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Testimonials from Clients of Gregory Dell

Testimonial from Steven

When we started this journey in January 2016 with the first Total Knee Replacement, which landed us with Long Term Disability and not returning to a work force at the age of 55. We knew we needed to find an attorney that would represent our needs. Started researching Attorney’s online and discovered one that showed no desire to actually help our case. So, through more research and reading reviews we discovered Dell & Schaefer Law Firm. The reviews posted, were concisely what we experienced with Gregory Dell. From the very first email Greg was expeditious in his communication with us, Greg even personally called us in the evening, while on vacation I believe. It is a difficult journey going through SSDI and Long Term Disability Insurance claims with CIGNA and ADVANTAGE 2000, Gregory helped us navigate the entire way while showing empathy for our specific needs. Greg truly embraced the customer service aspect of letting us know we are important to him. Greg and his team supported our slow speed to a decision that would be right for us. We always had clear direction and guidance. Greg and his Team showed great tenacity in achieving the best possible outcome for us. We highly recommend this professional, personable TEAM of ethical attorneys to support you in your needs as well. Thank you Gregory Dell & Team.

Steven, Minnesota

Testimonial from Skipp

I am writing to highly recommend Greg Dell & The Law Offices of Dell & Schaefer as disability attorneys. Greg has handled my permanent disability case for over ten years. Along the way, disputes with the insurance Co. were quickly handled by Greg where, in each instance, we always prevailed. Regardless of the pressure to discontinue benefits, Greg assured my uninterrupted flow of benefit checks.

Years ago I had met an attorney from The Law Offices of Dell & Schaefer at a dental meeting and the message (& Biz card) I took away that day became extremely valuable when, much later, I suffered a career-ending injury and had to file for permanent disability benefits.

Even before filing a disability claim, the insured person needs the protection, advice, and power of a good disability attorney. There are potential hidden traps throughout & especially early the claim process. Disability insurance Co.’s look to circumvent their duty to pay. They don’t just write the checks! Dealing with my claim, I often felt my Insurance Co. was taking advantage of me.

To successfully claim & receive continuing benefits, it was clear early on that I needed legal representation. I called Dell & Schaefer, spoke with Greg Dell, and immediately understood that this attorney knew exactly what I was going through & that he had the experience and power to represent me, to stand up to the insurance Co., & to assure my uninterrupted benefits. As soon as Greg took over my case, all correspondence from the insurance Co. went straight to him for his handling. No longer were those insurance Co. letters being delivered to where I live, where they would result in distraction & uncertainties in my home.

It’s been a great relief to my family & me to have Greg Dell and the staff at the Law Offices of Dell & Schaefer, on the job, responding, on my behalf, to the insurance Co.’s relentless pressure to reduce or discontinue my benefits. Greg Dell deserves and receives my highest possible recommendation as a disability attorney.

Skipp, California

Testimonial from Dr. Kenneth A.

I want to take a minute and tell you … as well as ‘The Greg Dell’ team … “Thanks for all your assistance” during the past 4+ years. I will never forget that late night… in 2012 – sitting alone in my chiropractic office… anxiously wondering “how in the heck am I going to get through all this”! I emailed you late and you called me back on a Friday night. That call literally changed my life… not only my life… but the lives of the members of my family. You told me that you thought I had a good claim and that you would manage every part of the process from start through finish. I am now ‘through-it’… and it’s hard to imagine… but I’ve had absolutely no issues with my insurance carrier… a carrier with a horrible reputation of harassing clients on policy. And Greg… I honestly attribute this to you folks. Y’all made our lives easier and less stressful.

Dr. Kenneth A.

Testimonial from Juan C.

Extremely satisfied. I’m a physician/surgeon who got Rheumatoid Arthritis when I least expected. Attorney Dell and everybody else in his firm made the claim, transition and final suscesful resolution, quickly, expertly, painless and very cost effective. Mr. Dell exceeded my expectations by a long margin and I am forever grateful for his services.

Juan C.

Testimonial from John P.

I have practiced medicine for over 25 years and understand caring, professionalism, giving 100% for your clients and always being available. Gregory Dell has exemplified all these attributes for me as his client. I retained Mr. Dell 6 years ago and he has achieved the most outstanding results for me. In my case there were several times when critical decisions needed to be made and I can say that I always put myself in his hands and came out on the positive side. I feel this was the result of his great knowledge of the law, keen instincts and common sense decisions. His team of attorneys are excellent as well and his paralegals and entire office staff have always been there for me, truly making me feel like family. I have great regard for Attorney Gregory Dell and give him the highest of recommendations.

John P.

Testimonial from Christina R.


I was referred to Greg by a very well-respected attorney where I lived at the time, and he described Greg as not only one of the top attorneys in his field, but the BEST in the COUNTRY at what he does! After having interviewed other attorneys for my case that I did not quite feel right about, I contacted Greg and it was a very refreshing encounter, to say the least! He was very compassionate in regards to my health situation, and had had experience with other clients in the past who had been in the same industry as I had… and whom he had also very successfully represented. He was strong, confident and extremely intelligent…. His knowledge of the law was unsurpassed, and he had impressive Insight and expertise in dealing with insurance companies. Greg has successfully represented me now for over six years, and I honestly could not have handled the stress involved with working directly with the insurance company – in my fragile condition – without him! He and his highly-professional Staff have taken over my claim so that I can be worry-free and focus totally on my health and wellbeing. Greg is a master at what he does and I have the utmost respect for him. I have entrusted my whole livelihood in his and his capable Staff’s hands, and I feel totally confident in their ability to represent me in the best possible way, as well as to protect my very best interests. Most importantly, Greg has given me peace of mind at a very difficult time in my life. And, he has done it with kindness, compassion and honesty. His positive attitude and wonderful personality also make it a joy to work with Greg. He has been the ultimate blessing in my life since this unfortunate illness, and I sincerely feel so grateful to have found him!

Christina R.

Testimonial from Howard F.

I just want to take a moment to tell you of the very positive experience I have had with Gregory Dell and his handling of my disability case. I am very pleased with the performance, support, professionalism and determination of Mr Dell every step of the way. Throughout my case he has always been very quick to respond, made himself available during times that mist would consider after hours and was always patient in explaining the status and developments in my case. Every step of the way my case has been handled in an excellent way and I could not have asked fore more. I highly recommend Gregory Dell.

Howard F.

Testimonial from Glen P.

Simply The Best. I chose Dell and Schaefer after watching several videos that Greg had made and I also checked his reviews. I contacted him through his website and within 1 hour Greg called me on a Sunday afternoon. We discussed my medical issues and how they were rapidly damaging my abilities to continue my dental practice of 32 years. He told me that he would handle my case himself. I asked for names of dentists that he had represented. I spoke to 3 and they all said hire Greg ASAP. I had 3 specialists who recommended that I stop practicing but I had a tough time dealing with losing my practice of 32 years. I was dealing with depression and anxieties due to my reduction in hours along with knowing that my disability insurance company had a bad reputation of denying legitimate claims. Greg had a way of calming me down and he told me he had dealt with my company hundreds of times. He was not at all intimidated. He said that he was going to help me and was confident that we would win. Greg guided me through the entire process and it was completed in the time frame he said it would be. He and Vanessa returned all my calls and emails rapidly.

