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Seizures (non-epileptic) Disability Insurance Benefits Claim

Disability insurance carriers often challenge a diagnosis of seizures. How Can Disability Insurance Attorneys Dell & Schaefer Assist You?

As disability attorneys, Dell & Schaefer have represented long term disability claimants that have been unable to work as a result of non-epileptic seizures. Seizures are usually associated with other physical conditions that a person may be suffering with.

Disability Attorneys Dell & Schaefer have an expansive understanding of the significant restrictions and limitations that a person suffering with non-epileptic seizures must live with on a daily basis. We have worked closely with top physicians in order to sufficiently satisfy a disability carrier’s threshold of evidence necessary to prove that a client is disabled by non-epileptic seizures.

Not everyone suffering from suffering non-epileptic seizures qualifies for long-term disability benefits, therefore the medical records of each client must be reviewed to determine the level of restrictions. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your long-term disability claim. You can contact us for a free initial consultation.


There are many valuable sources of to non-epileptic seizure information available. You can also access resources over the internet such as:

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Vickie Liupakka:

I have been recently diagnosed with complex partial seizures and I am on short term disability and unable to drive. I am a RN with hospice and had gone though over 300 entries in court because an abusive ex. Your web site suggests that seizures could be caused from phycological stress but all the neurologist I have seen, along with my two abnormal EEG state that my anxiety and seizures are separate. I was thinking it was stress because I have way more than the normal person.

My question is supporting my family. STD pays me half of my normal income, I am 50 and I am the sole supporter of a 13 & 16 year old. What do I need to do moving forward? BTW my 16 year old started having gran. mal. seizures last year, 10 months prior to my diagnose. He suffered same abuse but now no longer sees his father?!

Attorney Greg Dell:


If your plan is to remain on disability due to your inability to work, then you need to make sure that you treat with your doctors regularly and make sure your doctors are documenting in your medical records that you cannot work. You may want to consider applying for SSDI benefits if you feel that you have a permanent disability that will prevent you from returning to any work. You also want to make sure that your employer provides Long Term Disability insurance and not just Short Term Disability.


Thank you Greg.

Update: I did receive SSDI which was approved and I have Lincoln Financial for my LTD and they did adjust their payments to me but I have a few questions:

1. I have a 17 and a 14 year old still at home. My 16 year old lives with his father and address is unknown and father is not to have contact with two children in my care. All court ordered. SSDI granted me an amount and each children $190 a month. I do not get my son’s who is 16… they set up an account at SS office but the LTD company deducts that out of my income. Is there anything I can do about this?

2. I have epileptic seizures but after $40,000 of medical bills during last year and multiple hospital stays they are leaning toward non-epileptic seizures r/t passed psychical abuse from ex-husband. Per the LTD company they don’t cover pre-existing conditions or mental disorders. At this point should I get an attorney? I know documentation is critical and psychogenic seizures vs. epileptic seizures are difficult to determine which one unless seen during EEG, but for my security very important.

Thank you.

Attorney Greg Dell:


In question number 1 it does not seem there is anything you can do. In question 2, if you are concerned that your benefits may be denied or limited, then you should speak with an attorney as soon as possible.


I applied for short term disability benefits after taking time off at the request of both my neurologists during a major medication change. I have Epilepsy and had just recently been diagnosed and showing symptoms of severe narcolepsy. Due to treatment of both my health was not doing well and I was in a high stress hostile work environment. For my well being they urged me to take medical leave and collect on STD benefits. I have been denied twice, after transcripts, therapist notes, pharmaceutical records and EEG testing for new seizure activity had been sent. I don’t know what to do. Is this right? They say I’m not disabled.

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


Insurance companies will often acknowledge a diagnosis but argue that the records do not indicate symptoms that rise to the level of disability- it seems that this is what they are essentially doing to you. Please contact our office to discuss what your options are at this point.

Kim Kimrey:

I have non-epileptic seizures but I want to work. I think they are considered a disability but don’t know. At this point they keep forcing me out of work, I can’t afford not to work and then I have to pay my own health insurance. They last 2-3 seconds then I’m fine, I do office work. Then they harssas me till I leave. Millions of people work with disabilities every day. Can you help me? Thank you.

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


I am assuming you are not working based on your inquiry. If that is the case then unless you have a privately purchased disability policy then we would not be able to assist you in securing a disability benefit.


