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Testimonials from Clients of Jay Symonds

Testimonial from Laurie W.

My experience working with Jay and Sonia was the most wonderful gratifying experience I have ever had. I have never liked lawyer nor have I ever used one my opinion has changed deeply. I would never have received the benefits that I paid for that I deserve were it not for them. They were always cordial, friendly and always answered every question I had. I owe them the security and comfort that I now enjoy at once again. I would recommend them to anyone for any disability claim in a heartbeat. Service was more than superb and I am truly grateful.

Laurie W., Colorado

Testimonial from Daniel L.

Working with Jay Symonds restored our lives. The day we received the letter from our long term disability insurance Co. stating they were not going to cover my spouse was paralyzing. After much research searching for a legal firm to handle our case we decided on Dell and Schaefer. Mr. Symonds called me the day I contacted the firm. He explained the process in detail, timelines and what would be expected of us. Mr. Symonds works long hours as well as his staff. My spouse suffered a life altering stroke of which he will need caregiving the rest of his life. This fact is stressful in and of itself. To add an extra burden the insurance company wanted to drop my spouse. Mr. Symonds made sure my spouses policy was reinstated. My statement is grossly understated on all levels. There is little space to go into the depth of detail. If you are on the site reading this testament then you are all too familiar with the what happens to your life when you or your spouses health suffers. Lastly, I/we owe our deepest gratitude to Mr. Symonds and his team for helping us through this difficult time. It is emotional writing this but I want people to know there is help.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Fast, Professional, Respectful, Problem resolution, Restores your life to normalcy. Plus, if you are on hold they feed you helpful information. They stay current as to what is going on in government, insurance companies and cases.

What could we do to improve?
Cannot even offer anything because it is a well oiled machine.

Daniel L., Tennessee

Testimonial from Victor J.

I was referred to your firm by my attorney that I am working with in Utah that is working my SSI case. I was impressed at the outset with my conversation with Jay. He explained the process, the potential timeframe and your firms fee. Jay explained that he used to work for the other side of the equation and that gave me greater confidence in a positive outcome. I felt there was no way I could win an appeal without help. Jay and Sonia have been patient with my questions, especially when they were repetitive. At no point in time did I think the we would not be successful. Jay and Sonia have shown the epitome of professionalism. I am grateful that I was referred to your firm!

Would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Absolutely, without hesitation!

Victor J., Utah

Testimonial from Marna L.

When the letter arrived from the insurance company that they would no longer be making payments to my disabled spouse our world came to a stop. This is a devastating moment. Rather shocking since we had complied with all the requirements. Shortly, thereafter I started researching to find the best legal firm to represent my spouse. After reading the numerous ads for legal firms I came across Dell & Schaefer. Read the material, listened to the you tube and read the booklet. The process was fast once I place the call.  

Attorney Jay Symonds returned my call. He was amazing and talked me through the process. He went through the details as to what would be needed several times. He has patience which is needed when dealing with people under stress. Mr. Symonds was open to different types of communication and at odd times of the week and day. He was understanding of my time as a full time caregiver. Through the process Mr. Symonds and his staff stayed in contact with me. End Result: My spouses insurance was reinstated. We are very grateful to Jay Symonds and his team.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Here are the reasons I would highly recommend this firm: Experience, professional, respectful, and most of all: providing a service that is exponentially needed in this current environment where insurance companies are gaining momentum. Dell & Schaefer provides balance in our society. Lastly, the staff needs to be mentioned. They are nothing short of professional consistency. (these days this is very hard to achieve)

What could we do to improve?
This may seem like sarcastic comment, but I assure you it is not. I would only recommend that a policy is passed that whenever an entity purchases an insurance policy to provide as disability income that a Dell & Schaefer packet/information be attached. Again, balance.

Marna L.

Testimonial from John L.

Mr. Symonds was very instrumental in helping me get justice for my insurance company who failed to pay me rightfully for my claim when I got sick and could not work anymore.