I would think of questions on weekends or late at night and he would always return my emails and calls. Once everything was into the insurance company they had an inexperienced claim consultant on my case that was challenging my disabling conditions. Greg fired off a letter giving them 5 days to make a decision. They moved my case up the ladder to a “lead” consultant and within 2 days we had the approval letter. He was also able to collect a period of partial disability, my business overhead expense policy, get me deemed totally disabled get my three insurance premiums refunded to me. We also received all past due benefits for the maximum monthly payment for the past 8 months since I stopped working. Greg continues to handle my claim and thankfully he will always be on my claim until my policy expires.

My family will be thankful to Greg, his assistant Vanessa and their entire team forever.

Glen P.

Testimonial from Louis P.

I was a high earning medical professional who had a sudden practice ending injury in 2012 and I was fortunate to be recommended to Mr. Greg Dell for legal representation. From the time of our first meeting Mr. Dell and his staff have made my transition from practice very manageable with their handling of my claim. I would recommend Dell & Schaefer to anyone faced with the uncertainty of having to file a disability claim because in trying times a competent knowledgeable legal professional law office is invaluable. Mr. Dell and his legal assistants and staff are expert in their field of disability claim handling removing the stress and burden at a time when we can be most vulnerable. Easy to communicate with, informed in every step in the claim process and always responsive to questions and concerns hiring Mr. Dell has been the silver lining in a very traumatic chapter in my life. Since my injury and as my claim has progressed I have spoken to others who are disabled and I feel blessed to have made the right choice in my legal representation.

Thank you

Louis P.

Testimonial from John I.

After dealing with my LTD carrier for 8+ years, I’ve come to realize that the reason I’m still receiving benefits is due to the work of Greg Dell and the whole team at Dell & Schaefer. Greg knows the industry inside and out and has always offered timely and dependable advice.

John I.

Testimonial from Glenn P. DMD

Once again my wife Sandy and I cannot thank you enough. If you want to use me as a reference, please feel free. I have been amazed at how confident you have been going up against Unum. I was so worried and anxious after researching their track record. If there is anything I can do to help with potential clients have them call me. If I have any of my fellow dentists that need disability representation, I will send them your way. It has been great working with you and Vanessa.

Glenn P. DMD

Testimonial from Jim

Got a yes for me.
Greg was able to take charge of my disability case and turn their no into a yes. I am truely grateful.


Testimonial from Ken A.


5.0 stars


Most likely … if you are reading this now…… you are searching for ‘The Right Disability Attorney’! Realizing that no professional, including Greg Dell, can make everyone happy, the attorneys at Dell attempt to. They are still representing my best interests and have literally collected every dime I am entitled to under policy. Insurance companies know that Greg Dell’s firm is large enough to have assets sufficient to fight if necessary. They won’t ‘roll over’ because they don’t have the money to stay in the ring. Your insurance company, I assure you, know who ‘Greg Dell’ is. After they receive that 1st letter from Mr. Dell, putting them on notice that they are no longer to contact you, (that ALL correspondence goes through him) …. I assure you their ‘method of operation’ changes gears. Please listen to me.

It has been my experience that once you call your insurance carrier and tell them you are even ‘thinking about’ filing a claim – their ‘helping hands’ attitude changes immediately. You are no longer an asset… you have now become a ‘liability’. Your insurance carrier knows that they will never make another dime from you. From now on you will only cost them money… perhaps for the rest of your life. It’s just business folks…. we try to mitigate liabilities. If they can find a way to stall, question and deny ….. most likely they will.

Understand that insurance companies make money three ways:

1. Collecting premiums. 2. Investing revenues. 3. Denying claims.

They have already collected your premiums and will now determine if they can justify denying your claim … they simply will.


If you are a professional and find yourself in the unfortunate position of filing a disability claim – I admonish you to not try this on your own!


Your decision is whether to hire a ‘disability claims consultant’ or an ‘attorney’ which specializes in professional disability claims. You’d be wise to decide upon the later. The reason being an attorney has ‘power’ and ‘authority’ and actually ‘represents you’. He/she has authority (power of attorney) to actually communicate with your insurance company and do ‘Whatever It Takes’. A disability claims consultant does exactly that… they ‘consult’ with ‘you’ (not the insurance company) and make recommendations … they tell you what to say and do.

Mr. Dell notified my insurance company that my claim was legitimate and justified and that they were simply going to pay my claim. 5 years later I have received every single payment, in full and on time!

If you have not decided yet… please listen to me. You are about to step on the field of battle with Goliath. You must never forget that these insurance people are good… very good. They know what they are doing. All day long claims adjusters look for ways to deny claims. They know all the tricks. Unless you are King David …. you are going to need much more than a rock.

In conclusion consider this … right now you are not looking for a friend. You need someone who knows what they are doing….and does it exceptionally well. Do yourself a favor and call Greg …. call him right now. I assure you…. you’ll sleep much better tonight!

Ken A.

Testimonial from Shawn C. DDS

After developing a debilitating disorder which left me unable to perform my duties as a dentist I had to begin the process of filing a disability claim. I managed to secure two of the policies on my own but the group policy I had with Sunlife kept giving me the run around refusing to pay out. I soon realized I needed to find a disability attorney and that the insurance companies did not have my best interests.

After talking with a few different firms I decided to go with Dell and Schaefer. From the start the secretaries, record keeping, and Attorney Greg worked diligently on my case and within a few weeks we got a letter that the claim would be paid. I soon realized that this was one of the best decisions I had ever made.

Since hiring Attorney Dell almost 4 years ago things have run very smooth. He is thorough and very good at getting things accomplished in a professional and timely manner. He is a pleasure to speak to and always makes time for his clients. The staff has been very helpful and always willing to answer any questions.

When companies want to meet with me, Attorney Dell takes care of setting it up and makes sure that I always have some form of representation whether via phone or in person. I do not have a bad thing to say about this firm. They allowed my family and I to not have to worry about financial stress while going through this difficult time in our lives.

Thank you Greg, Anneli, Carolyn, and the rest of the team for being there for us. They are the best at what they do!

Testimonial from Shawn C. DDS

Testimonial from Jacqueline R.

Best attorney in the industry!
I have worked with Greg Dell for the past 10 years. He and his team have been excellent in every way! I was forced to retire early from dentistry due to arthritis in my hands. I had no idea how manipulative the disability carrier could be, and ultimately decided to have Greg help me with my claim. He has been diligent in protecting my rights and responds to me immediately when I have a question or concern. I highly recommend him and his company – 5 stars for professionalism, response time, knowledge and commitment to their clients.

