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Lincoln Financial’s denial of long-term disability benefits is reversed following appeal submitted by attorneys Dell & Schaefer

Attorneys Dell & Schaefer were retained by a former chiropractor who was receiving long-term disability benefits from one of her two disability policies. Despite one company paying her long-term disability benefits, Lincoln Financial refused to pay disability benefits, claiming she could perform the substantial and material duties of her occupation as a chiropractor. Following her initial consultation with attorneys, Gregory Dell and Robert Kerr, she retained the firm to pursue the disability benefits owed to her under the Lincoln Financial policy.

Our client was unable to continue working as a chiropractor as a result of back pain and arthritis in her shoulders and hands. Before moving to south Florida, she owned a successful practice in Colorado, and treated with a physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor in Denver. Because of her illnesses, she was forced to stop working and sell her practice. She subsequently moved to south Florida in the hope that the milder climate would ease the pain that makes her unable to work.

Despite her treating physician’s clear support of her disability, Lincoln Financial denied our client benefits based on their independent medical exam (IME) and surveillance of her riding a bike. Dell & Schaefer worked with our client and her physicians to develop the medical support necessary to properly document and support her claim. After several months of treatment by the appropriate physicians, Attorney Robert Kerr submitted an appeal to Lincoln Financial outlining the documentation and clear support for our client’s right to long-term benefits.  Within a reasonable timeframe of receiving the appeal, Lincoln Financial approved our client’s long-term disability benefits and paid all past due benefits.

Attorneys Dell & Schaefer will continue to handle our client’s claim moving forward to ensure that she continues to receive her long-term disability benefits on a monthly basis.

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