Standard Overturns Denial of Benefits to Shareholder of Major Law Firm

When Mr. L contacted us he had recently left a major law firm where he had been working for 27 years. Mr. L, a commercial finance and real estate transaction attorney, was forced to stop working due to debilitating symptoms from several medical conditions. He had been suffering from these conditions for several years but his symptoms had gradually worsened over time and eventually reached the point where he was experiencing substantial limitations in his ability to continue to work effectively.

To effectively perform the duties of his occupation, Mr. L needed the ability to maintain prolonged focus and operate under pressure to complete work with unyielding deadlines. In his practice, Mr. L had to review, revise and transmit drafts of documents via computer and email. Naturally, an inability to focus on a computer screen would make it difficult to perform the important duties of his position as a transactional attorney.

In 2011, Mr. L suffered from what was later diagnosed as a visual migraine, which essentially prevented him from comprehending words on his computer screen. He continued experiencing similar symptoms although he was able to continue working.

Over time, Mr. L noticed that his symptoms were directly related to working on computer screens and his symptoms were more severe when he was tired or had been looking at computers for long periods. As his symptoms worsened Mr. L began to think that he needed to retire and started seeing a mental health counselor to assist with the transition.

To make matters worse, in the fall of 2015, Mr. L began to suffer from very noticeable hearing loss accompanied by a dramatic increase in tinnitus which he had been experiencing for years. In October of the same year, Mr. L suffered a severe episode causing him to become severely nauseous while he felt his office was spinning out of control. He was taken to the ER and diagnosed with vertigo.

Following the October episode, he began to experience other and unpredictable episodes of vertigo with nausea about 3 to 5 times a month. The worsening of his symptoms together with the increase in frequency of episodes caused Mr. L to have to work longer non-billable hours to make up the time lost. He became less efficient at performing the important tasks of his position.

In the spring of 2016 Mr. L made the difficult decision to take a medical leave of absence. Soon thereafter, his visual migraines began to improve. This confirmed his suspicions that computer use was exacerbating his symptoms.

After filing his claim for disability benefits, The Standard, his disability insurance company, denied the claim stating Mr. L was not disabled under the terms of the policy. Mr. L contacted our firm for help with his appeal. We agreed to take the case. Upon reviewing the denial letter and claim file it became clear that The Standard did not fully understand the nature of Mr. L’s occupation. According to Mr. L’s policy, he would be considered disabled if he is unable to perform the substantial duties of his regular occupation. However, The Standard had to fully understand what was required to perform Mr. L’s regular occupation. Additionally, The Standard’s internal medical staff completely disregarded how Mr. L’s medical conditions affected his ability to work.

The appeal was 192 pages long and focused on making The Standard fully understand how Mr. L’s condition prevented him from effectively performing his occupation. The appeal included detailed responses from Mr. L’s treating physicians in support of Mr. L’s claim for benefits.

In denying the claim, the Standard had been focused on Mr. L’s ability to perform non-work related activities such as playing golf and yoga and relied on such abilities as a basis to deny his claim. The Standard also relied on the fact that some of Mr. L’s disabling conditions had been present for years.

Unfortunately, this is the case for many claims where the claimant files a disability claim based on conditions that have been present for years. It is often tough to pinpoint when the condition reaches the point where it is disabling under the terms of the policy. In Mr. L’s case, The Standard did not fully understand the nature of Mr. L’s occupation and the importance of the billable hour in the context of a large law firm.

After reviewing the appeal, The Standard overturned its decision to deny Mr. L’s claim and is currently paying Mr. L monthly disability benefits.

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I was approved for LTD benefits through my group insurance carrier, but to later have my LTD benefits terminated by them as well. I felt totally defeated and devastated. My case at times, with the going back-and-forth with the insurance company was challenging to say the least, intimidating, extremely exhausting to the point there were many times I wanted to give up. My family and I determined that I needed an attorney who understood the complexity of my case, my medical condition and the various LTD and ERISA rights/laws. My family and I reached out to Dell & Schaefer to help assist me with my case, I spoke with Attorneys Dell & Schaefer about my case for an hour, they were very compassionate towards my family and I. My Attorney handled my case with the insurance company with a relentless and dogged determination. He thoroughly walked me through and explained the legal process and my options at each stage.

My attorney worked very hard on my case throughout the entire process, he took time to research and clearly understand my condition and reassure me and believed we had a chance to win my case from the start. If there were any potential roadblocks he notified me immediately. He kept my family and I up-to-date about my case, he called often to reassure me and/or check on how I was doing and to answer any questions I may have had. He was very prompt in returning calls and emails and sharing all correspondence with me from the insurance company from start-to-resolution.

My attorney’s professionalism, research and attention to detail was greatly appreciated. His perseverance and diligence was impressive. In addition, Vanessa Arriaga, was very thorough, reliable and driven to help me in every way possible. Ms. Arriaga provided outstanding dedication to my case, she provided me with prompt information in a timely manner, explained new information to me if my attorney wasn’t available, as well as if I called with additional information or questions she was patient, knowledgeable and provided personal attention and compassion.

My attorney demonstrates all the right traits a client looks for in an attorney, respect, honesty, hard work and integrity! Thank you for your helping me win my case and assisting me in the next chapter as a client.

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