Jacqueline R.

Testimonial from Michael F.

I hired Greg Dell to handle my LTD claim with the most horrendous insurance company in the world; The Hartford.

It is difficult, if not impossible, to find a firm/attorney that specializes in LTD claims. Greg has always been available for consultation, and brings an ease and no nonsense approach to the arena. He brings the experience and perspective to your case that one needs because it is difficult to remove yourself from the emotional knee jerk responses that are typical in these situations.

He is very fair with his time and efforts and is not an attorney that will bill you to death every time you look his way. I really appreciate that.

I highly recommend Greg, and feel more secure with my LTD claim knowing I can turn to him when I have questions, concerns, and when The Hartford behaves badly.

Michael F.

Testimonial from Jeff

I had the opportunity to use the law firm of Dell and Schaefer of Hollywood, Florida. Greg Dell met with me during the intital consultation and explained my policy benefits. My situation was rather unique due to the fact it was a Mental/ Nervous condition which are often the most challenging to get approved. The firm spent a significant amount of time on my case and at a very reasonable fee. Through their hard work and legal expertise my claim was approved in a timely fashion. I would highly Greg Dell to anyone in need of a disabilty attorney.


Testimonial from Paul D.

Outstanding firm on all levels-professional, knowlegeable, caring, compassionate, -everything was great. I was fortunate to find this firm-they gave me hope during a difficult time. Words cannot express my gratitude.

Paul D.

Testimonial from Michael F.

I hired Greg Dell to handle my LTD claim with the most horrendous insurance company in the world; The Hartford.

It is difficult, if not impossible, to find a firm/attorney that specializes in LTD claims. Greg has always been available for consultation, and brings an ease and no nonsense approach to the arena. He brings the experience and perspective to your case that one needs because it is difficult to remove yourself from the emotional knee jerk responses that are typical in these situations.

He is very fair with his time and efforts and is not an attorney that will bill you to death every time you look his way. I really appreciate that.

I highly recommend Greg, and feel more secure with my LTD claim knowing I can turn to him when I have questions, concerns, and when The Hartford behaves badly.

Michael F.

Testimonial from Jeffrey G.

Excellent legal services From Dell And Schaefer

I had the opportunity to use the law firm of Dell and Schaefer of Hollywood, Florida. Greg Dell met with me during the initial consultation and explained my policy benefits. My situation was rather unique due to the fact it was a Mental/ Nervous condition which are often the most challenging to get approved. The firm spent a significant amount of time on my case and at a very reasonable fee. Through their hard work and legal expertise my claim was approved in a timely fashion. I would highly Greg Dell to anyone in need of a disability attorney.

Jeffrey G.

Testimonial from Salvatore L.

Greg Dell has been my attorney for the last five years and has performed an excellent job in regards to my case. Greg first reviewed my case and then helped me file a successful claim and has been great with follow-up. Greg set realistic expectations and followed through. Costs and fees were upfront and reasonable. I wholeheartedly recommend Greg Dell.

Thank you.

Salvatore L.

Testimonial from Jasmine G.

I wanted to personally express my thanks for your strong, successful, and compassionate protection. We rest easy at night because of all you do to ensure that My husband receives his benefits and can live a life of dignity on a daily basis.

God Bless,

Jasmine G.

Testimonial from Erin P.

I have been very pleased with the services provided by Gregory Dell. His firm has always been reliable, courteous and professional. I am so relieved that he deals with my LTD provider and I have the peace of mind that is he working with my best interests in mind. Highly recommend Gregory Dell.

Erin P.

Testimonial from John P.

After dealing with my LTD carrier for 8+ years, I’ve come to realize that the reason I’m still receiving benefits is due to the work of Greg Dell and the whole team at Dell & Schaefer. Greg knows the industry inside and out and has always offered timely and dependable advice.

John P.

Testimonial from Thomas S. DVM

When I first thought about a disability claim and what was required to qualify, I met with Greg Dell and he clearly spelled it all out for me. He quickly advised me that with my problems I was definitely deserving of benefits. I was given a choice between an hourly or percentage compensation rate. I choose the percentage rate as I wanted Greg to be a partner in my claim and handle all the complexities associated with getting paid and the continued documentation required. I have had my share of experiences with lawyers and I have to say Greg Dell was the most professional as well as honest and caring one I have ever met. He makes no promises but points out all the facts in your case and what he feels you need to be successful. The e-mails sent are always answered promptly. I have to mention that his staff specifically Vanessa is always available and helpful. I believe it is possible to do the whole process yourself, but I WOULD NOT RECCOMMEND IT. It is my personal opinion that the insurance company does not want to pay you no matter what and a good attorney is essential to navigate all the road blocks put in front of you. Thank you Greg for guiding me and helping me financially protect my family.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
I have recommended several people to Greg’s firm and they all thanked me.

What could we do to improve?
Keep serving the community in the matter and professionalism showed to me and the referrals I have sent.

Thomas S. DVM

Gregory Dell’s reply:
Your kind words mean a lot to Vanessa and I. Thank you for the opportunity to work for you and I will continue to do everything I can to make sure your disability benefits continue to be paid each and every month.

Testimonial from Kevin R. D.D.S.

I first heard of Dell and Schaefer through the internet. Their reviews were very solid. I also asked several people who had experience with disability claims about who they might recommend. Greg Dell kept coming up. Finally I asked my financial advising firm in Dallas who they knew and got the name Greg Dell. So I felt pretty good with recommendations from all over the country. I spoke with Greg on the phone and he was very informative and felt he could help me with my case. He walked me through what documentation was required and what to expect from his fees and time and what to expect from the Insurance company.

The process was difficult to go through and at times he had to act more as a psychologist than a lawyer with me as the insurance company fights these types of claims formidably. He handled the claim extremely well and I recommend his services highly. He appears to be well known in the Insurance industry and that helps as they know he is thorough and tough.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Tough thorough lawyer that understands the process and will head off problems before they become an issue. Honest and upfront about billing. Did not receive any surprises. Very quick to respond to issues and communicates well with clients.

Kevin R. D.D.S.

Testimonial from J.P., ESQ.

Dell & Schaefer saved my life. After receiving disability payments from CIGNA for 10 years, CIGNA decided that their initial determination had been in error. This was based on an evaluation of the file – with no personal interview of any kind – from a psychiatrist who new less about bipolar disease than I do.

With a wife and four children to provide for, I was distraught. D&S took charge of the mater. Although no lawyer can guarantee an outcome, as a former attorney I was very impressed with their professionalism and efficiency. On a personal level, they were very reassuring. They understood the embarrassment that comes from disclosing a mental disease, and dealt with me with courtesy and encouragement.

We prevailed over CIGNA, and I continued to have financial security until my benefits were paid in full.

