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Does Macular Edema Require you To Speak with a Disability Lawyer About Benefits?

At Dell & Schaefer, our disability insurance attorneys have the knowledge and experience you need to make dealing with your disability insurance company an easier and less stressful experience. Visual loss from macular edema can be degenerative, and can be serious enough to make it impossible to focus clearly. Blurring in the middle of the central visual field may prevent workers from adequately performing their job duties. Do to the degenerative nature of the condition the disability insurance company will require a high level of proof as to why the claimant has reached the point where he or she can no longer work as a result of the macular edema. It is our disability insurance lawyers job to work with you and your eye doctor(s) to do obtain the best possible medical evidence to support your claim for benefits.

Contact us today so that we may begin the process of reviewing your medical records along with your insurance policy to determine what the next step in your claim will be. We will analyze your macular edema disability claim and give you an opinion of your chances of collecting on your long term disability policy. Don’t assume that because you have paid premiums that the disability company will automatically approve your claim.

Our Disability Lawyers Understand Macular Edema?

Macular edema refers to the presence of fluid and protein deposits on or under the central area of the retina, called the macula, causing it to thicken and swell. This part of your eye is what allows us to see things directly in our line of sight. If the swelling becomes severe, it can distort your central vision, meaning that only your peripheral vision is clear.

The two types of macular edema are diabetic macular edema (DME) and cystoid macular edema (CME). The symptoms and side effects of each of these is essentially the same. The main difference is that DME is related to diabetes while complex surgery accounts for most cases of CME, this condition also occasionally occurs after basic surgery. There are causes unrelated to surgery, but they are far less common.

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Visual loss from diabetic macular edema can progress over a period of months and make it impossible to focus clearly. Let us help you get the disability benefits you deserve – we have the knowledge and experience it takes. Contact our disability insurance attorneys for a free phone consultation. We represent claimants anywhere in the USA.

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