Very grateful for his time and work to seek what is right against big insurance companies that take people like myself for advantage.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Without attorneys like Dell & Schaefer insurance companies would completely not be fair or right to those who need the most when they cannot no longer work or suffered with life long circumstances that keep them from enjoying a regular good lifestyle.

John L., Utah

Testimonial from Tom N.

I’ve worked with the legal profession at large for over 30 years. I’ve found the elements of an “A-Team” to include not only legal knowledge and prowess, but also traits such as strategic planning, response time, structured information exchange, interpersonal relation skills and personal compassion.

I can say without reservation that I have had a wonderful experience with Mr. Symonds and his capable team at Dell and Schaefer. I’ve found the advice to be accurate and completely timely. The support staff, particularly Vanessa Arriaga, is also above par as to her prompt and professional service.

Navigating the complexities of the claims process can be intimidating, daunting and outright frightful to say the least. Not only can the materials requested become voluminous, but the entire process can leave a person feeling overwhelmed and somewhat alone… Mr. Symonds, Ms. Arriaga and others in this “A-Team” have alleviated much of the stress and burden of this process due to their compassion, intellect, professionalism and prompt response time… and most importantly; I’m not alone!

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
The super-specialization of this group practicing within the complex niche of disability law coupled with their track record along with the traits I’ve mentioned above.

What could we do to improve?
I seriously cannot come up with any improvement.

Tom N., Michigan

Testimonial from Chris K.

I couldn’t be happier with my experience. Jay is a true professional and knows how to handle complex disability claims. The service and attention to detail provided by my team allowed me to feel confident that we would successfully appeal my claim. And we did, gaining a reversal of my denial on second appeal. Ongoing claim management is also critical and Sonia has been excellent.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Professionalism and teamwork. Outstanding service.

What could we do to improve?
Keep doing what your doing.

Chris K., Illinois

Testimonial from Michelle

Jay Symonds,

I just wanted to send you a formal Thank You for your time and support.

I hope you received my email that I have been assigned a new case manager. Since I haven’t received a denial letter, I’m assuming I’m back on the yearly audit schedule. If anything changes in the status of my claim, I will contact you to handle my case. Thank you again for the time you gave me. Very Much Appreciated!

Michelle, California

Testimonial from Ed H.

From day one, my dealings with both Jay Symonds and Sonia Nogueira were extremely professional. This claim was very important to me and I always felt that it was as important to your firm. Every question or concern was answered quickly. Most importantly, my claim was approved and I’m sure working with Jay and Sonia helped make that happen.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Professionalism and effectiveness.

What could we do to improve?
I can’t really think of anything at this time.

Ed H., New York

Testimonial from Regina W.

First and foremost, I believe in letting others know about truthful and relevant experiences.

I was represented by Mr. Jay Symonds, Attorney. My team consisted of Mr. Symonds and Ms. Sonia Nogueira. Paralegal. I can say that these two are hands down a team to reckon with and I am eternally blessed they were assigned to my case. They both understand Client Customer Service, are compassionate, and being responsive to the client’s needs. Mr. Jay Symonds was well versed in matters as he has worked on both sides, defending and representing, when dealing with disability matters. Lastly and very important, Mr. Jay Symonds absolutely pays attention to details on your case.

I have had dealt with several Attorneys in my various matters and I believe and thru their ACTIONS of DOING, Mr. Symonds and Ms. Nogueira are the epitomai of what an Attorney and Paralegal team should represent. I never had to inquire about the status of my case, they always were on top of matters. They were both forthcoming, relevant, honest, and realistic in the facts, and what could be ultimately be achieved in my case.

What is most important, and unless you have experienced the bad and ugly in legal matters, you will not appreciate this firms work and work ethics. No one should have ever had to deal with matters like I have PRIOR to myself retaining this firm, however, life is not perfect.

All my dealings were via mail, phone calls, and emails and this made it very easy to communicate. This team was very well organized and proactive! This is absolutely KEY in handling ANY case!