I would recommend D&S, without reservation, to anyone who has to go up against the insurance giants.

J.P., ESQ.

Testimonial from Harry K.

Dell & Schaefer has earned a reputation as a top notch law firm specializing in disability insurance claims. I understand why. My personal experience was nothing short of fantastic. I was overwhelmingly impressed with the professional manner of both my attorneys and their staff. Rachel Alters, my lead attorney, is an incredibly detail oriented and experienced attorney who specializes in litigation. She guided me through the claim process with expert precision. I was extremely pleased with every step and the ultimate outcome of my claim. All of my expectations were not only met, but exceeded. Hiring Dell and Schaefer was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Filing a disability claim is complex. My experience indicates that having Attorneys Dell & Schaefer engaged clearly improves the chances of a successful outcome.

What could we do to improve?

Harry K.

Testimonial from Rhonda L.

Gregory Dell has saved my family from bankruptcy. I got sick with Vasculitis and had to undergo 4 years of chemo treatments. I worked during this time as pharmaceutical sales rep. Finally my doctors said that if I did not go on to disability I would die. I went on disability and my company rejected my short term disability. I was in the hospital at the time of the rejection and was not given much time to respond. I live in Hawaii and could not find anyone that would go against my company. They were very big and scared all the attorneys off. Greg took my case immediately. He got me paid and short and long term disability. After a few years Cigna did a ridiculous review of my claim and said that I should be able to go back to work. At the time I was denied I was currently in a wheelchair and on massive doses of morphine. Vasculitis destroyed all my nerves in the legs and arms. They dropped my long term disability. Greg again went back and fought for my disability and won. My family would be completely bankrupt without Gregory Dell. My doctors said with the stress from all this fighting for my rights has cost me years of my life. But I would not have made it without Greg, Michal and team. Money is not everything but when your sick fighting to pay your bills and insurance companies really takes a toll. I have recommended Greg and his staff to other disabled persons. I think they are the best. Thanks for everything. You have allowed me to focus on what is important staying alive for my family.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
They are the best at getting results. They take it personally not just a job.

Rhonda L.

Testimonial from Ken A. DC

First of all, may I say this: If you are a professional and find yourself in the unfortunate position of having to file a claim against your disability carrier – Do not try this on your own! HIRE A PROFESSIONAL! This was advice that I was given and I am very great full I was smart enough and followed it. Your next decision is whether to hire a ‘disability claims consultant’ or an attorney which specializes in professional disability claims. I decided upon the later. The reason being an attorney has ‘power’ and ‘authority’ and actually ‘represents you’. He/she has authority (power of attorney) to actually communicate with your insurance company and do ‘Whatever It Takes’. A disability claims consultant does exactly that… they ‘consult’ with ‘you’ (not the insurance company) and make recommendations … they tell you what to do. Mr. Dell actually told my insurance company that my claim was legitimate and justified and that they were simply going to pay my claim.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
If you have not decided yet… please listen to me. You are about to step on the field with Goliath. You must never forget that these insurance companies are good… very good. They know what they are doing. All day long claims adjusters look for ways to deny claims. They know all the tricks. You are going to need much more than a rock.

It has been my experience that once you call your insurance carrier and tell them you are sick, or injured you are no longer a ‘asset/client’! You now become a ‘liability’. Your insurance carrier knows that they will never make another dime from you. From now on you will only cost them money… perhaps for the rest of your life. Personally, I will only place my families future in the best hands. I did my due diligence. Gregory Dell was certainly not the first attorney I called… he was, however the last. I live on the west coast and Attorneys Dell & Schaefer have their main office on the east coast (3 hour time difference). I received a return phone call from Mr. Dell on Friday night at 10 pm (PST). These people are serious when they say “Whatever It Takes”! If you are just entering this horrible world of dealing with disability insurance companies you will soon find that your whole world is turned up side down. It is one of the most stressful experiences of my entire life. You feel as if you have lost total control of your life and future. From my first phone conversation with Mr. Dell I knew I was in good hands. He ‘held my hand’ throughout this whole ordeal. The staff, from Merlin to Liz is extremely well trained and they know what they are doing. Phone calls are almost immediately returned. Emails, faxes, questions… all answered when they say they will. With that said, I did not need a friend… I needed an advocate. I needed someone that was going to see to it that everything was done appropriately and that my case was approved. My wife and I will never forget the moment, about 11 weeks later, when Mr. Dell informed us “I have authorization that your claim was approved”! Dealing with this stuff is still a horrible experience. Having Attorneys Dell & Schaefer on my team made it much bearable.

What could we do to improve?
Actually, I can not think of anything you could have done different or certainly better. You did what you said you would do. Although you could not guarantee claims approval you certainly instilled confidence. My case was approved in about 11 weeks so I see no way you could improve unless you got my case approved in less than 10 weeks. But I’m happy with 11.

Ken A. DC

Gregory Dell reply:
Thank you for the opportunity to allow me to help you and your family to secure your long term disability insurance benefits. I know you tried to work for a long time with your medical condition and that you were very concerned about your disability company not obligating the terms of your disability contract. I am glad we were able to get you approved quickly and we will continue to help you every month to make sure you get paid for as long your remain unable to work.

Testimonial from Patrick J.

My experience with Dell & Schaefer began after a prolonged and frustrating experience with my disability carrier subsequent to contracting an illness which left me incapacitated. As a few examples of the frustration I am referencing: I had been accused by the ‘doctors’ appointed by my carrier to review my case as being a narcissistic fraud; the carrier sent a man to my home in the country unannounced to interview me (while I was not there but my wife and small children were); the carrier seemed to be fighting my doctor’s diagnosis and statement regarding my disability and illness; the carrier was not communicating well with me and was being cryptic with responses to legitimate questions. I finally was so stressed from what should have been a simple process, and exhausted from the emotional and mental toll of filing a claim, that I was about to give up in the interest of maintaining what little health I had left and not wasting it fighting my carrier. I reached out to Greg Dell and he immediately set up a time to talk with Stephen Jessup and himself. I told them I just couldn’t keep managing the process – that the fight was taking its toll and I was inclined to either ‘tap out’ or quit altogether. After reviewing my case they were more than happy to drive their tank into the battle which I had been fighting with a handgun (Mr. Dell’s example). I signed with Dell & Schaefer, and suffice it to say this ‘tank’ comment seems to have been true as the very same day my carrier received the letter from Dell & Schaeffer saying I had engaged their services is the same day my claim was approved.

I was curious to see how service would be after they had me contractually obligated to them. I have been impressed on this front as well. Every effort to correspond receives a response within 24 hours. Mr. Jessup is my primary contact and I have received more than one personal note from him encouraging me as I battle my illness; I believe that he really does care beyond just the financial interest the firm has in my case. On the business side of my interaction with them, I have been impressed with the thoroughness and timeliness of all responses – no matter how unimportant they might seem to Mr. Jessup. On the occasion when a question is more administrative in nature and Mr. Jessup or Mr. Dell need to defer to one of their staff, the staff is equally as timely and thorough and professional in their responses.

