• Are Functional Capacity Exams (FCE) in Long Term Disability Claims Good or Bad?

Is an FCE Exam Good or Bad for a Long Term Disability Insurance Claimant?

A Functional Capacity Exam (FCE) is often requested by a disability insurance company in order to determine a long term disability claimant’s functional restrictions and limitations. There is a lot of debate about the pros and cons of FCE testing. When used in the right manner, the FCE can be a very valuable tool in supporting an individual’s claim for long term disability benefits.

In this video, long term disability lawyers Gregory Dell and Stephen Jessup provide information about how FCE exams are used in long term disability insurance claims. We have been very successful in using FCE exam results to prove our client’s disability. Contact any of our lawyers to discuss your disability benefit claim.

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  • Joe, it can have an impact in the sense the insurance company may argue that you weren’t under “reasonable care.” However, it is not uncommon that changes in insurance or problems with insurance in general happen. I would suggest you advise the carrier that you had an issue securing health insurance, thus the delay in being able to get back into/afford treatment.

    Stephen JessupMay 2, 2017  #2

  • Hi, my name is Joe. I have been approved for long term disability since September 2016. I’ve been receiving checks every month. I’ve been asked to send in all medical record from February 2017 to present. But have one question back in January I enrolled for the silver plan in bcbs to start in February 1st. One day before it started I canceled it because I wanted to get a plan together with my wife’s plan. She is a teacher assistant.

    So on the first day of her job which is February 1st she finds out she can’t add me. So I contact bibs and told them my situation and I wanted my policy to be re interested. They said it should not be a problem, but would take 3 weeks so 3 weeks pass and they told me to wait another 3 weeks and it should be reinsted. I had made my premium payment already. Even received the insurance cards. To make the story short. The couldn’t reinstate me. Was send over to get insurance thru obamacare. Was able to get insurance in march to be active by April 1st. I couldn’t get medical help for about 2 1/2 months until April once I got insurance and made appointments. I’m now on physical therapy and about to get an FCE done. Seen my physician and my chiropractor. I wanted to know if not being able to Se my physician and chiropractor for 2 1/2 months due to my insurance affect my long term disability benefits. Since their asking for all visits and notes since Feb 15th to present.

    Thank you

    JOEApr 28, 2017  #1

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