MetLife Disability Buyout and Lump Sum Settlements are Back

MetLife is one of the top five largest group and private disability insurance companies nationwide. As of January 2016 it appears that Met Life is now interested in considering the buyout of a claimant’s group long term disability policy. Met Life has always done buyouts of individual disability insurance policies. For the past ten years Met Life was not interested in buying out the disability policy of a claimant that has been on claim without any disputed issues. Subsequent to 2016 we have already helped several Met Life group long term disability claimants with a buy out their long term disability claim. Met Life is not required to offer a buyout and a claimant must meet a strict criteria on a case by case basis in order to be eligible. There are many pros and cons to a buyout and you should speak with one of our disability insurance attorneys to discuss your options. We have handled thousands of long term disability benefit lump sum settlements and our goal is to get you the highest buyout available. If you have received a buyout offer letter or you would like to pursue a buyout, then contact us for a free immediate consultation.

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