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The severe pain associated with osteoarthritis prevents many Americans from working in their own occupation or any occupation. Osteoarthritis disability insurance claims are often an issue for disability insurance companies due to the degenerative nature of the condition. Disability companies wrongfully expect some kind of conclusive event to have occurred in order to justify paying a person that has stopped working due to osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a chronic and degenerative condition and people suffer and continue to work for many years before they stop working. Our disability lawyers understand your medical condition and we know what the disability company needs to see in order to approve your claim. If the disability company refuses to act reasonably, then we will sue them and we know the legal standard that they must comply with. We try to do everything possible to avoid a lawsuit and make sure you continue to get paid every month.

Our disability insurance lawyers will work with your doctor(s) to make sure that the best medical evidence is obtained and presented to your disability carrier. People with osteoarthritis have good days and bad days. Insurance companies don’t believe in good days and will try to obtain video surveillance of you in order to prove that you can return to work. Our job is to protect your benefits and make sure the disability insurance company pays your claim. We know how the disability companies think and we are able to always keep you one step ahead of them. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss how we can assist you with your short or long term disability insurance claim. We assist claimants located anywhere in the USA.

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  • Denise, unfortunately, I would not agree with your doctor, as the language in the policy as to what will constitute a “pre-existing condition” as it relates to a claim for disability benefits will determine coverage even if Colonial wrote the policy knowing you had a knee condition. From the information provided, it seems that your policy has standard pre-existing condition in that if you file a claim within 12 months of obtaining coverage it will trigger the review, which will then typically look to see if you had treatment for the condition within three months (sometimes higher) prior to obtaining coverage. If there was treatment in that time period the condition would be deemed pre-existing. The only really way to get around a pre-existing condition provision is to work for at least 12 months and a day after obtaining coverage, at which point the provision would not apply. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your situation further.

    Stephen Jessup Oct 1, 2022  #4

  • I have a diagnosis of arthritis/osteoarthritis. I had a knee injury in 2020 was denied STD by colonial life due to that injury then in October 2021 I got STD coverage through them. I know they were aware of my diagnosis when I got the policy. Then February of 2022 I seen specialist that said I needed a total knee replacement. I filed claim in August 2022. Now, they fighting saying pre-existing condition within 12 months of coverage. They’ve not denied saying still needing further information. But, my gut is saying they’re going to deny due to previous history. What can I do? My doctor is telling me they cannot hold arthritis as a pre-existing condition and I need to fight it no matter what policy says, they sold you policy knowing your condition and you didn’t know you would need surgery when you got the policy.

    Denise Sep 30, 2022  #3

  • Candace,

    Please contact our office to discuss your claim. When was the claim denied, and have you filed an appeal yet? Some policies indicate that the Regular Care of a Physician provision will not be applied if it is deemed that the treatment would not be deemed necessary. However, Guardian’s evaluation is probably that your claim is a “chronic pain” condition claim and would then apply standards of care as it relates to pain control.

    Stephen Jessup Jun 18, 2015  #2

  • I am at a loss as how to handle Guardian Insurance. I opened a STD claim in March, which they promptly paid for 2 months of the 13 month period. My plans were to then apply for the LTD. My Doctor deemed me unable to work last August due to progressive osteoarthritis (since 2005 on his records). I also had a discectomy performed in May 2009. Since that date I have been unable to fully recover and have worked up until 1/30/15- even after the Dr. told me to not work last August. I did not see the Doctor in person from August thru January and called for an appointment in January. The soonest I could get in was May 29th, 2015. I scheduled that date. I have each month since last August called the doctor’s office to get a pain prescription and let the staff know how I was doing- until my May appt. Guardian ins pulled the plug on my claim after eight weeks stating I was not under “regular and appropriate care”. The Doctor advised me last August that there was nothing that could be done for me other than “comfort” meds. He actually told me that future appointments were futile. I have for the past 6-7 years on my own gone thru upper body therapy, faithfully gone to a chiropractor, received weekly massages, perform do tai chi and swim at the local Y. My goal was to muddle through somehow to 65. I couldn’t tolerate the pain from setting at my desk anymore. I am a CEO of a FI. It is not a heavy labor job but a stressful desk job. When I had the discectomy in 2009 that Doctor also told me that nothing further could be done for my arthritis. How now do I handle an insurance company that doesn’t want to pay a claim but uses the “care” card as reasoning. To get a step ahead of them , knowing I would be filing the LTD, I applied for SSDI. Low and behold I am scheduled to see an IME in July. I had assumed I would be denied right out of the gate. If I do receive SSDI I would still like to see Guardian pay their portion. I have afforded this benefit to my entire staff for 30 years and feel that being treated this way is unjust to me but also to them. How do I proceed on this “regular and appropriate care” issue when two well respected Doctors in the Pittsburgh area say no further help is available to me.

    Candace Jun 17, 2015  #1

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