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Is a Long-Term Disability Policy Buyout A Good Option?

Lump buyouts can sometimes be a good option for a long term disability claimant. Disability insurance attorneys Gregory Dell and Stephen Jessup recently produced a video in which they discuss the factors involved in obtaining a buyout, eligibility for a buyout and the pros and cons of a buyout.

Our lawyers have negotiated thousands of lump-sum settlements and we know how to get the best value possible for our clients. Contact any of our disability lawyers for a free consultation.

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Hello, I was just awarded SSDI with back pay. It seems I’m going to owe UNUM more then I received, however I just don’t have that. I want to be considered for a buy out so I contacted them and my representative said I can’t be considered until They are paid in full??? this doesn’t make sense to me as I would think this could be calculated in the settlement. I receive $4509 each month from UNUM, and now I will receive & $1832 from SSDI. I received retro pay back to August 2015 however I only received $41,225 and this doesn’t add up. My lawyer should have only received $6000 or 25% which ever is less but doing the math it almost looks like he got $14000. I did not receive an itemized receipt so I don’t know who received what. My husband and I are trying to downsize our living style but oddly enough we need money to do that, so I am interested in the 1 time payment. I also do not have a copy of a contract from UNUM because I had this policy for a long time and it originally was through aflac and unum took it over. I tried pulling it up in my account but its not available.

I really need help to help get the payout from UNUM, is this possible? I live in West Winfield, NY – I worked for a non-profit hospital – and I have many conditions that cause me to be disabled but none life threatening. I have Lupus, Fibro, Cervical and Lumbar disc issues with nerve compression causing neuropathy, hip arthritis, joint pain and swelling, fatigue, migraines chronic and severe…

Attorney Rachel Alters:

Debbie, I would be happy to discuss your situation with you in detail. If you would like to contact my office and ask for Claudia she can set up a time for us to talk. She can be reached at 888 729 3355.

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