding performance in my case.

Would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
I have dealt with many attorneys and law firms during the past 40 years of my employment and I can without any reservation or doubt assure anyone that this has to be one of the best firms that I have ever dealt with. From the first conversation to the final settlement I was very satisfied with this firm and their staff.

What could we do to improve?
It would be very hard to list anything that you should improve on. I feel that both your firm and especially dealing with Rachel Alters is an unbeatable combination. Not only me but others who you requested information from had very high regards for your firm and employees.

Warren T.

Testimonial from Jim S.

Rachel Alters was very competent, thorough and reassuring. She worked very hard to bring a settlement to the table as quickly and painless as possible. Dell & Schaefer are Top Notch Attorneys!

Jim S.

Testimonial from Mauricio B.

Mrs. Alters was very professional, nice and effective, I was able to obtain disability insurance in a case that could have become quite difficult due to the characteristics of the disability.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Because they were quite effective.

Mauricio B.

Testimonial from Andre S.

Mr. Dell,
I became another one of Hartford’s victim to have my LTD claim denied after 2 years, based on a report from one of their IME hired guns.

From the beginning Rachel Alters was very informative and professional, as we discussed my options. Every time I had a question for Rachel, I would get a response within hours. Within a few months of hiring Dell & Schaefer, I was completely shocked and happy that we resolved my claim.

I wanted to let you know I think Rachel is one of the most professional persons I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with and with people like her, you must have one hell of a Law Firm. I want to thank Rachel for the superb job she did and let you know I think your Law Firm is Top Notch in my book. In closing, I’ve spent a lot of spare time reading the ERISA act. When it was voted in, in the 70’s it was a good bill. And then in the 80’s when the insurance lobby added LTD, it gave them something to hide behind and deny a lot of legitimate LTD cases. If you ever need a client in to explain what I went through, I’d be more than happy to do so. If anyone I know experiences what I faced with this Long Term Disability case, I will surely point them to your Law firm.

Andre S.

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