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MetLife Threatens Lawsuit Against Disability Insurance Attorneys For Copyright Infringement

The multi billion dollar insurance giant Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (“MetLife”) has threatened to sue long term disability insurance attorney Gregory Michael Dell, for publishing MetLife disability insurance claim forms on his website at On August 2, 2010, MetLife’s attorney sent a letter to Mr. Dell claiming that the disability claim forms are copyright protected and should be immediately removed or a lawsuit will be filed.

The forms MetLife claims are copyrighted are blank claim forms that a disability claimant must submit in order to be eligible for long term disability insurance benefits. The specific forms that MetLife wants removed from the website include: Attending Physician Form, Group Long Term Disability Claim Forms, Individual Disability Claimant’s Statement, Individual Long Term Disability Application, and Behavorial Health Assessment. All of these disability claim forms are public record as they are available in court files around the country involving disability insurance lawsuits against MetLife.

It never surprises me when MetLife denies a long term disability claim, but I was surprised that MetLife is trying to act as if their disability claim forms are top secret information. Our law firm’s website at has thousands of visitors each month and it is one of the internet’s most informative and reliable sources for long term disability insurance claims information. It is hard to understand why MetLife would want to try to hide their required disability claim forms,“ said Gregory Dell.

Similar to the method in which MetLife attempts to push around long term disability claimants, it is not unusual that they would attempt to go after the law firm that has represented thousands of disability insurance claimants across the country. “MetLife’s threats are just another example of their attempt to make the disability claims process as difficult as possible for disability claimants. We can only assume that MetLife will back down after they review the fair-use doctrine and public records exemption.”

Click here to view a copy of MetLife’s August 2, 2010 letter threatening legal action against Attorneys Dell & Schaefer.

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