The stress and frustration of dealing with my carrier are gone; this benefit in and of itself is priceless. To add, I feel the benefit I gain from having Dell & Schaeffer as my advocates makes their fees seem to be an excellent value.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Professionalism, ability to deliver on their promises.

Patrick J.

Testimonial from Josh C.

After suffering with the symptoms of ME/CFS for nearly 3 years, I was finally diagnosed with ME/CFS in August of 2011. I filed a claim and was approved by my disability insurance carrier initially. After a little over one year of not working, I started seeing some minor improvement. I told my doctor about the improvement and my carrier took that as news that I was now ready to return to work, which was far from the truth. My doctor told me not to go back to work yet, knowing it would only set me back and reverse my progress. My insurance carrier did not care and they made me attempt work. If I didn’t follow their rules they were going to drop me. I had no idea what to do or what my rights were in my disability contract. I called Greg Dell. Greg gave me great advice. He spent a great deal of time on the phone with me answering all my questions, explaining all my options and recommending the best course of action. He was able to explain things to them that just made sense. I have been working with him for well over a year. He could articulate what I and my doctors were saying that I was not able to on my own. Anyone with ME/CFS knows how incredibly hard and difficult it is to try and explain your symptoms and limitations to someone. Greg actually gets it and is who you want in your corner when you’re dealing with an insurance company that is not your friend. Greg was able to get me back on total disability with no work requirement. Unfortunately the work I had to do for those months in between did set me way back in my recovery, but that only makes me wish I had gone with Greg from the get go instead of waiting for a crisis that could have been prevented.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
They take the time to treat you as a person, understand you contract and defend you when you can’t defend yourself. A sick person going against a huge insurance carrier with legions of lawyers on staff is not a fair fight. You need Dell & Schaefer.

What could we do to improve?
Nothing. After dealing with my insurance carrier on my own and now having Greg, the difference is night and day. It’s a massive relief.

Josh C.

Testimonial from Salvatore L. D.C.

From the first contact this office was organized, professional and responsive to all my needs and questions. Following my sudden career threatening injury it was most comforting and assuring as a potential client to feel as if I was dealing with the most experienced and most competent professionals in the industry and in my opinion Dell & Schaefer has provided just that. I find Gregory Dell’s legal representation to date to be excellent in every way.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?:
Excellent communication and explanation of all aspects, they are organized and detail attentive, call backs or email reply within minutes. Excellent representation.

Salvatore L. D.C.

Testimonial from Joshua C.

I worked with Mr. Dell in a lump sum buyout of my long term disability policy with a major national carrier. I knew I would need a professional for this and when I emailed Mr. Dell about information, he promptly set up a time to chat with me and it all went from there. He was able to negotiate with the insurance company to obtain a very attractive buyout offer, which I took. Mr. Dell never delayed more than an hour in answering my emails and calls. In fact, usually I heard something from him or his associate within minutes. I really appreciated this, given that all of this is done without actually meeting in person. I highly recommend getting help if you are considering a lump sum buyout of your policy. And after my experience working with this firm, you will feel most secure that you’re getting the best deal possible. Thanks Greg and all you guys there that were so helpful.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?:
I felt the staff was professional and dedicated to getting the best job done in my behalf.

Joshua C.

Testimonial from a Disabled Dentist

Thank you for being here for me on this Saturday before Christmas. I am so grateful – more than you may know – that you are working for me. A guy like me who considers himself strong an self-sufficient, is sometimes very scared – sometimes deeply shaken – when threatened with legal action by a large corporation. Your knowledge, abilities, & commitment to your clients is immensely appreciated, I’m sure, by all you serve.

Particularly at this time of year, I pause, reflect, and recognize how very thankful I am for our relationship. As you perform your professional duties in my defense, you are always very thorough & kind to me and I shall never forget you.

Testimonial from Daniel M., M.D.

The team at Dell and Schaefer was able to guide me through the confusing disability claim process efficiently while explaining every step along the way. They provided me with peace of mind during a very stressful period of my life. Dell and Schaefer was not only there for me during the claims process but also after ready and willing to answer any question I had.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?:
The expert advice I received and the personal interest in my unique situation are reasons why I would recommend them. They made a complicated process easier to navigate.

Daniel M., M.D.

Testimonial from Jim C.

It has been almost 7 years since I became unable to work. I looked at the possibility of filing my disability appeal myself after Hartford Insurance Company denied my claim, but it soon became clear that I would have no chance of winning. So I started looking for an attorney. I talked to several who told me just how much work they would expect me to do on the claim. I then revisited the idea of filing by myself. Then I talked to Greg Dell. He told me not to worry about anything, that he and his firm would handle everything. The insurance company threw up every roadblock they could but we eventually prevailed and my benefits were reinstated. They have immediately jumped on any issues since then and resolved them quickly.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
They care.

Jim C.

Testimonial from CJ K.

It is traumatic enough to endure a disability. Mr. Dell and staff’s guidance made the paper work and claim process invaluable. Many thanks to the firm.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
You are the professionals that know how to negotiate the claim process for disability insurance. They are very good at keeping in touch though the process and after.


Testimonial from Evan T.

I hired Attorneys Dell & Schaefer during one of the most difficult times of my life. As a financial advisor that had built my career by advising clients I never thought I would need professional assistance to handle my long term disability insurance claim. Without Dell & Schaefer I don’t think I would have ever collected any disability benefits. Greg Dell handled my claim from start to finish and he was constantly in communication with me throughout the entire process. I was lucky to have Mr. Dell and his team representing me. I was very satisfied with the lump sum settlement I received. The staff at Dell and Schaefer are very knowledgeable and understand the disability claim process.

Evan T.

Testimonial from Juan C., MD

My experience with Dell & Schaefer has been excellent. Not only are the attorneys highly rated but all the associates I have been in contact with have been super, especially Mrs. DeCardenas.

They are timely, pay attention to detail, know the ins and outs of my case and are very cost effective. I recommend Mr. Gregory Dell and his associates with no reservations whatsoever. I am a doctor and Mr. Dell was able to help me deal with two different disability policies, a business overhead policy and the sale of the medical practice. I have been a client since 2007.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
I investigated their record and got recommendations about them prior to engaging their firm to represent me. From the start their interest in me and the confidence they inspired made me want to, in turn, recommend them to anyone who needs legal representation, specially in matters of disability. Mr. Dell truly knows how to handle the insurance companies. I feel very comfortable knowing that this law firm is managing my disability claim for me.

What could we do to improve?
As far as my particular case is concerned, I’m at a loss to think of any area that would need any significant change.

