Mass Mutual Approves Long Term Disability Benefits For an Oncologist That Suffered Stroke

Our client was a well respected, dedicated Oncologist who had managed his own medical practice for many years. In an area of medicine where there is more heartbreak than not, where the steady guidance of a doctor helps navigate patient and family alike through the battle with life threatening cancer, our client stood out. It was his life’s passion to wage a battle against cancer, and he never envisioned the day when he would be forced to walk away from his fight. Unfortunately, following a stroke he was left with difficulties with his speech that included not only his ability to properly convey information but also extended to problems with accurately comprehending information given to him by his patients and their caregivers. In a profession where accuracy and efficiency are paramount, our client felt that if he continued to practice Oncology it would be a disservice to his patients.

Application for Disability Benefits With Mass Mutual

Realizing that the effects of the Stroke on his ability to convey and understand information would make it difficult for him to properly convey information to his insurance carrier, he contacted Attorneys Dell & Schaefer and spoke with Attorney Stephen Jessup. Attorney Jessup reviewed his Mass Mutual disability policy so he could understand the terms and conditions of the policy and properly advise him as to his rights under same.

In preparing the application, Attorney Jessup preemptively gathered our client’s monthly financial documents, production reports, tax returns and other documents he knew Mass Mutual would require as part of their review of the claim for benefits. Medical records were gathered, reviewed, and follow up with our client’s treatment providers was conducted to further document our client’s restrictions and limitations as it related to his practice of Oncology. When all of the information was collected, reviewed and documented in the initial application, Attorney Jessup submitted an application packet to Mass Mutual.

The Application Review

Mass Mutual has a good reputation for acting in the best interest of its insured. That being said, they are very thorough in their review and require that the claim is supported by medical information as well as financial information. Additional requests for information were made by Mass Mutual, and understanding that this would be the case Attorney Jessup had already compiled and analyzed the information being requested and was able to provide to Mass Mutual expeditiously. This in turn helped to speed the claims review process. Within two months of submitting the application package, Attorney Jessup was able to happily advise our client that his claim for benefits had been approved. Although our client wishes he was still pursuing his life’s passion, he now at least has the peace of mind that he is receiving his monthly benefits under his long term disability policy.

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