I have POTs syndrome and non epileptic seizures and was wondering if I might cold get on long term disability? Has anyone on here got it with either one of these health problems?

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


If your condition impairs your ability to work and you have valid, enforceable benefits under a disability insurance plan through your employer then you could reasonably make a claim for benefits. However, the success of same would be hard to determine without any information. Please feel free to contact our office with a copy of your LTD policy and we would be more than happy to discuss your options.


I am currently in hospital for possible new onset seizures. No convulsions. If they tell me I cannot drive to work for three months (I live 45 minutes from work) can I apply for STD for this? I have no one to drive me cause I work night shift 11-7.

Attorney Stephen Jessup:

Cindy, if you have a short term disability policy and you are unable to work due to your medical condition then I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to make application for benefits.


Hi. About a year ago I started having seizures at the age of 41 years old. I have had a lot of them over the last year. Taken several different medications and and had all the test and been hospitalized for some test. Never caught any seizures while hospitalized. My licensed are expired because I don’t ever go longer than a week without a seizure. I work a full time job a pharmacy tech and this has changed my life tremendously. I am currently taking trokendi 200 crazy which has help the best than all the others but it’s still not under control. What can I do?

Attorney Stephen Jessup:

Sondra, if you have a disability insurance policy with your employer and your condition is preventing you from performing your occupational duties you can explore filing a claim for disability benefits. If you’d like a free consultation and review of your policy please feel free to contact our office to discuss.


I started having seizures in January of this year (2017). I have never had them before this time. They came out of no where. I have a family history of seizures but, the family are second cousins. I have NOT been able to drive since I had the first seizure in January. My Neurologist says I have to be seizure free for 90 days but I always end up having another one before the 90 days are up. I have seen 2 different Neurologist and now seeing a specialist. I have to have an EEG with video test done at the end if August. I can’t remember what happens during my seizures and either my mother or husband has to tell me. One of the Neurologist asks me what happens after I have a seuzure. I have to tell him I don’t know all I can tell him is what I am told. I get the feeling he thinks I am lying but I AM NOT. I keep a migraine off and on as well as getting sharp tjrobbing pains either in my temples, back of head, top of head,or all of the above at the same time. I get confused, dizzy, and since I have started having my seizures my memory has gotten a LOT WORSE. I need to know if you as lawyers think I would be able to file for long term disability for this. My Neurologist did allow me to get a permanent handicapped parking card. I don’t know if this will help when I get the final diagnose. I am hoping I will know the final diagnose before I leave the hospital. What do you as lawyers think, do I have a case for long term disability?

Attorney Stephen Jessup:

Dena, if you have a medical condition that would prevent you from working and your doctors would support you then you do have the makings of a case for disability. If you have a copy of your long term disability insurance policy please feel free to contact our office to discuss your options under same.

Jensen D.:

I have been experiencing seizures and we are pretty sure that I am experiencing non-epileptic seizures. It effects me everyday, making it very difficult to complete everyday tasks. I am not even able to hold a job. I need to know what to do while I am going through studies to be diagnosed with Non-epileptic seizures. I am a single mother and need an income… I’m not sure what to do…

Attorney Stephen Jessup:

Jensen, if you do not have a disability insurance policy from an employer your only option may be to file for Social Security disability if you are eligible for same.


I have developed a recent case of pyschogenic non epileptic seizures due to nightmares and anxiety from PTSD from my army days. Have you ever worked a case with that kind of diagnoses? And if so can you tell me the success rate with good documentation? I have short term and long term disability through my employer.

Thank you

Attorney Jay Symonds:

Adam, you should contact our office and discuss your options with one of the attorneys.

Matt S.:

My name is Matt. 2 years ago I got diagnosed with temper lobe epilepsy that afterwards got switched to PNES Psychogenic non epileptic seizures. After having 30 seizures a month till taken off medication I went to see a psychologists when told by a doctor and she took me off my medication and said I didn’t need anymore doctors appointments because what is going on meds are not doing anything for me. That was 10-20-16 and a few day later got my first denial. Haven’t seen a doctor since and now 4 weeks before my hearing I had a meeting with my lawyer and he said my medical records are not recent enough and he might drop my case. I did everything the lawyer and doctors said to do and I’m still having 4-8 seizures a month.

Attorney Jay Symonds:

Matt, is this a Group/Individual Disability Policy claim with a private insurance carrier or is it a Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) claim that has been denied?

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