Juan C., MD

Testimonial from Paul D., MD

MR. DELL HAS REPRESENTED ME IN MY DEALINGS WITH UNUM PROVIDENT FOR OVER FOUR YEARS. When Unum tried to deny my claim he was able to make Unum understand that I was still disabled and unable to do my job. HE HAS BEEN MOST EFFECTIVE AND HONEST. I RECOMMEND HIM UNEQUIVOCALLY.

Paul D., MD

Testimonial from John I.

Working with Dell & Schaefer has been one of the few pleasurable experiences about the whole LTD claim and claim management process. Attorney Gregory Dell has been incredibly accessible and responsive to all questions, both complex and mundane, and has helped me to navigate the murky waters of LTD claim management. I’m fairly confident that his ideas and counsel are the key reason my claim remains in good standing after five years of processing.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
I’ve found the team at Dell & Schaefer to be extremely knowledgeable, positive and communicative. All questions are answered in almost real time and the advice is spot on.

John I.

Testimonial from Mike A.

Dell & Schaefer are an excellent Law Firm. They got my Disability Claim reinstated after being dropped by The Standard Insurance company. Insurance companies are always looking for a way to target and drop disability insurance claims of people who truly are disabled and deserve the insurance they have paid for. Dell & Schaefer know of these “tricks” the insurance companies play and waste no time getting your claim reinstated.

Since I have engaged Dell & Schaefer as my Attorney, the Insurance Company no longer hassels me with annoying letters, or calls and they have put my mind at ease that I will not be dropped. In my opinion, Dell & Schaefer are known to the Insurance Companies as excellent Attorney’s and therefore do not play games with the their Clients. I would recommend Dell & Schaefer to anyone, as they are not only excellent at what they do, but are a pleasure to have on your side.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
They will get the job done, and have great experience with the Insurance Company games and make them stop.

What could we do to improve?
At this time I do not have a suggestion for Improvement – I am very happy to have Dell and Schaefer on my side.

Mike A.

Testimonial from Chris K.,MD

Responsive, effective, legal assistance that is clearly on your side when advocacy is most needed, when your self-confidence can be at an all time low. This firm comes through. Don’t know how I could have been more fairly represented. A real value in the legal services industry.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
This firm levels the playing field with large insurance carriers at a time when you may not be at the top of your game.

Chris K.,MD

Testimonial from James C.

My wife and I met with Mr. Gregory Dell when my company refused to extend my long term disability. He spent a long time with us and answered all our questions. He and his staff worked diligently to get my long term disability benefits restored. Each year, when my previous employer wanted to terminate my benefits, they contacted me in a timely manner and succeeded in the continuation of my benefits without any delay. They assisted me in the process of filling out tremendous amounts of insurance papers. My wife and I highly recommend Mr. Dell and his office!

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
They get the job done!!!

What could we do to improve?
We can’t think of anything!

James C.

Testimonial from Kenneth R., DDS

Straight forward, knowledgeable, professional and very well versed in the intricacies of disability insurance policies.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
They got results in a timely manner and are always available.

What could we do to improve?
I have been extremely satisfied and cannot think of anything I would change.

Kenneth R., DDS

Testimonial from Jeff G., DDS

My single best decision regarding my disability claim was to retain Dell and Schaefer from the beginning. From initial claim submission to claim maintenance they have been my teammates throughout the entire process. This is their area of expertise, and in my opinion, they are great at it. They are extremely professional. They are on top of every aspect of my claim. They respond to all of my questions in a timely manner and they handle all correspondence with the insurance company. I have found that filing a disability claim is not a smooth process and having the professionals at Dell and Schaefer on my team has been priceless. I have referred friends and colleagues to this law firm and without exception, we all are happy with our representation. Without equivocation, if you are going to file a disability claim, you want Dell and Schaefer on your team.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
I would recommend Dell and Schaefer because they are consummate professionals. They are ethical and extremely hard working. They know every aspect of your claim and handle all correspondence with the insurance company. With that being said, the biggest reason I would recommend Dell and Schaefer is Anneli, Greg Dell’s legal assistant. She is just the best and sometimes I wonder what they would do without her.

Jeff G., DDS

Testimonial from Mark K., DC

I have been extremely pleased with the work of Dell & Schaefer. When I have questions, they are very quick to respond and their work is thorough. I highly recommend Dell & Schaefer and I would not handle my claim without them.

Mark K., DC

Testimonial from Gail T.

I contacted Dell and Schaefer after my insurance provider stated that they were coming to visit me at my home to see how I was doing. I was so worried about what this meant after being on claim with them for three years. I always felt like I was always waiting for the other shoe to drop with them after going through a very stressful claim application process. Gregory Dell promptly jumped in and got to work at creating a solution to streamline and ensure my claim was not in jeopardy. The staff has worked with me every step of the way to make sure that the process of receiving my benefits is a positive one for me. I no longer dread dealing with my insurance claim representative as they handle everything for me. They clarified that I could also apply for SSDI and with their help I started receiving SSDI benefits within months. This firm has been a great advocate for me and I highly recommend them.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
My experience of working with Dell and Schaefer has been very positive. They helped me handle some very stressful transactions with my disability insurer. They have been thorough, honest, prompt and proactive. I feel very confident that they have and will continue to represent my interests in a professional and very competent manor. They are always available when I need them and the staff has been more than accommodating with their time to explain things until I felt comfortable. I am thrilled to have found them after years of the stress of working with my insurance provider alone. I only wish I new about them while I was going through the claimant process that took me 9 months and lots of stress and struggle all while dealing with a debilitating life changing medical condition. Dell and Schaefer are experts at how the insurance industry works and how to best serve their clients to ensure that they receive the benefits they deserve.

What could we do to improve?
I have no recommendations for improvement. You have all been fantastic.

Gail T.

Testimonial from Muhammad I., MD

Very responsible, reliable, and efficient Attorney group. Everything with my disability insurance claim has been effectively done throughout the entire process. Working staff is courteous, responsive and prompt. I have been a client since 2005.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
I would recommend any person who needs legal assistance without any reservation as I found this Attorney group most knowledgeable, efficient and trustful legal firm that would take care of problem with utmost sincerety and professionally.

What could we do to improve?
More advertising and greater public presence so that more people with a disability claim could learn about you and receive your assistance.

Muhammad I., MD

Testimonial from Joel R., MD

When I first learned of my disability I was very lucky to have gone to Dell and Schaefer right off the bat. I had heard how difficult it was to deal with the insurance companies, and quickly learned NOT to talk to them directly, as every bit of information they gleaned from you was often used to your disadvantage.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
My insurance carrier originally denied my claim. But because of Dell’s extremely competent involvement (I think brilliance), my claim was granted.

Joel R., MD

Testimonial from James P., ESQ.