It is about what can realistically be accomplished and achieved and resolution and not promises or false hopes in what could come of your case. I will say that what you as a client puts into your case is also very critical and relevant. Always be forthcoming, honest, and keep your Attorney team updated. It is a TEAM effort by all parties involved and my personal experience with this Mr. Jay Symonds and this firm was pleasant and successful.

Thank You both for all your efforts and determination to see my case to a successful resolution.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Effective, Honest, Relevant, Realistic, ProActive, and Organized to say a Few!

I pray and hope you post my comments as I have been extremely pleased and this is unfortunately NOT my first dealing with law firms but it is the absolute BEST experience I have had.

What could we do to improve?
All I know to say is that I am sorry, I did not know of your firm the beginning of my case. Too often we think of national firms being false and not what they say they are and that is absolutely not the situation with this Firm. I feel blessed I was referred to you and that was the BEST move my previous Attorney did as all other matters his firm has handled have been an absolute disaster.

Regina W., North Carolina

Testimonial from Sherri L.

I am very satisfied with my experience working with Dell & Schaefer. From the first intake call to the assignment of an attorney, I always felt that my questions and concerns were answered completely and timely. The attorney that handled my appeal made a very overwhelming, difficult process manageable and assisted us step by step. When dealing with illness and disability, you are not able to stand up and fight for yourself and this is where the vast experience and recommendations with LTD were relied upon. In addition, the Legal Assistant assigned to my case was a valuable asset to the outcome by always keeping me updated on the progress of the case and any necessary documentation that was required from me. Communication from this team was excellent.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Dell & Schaefer has the background and experience I needed for my LTD case. I would strongly recommend this firm to anyone experiencing issues with denial of a LTD claim.

Sherri L.

Testimonial from Darrell H.

Mr. Symonds, and all staff that I worked with at Dell & Shaefer, were professional in every aspect throughout the process of filing for a contested claim of Long Term Disability with The Hartford. After having approved Short Term Disability, and with no improvement in my condition, The Hartford somehow found that I was no longer disabled.

Mr. Symonds conducted research and collected collaborative documentation from all health care professional involved with my treatment, diagnosis, short/long term prognosis, and relevant history. In all aspects of preparation to submit my claim during the appeal process, Dell & Schaefer was diligent in tending to my interests and in preserving my privacy. Ultimately, my appeal was approved, Long Term Disability was retroactively enacted, and diligent service continues today, with Mr. Symonds and staff remaining accessible and responsive during every step of the way.

Bottom Line: I would engage Dell & Schaefer, and specifically Mr. Jay P. Symonds, for any legal needs; especially any issues with Short/Long Term Disability with The Hartford or any of their kind.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
The attorneys at Dell & Schaefer were easy to work with, and are efficient and effective in all areas related to my claim against The Hartford. This, along with reasonable fees/costs, provides for an overall highly attractive value proposition.

What could we do to improve?
I really didn’t find any deficiencies; fees/costs, accessibility, effectiveness, total customer satisfaction were all met at a high level.

Darrell H.

Testimonial from William K.

Dell & Schaefer was very helpful with getting my disability benefits paid. They answered all my questions, they were not pushy. They were always kind, professional and friendly. I would highly recommend their services.

William K.

Testimonial from Alicia G.

When I called Dell & Schaefer I was at a loss of what to do after receiving notice from Cigna that they were terminating my disability benefits after 8 years of having them with no issues. When Jay Symonds called me back, he was very empathic & took plenty of time to answer all of my questions. Given that I had never gone through this before he even advised me to look into other law firms if it would make me more comfortable. We had a few conversations before I retained them & he was very thorough in explaining everything that I could expect from them as my attorneys as well as what to expect from the appeal process. Throughout the entire appeal Vanessa or Mr. Symonds always kept me up to date & always made themselves available to talk & answer any questions I had. I am so glad I went with Dell Schaefer versus another firm because I doubt I would have received the same personal attention, & that meant a lot to me under such a stressful situation. Everyone I’ve encountered at Dell & Schaefer has been professional & courteous & I would highly recommend their firm to anyone needing a disability attorney.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
They are thorough with their answers to any questions you have. They keep you updated throughout the case. They make themselves available by phone if you have questions & need to talk about your case. They are understanding & empathic so you don’t just feel like another client. They are patient even when you are getting frustrated with the process… it is a stressful thing to go through.

