Assistant Vice President of Meadowbrook Insurance Group files a lawsuit against CIGNA for denied disability benefits claim

In a lawsuit against CIGNA Group, Paul M. and his Massachusetts disability lawyer allege that the insurer is guilty of:

What the Massachusetts Claimant Wants

This lawsuit, filed in the United States District Court of Massachusetts on December 28, 2011 asks the Court to award Paul M.:

Denial of Assistant Vice President’s CIGNA Disability Benefits Claim

At the time of his succumbing to his disability, Paul M. was the Assistant Vice President of Meadowbrook Insurance Group. As a victim of Lyme disease (specifically, neuroborrelios), Paul M. stopped working on May 19, 2010. Two months later, on July 12, 2010, CIGNA denied his disability application based “solely on a selective review of his medical records,” according to the Complaint. Paul M. appealed CIGNA’s decision and returned to work in August 2010 “despite his ongoing symptoms and treatment due to mounting medical bills and his inability to support his family.” Paul M. was denied appeals to his claim on October 8, 2010 and June 2, 2010.

In their Complaint against the insurer, Paul M. and his disability attorney allege that CIGNA did not review Paul M.’s disability evidence and did not contact any of his “numerous treatment providers to discuss” his medical condition and limitations. The insurer, in its denial of benefits to Paul M.’s claim, stated that it denied his application because he did not provide “objective evidence” to support his disability. However, CIGNA does not require “objective evidence” according to the terms and conditions of Paul M.’s policy. Therefore, Paul M.’s disability attorney points out that the insurer has “failed to meet the minimum requirement for the denial of benefits,” and thus, did not satisfy the requirement under ERISA of a full and fair review of disability claims.

Consequently, Paul M. and his attorney ask the district court to rule in favor of Paul M. and against CIGNA so that Paul M. will be able to gain his entitled disability benefits.

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