I was understandably distressed when I was informed that CIGNA had terminated my disability benefits after ten years of payments. Their rational was that I was not bipolar even though I had lost my position as a partner in a national law firm due to bipolar disease, I was not in fact bipolar. I went on line and very quickly found that D&S had a sterling reputation. They really took me by the hand and guided me through the ERISA appeal process. They carefully explained everything. Not only was I treated in a professional manner; I truly felt that these people sensed my fear and pain, and were committed to doing justice.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Because they are very good at what they do, and very sympathetic in the way they do it.

What could we do to improve?
Shoot all the insurance execs. Seriously, fight to hold the insurers more accountable. For example, when an insured can make a prima facie case that he has been denied or terminated in bad faith, there should be a range of 100% to 300% attorneys fee awards as penalties.

James P., ESQ.

Testimonial from Lee G.

Prior to hiring Dell & Schaefer I was represented by a different law firm that was handling my disability claim. An alleged problem with my disability claim arose and my lawyer at the time scared me so much. A close friend recommended that I immediately speak with Dell and Schaefer, which I did. They were amazing in their approach, explained how there was no problem at all with my situation and took care of it within a week. They have been my attorney now for the past 7 years and have handled any situations or questions so professionally and quickly.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
It makes a big difference using experienced disability attorneys as Dell and Schaefer who only handle this type of law and get the attention and respect of the insurance companies.

What could we do to improve?

Lee G.

Testimonial from Barry D., DC

It was bad enough not being able to work and having health problems but then having the insurance company question me and stop my disability benefits was too much. Greg Dell did a good job of fighting them and all of the delay tactics they had. We prevailed following the filing of a lawsuit and now I can move on with life. My disability benefits were reinstated and I have continued to be paid. The insurance company sucks and it sucks that I needed a great hired gun like Greg to make those asshole robbers give me my money.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
They get the job done.

What could we do to improve?
Send out bottles of wine for the holidays!

Barry D., DC

Testimonial from Kevin S., MD

Dell & Schaefer has been a huge asset to have on my side! They have been extremely professional, knowledgeable and helpful. I certainly would not want to navigate the disability claim process without them working on my behalf. They lifted a huge load off of my shoulders while I was going through a very stressful and critical period, and worked hard to ensure that my rights under the disability policy were protected. They worked diligently to protect my interests, something the disability carriers will not do!

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
They are professional, hard working, and most importantly, extremely knowledgeable of the disability claims process.

Kevin S., MD

Testimonial from Amy S., PhD

Always responsive, always effective. Dell & Schaefer is second to none.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Because they are efficient, effective and get the job done.

Amy S., PhD

Testimonial from Patricia A.

I was very fortunate to have found Dell & Schaefer. It made things so bearable while I was going thru so much stress and pain with my RA. They were there and still are every step of the way. Dell & Schaefer put 100% and then some into my case. I waited approx. 6 months following my initial disability claim denial and when all was finalized Dell & Schaefer won my appeal. I felt like Dell & Schaefer treated me like a family member. They don’t just see you as a case number, they actually treat you like someone they know.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
I would recommend Dell & Schaefer because they put their all into getting your case getting settled fast and efficient. They take away the stress of having to deal with so much paper work that is required to receive disability. It gives you time to focus on you and coming to terms with your life changes.

What could we do to improve?
I can’t think of anything that needs to be improved. I have had Dell & Schaefer since 2003 & in this time I can’t find one thing I would change.

Patricia A.

Testimonial from Michael A., DDS

I have enjoyed my working experience with the firm of Dell & Schaefer. Specifically; upon becoming my Attorney, Greg Dell carefully managed all aspects of my case. He took the time to keep me both informed and calm as we navigated the sometimes difficult waters that led to my long term disability claim being approved. In the five years since my application Greg has expediently handled all of the inquiries made by my disability carrier. I feel confident going forward that Greg will ensure that I receive all the benefits to which I am entitled.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
I highly recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer because of their high level of competency and service that they have provided for me. I am glad that they are on my team.

What could we do to improve?
Not much.

Michael A., DDS

Testimonials from John P., MD

Please describe your experience of working with Dell & Schaefer.
Professional, customer oriented, realistic expectations, no hidden fees.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
All of above, specialist in disability, accessible, “accreditted”, thorough, and positive results for my case.

John P., MD

Testimonial from Mike W.

I have had a great experience working with Dell & Schaefer. They have always responded to my inquires in a timely manner and have always achieved positive results with my claim.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
I would recommend Dell & Schaefer to any disability claimant because they are serious and efficient in their handling of all the insurance companies paperwork. They won’t let the insurance carriers bully or intimidate their disabled clients and that is the most important point in hiring an attorney to represent you in these matters.

What could we do to improve?
I am a satisfied client since March of 2008 and I have no complaints at this time.

Mike W.

Testimonial from Delano Q., MD

Before I retained Attorneys Dell and Schaefer, I was very intimidated by my disability insurance carrier. You feel like you are committing fraud by the way the insurance company talk and communicate with you. So I decided to contact Attorney Greg Dell and he was so cordial and very professional to explain to me the whole process. It is important to have legal advice when dealing with these disability insurance companies. I’ m so thankful to have retained Atty Dell and Schaefer to represent me. You feel like someone is working for you. All my anxiety and worries in dealing with my disability company are gone.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
You want a law firm with experience and expertise in disability claims. And by what I have seen, Dell and Schaefer is the that law firm.

What could we do to improve?

Delano Q., MD

Testimonial from Nancy R.

I have worked for AT&T for 41 years and have never had a disability claim. I woke up one morning in severe pain and to make a long story short I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis in my neck. AT&T and Sedgwick Claims Management Services denied my claim until Gregory Dell took over my claim and eventually I was paid for six months after he won my Appeal. I was immediately denied again by Sedgwick following an IME exam. Without the help of Gregory Dell and his associates I don’t know what I would have done. AT&T’s claims management company Sedgwick tries to scare you into coming back to work and jeopardize your health. Dell & Schaefer lawyers know what to do and let you concentrate on working on your health problems. I feel lucky to have Gregory fighting for my disability benefits.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
They get results along with being caring.

Nancy R.

Testimonial from Louis P., MD

My chronic health problems had progressed to the point that it was impossible for me to continue practicing my specialty as an obstetrician and gynecologist. With my physician’s support and excellent own occupation professional disability insurance policies I began the application process solo and with confidence that approval would be easy. After several months of endless and confusing demands for documents, files, records and reports by the insurance carriers I was in a panic over the realization that I was in over my head and that my entire financial future could be ruined by mistakes on my part during the application process. Having seen ads by Dell and Schaefer, I contacted them on-line with a summary of my situation. A phone call was received from Gregory Dell within hours of submitting the on-line inquiry. His competence and knowledge was immediately apparent and reassuring. After a thorough discussion of my case I could not copy the files fast enough to get them to his office and in his capable hands. End of the story is that the results were much better than I could have imagined. Money is not one of my problems.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
I had briefly spoken with three different attorneys who all were supposed to be experienced with disability claims prior to starting my application process. None of them seemed to know anything about the various steps involved or could provide any usable advice. Dell and Schaefer demonstrated a complete understanding of every aspect of disability insurance. I continue to be most impressed by their immediate response to any and every question, email, or phone call that I make to them.

