Suffering From Chronic Severe Lyme Disease? You Are Not Alone.

There are an estimated 300,000 new cases of Lyme disease reported every year in the United States. One very small tick carrying Lyme can bite you, causing the disease to spread through your blood stream attacking your nervous system. The effects of this debilitating disease can become very severe and can cause symptoms which include memory loss, confusion, severe fatigue, inability to focus and possibly seizures. The disease is a controversial one, as many physicians believe that once you are treated with IV antibiotics, the disease is no longer active. This is clearly not the case since thousands of people who have already received IV antibiotic treatment are still suffering from the long-term effects of chronic Lyme.

Yolanda Foster, a Real Housewives star, recently shared her story in order to educate people who are suffering from the same debilitating condition. Yolanda is very proactive in the treatment of her disease and is doing everything possible to get her life back, including participating in experimental treatments to attempt to restore and repair damaged pathways in her brain. Her battle is ongoing, but she is hopeful that one day she will find a cure. Thousands of people just like Yolanda are struggling to attempt to get their lives back. Unfortunately, with the severe effects of this disease, many are unable to work, unable to function in their daily lives and struggle with the simplest tasks.

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