What could we do to improve?
I’m not sure other than possibly send some of the documents as Word documents vs PDF documents because sometimes I couldn’t open the PDF documents. Most of my frustrations (& they were few) came from the stress of the situation. Vanessa was a great communicator both via email & phone. I truly appreciate her always taking the time to answer my questions & look into the ones she didn’t know off hand. She always got back to me with anything she had to look in to.

Alicia G.

Testimonial from Katie A.

This is a very professional office with attentive personnel. I was informed of my case progress every step of the way. I experienced a positive end result in relatively short time. I’m glad I chose this law firm to handle my disability case.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Yes… Absolutely.

What could we do to improve?
I am totally satisfied with this firm.

Katie A.

Testimonial from Michael C.

I am extremely happy that I decided to sign on with Dell & Schaefer. Mr. Symonds is the most honest attorney that I have ever dealt with. He explained the appeal process to me exactly as it turned out. He also knew exactly when to send in the appeal for Short Term Disability so that the Long Term Disability was approved within days of the STD approval. I feel very confident that he will have my back for the years to come. He and his assistant Sonia are always polite and quick to get back to me whenever I have questions.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
I would highly recommend Dell & Schaefer because of their knowledge of disability law from both the view of the insurance company as well as the claimant.

Michael C.

Testimonial from BK. K.

After my claim was denied I was at a standstill. Not knowing what to do next, I happened upon Dell & Schaefer on an Internet search…skeptically I investigated and did due diligence. After initial contact, I firmly realized it was in my best interest to have Dell & Schaefer represent me. Throughout the appeal process, my emails were answered, my phone calls were returned and there was no such thing as a stupid question. It was a complicated case and my confidence was positive throughout the appeal experience. After several months I was put back on claim and there is no question I could not have done this without Dell & Schaefer’s excellent and fair representation.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Clear and concise explanations of procedures. Attention to details (that I have no clue about…)
Level of expertise is exceptional.

BK. K.

Testimonial from Dawn K.

I was having quite a difficult situation in dealing with my employee benefit carrier Cigna regarding a long-term disability claim. I reached out to a few law firms to seek advise and came across Dell & Schaefer although based out of FLA they were still able to support me and had a Boston attorney who diligently handled my claim. Attorney Symonds presented everything very straight forward to me and in a manner which I could understand. He managed the collection of data from medical records, contacting my providers and the carrier (Cigna) on my behalf. Being under such extreme medical duress Jay and his staff Vanessa handled everything smoothly and efficiently and the outcome was successful. The firms knowledge in the area of disability claims and their understanding of the specific information the carriers require led to a positive result. The carrier was non-caring and bullying and was causing more stress on an already difficult medical situation I was dealing with alone. I highly recommend Dell & Schaefer for their expertise and professionalism they treated me with high regard and I truly appreciate their support on every aspect of the claim filing.

Dawn K.

Testimonial from Jimmy H.

I contacted Jay Symonds with Attorneys Dell & Schaefer, he was the lead attorney on my case. I was very happy with every aspect of how my case was handled. Jay kept me informed every step of the way. Vanessa who worked with Jay on my case was also very professional and helpful. I had many, many questions and they both answered every one of them. I was prepared for a long drawn out wait, but was surprised that less than 2 weeks after Jay submitted my appeal documents Liberty Mutual reversed their denial and deposited a check for all back pay into my account! If you have been denied disability benefits I urge you to call Attorneys Dell & Schaefer trust me YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID! jd

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
They are the best Disability Attorneys in the Country in my opinion!

What could we do to improve?
Very happy with the way my case was handled, no improvement needed!

Jimmy H.

Testimonial from Jamal W.

I had a great experience, they worked very hard for me and kept me informed on everything going on with my case.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Yes, I would highly recommend them.

What could we do to improve?
Nothing, you do a good job.

Jamal W.

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