What could we do to improve?
They don’t work cheap. However, in fairness, you get what you pay for.

Louis P., MD

Testimonial from Brad H., MD

“Invaluabe!” Without the experience and expertise, not only would my disability benefits been delayed but the difficulties navigating the continued process would have caused additional delays. Dell & Schaefer has proven to me the importance and value, beyond a shadow of doubt, of an experienced, qualified and meticulous legal representation such as that provided by Dell & Schaefer.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?

What could we do to improve?
Continue to do what you are doing and listen to the feedback provided clients like myself.

Brad H., MD

Testimonial from James M.

Dell and Schaefer were the only attorneys that were willing to fight my case with the Reliance Standard disability insurance company. They took a chance even though I had already been rejected by Reliance. They won my case and have helped me to survive through several serious illnesses. They are always quick to respond when there is a question or problem and they are still fighting for me against all odds.

What could we do to improve?
I don’t really know what more you can do just keep fighting for the working man.

James M.

Testimonial from Tim T.

Very easy and no hidden fees. I received more in my settlement than I expected. Attorneys Dell & Schaefer are easy to do business with and very reliable.

Tim T.

Testimonial from Jeff C., MD

If you want a professional law firm that does not give up and gets the results you expect, Dell & Schaefer is an excellent firm to utilize. They are very accessible and will communicate with you in an amicable fashion and make sure you understand what needs to be done to be successful. I got a big lump sum from an insurance giant in the disability field after being denied initially and they went up the ladder to speak to a key player there that saw how a lump sum settlement made sense for both parties. I am a physician and have spoken to many attorneys but if you want the best out there, this is the firm to utilize and the odds are good you will win your case.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Professional, always accessible, do not give up, always take action on your behalf and in your best interest. They are the best out there. They are able to communicate gracefully to show the ins. co that a settlement such as my case makes sense for all parties. If you push them or ask for some action on your behalf, they will accommodate you and WIN.

Jeff C., MD

Testimonial from Harold L.

I have been with Dell & Schaefer for nearly 10 years. Having initially worked with one of the founders, Steven Dell, and now, his very capable son, Gregory, I have found them to be trustworthy, as they are reliable. They have expertly handled all issues related to my disability.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Their ‘customer service’ is a result of the personalities that are exposed to their work environment – and it shows. The employees as well as the ‘bosses’ are not only seriously competent, but they are a pleasure to work with.

What could we do to improve?
Maintain that cheerful/hopeful and confident environment – not an easy task when confronted with the ‘devastation’ of disability.

Harold L.

Testimonial from Michael G., DDS, MS

On approaching age sixty-five, there was some question regarding continued benefits for disability resulting from accident as opposed to sickness. My insurers required extensive personal documentation as well as attending physician assessments to justify my claim for benefits beyond age sixty-five, i.e. lifetime benefits. It was then that I sought assistance from a firm specializing in Private Disability Insurance Law.

My search lead me to Dell and Schaefer where I’ve had the pleasure of working with Attorneys Steven and Gregory Dell. Their representation of my interests have resulted in a very smooth and efficient relationship with my insurers.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
I found that several firms that would represent me were getting an education at my expense. Dell and Schaefer knew exactly what to do and how to get things done. They’ve provided an excellent service.

What could we do to improve?
Keep doing what you’re doing.

Michael G., DDS, MS

Testimonial from John B., MD

In my first phone conversation with Greg Dell he asked a series of probing questions for about ten minutes, and one could sense he was building an understanding of my case and me as a person. I have worked with him almost a year, and he has always been available with a thoughtful answer to any question or concern. He has a thorough knowledge of my disability policy and the workings of a major insurance company like Unum. I have a distinct feeling that Unum knows it will not be able to take advantage of me. Greg has an uncanny insight into the core of any issue and is always thinking several steps ahead. At first I found this amazing, then -remembering he was on my side- comforting.

John B., MD

Testimonial from Ron D.

Dell & Schaefer immediately calmed the fears I had with the disability process. They made everything clear, concise and very easy to understand. They were extremely responsive to my questions and concerns and they always returned phone calls. All of that was important, but in the end it is the result that counts. Dell & Schaefer gave me the result I wanted so quickly, I could never recommend anyone else. They are the best out there.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
I have worked with other attorneys in the past and many did not perform professionally, nor did they equal up to their claims on their websites. Dell & Schaefer met and exceeded their claims. They took as much time as “I” needed, not what “they” needed.

What could we do to improve?
I realize we all have room for improvement, but given my excellent experience with Dell & Schaefer, I have no recommendations for improvement.

Ron D.

Testimonial from Brian W.

Dell & Schaefer were wonderful to work with. They got me my monthly payment back when the insurance company stopped paying, as well as a lump sum payout when I requested that they try and do that for me.

Why would you recommend Attorneys Dell & Schaefer?
Because they always take your call or respond to your email, they make your case a priority, and they know what they are doing in the disability arena.

What could we do to improve?
Nothing. Everything’s been great!

Brian W.

Testimonial from Jeff B.

When someone has to apply for disability insurance when ill it can be a life altering event. I have always found Dell and Schaefer to be honest, caring as well as patient, as I had all of my questions answered during the application process as well as during the continuation of my disability claim. Dell and Schaeffer always responded to all my questions in a timely fashion. They have been an invaluable resource throughout the claim process. The support staff is very professional and this is why I continue to use the firm.

Jeff B.

Testimonial from Perrin B, DDS

Dear Mr. Dell,
I was given your name as a referral for representation for the counsel and filing of a disability claim on my behalf. I understood that this would be a challenging effort and that it would be time consuming, frustrating and nearly impossible to do on my own. Our initial meeting was so reassuring that I hired you on the spot. The navigation of my office sale, the negotiations, the process of dealing with my illness and its symptoms and the entire ordeal seemed overwhelming at times. You and your staff were and remain amazing. Your conscientious and genuine concern were so reinforcing, your timely and efficient follow through was consistent with the service you promised and often exceeded my expectations. I suppose I should add that my disability insurance carrier must have been equally impressed by your individual and team efforts as I was granted a full approval for my claim. There was no way that I could have achieved this without your excellent, ethical and efficient representation. I would also like to add that your assistant was a godsend. A sympathetic and caring soul, her attention to every detail and her patient attention to my needs during the process added greater confidence and support for my efforts. Mr. Dell thank you again for making this process easier to navigate for me. Please feel free to give my contact information to anyone considering your services as I would be happy to serve as a permanent source of endorsement for you, your staff and your excellent performance on my behalf. Thanks again, you are a life saver!

Perrin B, DDS

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